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Hannah's Posting schedule

Honestly it doesn’t tick me off or make me go crazy that Hannah is sometimes inconsistent with her videos. Because I know that Hannah will post something no matter what and if she doesn’t she’ll tell us why. I’m just glad she’s still doing videos.
Also it “gives her videos mystique” (from mamrie)

Quality entertainment is when I’m left with eagerness and curiosity okay haha.

Thank you though mydrunkkitchen

emilysbett-archive  asked:

If you're still taking prompts: Oliver jealous of Roy and Felicity's newfound friendship? I know it's super vague but I'm literally okay with anything as long as it's got some Roy/Felicity friendship and I also love jealous!Oliver haha ^^ And I love your writing so I know whatever you write will be awesome. Thank you ^^

“What are they talking about?” Oliver grunted, his brow furrowed as he watched Roy sit on the edge of Felicity’s desk, making her laugh and smile, her head falling back. 

“They’re friends.” Digg shrugged. “Felicity said something about a band they both liked. They’re trying to get tickets.”

He harrumphed. “What band?” 

“Does it matter?” Digg raised an eyebrow. “It’s probably out of town. And, last I checked, you keep it pretty local most of the time.“ 

Oliver muttered petulantly, “I like music…”

John sighed. “Oliver, you either need to grow a pair or stop complaining.”

He frowned, brows hiked. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

"It means men will be interested in Felicity. She’s a beautiful, kind, extremely intelligent woman.” He shook his head. “That, that’s just friendship,” he told him, pointing at Roy. “But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t another Barry Allen around the corner. So if you’re going to get your tights wound up every time somebody pays any attention to her, you either need to let her know that you want to be the guy in her life making her laugh and taking her to concerts, or you need to take a big step back and let her have her life. Those are your options. Because this pining after her thing, getting jealous about every other guy out there who gets enough courage to actually try, it’s not working for me.”

With that, John turned on his heel and walked away, muttering under his breath about stubborn partners. 

Later that night, however, when Oliver gathered up the courage to ask Felicity if she’d like to get some dinner, just the two of them, he could admit he smiled a little. Maybe not so stubborn after all.