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first bias: kyung !!

current bias: probably zico i couldn’t escape him


most played song: nalinA

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I love your writing! If you're still doing it can I get a ツ and & text with Todoroki please?

[  ツ +  & ] an EXCITINGLY DRUNK text.
(wow just who in the world gets excited for a drunk text HAHA jkjk) 


do u kno what’s exciting, [name]?? *puts my virtual hand on your shoulder* if we just rode the clouds. ya feel? its like,, we’d be travelling with the clouds wherever they go. we can shape them like how aladdin and jasmine shaped a cloud into a soft serve ice cream…… wow, i’d be able to….. show u the world, [name] shining, shimmering splendidddddd 


shouto you goddamn idiot it was wrong of you to accept bakugo’s alcoholic beverage. 

tiny rant that's pointless and why are you even reading this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

alright so all of this is bullshit and a joke(ish) because it’s about phan but just let me get this off my chest? ok?! ok. thankssss….

i honestly don’t understand how people can say there’s NOTHING between dan and phil, especially now (2017). i kinda get it if you said it around 2012 or whatever but jeSUS CHRIST!!! dan and phil have gotten more and more gay by the second and the government knows it (jk)

here are like 4 bullet points explaining my thought process *cue vanna white motion*

• they have been living with each other for around 5-6 years. you actually think that they haven’t at least once done something a little sexual or flirtatious with each other??? friends with benefits my guy (haha jkjk) Like you know, kiss just to know what it’s like, talk about past sexual relations, or maybe even share kinks? i mean come on! they don’t have girlfriends, they live alone with each, and they rarely leave the house. let’s make the connections here people!

• (ok this one’s dumb and kind of doesn’t go along with my point but i still wanna say it/type it) you know how they said that they’re walls in their old london apartment were super thin?? they’ve HAD to have heard each other wanking! i’m sorry but you know it’s true, don’t deny it

• fucKING HELL THE WAY THEY JUST LOOK/INTERACT WITH EACH OTHER!!!! i don’t think two COMPLETELY straight men (not saying they’re gay and not trying to throw shade towards stereotypes on straight males) would do the type of stuff dan and phil do to each other. it’s hard to explain but to anyone who reads this you know exactly what i mean

• me and phil. case closed.

like i said this was stupid and a joke but i just wanted to say it… especially the last one hahaha


if you read to this point, hello. i’m olivia, your local garbage bin who spends WAY too much time on tumblr reading phan and joshler smut… hmu if ever so desire to talk me about these ships i guess ._. no one will read this haha! bye friends *waves*

Seungkwan High school AU

“As some of you may have noticed, we have a new student. This is (Y/N), they transferred here today, please be nice to them.”

Seungkwan looked over to the once empty seat, and he saw you. Your hair looked like it was flowing from the breeze coming from the open window. You smiled a little before burying your face in your book, and he was incredibly excited.

“Hi! I’m Boo Seungkwan!” He said to you, hoping you wouldn’t notice the blush on his cheeks. You introduced yourself and he sat down in the desk beside you. Seungkwan was nervous talking to you, but he hoped it wouldn’t show. Everything was going well until Vernon dragged him away from you.

“What was that for?”

“You were word vomiting again. You need to let the new kids at least get settled before you bombard them.”

Vernon sat at his desk and Seungkwan stuck his tongue out at him, angry because his time with you was cut short. He wondered if he really did word vomit all over you, unconsciously staring at the back of your head the rest of class.

When lunch came around, Seungkwan was practically frantic trying to find you. He wanted to invite you to his table in hopes of getting to know you better. He saw you from afar and ran over, but he was too late, because Joshua got to you first.

“Gah, that pretty boy got to her.” He mumbled before heading to his seat. He watched you sit at the seniors’ table, smiling and laughing with them, and he felt incredibly jealous. That could have been him. You could have been laughing with him and smiling with him.

“Hey Boo! Are you okay?” He looked away from you and plastered on a smile. DK asked him again, and he nodded, trying to hide his crush from his friends. He did his best not to look at you anymore, in fear of getting caught. “Where’s Chan?” He asked, quickly changing the subject. Hoshi shrugged and said something about how he hadn’t seen him. Seungkwan vowed to invite you to sit with them tomorrow, and he vowed to make sure you would smile twice as much as with the seniors.

The rest of the day was boring to Seungkwan. He didn’t have any breaks to talk to you, all he could do was sit in class and stare at you hoping you’d look back.

‘Get yourself together. You just met them, you can’t go falling for them immediately.’ He thought, slapping his face, ‘You can’t daydream over a stranger, even if they’re really really really pretty.’ He walked out of the bathroom and back to the classroom, bumping into someone on the way there.

“Oh sorry—”

“Seungkwan, sorry!”

It had been you, you apologized and ran off, and he watched you go around the corner, his heart beating twice as fast as before. He had it bad.

All throughout last period, he kept replaying the memory of you in his head, the way you bowed and ran off, the way you said his name. It sounded so sweet coming from you. He wanted to hear you say his name again, to smile and laugh while you said it. He again, cringed at his school-girl crush, but still sighed at the thought of you.

When he and Vernon walked to you, he did his best to not word vomit. Seungkwan invited you to come hang out with them after school and his heart practically exploded when you agreed happily. His smile turned bitter when Vernon said he’d pick you up.

‘It’s fine. He’s just being friendly. It’s not like he knows you like her.’

The park was their usual hang out, so when Seungkwan got there, most of his friends were there. You hadn’t arrived, and he hoped you didn’t cancel.

When you did finally arrive, Seungkwan felt himself swoon more at your cute outfit. Vernon lead you over to where he was sitting. Seungkwan took this as a chance to talk more with you, but he wasn’t the only one with that in mind. Hoshi and DK walked over to you and helped introduce the last people you hadn’t met. You smiled and introduced yourself to them and talked to everyone, and Seungkwan didn’t have time to be jealous because he was too distracted listening to you talk.

Once you announced you were going to go soon, he took a leap of faith and asked you for your number, and he could hear his heartbeat in his ears, you smiled and took out your phone, handing it to him. “Yeah, sure. Put your number in too.”

Seungkwan was sure you could see his hands shake as he took your phone and out his number in, and typed your information into his phone. You left, and that night, he sat at his bed, thinking of the perfect message to type.

‘Goodnight, beautiful~’

“No that’s too forward”

‘Goodnight, (Y/N).’

“That seems like I don’t care.”

‘Sleep well! See you tomorrow~’

“Perfect!” Seungkwan hit send and waited for your answer, jumping up when you did.

‘Goodnight Seungkwan! Sleep well! Dream of me! Haha jkjk’

He ignored that last bit and sighed happily. That night he dreamt of you, a sweet dream where you laughed by his side as he watched your smile grow. Nothing could ruin it, other than his alarm clock. Seungkwan grumbled as he got up and got ready for school. He sent you a ‘good morning’ text and ran outside before missing the bus, smiling at your response. As he arrived at school, he immediately walked to homeroom, smiling widely once he saw you at your desk.

“Good morning, (Y/N)!” He ran over to you, waving happily.

“Good morning! How’d you sleep?”

Seungkwan smiled, “I slept well, I had nice dreams, too. What about you?” You smiled and shrugged, “I didn’t dream of anything but I slept well.”

The two of you sat and talked until the bell rang, and Seungkwan quickly told you to sit with him at lunch, you nodded and went through class. Vernon greeted you, and then went to sit with Seungkwan, and you spoke to both of them during the break.

Seungkwan knew he had to get closer to you, but everyone he had the chance, someone beat him to it. What was worse is that he couldn’t even get mad, no one knew he had a crush on you. He continued to talk to you happily though, even when Vernon would seemingly steal you away.

He had grown tired of it happening, so much so, that when he and Vernon were having a study session and Vernon’s house, he snapped.

“I like (Y/N).” He said, putting his pencil down. Vernon hardly looked up before responding.

“I am aware.”

Seungkwan felt his eye twitch. “What do you mean?! If you knew then why do you keep stealing them away?!”

Vernon sighed, placing his hand on his best friend’s shoulder. “Dude. It’s so obvious. I’m just being friendly. They’re nice and I’d like to be friends with them.”

Seungkwan nodded and continues his work, silently accepting the fact that his best friend wasn’t back stabbing him.

The next day, Seungkwan walked in the classroom as cheerful as ever, almost skipping to your seat.

“Good Morning, (Y/N).” He said, your head shot up and you nodded, looking back down. He found your actions unusual, but shrugged it off. He did his best in talking to you, but you refused to look him in the eye. You asked him to meet you here during lunch, and he agreed.

Lunch came, and your stomach was churning, and your heart was so loud you couldn’t hear anything else. You walked into the classroom and saw Seungkwan standing with his back to you, and you silently walked to him.


Seungkwan turned to you, watching you wring your hands.

“There’s..there’s someone I like!” You blurted out, your face cherry red. Seungkwan felt his heart hurt.

“There is?”

“Yes…he’s very sweet and I admire him, and I like him a lot…I know it’s crazy because we barely just met, but I need to tell him.”

Seungkwan saw how you spoke and but his lip, holding back his words.

‘This is it (Y/N). Now or never.’ You thought to yourself,“The person I like is—” you began, but Seungkwan stopped you.

“Before you say it, there’s something you should know. I like you, like, a lot. I know it’s dumb but I thought I should tell you before you confess to him. Even though I like you, I’ll totally support you and Vernon.” He smiled sadly and awaited your response.

“Vernon? Seungkwan…the person I like isn’t Vernon, it’s you. I thought it was kind of obvious..” you said staring at the boy in front of you. Seungkwan was ecstatic. His heart was beating so fast that he thought he would faint, and he found himself reaching forward to pull you into a hug.

The two of you stood in happy silence, arms around each other, unaware of Vernon watching from the door. He smiled a little before walking off, heart broken in two.

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Lmao the hair colors supposed to be black he just redyed the black over the red

Well idk I just based it according to his twitter pic since it looked more brown to me and a few people told me it was brown but I did see his Instagram which did look more black but with a hint of brown. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me. Well I’m sure he’s gonna confirm it in his next vid before we fight over it

Like that black and blue dress haha jkjk

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Hi! Could you rec me some fics were kai is really cute and innocent or kind of like really awkward and weird but in a funny way? Every ship is fine for me, but my fav would probably be chankai. I hope i dont bother you too much. Have a wonderfull day

hey anon! Admin Kim here:) you’ll never bother me with a Kai-related request honey never.

YES! totally;);) because my kai thirst is so real<333

 (i love anons like you because it gives me an excuse to give this blog an overdose of my bias without admin kat ripping my head off haha jkjk no seriously tho i post too much kai)

erm.. early apologies for the sekai spam…

here are some already on this blog:

here are othersss:D

Title: time for something real
Pairing: ChanKai
Genre: Romance, Fluff, AU
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 18.6K
Summary: Just because Jongin spends all his time drawing romantic manhwa doesn’t mean he actually needs to experience one. At least that’s what he tells himself, before Chanyeol enters his life.

ughhhh so much the otaku, manga feels explosion, and jongin is the cutest thing and chanyeol you with the player attitude ugh too hot stahp, yaaasss absolutely loved this fic! basically every chankai by this author is perf!

Title: Ellipsis
Pairing: ChanKai
Genre: Romance, Fluff, AU
Word Count:6K
Summary: Jongin’s world is made of numbers, until Chanyeol comes in and messes it up. (potential warnings)

the setting of the fic, and the innocence of the beginnings of their relationship leave me squealing omg<3 

Title: pay attention
Pairing: ChanKai
Genre: Romance, Fluff, 
Word Count:1.6K
Summary:based on the prompt: pls write them going on a bubble tea date together but jongin’s annoyed w chanyeol bc he got jealous over all the time chanyeol spent w kyungsoo in their room earlier even though jongin was r i g h t there

love love loveeee this fic! Chanyeol is so absolutely adorable, and Kai be so cute and grumpy but loves him anyways and ugh <3

Title: caution tape romance (ova series)
Pairing: SeKai
Genre: Romance, Humour, Slight!Crack, AU.
Rating: R
Word Count: 8.6K
Summary: Sehun’s new roommate has a secret.

GUYS I CANNOT PLS READ THIS FIC NOW IT’S SO FUNNY LITERALLY I CAN’T KTHXBAI. literally laughing just thinking about it.

Title: trials and tribulations
Pairing: SeKai
Genre: Romance, Humour, Slight!Crack, University/College!AU
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2.1K
Summary: sehun and jongin are struggling freshmen at university.

for all dem’ stereotypical asians this will connect with you so hard, it’s cute and hilarious what else can u ask for?;) PLUS IT’S SEKAI

Title: dysfunctional delight
Pairing: SeKai
Genre: Romance, Humour, Crack, College!AU
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4.1K
Summary: misunderstandings are always fun and games.

kill me now this author has mastered crack to a T, so sooo funny, and jongin, oh jongin, sigh, (TOO AWKWARD TO HANDLE IN THIS FIC OHMYGOD) just, and sehun<3, and their evil bestfriends are the best can i just say. 

Title: you’re like a very far shooting star
Pairing: KaiSoo
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Humour, Canon
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1.3K
Summary: Jongin is not one for romance, but he really wants Kyungsoo to notice him

short but so so so cute, makes me want a Jongin for myself as well:’( who am i kidding i always want myself a Jongin *criesss*

Okay so I saw this picture the other day and I just had a very sad realization. WHAT IF when everything has passed and Natsu kills Zeref and such Natsu loses his memories.

Because in chapter 465, Zeref tells Natsu that if he kills him, then Natsu will die too. BUT what if by killing Zeref, only the demon END is killed, leaving Natsu still alive. His hair would change back to black (I’m guessing its natural color since Zeref’s is black) and he’d lose all his memories of the guild, of his life, of Happy, and of Lucy. The only thing he’d remember is his older brother and his family from before he died. I remember Mashima saying Fairy Tail would have a happy ending, but how can there be happiness without great suffering?

Omg I really hope I’m not right because honestly, I feel like if Natsu lost all his memories, that it would be more painful to the guild and Happy and Lucy than him actually dying:(

Alright that’s all I have to say on that matter. I’m going to go cry in a corner now, byeee. (Haha jkjk I’m not really gonna do that x)

The Spoon Fic

Dan was just on his laptop, bored and secretly looking at porn gifs on tumblr cause who doesn’t get to that side of the website at least once. But of course after a while, he checked out the danisnotonfire tag, seeing screenshots of his ten chins every once in a while. It was the norm. 

After around an hour of being mesmerized by the danaconda videos in his tag, he decided to go to the phan tag cause why not. 

Every fucking post, every one, was about Phil ‘spooning’ Dan in the latest youtubers react. He had to give his fans props for being creative but jesus on a rollercoaster they kept going on and on.

“Hey Dan check this out will you?”, Phil called from the other room. Dan jumped and threw a blanket over his laptop cause he was apparently too fucking awkward to just close it. God damn it Howell.

Phil literally just stormed into Dan’s room and sat on the bed. 

“Haha look at this fuckin post its funny as shit.”

It was just a post of the damned gif of Phil hitting Dan with a plastic spoon.

“What do you get off on this? Its just you hitting me with a spoon.”







Phil stormed off to the kitchen while dan was still sitting there all confused and shit.

'literally wtf, ’ dan thought.

“Let me love you”, Phil strode into Dans room holding the spoon in the air.

“no” dan whispered in horror as phil just stroked his hair with a spoon.

“it has to be done bro,” Phil said, tying dan up with a random rope. lol idk itz jus so randum ;p.

Tears were streaming down Dan’s face as Phil was now tapping his shoulder with the spoon. Again. And again. And again. And again.

“Phil please.”

“lol what if i just gorged out your eyeballs”

“D:”, said Dan, fearing the safety of his seeing orifices.

“haha jkjk just gonna stick it up your bum.”

Dan calmed down a bit. Wait he shouldnt be calming down he had a reputation of being no homo howell.

The pants were off. Well damn.

“no phil i dont want this well i kind of want this but like with a dick instead of a spoon but like no homo about it and FUCK THATS THE SPOON ITS IN THE BUTT”

it was in the butt.

there was no turning back.

Phil shoved the entire spoon up Dan’s butt before shoving his penis in right after. That’s right he was going in dry. Hardcore Phil Striker right here.

As Phil kept thrusting his cock into Dan, the spoon felt like it was stabbing his prostate, and he decided that he didn’t mind it. Dan you kinky shit.

“SLAP ME PHIL,” he cried out.

Phil pulled his dick out and shoved his fist into Dan’s ass, retrieving the spoon and slapping his cheek with it. 

Phil was jerking Dans dick the whole time while watching him writhe around in pleasure. He took the spoon and thrust it in and out of Dan’s ass, hitting his prostate each time.

“WHY AM I INTO THIS,” Dan moaned.

Dan came. It was great. You should’ve been there.

Phil pulled the spoon out and jerked his cock until he came onto it, and now he was spoon feeding Dan his cum. Dan and Phil were panting in exhaustion and relaxed for a bit, Phil fell onto the bed beside Dan and untied him with that random rope he found. The older man buried his face into Dan’s hair attempting to cuddle with him until Dan poked Phil in the cheek with the spoon to get his attention.

“No homo.”

Watch on soyysauceeboii.tumblr.com

WHAT?! U WANNA FIGHT?!?!?!??!!!!!