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Today’s Look: Rainbow Crust. Working off of @fuckaspunk‘s suggestion for my outfit challenge post, I put this together in a couple of hours. Vest, shirt, pants, spiked garters, cross necklace and patches by me! (everything else is thrifted)


Could’ve come up with a better name but I’m sticking with that. haha I’m actually really proud of this edit. It came out a lot nicer than I expected. In my editing program, the quality looked a bit crappier but I still had intentions of posting it but wow. My editing thing sure fooled me. I don’t even know what inspired me to make this. I just pulled up a picture of Jack and started doing shit. ahaha 

anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm a married gal and I am wondering if a touch of counseling or family therapy might be a good step for you guys! What you are describing is not normal in my sphere of knowledge surrounding marriage.

Hey Married Gal,

While I understand where you’re coming from you’ll have to forgive me for thinking this message is a tad smug and a little annoying haha.

I vented to the internet. I stated in the tags that this is an almost never occurrence and what I needed was to scream into the void rather than take it out on my husband and irritate the already shitty day that we were having. I understand I invited you into my marriage by writing that post and I don’t regret it. This blog serves as a journal for myself so I like to to reflect most of me. I enjoy looking back on hard times and saying, “aw shit, we did it!”

Your knowledge of marriage doesn’t include bad days? Doesn’t include your, maybe, already short fuse going off? Your marriage doesn’t have ups and downs? Or bad days? I’m happy for you. Honestly, I’m a bit jealous. However, My sphere of knowledge includes saying things you don’t mean, and saying sorry. It includes going out of your way to make things better. My knowledge of marriage is that it’s hard, especially with a child you didnt birth in the mix. That everyday takes teamwork and strategic planning. Geoff is away 4x4 days a week so we make our time together count. Sometimes those days include fights, disagreements, bickering. Some days it includes having the definition of love redefined. We make it work and we work hard together.

Thankfully, with hard times comes working together to make things better. We have open lines of communication which makes fixing these shitty days even easier.

What I needed yesterday was support. “Hey gal! Sorry you and Geoff had a bad day. Want to talk? Need a friend?”

What I didn’t need was unsolicited advice from a stranger. I didn’t need someone telling me I needed therapy (which I already attend) to fix my marriage. My marriage is fine. Yesterday wasn’t, but we have about a million more days to figure it out.

Kind Regards,

Another Married Gal.