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“Demons are born already knowing what they’re supposed to be, and then that’s what they are. Forever. But you! You’re supposed to change. You’re never the same even moment to moment! You’re allowed and expected to invent who you are.”

((For some reason Steven Universe never fails to give me relationship dynamics that sync with familiar things. Today was particularly so considering demons can’t really change and are born fully formed and ready to live. Sure they’re a bit smaller than they’ll grow to be but aside from that they aren’t babies. Also I’m pretty sure Xan doesn’t even know what a baby is, still haha.))

(( @docstigma this is just a disaster. Whoever left their kid with these two just is asking for bad things to happen. I think Stigma is just bewildered that Xaphan has no idea what a baby is haha.))



In honor of Gemsona Week I will animate your gemsona for only $20!! You can also pick out the background or have let me pick it out for you. All I need is reference photos of your gem, pretty much what you would submit to gemsona-week.

If you would like me to add in any extra iteration to your gem animation, that will be one dollar for each version.

For Example:

When Pearl reforms she has 3 iterations ($3) and then her final one ($20), so that would cost $23.

But when Lapis forms she has one form ($20), so that would be just $20.

I WILL ONLY DO THIS UNTIL MARCH 18, which is the end of gemsona week submissions. After that I will not accept any more submissions. Also i reserve the right to refuse any submission.

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my one - a translation

okay. i have no idea if this has been translated or not, so excuse/ignore me if it has. but i’m like 99% sure it hasn’t because no matter where i look, what i search for, who i talk to, everyone gives me the same answer or no results at all. 

practically everyone in the bagginshield fandom(and the rest of the fandom for that matter) knows the headcanon that goes along the lines of basically dwarrow having a “one”. and even if someone isn’t particularly interested in the headcanon, it’s so widely spread they still have heard of it. 

so basically, i wanted to know what the khuzdul word for “my one” would be. but here’s the thing. 

no one has translated it
none that i’m aware of anyway. 
it’s one of the most acknowledged and accepted headcanons in fics, yet no one (that i’m aware of) has translated the word for whatever reason. (i’ll tell you the reason in a mcsecond) 

so for the sake of myself (and hopefully others if i didn’t royally screw the translation up) i set out to find answers.  

how hard could this really be? i took german for, like, five years. so i mean, it shouldn’t be that hard. 


the reason this hasn’t been translated is because khuzdul is so hard i felt like throwing my computer on the floor several times. 

it was harder than stabbing someone that has a mithril shirt on. so like, nearly impossible. i mean. unless you’re dragon. i’m a dragon. 


i started by looking for the the translation for the number ‘one’. which is like, ‘ong’ or something. which to me, just felt, i dunno. super impersonal. it just didn’t sound good. i wanted this translation to sound good. so eventually, after bumming around for like AN HOUR, i found that the translation to ‘one person’ is ekûn. 

that sounded a hell of a lot nicer than ong in my opinion, anyways.

so, with that being found, i had to start poking around information on suffixes. i’m aware the -uh usually shows ownership. so, naturally, ekûnuh. except here’s the problem in that. so does -ê.

as in amrâlimê. 

okay well, so it’d be ekûnê, then. right?

the problem lies with the fact that there’s no comprehensive research on both of the suffixes and where you would use one and not the other. since i know like, zero khuzdul, it’s difficult to say whether one would be used over the other. so it would be wrong for me to say they’re interchangeable and it wouldn’t matter. 

but here’s what i feel, based on the things i have gathered. it seems to me the suffix -uh is attached to everything to simply state that the person using it is talking about themselves. 
whereas with kili’s use of the - ê suffix, he’s specifically denoting not just mine, but a deep possession. (but not in like, the creepy way. i hope anyway.) 

take uzbad for example, the word for ‘lord’. 
uzbaduh would be a statement indicating the person is your lord. 
uzbadê seems like i would be more like a proclamation that the person is your lord.
if you catch my drift. it’s hard to really explain when they’re extremely similar. basically you would use uzbaduh for every lord you come by, but uzbadê would be reserved for people of particularly high status (king) or used if your loved one or family member was a lord. 

to me, -uh just seems like a willy nilly prefix you throw around all the time, like free tobacco at a party in the shire. 

-ê seems like something you would reserve for specific people. so your loved ones. friends, family members, loved ones, your soul mate.

so i am basically proposing the headcanon (if this translation is even CLOSE TO RIGHT) that both words be accepted. here’s why. 

ekûnê would be used by the specific person in correlation with their ‘one’ while ekûnuh would be used by other people if they were discussing the sickening love they have for each other. such as fili and kili constantly mocking their uncle behind his back the entire journey saying “bilbo is thorin’s ekûnuh.”  
while thorin would call bilbo his “ekûnê” when he finally stopped being a awkward little flower. 

i basically scoured the web for an answer, but the site i linked above is the only one i really drew on for the translation.

again i would like to remind those out there who do know khuzul (why haven’t you translated this and if you have why haven’t i seen it???) that i literally have almost no idea what i’m doing so if it’s wrong, i’m sorry, please help a bagginshield homie in need. 

if i did get this right, fingers crossed, i hope you guys appreciate the hard work i put into this. seriously it was like 3 hours worth of my time that i would have spent scrolling tumblr like a scrub so really a better use of it. 

now go forth and cry over how the only times bilbo ever got to hear the word was once when thorin was whispering while he died, and again when balin explained to him what it meant. 

Happy 54th birthday, you dork.