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(Possible trigger warning- Anxiety attack and depression)

You bring your knees to your chest, tears flooding down your face as you gasped for breath between the sobs. The walls you’d spent your entire life building were crumbling away to dust. You didn’t care anymore, nothing mattered. You didn’t matter.

Everything was a blur, time itself seemed to slow down and you fell numb. You started shaking, the attack worsening by the minute. 

You heard banging on your door, shouts and cries from you brothers.
You’d locked the door, not wanting them to know or to see you this way. You’d been doing this for months now, maybe even years.

You begged yourself to stop, stop crying, stop existing. Just. Stop.

You heard the door swing open and crash into the all behind it making you jump. Footsteps rushed over to you and you heard your name “Y/N!” Dean shouted.

“Y/N…” Sam echoed softly, as a hand stroked your hair.

“Shh it’s okay, we’re here, Y/N.”

“Calm down, just breath, everything’s gonna be okay.”

“Nothing’s gonna harm you, not while I’m around.”

You looked up to your brothers, your eyes misty and red from crying.

“Dean…Sammy.” You whispered, your face screwing up in attempt not to cry again.

“I’m sorry…” You sniff, having calmed down enough.

“You don’t need to be sorry, Y/N.” Sam assured you.

“I’m just so empty. I’m not okay…” You breath, scared to say the word.

“That’s okay.” Dean mumbled empathetically.

“It’s okay to not be okay, sweetie.” Sam rubbed your am gently.

You brought your brothers into another hug before either could resist. 

“We’re gonna get through this, sis,” Dean smiled sadly “I promise.”

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Sam and dean find out that your'e very depressed? Idk

Hey! I’m feeling really depressed so can you do a sister imagine (obviously haha) where maybe they try to cheer you up after you get upset and have an anxiety attack or something and lots of fluff and stuff? (You might already have one of those already but I’m not sure) Thanks! I love your account by the way!!
Thank you so much! And if you ever need to talk I’m always here, messaging, anon/private asks I don’t mind, hun xxx

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