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starrynght maurtians and starrrrburst tagged me to answer some questions! so i just kinda combined them all haha (thanks btw!! :) )

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Name: caris

Nickname: carrot, meme mama, meme child, cawy, “caris my thigh” 

Birthday: july 10!! (i turn 18 next year woo!)

Star sign: cancer 

Height: 5′8″ i think?

Gender: genderqueer probably?

Sexual orientation: bi?? pan?? it’s a mystery tbh

Favorite color: yellow or magenta

Current dare and time right now: july 25, 4:01pm

Average hours of sleep: 6ish?

Lucky numbers: i dont think i have any, actually

Last thing I Googled: “freyja” pronunciation

First thing that comes to mind: tree

Words that come to mind: pony, peanut butter, goofball

Place that makes me happy: my office building or my room

Number of blankets I sleep under: just one

Favorite fictional character(s): the entirety of les amis (plus eponine, montparnasse and cosette!), oberyn martell (game of thrones), and oliver wood (harry potter)

Favorite famous people: willow & jaden smith, amandla stenburg, laverne cox, ezra koenig, chris evans, godfrey gao, elle fanning, nicki minaj, beyonce n tons more omg

Crushes: yes, so many

Favorite books: atm it’s beauty queens by libba bray

Favorite bands: bastille, vampire weekend, the kooks, catfish and the bottlemen, years & years, fob, p!atd, top… okay i’ll stop there haha

Last movie you watched in the cinema: paper towns

Fav food: samosas, or goat vindaloo with paratha 

Fav drink: pineapple juice or water

Dream trip: backpacking around the world

Dream job: broadway dramaturge

Wearing atm: mum’s pj pants and a stripey crop top

Relationship status: single :)

Place that makes me happy:

fremantle australia, and oregon usa

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