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anyway @meditaris-avena posted a tag thing and georgia wouldn’t shut up about it so here we are despite my protests. oh it was ‘top 6 selfies of 2017′ fyi

I wanted to post ones I hadn’t done before but I dont like my photos not fitting together colourise it stresses me out

I tag: you! you’re adorable I know you can do it. Ugly is a social construct dont conform binch, ignore your insecurities and you’ll shine even brighter


The Blade of Marmora guys need more love… (Since the creators don’t seem to love them //sob)

I was thinking the other day about the bi-species in Voltron and as far as we know there seems to be a lot of half Galra ones in particular and this gave me pause. I guess before the empire, most people stayed on their own planets? But because of the invasion there’s Galrans everywhere and… hrrmm.

Makes you wonder though why their DnA is so compatible with so many other aliens. haha

Short dumb comic. LOL. Feels like it’s been a while since I’ve done one of those.

(Commissions are still OPEN.)


Ice cream~


I LOVE YOUUUU AND HAVE A NICE WHITE DAY!! (or what’s left of it XDD)

A Concept

You go to see The Shape of Water in theaters. It’s spectacular. It’s awesome. It’s everything you imagined but better. Plenty of fish man camera shots to drool over. He’s adorable and kind. Eliza is a wonderful and fascinating character. She’s selfless and loving. You’re so glad she’s the central character. As you watch it, there’s nothing but unending love for the two of them and their unlikely romance in your aching heart. Your love for them only grows as the film plays. You can feel the warmth of their love radiating off onto you and into your soul.

The story is enchantingly dark and romantic. It’s a beautiful, touching story. It’s easily one of the best films you have ever seen. By the end of it, you swear someone must have started cutting onions in the theater.

You decide to stay to watch the credits, immobile by how breathtaking and gorgeous the film was, unready to leave behind such a wondrous film, reluctant to truly return to the bleak world we live in.

The credits roll and this song starts playing.

Your tears are gone. Your mood has changed. Your heart skips a beat. People around you are in awe, some paused in their motion to exit the room, others still in their seats unmovable like you.

A single, desolate thought is the only one able to form in your mind:

“What in the fuck?”

drew this recently for my mom who got married! it was sort of a last minute little sketch, very silly, plan to give them a better gift at a later date when ive had more time to prepare something nice :)

Roman’s Nicknames

I’m so sure I’ve forgotten some and that someone has done this before, but I hope this is useful for anyone who needs it for fics or whatever you might want to use them for haha I figured I’d put my memorization of the videos to good use.

PLEASE MESSAGE ME IF I FORGOT ONE. I’ll add it to this original list in case people want to link back to it. I’m also gonna update it with each new video.

FYI: I didn’t add ones like kiddo, teach, or ones that weren’t originally said by Roman. This list is just for ones Roman himself came up with.

Listed per character with the name followed by the episode it was said in.



- Emo Nightmare (A New Year of Lying to Myself)

- Hot Topic (Alone on Valentine’s Day)

- Sunshine (Losing My Motivation)

- My Chemically Imbalanced Romance (Am I Original)

- Jason Toddler (Am I Original)

- Negative Nancy (Am I Original)

- Jerky McJerkface (Am I Original)

- Surly Temple (Growing Up)

- J.D-elightful (Making Some Changes)

- Doctor Gloom (Becoming A Cartoon)

- Marilyn MonROSE/Morose (Becoming a Cartoon)

- Count Woe-laf (Accepting Anxiety Part 1)

- Creepy Cookie (Accepting Anxiety Part 2)

- Brad Pitiful (Accepting Anxiety Part 2)

- Panic at the Everywhere (Fitting In: Hogwarts Houses)

- Jack Smellington (Moving On: Nostalgia Part 1)



- Calculator Watch (Accepting Anxiety Part 2)

- Erlenmeyer Trash (Fitting In: Hogwarts Houses)

- Specs (Moving On: Nostalgia Part 1)

- Sub-astute Teacher (Moving On: Nostalgia Part 1)



- Noosy, hipster, theatre geek, Mark from Rent (Losing My Motivation)

- Pouty McSpecs (My Personality Q&A)

- Padre (Fitting In: Hogwarts Houses)

- Softest Little Puffball (Fitting In: Hogwarts Houses)


I have a few copies of Morning Star, so I decided to paint one! I’ve never done something like this before but I’ve always wanted to try it. It was definitely something different for me since I never write in my books or even fold the pages, but I really like how it came out! It’s so sparkly too, the pics don’t do the sparkly-ness justice haha

Before the weekend is over, here is a little sketch of Reaper and Mercy that I haven’t done anything with but I like it.  It’s the same concept as the first fanart I ever did of them, only this time with Reaper a little more into it.  (even if he can’t accomplish dick with that mask on HAHA good effort fella)

head in the game

member: lai guanlin
genre: slice of life, high school
summary: your small moments with the captain of the basketball team goes unnoticed by him.
requested: yes! thank you for requesting my chick son.

  • honestly, you hated basketball, so how you ended up liking the captain of the basketball team swerved you left and right.
  • lai guanlin, the tall kid that can throw basketballs in hoops without a miss, was the center of attention when it came to school. he was the star pupil and everyone wanted to be him, be with him, or be associated with him.
  • you thought it was all stupid at first. how someone could receive so much attention for just throwing balls….
  • yet you somehow started to like him.

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Little Space Follow Train

Hello!! So I have done one of these posts before but I was gone for a while and thought I would make another in case there are new blogs. Basically, like or reblog this post if your blog is SFW and then you can follow all the other people. Just so you know I am completely 100% SFW so my blog is a safe space for anyone. Anyway, thank you haha!

Hey Taylor!

My name’s Nicole, I’m from the Philippines. I barely (or never) post my pictures on here but I think it’s time you know how I look like haha! I just recently turned 20 and Idk what to feel about it still. It’s like there’s a number between 19 and 20 and that’s my age, it’s so weird. Anyways, all my teenage years I’ve been writing songs (thanks to you!) and I just recently wrote my 100th song! I wouldn’t have done it without you as an inspiration. Before you came into my life, I didn’t really know what I wanted to be. Now I’m at uni and I only have one semester left to go before I graduate (YAY!) I’m a tourism student and to be honest, it wasn’t my first choice of who I want to be. But I pursued it in hopes it would change my mind about it and love it eventually. It’s really fun and challenging at the same time. But coming to this, nearing the end and all, I still haven’t acquired the passion for it as much as I had in songwriting. It’s been a life-long dream of mine to share my songs with the world and I’ve decided I’m not gonna stop now.

There are more things I wanted to talk with you about but this is it for now. I know you’re busy and all, and I’m so soooo excited for the new album you have no idea! I love you so much, Taylor. I hope to meet you soon and thank you personally for everything, and hug you really tight like there’s no tomorrow ♡ ♡ ♡


One Year HRT!
Part 1: The gross phase

I had to do some real digging to get these old picture of me, because I’ve done a really well job of deleting my past haha. The first picture is my senior year in high school, about 3 years ago. I had hints and ideas that I was trans, but I was constantly pushing them away for fear of rejection. I would dress up in girls clothing at home when no one was around, and could actually feel like myself. The second picture was my fourth semester at college a few months before I came out. This was for a speech in my public speaking class, so don’t mind the heroic pose lmao. At this point, I knew I was only a few months away from HRT, and that I could finally be myself soon. 

I started HRT on 3/31/2016. The third picture is what I posted on facebook when I came out to everyone. I got an overwhelming amount of support from friends, which really helped the hurt of many people also deciding to leave my life. 

While I started HRT, I didn’t transition until summer. The next two pictures are during the period of time where I was part time. I went to work as a male, and would come home everyday and change into myself. My makeup game was weak and my wig looked awful, but it really made me feel better about myself. 

In mid august, I had to come back to school to start my RA job. I really was not comfortable with myself yet, but didn’t want to have to bring a wig and deal with that any more. I decided that from now on, I’d use my natural hair, and do what I could. I actually thought I looked good in this picture, but looking back now, I have removed it from all social media too haha. This was about 6 months in, and I finally got my estrogen boosted from 1mg to 3 mg. I was looking forward to finally seeing some changes.

Part 2 will be the most recent 6 months! 

So now we know the next episode is the Mad Max one, and I’m so excited. I decided to colour some Stanchez Mad Max sketches I’d done the other day before I decided what season 3, episode 2 based art I want to draw next.

Also, sorry @spinetrick but after you drew that pic for me I think your influence is starting to slowly be picked up like velcro haha. :S

Dances and Kissing

Summary: Archie Andrews invites you to the back-to-school dance, hoping that this is finally his opportunity to take your friendship to the next level.

Word Count: 2,150

A/N: My first Archie/Riverdale fic! I had a blast writing this out and I hope you all enjoy it just as much. Feedback would be greatly appreciated too, folks :-) 

Originally posted by dailycwriverdale

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anonymous asked:

What type and form of humor does each sign have

This is a very difficult question to answer broadly because sense of humour in someone’s chart is determined by many things, especially the sign in and aspects to Mercury and Jupiter… Venus also possibly.
I think the mutable cross itself symbolizes humour; Gemini with witty, clever jokes… Sagittarius laughs at everything, witty or not… Virgo is harder to impress, may even be difficult to get her to laugh… And Pisces just does not get the joke or laughs at what is clearly not a joke…

I believe people with a strong presence of Gemini/Mercury and Capricorn/Saturn could easily be described as having ‘dry humour’; drops a sarcastic remark with a straight face. The dryness comes from Saturn… 

People with Sagittarius/Jupiter dominance will literally laugh at everything (unless of course, they are seriously afflicted), I am the living proof of this (Sag dom), I’ve had teachers that are quite like the Gemini/Capricorn type described above who would literally just be giving a lecture, but because they are quite animated (Gemini’s hand gestures and mimicry…), serious, and impressionable, I could not help but laugh the entire time they were teaching! And I’d be the only one laughing… (Maybe my classmates were all Virgos…)
Sagittarians are definitely the half glass full type folk, so jokes about unfortunate situations aids their optimism. Their jokes are usually inclusive and playful.

Although pessimistic, I feel Cancers can be similar to Sagittarius in the way that they will laugh at unfortunate situations. They are very sarcastic.

I feel like the air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, could easily be grouped together as the types of people that appreciate intelligent humour; well thought out jokes, puns, “smart jokes”…
Of course, each air sign does have its differences. An Aquarius might crack a joke that is highly inappropriate and although a Libra might laugh at it, a Libra wouldn’t make a inappropriate joke… The classy Venusian sign is “too good” for that.
Aquarius and Aries are definitely the types to make inappropriate and dirty jokes. I’ve made this observation through plenty of Aquarians and people with Aries dominance. Aries in Venus is known for playful teasing, so Aries dominance probably would enjoy humour involving teasing (of course, never to purposely hurt anyone unless they didn’t like the person they’re making fun off..). In one instance, I know a person who is a Pisces sun, but has Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries and he comes off innocent, but will then unexpectedly say something extremely dirty (but funny) 😂! Oh and he also has Mars in Scorpio… I feel like Scorpio in Mars folks also have a specialty for dirty jokes, but I can never tell if they’re actually joking 👀

And about Scorpio… I know people are probably gonna hate me for saying this, but THEY DO have a dark sense of humour… And before you attack me for saying this, obviously look at aspects to Mercury and Jupiter, make sure you look over the whole chart’s personality. 
People with Scorpio/Capricorn influences especially have a very strange sense of humour and as a Sagittarian that is renown to laugh at everything, they are the one type of people I have a hard time laughing at because sometimes they are just down right strange! 

^ me when a Capricorn/Scorpio dom makes a joke

And then there’s Pisces…
I’ve met so many Pisces and every single one has had multiple “haha, what?” moments! Sure they will laugh with you, but often times they don’t get the punchline. I feel like they also like humour that doesn’t make sense, jokes that are purposefully random and confusing.
One Pisces teacher I had would sometimes make jokes that no one would get and he would laugh at his own jokes. 

And Virgos, like I mentioned at the very top of this post seem to be hard to get to laugh, but I’ve done it before. It’s actually really funny to see them try and hide a laugh, but then they crack a smile a little bit and you know you’ve got them. I believe Virgos appreciate clever humour like the air signs. I also know they are the type of people you can give a side glance at when you see someone cringy in public and they will know EXACTLY what you’re thinking and probably laugh at your mutual judgement towards a person who is being embarrassing. 

I feel like Leo’s humour is somewhat similar to Sagittarius with a hint of Aries. Loves the build up of a great, hilarious story. 

I think Taurus is the only one I didn’t really go over yet and they seem to like suggestive humour. Lots of innuendos, but not necessarily as crude and vulgar as Aquarius or Aries. Basically, they might make a butt joke, but they is no sexual motive behind it. 
They probably enjoy a range of humour, but it doesn’t have to be as witty as Gemini’s for them to enjoy. People are quick to describe Taurus’ humour to be ‘boring’, when really it’s just more average; it just isn’t as extreme as an Aquarius or Scorpio. 

I haven’t done anything for Carmilla in a long time and I had very weird Naruto feels the other day (I used to be a huge fan omg) so here’s the naruto/carmilla crossover that no one asked for haha. Let’s say this is the transition period before she goes full big cat final form on the baddies. 

Anyways, I can’t wait until the movie comes out (and also dreading it bc that’ll mean the end)