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“I was hoping you would come with me.” Hm.... Eruren?

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For the โ€œsend me a ship and a sentenceโ€. I have no idea if I even write it fluffy or not.

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Is the url "demure_ally" yours? When I try to enter it says "Denied".

Ok I think I have your solution. First go like this, spin around. Stop! Double take three times: one, two, three. Theeeen PELVIC THRUST! Whoooo! Whooooooo! Stop on your right foot, DON’T FORGET IT! Now its time to bring it around town. Bring-it-a-round-town. Then you do this, then this, and this, and that, and-this-and-that-and-this-and-that, and then…

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I live in an ordinary home! My lab is in the basement of my home! (Not everything I do is technically legal!) Haha just kidding! (or am I…?)

Waiting Game: Jin  (Sequel to Love Letter Gone Wrong)

So here is the much anticipated (haha just kidding) second part to Love Letter Gone Wrong! I wasn’t really sure where I wanted to go with it at first, but after I got through some initial confusion, I was able to write the rest and realize that, well, it’s going to need a third part to finish the story up. OTL  But I hope that you all enjoy this next installation! Here is Part One in case you missed it.

~Admin May


The world seemed to hang by a spider’s thread - life loosely suspended, the thread tensed as if it was about to snap. All three of you felt to varying degrees that it wasn’t long now until something broke and came crashing down. It was just a waiting game at this point.


There was a soft hum in the room emanating from the computers. A bit of pale light filtered through the windows, but it was the only thing piercing the dimness.  

MinSu moved through the quiet space, shuffling around a few papers before filing them away. Her mind was wandering, as it had been ever since that fateful day nearly a month before. She often found herself taking much too long to complete a simple task, drifting away halfway through and staring off into space, just as she was at this particular moment.  

Get it together, she admonished herself, snapping back into motion. She finished filing the stack of papers and went to grab her purse and jacket before leaving. She was exiting the building and taking special care to lock the door behind her, as she was the last one out of the office that evening, when the low sound of voices came from just around the corner.  

MinSu would have known the owners of the voices anywhere. The soft thrum of Jin’s voice when he was speaking gently, as he was then, was ingrained into her mind. The other voice, of course, was you. The two of you were always together, just as you had been for a long time, but now MinSu wasn’t a part of it anymore. She was just the variable that had needed to be cancelled out of the equation for it to be solved.

She took a deep breath, but remained hovering near the door. If she tried to leave, she would be forced to walk past you and Jin, and nothing in the entire world sounded less appealing than that.  

“Did you talk to MinSu today?” Your voice carried over to where MinSu herself was standing, as all her muscles tensed at the mention of her name.

“No,” Jin replied, his voice sounding uninterested in the topic at hand. “And I’m not going to. I’ve told you that.”

There was a pause, which MinSu knew was your hesitation. You always paused when you were distressed or upset.  

“I really wish you would,” you said finally. “I can’t imagine how much she must be hurting right now - how painful it must be to have to see you at the office every day. Can’t you at least try to make things right again?”

Jin made an annoyed sound low in his throat. “I don’t want things to go back to the way they were. I’m happy with you now, and she screwed herself out of this deal. I nearly lost you because of her.”

The words froze like ice in MinSu’s veins.  

“But you didn’t. We’re together now, right?” You responded, in a tone that MinSu knew meant you were smiling. There was a small pause and another light sound, which she contributed to Jin leaning forward to kiss you lightly on the lips.

“Of course,” was his reply.

“Then does it really matter? I just - I miss her. I want her to be happy, too. Just because she did something bad doesn’t make her a bad person.”

Hatred was curling in MinSu’s stomach, making her feel sick. She hated the way you were talking about her, as if you were some holy angel of forgiveness and kindness. She didn’t want to hear this from you. She still couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting you to disappear.

Jin was silent for a moment this time, contemplating. “I still don’t want to be the one to reach out to her. But of course I can’t stop you from trying to build a friendship back up.”

Your voice was despairing when you spoke again. “But that’s no good,” you complained. “She isn’t going to want to talk to me. It has to be you!”

MinSu felt that she had to do something, anything, to get out of there. She couldn’t stand another second of listening to this. She took several steps forward, until she could see around the corner. Jin was leaned back against a wall, still wearing the suit that he’d worn to the office that day. You were standing in front of him, your arms folded across your chest.  

Jin sighed. “I’ll try to think of something. But for now, can we just forget about this? I want to spend time with you.”  He leaned forward again, and your arms unfolded as his lips met the tip of your nose in the most endearing way. MinSu hated herself for thinking about how cute he was. She hated herself for still wishing that he was kissing her instead of you.

When your hands had migrated to Jin’s chest and your lips had found his, MinSu figured that it was a good time to get away unnoticed. The two of you didn’t seem to be paying attention to much else besides each other at this moment, she thought bitterly.


The next day you were waiting outside the office building for Jin to get out of work, when you spotted the familiar figure of MinSu striding purposefully away from the building. You couldn’t tell if she had noticed you or not, but she certainly was not looking your way.  

You felt that it was now or never. The more time that passed, the more difficult and awkward it would be to try to build back any semblance of the friendship you’d once had. However, there was a conflict raging in your heart, one which was stopping you at that moment from rushing over to your ex-best friend. Perhaps it would be too painful for MinSu to be around you and Jin, especially since you had become such a close couple. Part of you screamed that it would be much better just to let MinSu go, but the other part couldn’t help but point out how lonely she looked leaving the building every day, eyes fixed straight ahead, obviously trying to avoid any sort of eye contact with the two people she had once been closer to than anyone else in the world.  

The latter part won the battle, and you rushed forward, waving one hand wildly as if hailing a taxi. “MinSu!”

The other girl looked up sharply, with no trace of warmth in her dark eyes. You faltered a bit, but refused to lose all confidence. Opting for a bright smile, you stopped in front her and tried to ignore her complete lack of friendliness.  

“I assume you’re here to wait for him,” was her response, her voice sounding stiff. You noted the way she avoided using Jin’s name.

“Yes, I am. But I also really want to talk to-”

She turned away from you abruptly and began walking forward. Shaking off your initial surprise, you weaved through several passerby until you stood in front of her once more, this time folding your arms across your chest.

“I need to talk to you,” you repeated, more firmly this time. MinSu chewed on her lip for a moment, contemplating a good way to get around you. You took the opportunity to continue speaking. “MinSu, I just don’t - I just don’t want you to feel like we’re shutting you out, because that’s not what we’re meaning to do-”

She grabbed your shoulder roughly, pushing you out of the way and walking off in a huff. You followed her, the stubborn side of you not willing to give up.

“MinSu-” you called again, reaching for her arm.

The pain was sudden, exploding across your face before you even knew what had happened. MinSu’s hand, which had retreated after delivering a solid blow to your left cheek, reached up again along with her other one. It seemed for a moment as if she was attempting to cradle your face in her hands, but then you felt the pressure of her nails digging sharply into your skin. She shoved you backwards, your back hitting the wall of a building as her nails broke skin on your face and a slight trickle of blood trailed its way down your cheek like a tear.

Still rather numb with shock, you stood still even after her hands had dropped away from your face. You were distantly aware of the nearby people staring at the two of you, pointing and talking amongst themselves. One woman had a hand covering her mouth; most others were either laughing or jeering “cat fight!”

“Stop talking to me as if you’re so special and holy,” MinSu hissed from between her teeth. “As if you, the angel, are condescending to reach out to the poor wicked witch - taking pity on me - god, I hate you!”  

The words had a strange effect on you. On one hand, they seemed to be bouncing off your skin, as you were still too numb to really process anything. But you could also feel yourself absorbing them, knowing that they would resurface to torture you later.  

“MinSu!” A much beloved voice tore through the crowd of people, though it didn’t sound as it usually did. Jin had pushed through the throng of people, a dark look clouding up his usually gentle features. He shot a cold glare at the girl standing frozen in front of you, before his attention snapped over to you.  

His eyes softened slightly as he approached you, though you could still sense his anger simmering beneath the surface. His hand reached up to touch your face, his thumb gently wiping away the trickle of blood. Your eyes connected for a moment, and you could read the silent question in them: Are you alright?

You gave him a tense smile, hoping that it would suffice as an answer. His hand dropped away from your face and reached for your own hand instead, both of your fingers intertwining. He turned to face MinSu, who was still frozen solid along with the rest of the audience.

It was at that moment that the feeling washed over you that the waiting game was finally over. All of the breaking pieces were about to come crashing down.



In honor of Gemsona Week I will animate your gemsona for only $10!! You can also pick out the background or have let me pick it out for you. All I need is reference photos of your gem, pretty much what you would submit to gemsona-week.

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