haha i'm so original with the description

anonymous asked:

After finding your blog I'm going to do my best to make my art accessible on my Instagram with descriptions and all, despite not being very popular yet haha. Whether it reaches anyone in the blindness community or not I just really want the option open. I wanted to ask if it would be best to make a separate account for these descriptions to my art, or to write it as a comment on the original post, etc.? -here to learn

Awwwwww, thank you so muuuuch! You have no idea how much it means to have someone be really dedicated to making sure they are making content as accessible as possible.

So definitely put it on the original post. I get the feeling a lot of people don’t like doing this because it “looks funny,” but it’s absolutely hands-down the best way. If you only reblogged it onto a seperate account to add the description, any blind user who stumbled across the post reblogged by someone who reblogged it from the original source won’t have that description, so always put it in the original.

Thank you so much again!!!