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Rec Sunday

Are you ready for sadness, more sadness, and shameless smut?

Yes? Okay, here we gooo!!

just a second with you by virtuousboyofthecalithildir

Rating: G // Word Count: 1,523

Excerpt from just a second with you:

Every single human in this world has the Clock. It’s nothing special, merely a set of numbers that shows them the exact amount of time they’ll spend with their soulmate. Meeting your soulmate is the only way it will count down.

Marshall’s only had ten seconds.

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Like a Flame in the Night by Bagel_Statue

Rating: G // Word Count: 1,238

Excerpt from Like a Flame in the Night:

Before the sun had the chance to come up, Marshall placed a gentle kiss on Gumball’s lips, gripping the boy’s shirt with trembling hands. He wasn’t sure he could do this. There was no way he could do this. Was it really for the best? No, it was.

Marshall had watched his friends die for centuries. And now Gumball.. he couldn’t watch Gumball get old and pass without him. Not Gumball.

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Finally by DancesWithNobody

Rating: Explicit // Word Count: 2,472

Excerpt from Finally

“He doesn’t know, does he?”, asked Gumball.

“Actually, he does… technically”, spoke Marshall.

“What do you mean, ‘technically?’”, inquired the Prince.

Marshall slumped a little more into Gumball’s shoulder. He really shouldn’t say anything. He knew if he did it would just mess everything up. But his brain didn’t manage to send this little fact to his mouth before it replied.

“Because I just told him”, whispered Marshall.

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their ao3

davidmont  asked:

Woaaaa Federico! I'm totally Impressed by your huge talent at creating, I'm with no words because you're such good at it! Like with your things, everything will look so very nice in the game! I have to thank you! And haha I love the llama in your sidebar! It's the coolest!

Aww, thank you so much!!! 😍