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“The original novel [Dumb Witness] was dedicated to her [Agatha Christie’s] own wire-haired terrier - ‘To dear Peter,’ it read, 'most faithful of friends and dearest of companions. A dog in a thousand.’
I felt exactly the same way about the terrier in our film. He captivated me from the moment I set eyes on him. The little dog, whose real name was actually Snubby, became my dear friend. [..] My now ever-expanding fan club wrote to tell me how much they enjoyed it [the episode], so they also told me, the sales of wire-haired terriers shot up exponentially after it was shown for the first time in March 1996.”
- David Suchet, Poirot and Me

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You were right about wanting more of that documentary au... May I please have some? I already love it, like, a lot...

Warily settling down in the offered chair, Obi-Wan kept his pleasant smile on as the Toydarian almost bounced in her seat, beaming in return. “Master Kenobi, finally we meet!” She offered her hand warmly and Obi-Wan took it, pressing a light kiss to the back of it.

“Miss Cana, its a pleasure to meet you, master Windu told me you were quite pleasant.” He offered, chuckling a bit at her flush as he sat back.

“Well I can see where you gained your nickname Master Negotiator.” She beamed.

She had a very warm feeling about her in the Force though slightly predatory.

Most journalist had that sensation though, a lot of them had to be cunning.

Obi-Wan rested his hands in his lap, chuckling faintly at the infamous nickname he had been given. “Well… use what you can as they say. Now you wanted an interview with me?”

He was prepared to be questioned about the war effort or perhaps even daily life for Jedi, what he had not expected was the question about his past.

“Yes, Master Windu indicated that many of the children that are trained here are given to you because the parents see the chance for them to become Jedi or have better life. But he also indicated that some come from less fortunate circumstances.” Her face turned grave, little tusks quivering. “He indicated you were one of those children.”

Obi-Wan’s face went blank. ‘I am going to strangle Mace…’

“You don’t have to speak about your situation, I understand its a per-”

“My parents were frightened.” Obi-Wan cut in, taking a deep breath then sighing, sitting back against the chair with a slightly bitter smile. “When someone is frightened they sometimes… act without thinking. I don’t remember much, I was two when I was brought to the temple but the first half year after I came here were riddled with medical visits to our healers.”

Cana looked disturbed, knowing how Jedi Medic’s were quite skilled. “That…that’s terrible.”

“But not unique.” Obi-Wan offered gently. “We still get abused children in the temple. Its all based on accords with the Senate, any child on Republic worlds we come across with Force abilities, we are allowed to bring out of the custody of their parents though we are required to check in with Judaical so they can record what happened and why we took it. Evidence is cataloged if the parents wants to contest the claims. Other abused children we discover we let Judaical deal with after we’ve brought them from the guardians or parents in question, to be placed in safer situations.”

Cana leaned forward, her wings quivering against her back. “Do you often find children in such situation?”

Obi-Wan hesitated. Then he nodded. “More often then we like that’s for sure. There is also still slavery in the Galaxy unfortunately and I’ve seen plenty of enslaved children.” He sighed. “Unfortunately we can’t do much about that.” He stared at his knees for a long moment.

The holocrew exchanged long looks with wide eyes.

“Can’t or won’t?” Cana’s wings gave a harsh snap.

“Can’t.” Obi-Wan repeated. “If Jedi involved ourselves, we face civil war with the hutts, something the Senate has been clear in that we are not to do.” He wasn’t going to mention the covert operations that had freed slaves from hutts. “We can only interfere with slavers who try themselves inside the Republic territory unfortunately.”

The whole crew stared at him. “…So the Jedi Order is by the laws of the Republic prevented from helping slaves?” Cana finally questioned, tone weak.

“Legislation 543, yes, its unfortunate but we need the good will of the majority of the Senate since our main temple is here on Coruscant.” Obi-Wan nodded.

Cana blinked at that then shook herself, a subject for another time to another to expand on with views from other Jedi. “For a different theme, Master Windu mentioned that the Jedi Agricorps grew about 50% of the crops of Coruscant. I have never heard this before and neither has anyone I’ve spoken to.” She had looked into it and found it true, being able to trace much of the general crops back to the Agricorps.

Obi-Wan tilted his head. “And the question is?”

“Why doesn’t the public of Coruscant know?” She questioned, wanting understanding.

Tilting his head, Obi-Wan surveyed her while thinking. “…Jedi don’t look for recognition, for reward or titles. We do our jobs in humility for the best of the Galaxy and the laws, or we try at least as we are not perfect beings we can only try. Part of that is also Agricorps.” He shrugged a bit. “Mainly they feed the temples and Jedi, shipping it over the galaxy for our needs as all the temples have beings with different needs and dietary requirements. But the surplus has always been used on Coruscant since its impossible to grow anything on the planet.”

Cana and the rest of the crew listened in fascination.

“As time went on, the Agricorps grew and the demand increased which meant that after a while we were growing 50% of the greens and grains that is supplied to Coruscant.” Obi-Wan shifted a bit. “As for the why people don’t know… well the shipping is funneled through Senate run companies and parted up into where its needed, grains to be ground up to flour, vegetables to different factories and markets and so on and forth.” He shrugged.

They stared at him for a few moments before Cana shook her head. “Still, that is a surprise. Makes me wonder if there’s more we on Coruscant don’t know about our food.”

Obi-Wan chuckled. “I can tell you that the Jedi have nothing to do with the meat or dairy.” He teased gently, a friendly look on his face.

Cana laughed and was about to say something else when the door opened.

“Obi-Wan why are yo-oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t know you had guests.” Anakin Skywalker stood there, blinking at them in surprise.

The camera caught Obi-Wan’s face when it lit up with pleasure as he rose, moving towards the blond. “Anakin, was there something you needed? I was in the middle of an interview, you know for the Through the Lens program the council approved?” He reached out without thought, resting his hand gently on the younger mans cheek.

Gesturing quickly to her crew to keep filming, Cana watched with rapture.

The Hero with No Fear and The Negotiator, interacting while caught on camera.

Anakin seemed to melt a bit into the touch. “Oh right, Padme wondered if we’d be able to have dinner with her, she had something to discuss with us.”

‘Padme? Senator Padme Amidala?’ Cana wondered if that was who Skywalker was referring to.

Humming a bit, Obi-Wan considered it. “Well I don’t have anything planned and neither do you as far as I know so I don’t see why not.” He nodded and then he seemed to realize where his hand was and that there were others in the room, his hand swiftly dropping from the cheek which gained him a startled look by Anakin.

“Okay then…” He offered before glancing at the crew with realization in his eyes. He smiled at them and nodded. “Another time then miss, sirs.”

“Knight Skywalker.” Cana called out before he could leave. “Would it be possible to have an interview with you at a different date?” She questioned, hopeful.

Anakin hesitated even as Obi-Wan made his way back to the chair and sat down. “Well if you’re available tomorrow then yes. I’m shipping out on tuesday though so I only have tomorrow free for an interview.” He glanced at Obi-Wan, gave him a quick smile. “I’ll see you later. Give them my comm codes please.”

“Of course Anakin.” Obi-Wan called out after his back then focused back on Cana as if nothing had happened, a placid smile on his face. “Now, where were we?”

only child problems
  • person: omg youre an only child?? it must be really nice having no brothers or sisters!!
  • me, perpetually trapped in a state of social isolation where i thrive on conditioned alone time while simultaneously always craving the company of friends: yeah haha its alright

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ok this might be outta the box but..... jerevinwood, vow? and if thats in the battle buddies au, extra props shade 💕 - gaywood

( @gaywood i don’t really have much of an established battle buddies au, so have this kind of strangely twisted spy au? idk. but it is jerevinwood. with jeremy and ryan as the agents on the field and gavin as the hacker in their ear)

(also this is the last prompt fill for the night. i will save the others for when i have time and may answer periodically but i cannot make any promises as to when that will be)

They wish they could say it wasn’t often that they found themselves in a tight spot, the Battle Buddies cornered from whatever group they’re supposed to be taking out. But it was an unfortunately common occurrence with them. As much as they tried, they just weren’t that good at stealth.

What was uncommon though, was their trusted hacker not having an immediate escape plan ready for them.

“Gavin, we could really use some fucking help right now!” Jeremy shouts into his coms as he dunks behind the storage crates they were able to get behind. Above him, Ryan fires some shots at the ones firing at them. The ones they were supposed to sneak past to get to their target they had to take out.

“I’m bloody trying!” Gavin shouts back, hunched over his computer back at base, rapidly typing and swiping through screens to find something, anything to get them the hell out of there.

“Gavin, we need to move now!” Ryan shouts over the ringing bullets. “Which way?!”

“Just give me a second, I’m looking -!”

“Are you even trying to fucking help us??” Jeremy screams.

“Of course I am!” Gavin snaps at him. “You saw me take that bloody vow to help you mingey useless pricks and I’m not going to back out of it now even if you constantly get yourselves in trouble! And I always have to save your asses from here while you nearly get yourselves killed because you can’t not take bloody pot shots at people’s balls and alerting the whole bloody enemy base you’re there!! Now shut your asses and just hold them fucking off while I figure out the shitting way out.”

The anger in his voice is a kind neither of them had heard before, his voice was practically shaking in it. It shuts both of them up pretty quick, sharing a glance of surprise as they sit behind the crate.

“Go to the door on the far right,” Gavin huffs after a few seconds of silence. “I’ll create a distraction so you can get there.”

“…what distraction are we looking for?” Jeremy dares to ask just as some sirens start screeching around them, red lights flashing violently around them.

“That one, now run!”

Jeremy and Ryan bolt back up, running towards the safe path Gavin seems to have finally found, each knowing their going to have to apologize to him when they get back to base safely.

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