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tw appreciation week: day 2 - favorite character development

“You know, Lydia used to pretend not to be smart.”

“Our Lydia?”


Teen Wolf Season 5 Promo ;)


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Hey so this is a really, really interesting and neat video that I’m hoping gets around a bit more. It has a lot to say about identity and personas - the person vs the avatar we create for ourselves. As stated in the video, it’s a super relevant topic! And I think it’s something worth watching and might help drive home ideas concerning how to treat people online… Or creators/actors/figure-heads in general. 

No turning back (Dylan O’brien+Teen wolf)

Request: hey love can you do a dylan obrien smut.

Summary: Y/N is an actress that had worked with Dylan ever since they started filming Teen Wolf. He has always had a thing for her, but they both agreed to keep it professional, up to now.

Teen wolf is coming to an end. Today was the last day of shooting and there were only a couple more scenes left to shot. One of which was a Stile’s and Lily’s make out scene. Y/N has been playing Lily, Jackson’s sister for 6 years now. Her and Dylan’s character have been having a  love hate relationship throughout the seasons and in the final season they decided to give the fans what they wanted and let everyone’s OTP become cannon.

“Hey, baby.” Dylan said wrapping his arm around her shoulder as he ran up to her.

“Hey!” She smiled, mimicking his action and wrapping her arm around his waist. To anyone else they would seem like a couple, and who could blame them, they acted like they were dating anyway.

“Heading to the rehearsal?” The brown haired man asked her as they walked.

“Yup. Did you hear? We are in charge of this scene. There’s literally no script.” She said waving her scrips in the air.

“I’ve noticed, yeah. Don’t worry I’ve got a couple ideas.”

“Awesome, I’m sure I’ll get some as well when I see in what direction you’re thinking of going.” She smiled as they reached the set.

“Well then.” The girl said looking around.

“I know right, so romantic.” He agreed making them both laugh.

“Yes, the boy’s locker room is where I always wanted to have a heated make out session.”

“I like the way you think.” He winked before letting go of her and walking over to one of the desks outside of set, putting down his red bull and his scrips.

Y/N followed him and did the same with her belongings. “Okay, what’s the plan?”

“So I was thinking, you come running it, after you find out I’m actually alive and not dead, and I’m standing somewhere around here.” He said walking over to one of the lockers.

“Yeah, so i run in. Looking around, calling your name.” Y/N continues his story, walking in the direction that the camera will be moving in front of her as she walked. “Stiles?!” She lets out a yell of joy and surprise. “You’re alive.”

“Last time i checked.” Dylan replies in his usual Stiles voice, full of sarcasm as he stepped forwards.

“I thought…” She starts, “I thought you were dead.” She continued walking towards him.

“I’m not, I’m here.” He said  as they came face to face, her hands pressed against his toned chest.

“You’re really here.” She said as the script told her to, she let her hands roam down his body, up his arms, feeling that he was actually there and not an illusion. But in her mind, all she could think about was what hid body would feel like pressed up against hers.

“I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere.” He said cupping her face gently. The line between Stiles and Dylan quickly faded as he stared in to her eyes, his  gaze falling down on her lips as he felt her small and gentle hands run all over his body.

“And then we kiss.” She said trying to focus on her job.

He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers, her  hands slipping around his waist as he deepened the kiss. She kissed back, forgetting about Lilly, forgetting about Stiles. It was just them. Just her and Dylan. This is what she wanted to do for so long. She didn’t want it to stop. She got on her tip toes, pressing her body against his.

Dylan has forgotten about Stiles as soon as their lips touched. He was just a boy kissing the girl he has had a crush on since forever.

She ran her fingers up his back wanting to feel as much of him as possible. One of his hands made it’s way down her neck, her shoulder and found it’s place on her waist.

They both jumped as a loud ringing came from behind the outside of the set. They pulled apart and it took them a second before Y/N reconciled the sound as the bell they used to let everyone know they are filming and that they should be quiet. 

“They’re just filming.” She said, her face flushed and her breath uneven.

“Yeah.” He nodded, debating if he should ignore what happened or if he should continue. “Fuck it.” He stepped forward, kissing the girl again, pushing her back until her back hit the wall.  She smiled in to the kiss before wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him back.

He pulled away and looked her straight in the eye. “Jump.”

And she did. Wrapping her legs around his waist as he stepped forwards pressing her back against the cold wall behind her. He went to kiss her neck as she threw her head back, giving him more access to bite, lick and suck on her neck.

“Mmm” She moaned as she started to grind against him, feeling the friction of his jean covered bulge  rubbing against her pussy that was only covered by her silk panties.

“Keep doing that and there will be no turning back.” He growled making her grab his face and reattaching her lips to his.

“I’ve waited 6 years. I don’t want no turning back.” She said against his lips, biting on his lower lip, making him grab on her thigs harder.

He walked over to one of the benches and sat down in it, with her on his lap. She grabbed his t-shit and pulled it over his head as he pulled her sun dress over hers.

“Even better than i’ve imagined.” He said as he started to kiss down her breasts, his arm reaching around and unhooking her bra as she continued to rock against his now bigger bulge.

“Oh you have imagined this?” She said, reaching down to undo his jeans.

“Many times.” He sad as she pushed herself off off him, pushing her panties down her legs as he did the same to his jeans and his boxers.

“Well then, let’s not waist any time.” She said getting down on her knees and slowly putting the tip of his now throbbing cock in her mouth, letting her saliva lubricate his cock.

“Oh baby, come here.” He said already feeling himself getting closer, the anticipation of this moment taking its tool on him.

She quickly stood up and positioned herself over his member as he grabbed his cock and hold it in place as she slowly slid herself down on it.

“Oh-” She was left speechless, the feeling of finally feeling him inside of her, stretchering her. She soon started to bounce up and down on him. She grabbed his shoulders for support as she picked up the speed.

Dylan grabbed one of her breasts and started to massage is while taking the other one in his mouth, biting down on the hardened nipple.

“Dylan.” She let out a moan, trying to keep quiet as they did not lock the doors and someone could walk in at any moment. Both of them knew that, and it made everything even better, more exciting. He reached around with his free hand and grabbed her ass, helping her up and  down, keeping her rhythm steady.

Both of them breathing heavy as he reached down and started to rub small circles on her clit. Bringing her right to the edge.

“I’ll cu-” She cut herself off by a loud moan, her eyes rolling back as she felt her climax approaching.

“Cum, baby.” He whispered against her neck, starting to rub quicker circles on her clit, sending her over the edge.

He could feel her pussy tightening around him, which sent him over the edge as well. Dylan began to thrust up in to her, letting them both ride out their orgasms, by now  none of them caring about who heard them.

Feeling her body go numb she feel on top of him, as he wrapped his hands around her waist and lied down on the bench with her on top of him.

“That was..” He searched for the right words.

“Amazing.” She finished his sentence.

“Why did we wait so long?” He asked making the girl on top of him laugh.

Someone opened the door saying “Well this is a finale everyone was waiting for!”

The pair looked at the new comer finding out it was Tyler.

“Fuck!” Y/N hid her face in Dylans shoulder as he just laughed before saying  “Get the fuck out dude!”

“That’s why we waited for so long.” Y/N said making them both laugh.


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AN: Hey, so this is my first actual human and not character imagine. tbh it was kinda weird to write it haha but i hope you still like it :)


SKT on Produce 101 lol 

LOL i love ogn for this. I would die for a longer version of this but i don’t think it’s likely haha. Omg is this why Wolf seems to be the center of this season’s intro? Btw they actually put up a poll somewhere on a site for people to vote too LOL 

And pray seems to the winning atm? You have to log in to vote so I didn’t. :<

I would vote for Faker if he was on it. Unbiased obviously

lavenderek  asked:

i wish you would write a fic where everything i want to happen happens and nothing i don't want to happen happens

nothing about this makes sense but your “derek hale bird collection” is so delightfully random and entertains me every time i see it

An argument could be made that Stiles is to blame for every single one of Derek’s current problems. He did, after all, hold an impromptu - unauthorized - seance in the vet clinic and then forgot to blow out the candles, but the resulting inferno is not actually Derek’s problem. No, Derek’s problems lie with Scott.

And birds.

“Everyone loves puppies and kitties, right?” Scott explains. “They’re easy to find temporary homes for. Birds, though…” he trails off, looking tragic.

According to Deaton, all the near-by clinics and shelters are overfull. Derek suspects he just doesn’t want to call any of his colleagues and say, “My assistant’s dumbass friend burned my clinic down. Have any extra kennel space?” Derek doesn’t blame him.

“Why can’t Stiles take them?” Derek asks. Sighs, really. “Or literally anyone else?”

“Stiles and his dad are taking a few of the dogs and all the rabbits, I’m taking the rest of the dogs, and the cats are being divided up between Allison and Kira. Lydia says she’s allergic to everything, so she’s not taking anything. I swear she had a dog once, though.” He pauses, then shrugs. “I don’t know. You can take it up with her if you want.”

All he asks is, “How many birds are we talking here, exactly?” because apparently he’s gone soft in his old age.

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Hi! So I saw your animatic of Wolf Song a while ago (and you got me hooked on that song) and when I became obsessed with Voltron, I thought of a “Wolf Song AU” (if you can call it that) where Lance is Leikos and Keith is Red.
Also keep up the awesome art! Ik the overwhelming feel of having so much to do and I wish the best for you!