haha my dash did a thing

After Alya finds out Marinette is Ladybug..
  • Marinette, nervously: So, like. I know you had this huge thing for Ladybug-
  • Alya: Had?
  • Marinette: Yeah, well, I guess I'm wondering if you finding out I'm behind the mask changed your feelings.. I mean! Of course it did. Who would be in love with their best friend- haha..ha....
  • Alya: Girl, the only thing that has changed is now I know my two loves are the same girl.
  • Marinette: .. you mean that?
  • Alya: Of course.

Season 4 anyone? :P

so this is gonna sound like a hardass of me, but anyway

if I see VRAINS hate on my dash that compares it to another series and rips on it by putting another series on a pedestal, i’m gonna unfollow

if I see VRAINS being used to rip on any previous series (especially Arc V), I’m gonna unfollow

I know this was a fairly big problem back when Arc V came out, and some people used Arc V’s writing to shit on Zexal, and some people used Zexal to turn up their noses at Arc V.

it’s cool if you’re not interested in VRAINS or if VRAINS turns out to be your favorite.  That’s fine.  what I’m not into is someone comparing the series and using one to imply that another is trash, as though it’s some objective writing fact rather than what it is–a subjective opinion.  I don’t like seeing series being pit against each other when they’re so different that to me it’s like comparing the merits of apples versus oranges.

And don’t take this personally, y’all.  I’m not like, mad at people for comparing the series; it’s a normal human thing to do.  But this is just a heads up because for my own personal mental health and ability to enjoy myself, I have to curate what comes across my dash.  And I personally do not want to see any of this ‘haha this series did this better than that one so clearly the other one is TRASH’

Following spree!

I already did this like a month ago but no one really paid attention haha so i am doing it again!

My dash is kind of dead so i would like to have new blogs to follow. 

If you post any of the things below please like/reglob so i can check out your blog!:

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Plus: if you use a tagging system and make original things! Also a follow back would be nice but not necessary :)

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I don't know if you've already gotten a question like this before, but how did the round tables at SDCC work? I didn't realize there were multiple videos of each actor until I went watch one that popped up on my dash for the 'second time', and nope that's new! I'm assuming they switched tables to talk to different people? How many different tables were there, do you think? Did you each get to ask one question and then use all of them in your articles? Sorry, I find this fascinating! Haha

Okay, so each press room is slightly different, but in general there are two parts - a press line and table. The press line is the thing you see with the SDCC logo in the background. Those are usually bigger outlets and they get about 2 minutes with the talent. The tables: there are around 8 or so round tables - literal round tables - set up with a bunch or journalists there from different outlets sitting there. Like 6-10 people per table depending on the show. Lots of these people record the interview on video, and have cameras set up on the table on lil tripods. The talent, depending on how many tables they need to get to will spend 5-10 minutes at each table.  

I was lame and I just had digital audio recorders, not video, but those were a great excuse to sit right next to the chair designated for talent. Like…it work out REALLY WELL. 

So, sometimes different outlets will be at the same table and will post video of the same thing, sometimes no one will post the video or they will use it somewhere else. Sometimes people will do what I did and transcribe the audio to write an article. Everything at your table in fair game and at SPN before hand all the people at the table even coordinated a bit on what we wanted to ask (Scooby, Wayward). It’s not organized questions, really, it’s just who ever talks first and gets the talent’s attention.

here’s some pics 

Hope that helps!