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Sophie idk if u caught what camila said about hoop earrings on her ig live lol but its too fucking funny hahaha 'the bigger the hoop the bigger the ho(le)' hahaha omg the innuendo! Haha and people say she's innocent

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So I have this headcanon for Monty that I am almost convinced is canon lol. Monty always makes puns and innuendoes about his name. Whenever he sexts or snapchats "pictures" of himself he would refer to it as "The Full Monty " because he is a dork like that haha.

Oh god the innuendos. His whole life would be an innuendo. He’d find a way to make literally anything sexual, and he’s not one of those boys who cares about being too close with his mates, he’ll absolutely throw joking sexual comments at them. So you can imagine what he’d be like with someone he has a thing with. There’s so much sexting, and guaranteed so many pictures of his abs just during the day when you’re in class to get you all worked up and flustered

“Unlimited Saga” by Unicorn Jr. Lyrics + Translation

(I usually don’t post the album art, but the cover is very spring-like which fits). This song has been stuck in my head for weeks, and I couldn’t find an English translation so I decided to do it myself. I could only find the kanji lyrics from a person’s blog (see content source for link) so the breakup of the lines and the number of lines per stanza is only as accurate as what that blog has. 

This song is very… mature-feeling? I guess that’s a good way to describe it haha. There’s also some innuendos and they even use the English word “bitch” which surprised me. The music itself is very catchy though!!

Read below the cut for notes, kanji, romaji, and the translation~

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People keep sayin Maxie doesn’t have a bed in his room… But, hear me out: what if his couch is a hideabed? I mean, it’s practical. I could totally see him being too sleep deprived to make the effort to actually pull it out, though. Or he probably just forgets or doesn’t use it often. But if like Archie came to his base and was like, “Haha wow Maxie, you say you’re such a genius but you don’t even got a bed in your office?” And Maxie would pull the bed out just to prove a point.

(Bonus: Maxie jumps on the bed, lays in the ‘french girl’ pose with the smuggest look on his face. He then gives Archie bedroom eyes and says some shitty innuendo like, “I pulled it out for you, so why don’t you pull it out for me? ;) ;) ;)” or some dumb dick joke like that.)

Things I have learned from Fifty Shades of Grey (part 3/?)

1. Christian’s superhero name should be Confusing Boy or Cryptic Boy. To the rescue!

2. People gasp a lot in this book, audibly or not.

3. I want to damn Ana’s inner goddess into the fiery depths of hell.

4. The going back and forth between honorifics and casual names is making my head hurt and needs to stop.

5. Christian needs to be reacquainted with the words “please” and “thank you”. Intensive courses.

6. Ana can apparently surprise her subconscious.

7. The fact that you compare a sex playroom to the Spanish Inquisition is not a good sign. At all.

8. I have to stress this: what Ana considers Christian’s version of soft and romantic is the same thing that she compared to the Spanish Inquisition literally two paragraphs before. And it wasn’t her inner goddess speaking.

9. Ana’s subconscious is in a coma. Much like the reader is at this point.

10. Reading the contract as a religious experience. Think along the lines of the Winchesters exorcising demons. I was the demon in this equation.

11. Christian expects everyone to reveal their sexual status the moment they meet. The fact that Ana feels bad about not telling him makes me burn with rage.

12. “rectify the situation” - the situation here is her virginity. Therefore, Christian is a dick to Ana. Can I throw up now? Please?

13. “We can start your training tonight”. What the everloving fuck?

14. “A means to an end” - so he’s making the fact that he’s sleeping with her now, even though she’s a virgin, seem like he’s doing her a favor. Christian is a dick to Ana.

15. Sure, let’s use flattering words to get someone to sleep with us. Say it with me: “manipulative ass”.

16.  I’m sorry, but no way a 20 something has never…played with herself. Or at least explore. 

17. Someone really loves the word “there” (Exhibit A, used in various places: “deep down…there”).

18. “Oh no…Will it? How?” Ana, I would like to introduce you to someone. Google, meet Ana. Ana, Google.

19. YOU DO NOT FUCK A VIRGIN. ESPECIALLY NOT HARD. YOU DO NOT SLAM INTO HER. YOU DO NOT RIP. YOU DO NOT POUND. Christian is the ultimate dick. Thank you, good bye.

20. This is so unrealistic, it hurts.

21. This has been an example of: “Your first time: How it almost never happens”. Thank you for watching.

22. Oh…now he asks her if she’s hurting. After taking care of himself. Christian is a dick to Ana.

23. I find it very cheap that she had her bra on the entire time. And he had his shirt on. I don’t know, man.

24. No way is she okay for a second time. This is so unrealistic, my eyes are bleeding. 

25. “I am pinioned beneath him, helpless.” “You are mine. Only mine. Don’t forget it.” This is not sexy, this is rapey. 

26. Gross, gross, gross, gross.

27. That was…wow. Just no.

28. Ana says Christian has a sad side. He doesn’t have a sad side, he’s emotionally stunted. I predict a lot of drama along the lines of “he won’t open up to me, it’s my fault, what did I do”.

29. Dear God, I’m only on page 90.

30. Ana’s subconscious is the only sane person in this book. Only at times, but still.

31. Oh, for fuck’s sake, stop it with the Miss Steele and Mr. Grey. Ugh.

32. Haha, innuendo. Hilarious.

33. Finally, Kate asks the important question: “was he gentle”. Cookies for Kate.

34. Vanilla sex? *snort*

35. Your mouth, Ana, is full of soap right now, just fyi. Soap doesn’t taste good.

36. “My inner goddess is doing the merengue with some salsa moves.” ACTUAL LINE FROM THIS BOOK.

37. “You get an A in oral skills.” Cringing…oh, the cringing.

38. Apparently, Christian expressing gratitude is reason for amazement. If this doesn’t speak wonders for his character, I don’t know what does.

39. “You look so young with these [pigtails]”. She’s 21, you ass, how young do you want her? Pervert.

40. “Shit, it’s my mother”. Haha, busted.

41. Someone hold me, I have 255 pages left.

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ok like i would get if some ppl argued that “we kinda share that” and aimh and “harry’s getting h**d” and “nice little body” is just bros being bros bc haha sex innuendos but like,, how the heck do u think that for “hey bro lemme just casually guide u with my hand on your waist” or “dude i thought i was whispering in your ear but that’s your mouth” or “bro ur skin is so nice im just gonna keep my hand on your arm” or “we disss noossjsh we did drjej wayabsn” like that is straight up gay™