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Some icons a few of my friends over at quizup requested!

UL sans belongs to @nsfwshamecave-pb I think?

And Storyshift Asriel belong to @ut-storyshift!


15milbosses day 1 an 2
  • Day 1 (3/20): (ey im late) introduce yourself to the community! (you can write a short bio and/or post a selfie, that choice is yours. :) this is just a way for us to meet more people in the community)

I go by Ash online, imma underage nerd (and proud) i’m in the Undertale, Overwatch, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier (night in the wood and other games to cus it amazin) fandom :D or at least i consider myself! I also run a roleplay blog of two Undertale oc’s, also overwatch meme roleplay group Rejectedwatch Junkrat. Found this whole place mainly thanks to Jack! And eh idk what else to add hi there imma dork

  • Day 2 (21/3): (dates are like that!! haha jkjk) how long have you been subscribed and when/how did you find the channel?!

I dont remember really? I’m relatively new i guess, but i think in a few months a whole year? I found the channel because my sister mentioned a game called Undertale and that is was cool (it is)
Around two or three months after i was looking for something to watch so i searched on youtube “Undertale gameplay”
And Jack was up there, i heard of him from time to time, didnt really think much of him if im going to be honest. 
I was wrong, i love his channel and Sean is such an amazing person. Can’t thank him enough haha

anonymous asked:

Heya! I just found out about you recently while I was lurking and following people around; And I just wanted to say that you're awesome hnngh. Keep up the sins and stay awesome cOUGHs

Awww thank you, it’s not easy being sleazy! Jkjk haha it’s all about having fun and making people smile! But fr thank you for the kind words! I’ll try to be awesome, no promises tho.

Watch on soyysauceeboii.tumblr.com

WHAT?! U WANNA FIGHT?!?!?!??!!!!!

favorite character meme

tagged by @fujiwaratoukos !!

Name your 10 favourite characters from 10 fandoms, and then tag 10 people.

(in no particular order)

  1. Daiya no ace- Miyuki Kazuya
  2. Tokyo Ghoul- Nagachika Hideyoshi
  3. Magi- Ja’far
  4. Haikyuu!!- Tsukishima Kei
  5. Owari no seraph- Hyakuya Mikaela
  6. Fairy Tail- Gray Fullbuster
  7. Noragami- Yukine
  8. K Project- Yata Misaki
  9. HxH- Killua Zoldyck
  10. Dangan Ronpa- Ishimaru

thanks for tagging me! 


Andrew here, and I was a part of an amazing Youth for Christ retreat. Our candidates all loved the camp and are now a part of our ministry family. I played piano and sang for our music ministry and I was a discussion group leader for a group of guys, everything was amazing and filled with the Holy Spirit. :)
Had a lot of fun, feeling very sleepy but not sleepy enough to blog apparently. I need to finish an essay but I’m too lazy so I’ll do it after dinner