haha meth

Hi y’all! My name is Claudia and if you would have told me a couple of weeks ago that today I’d be making a studyblr, I would have laughed in your face. Seriously. I was always more of a “why make one when you can just lurk in the tag” type of gal, but y’know, things change. So here it goes:


  • I’m entering my senior year of highschool and currently enjoying sweet, sweet Summer holiday
  • I’m 17
  • I’m from the US, but I’m currently living in Romania
  • I’m fluent in English, Romanian and at a somewhat intermediare level in French & Japanese (+ Latin, but do we even count that? It’s a dead language man)
  • I’m preparing for bot the SATs and the Romanian Baccalaureate haha ha pray for me

Things I like:

  • Messing around in Photoshop
  • Drawing
  • Writing
  • Public Speaking & Debate (the closest you can get in real life to Fight Club)
  • Unreliable narrators
  • Random History facts

Why the studyblr?

  • I sometimes find myself procrastinating more than I should, so I thought this might give me that extra bit of motivation that I need in order to stop lazying around
  • I also spend a lot of time making my notes look pretty and sadly have no one to show them to :(
  • That and the fact that this community seems so friendly and encouraging??? need me some positivity like that

Last but not least, studyblrs that have inspired me  so far (and that I used to follow/stalk on my personal @ygami) :

@emmastudies @elkstudies @obsidianstudy @intellectys @focusign @inteqrals @studypetals @elainestudyblr @rhubarbstudies @studyign @birdkostudies @legallychic @studyplants @studytherin @studeebean @studyquill @bookmrk @eintsein @studyrose @studyblr

P.S.: reblog/like if you’re a studyblr so that I can follow! (っಠ‿ಠ)っ

Sometimes when you’re a warrior with an insatiable wanderlust, you gotta leave camp by yourself to smoke some dope and contemplate life from higher vantage points. Why? Because it has been my experience that the best time to contemplate life is when its in danger.

By the fuckin way… I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT ANYONE SHOULD EVER WANDER THOUGH THE WILDERNESS OR GO ROCK CLIMBING BY YOURSELF, ESPECIALLY NIGHT. Seriously. There are mountain lions, grizzly bears and rattle snakes out there and other dangerous shit out there. plus, You could get hurt cuz a fuckin boulder you’re standing on is loose or get pinned by rocks and have to cut your arm off to escape like that guy that the movie “127 hours” was based on. For real, I shouldn’t even be doing that shit, but i do cuz I’m a lunatic martial artist that always has a katana handy and just happens to be a death metal singer just in case i need to yell like a demon to scare a predator animal away or fight it if that doesn’t work haha.