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The Fox’s Summer 《狐狸的夏天》 Ep. 04  - Li Yan Shu  x  Gu Cheng Ze

If you keep staring, I’m going to charge a fee. - Yan Shu

It was a quiet day at the tavern. It’s been a while since the King returned with his new Queen. Life has been thrown upside down. Especially for a young man named Stanley.

Last week, there was an enormous ball at the castle. People were dancing, laughing, reuniting and some even falling in love. Whether it was just a simple glance across the dance-floor, or an “accidental” Waltz… They kept finding ways to find their potential true love.

He was crushing on LeFou for a while now, not knowing what to do with these feelings. A lot has happened in the last few months. The King returned, the “town hero” died, the village got less and less cramped as people moved to the castle to be with loved ones they once lost…. but somehow, it all feels like nothing ever happened before.

Stanley was hanging at the tavern, with his two pals Tom and Dick. The three grew up together, and they all knew eachother’s secrets. *And I mean, ALL of them.*

He was just about to order a drink, when he saw Lefou, the young man he adored so much, sitting in a corner. All by himself. So he decided to gather up his courage and talk to him.

“Bonjour, Lefou. Mind if I sit here?” he said, pointing at the empty chair close to Lefou.

  • *goes in to a bookstore*
  • me: *squeals of excitement*
  • me: *gently strokes all the books*
  • me: *whisper* I am going to be your new mom
  • *buys books*
  • *goes home*
  • me: *looks at bookshelf* but on the other hand I have only read these books twelve times... I should probably read them again.
  • me: *looks at the new books* please don't judge me!
Would You Rather
  • Cal: Mare, lets play Would You Rather. You go first: Would you rather be a pig or a cow?
  • Mare: ...well I guess I'm gonna be slaughtered either way...
  • Cal: Haha, perfect. Okay another one,
  • Mare: *interrupts* isn't it my tu--?
  • Cal: *continues* If you happened to be the Lost King of a doomed kingdom that has been thrown into a revolution would you rather pick beating your brother by taking the crown or some bitch instead?

lucysarah-c  asked:

Hi! How are you? I love your headcanon and scenarios, you are awesome at it! May I request a headcanon where s/o of Levi and Eren ask them if he/she can draw them? ( With S/o being an amazing artist,specially with faces or profiles. With Levi/ Eren dressed up, nothing naughty haha) Thanks you very much ! PD: sorry if my English isn't perfect, it isn't my first language.

Aw, thank-you so much! Your English is wonderful! And I got you, fam. Everyone’s been asking about artistic! s/o’s lately and it’s p gr8. 


  • His s/o is probably better off drawing him discreetly over straight-up asking at first and they come to find this out the hard way.
  • Drawing Levi’s perfect profile while he’s doing paperwork or drinking tea is great because he is still for a bit and his s/o is able to capture all the details of his face from the heavy tension of his brow, to the slope of his nose, down to the twitch of his lips.
  • Granted, he’ll catch his s/o’s eyes on him and turn, eyebrow lifted in a silent question of what they were staring at. Eventually, his s/o would work up the nerve to hand over their sketches of him and Levi is silent for a bit because oh–that’s what they were up to. 

  • He’d appreciate his s/o’s talents and let them know that their work is nice, but having Levi sit still on purpose for the intent of drawing him probably doesn’t happen often. He’s a busy man and doesn’t want to spend his free-time sitting around when he could be doing other things with his s/o, but he indulges them every once in a while. 
  • All in all, not the best muse but it could be worse. 

  • Remember how I said it could be worse?

  • Catching Eren sitting still is a miracle. If he’s not animatedly talking with someone, he’s preforming chores or experiments or something that renders his s/o from drawing him to completion. Which is a shame because he makes the most lively facial expressions and his s/o wants to capture them on paper.
  • When Eren comes across his s/o’s sketches of himself, he turns beet-red and waves the book at them because he’s totally and completely flattered and embarrassed at the same time. Eren doesn’t get why they’d want to draw him so badly, but he can’t deny the quality of the sketches because his s/o is super talented.

  • Would be the type to ask what his s/o was drawing from over their shoulder if he caught them in the act. When they’d shyly flip the book over to reveal his half-sketched profile, Eren flushes bright pink because oh.

  • If there was ever any down time and his s/o asked him to sit still to draw him, Eren would try his best. Really, he would, but this boy cannot sit still for longer than fifteen minutes without getting restless. He’d start to jiggle his leg subconsciously and his s/o just lets him go because he tried. 

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Dude i silently lurk on your blog but I saw your reblog of my prompt list and I would *die* if you used one of them omg 🏫

Okay um I kind of feel like I’ve just been blessed being noticed by you thank you?? I’m definitely going to use at least one or maybe every single one idk yet. xD;;;


#btsimagine (use headphones) • you’re in a long distance relationship with Tae and you’re meeting again tomorrow after being weeks apart

Happy birthday to my best friend @bxngtxnfluffandotherstuff ♡♡♡ You were one of the first people I started talking to on tumblr and I still can’t get over how easy it was to talk to you. After five minutes it was like I had known you for years. Now, less than a year later, I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you in my life. Our late night talks mean more to me than you’ll ever know. I’m not great at sharing and often hold things back, but you made it so easy to get comfortable. Maybe a bit too comfortable haha, I don’t think I’ve ever shared the sides of me to anyone else that I’ve shown you. You are such a beautiful human being, inside and out, and you really do mean the world to me. I love you to the moon and back, happy birthday! ♡

  • Me during Strong in the Real Way: haha, yeah. This song had so much emotion! I loved it! Nothing's gonna top this!
  • Me during Stronger than You: Haha! This song was literally perfect in every single way. It had emotion and heart and humor! Literally NOTHING can top this!
  • Me during Is There Something I Can't Do: Haha, this song really showed the true colors of a very guarded character and made me cry! Nothing's gonna be able to outdo this!
  • Me during It's Over Isn't It?: haHA I didn't cry or
  • anything! This song was so perfect and emotional! I loved it so much! No way anything will ever top this!
  • Me during Here Comes a Thought: ......... Well fuck

Arashi ni Shiyagare 2015.01.31
┗ Sho-kun kinda knows how to play~ ♥

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I have to say one thing about the Zelda Netflix series; if Link isn't dressed in the perfect clothes, if his boots aren't the perfect mix of tree bark brown and dirt brown, and if he isn't mute there isn't a Zelda series because Link isn't absolutely perfect.

Good luck Netflix haha