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Hi! <3 could I request RFA + V + Saeran in a long distance relationship with MC? I'm in one so it would help

ahh sorry this took so long Anon.. i hope you see this! I’m sure your relationship will stay nice and strong <3

also this is kinda angsty haha.. um and the preface is that they were originally with MC but MC moved away for school or a job or something like that


  • he never let go of his phone
  • you could message him at any time and start a short conversation before the time-zones took over
  • he was always restless and impatient, trying to hold back his clinginess
  • he didn’t want to be a bother or seem desperate
  • but he was, and he hated himself for it
  • at the same time, he couldn’t help feeling insecure
  • what if you got tired of the fact that he was 200km away? what if you thought he was a annoying? what if you.. found someone better?
  • those thoughts plagued his mind day and night
  • sometimes he had nightmares where you texted him in the middle of the night just to break it off
  • but as much as he was afraid,
  • all his worries would be washed away the moment he heard your voice over a call 
  • saw a quick selfie showing him your new outfit
  • or even a simple text asking how his day was going
  • it was enough to keep him off the edge and bring him a small sense of relief from all his internal suffering


  • he didn’t see how this was going to work
  • his schedules were already so much of a mess that even with you by his side, there was never enough time for each other
  • despite all that, he was determined to give it a try
  • there was no way he was going to give you up just for a couple kilometers of land
  • he found himself glancing at his phone constantly - during practice, rehearsals, even in between scenes and quick changes of a muscial
  • anytime he was free for a second, he’d shoot you a text or send a quick picture of his gorgeous face
  • he claimed that it was for you,you know, in case you missed him and stuff
  • but in all honesty, it was more for him than for you
  • it was his way of confirming that you were still his, that you didn’t and wouldn’t forget about him - the way he looked, the way he acted, or the way that he loves you to no end
  • sometimes you’d send him a selfie of yourself in class and he’d feel so happy .. until he notices that your lab partner was a guy
  • not as cute as him, but still, he was a man, and he was awfully jealous
  • he hid it though, his jealousy and selfishness to keep you all to himself


  • it was weird
  • she didn’t act like the “normal” person
  • in fact, she was the exact opposite
  • without you, she began to work much harder
  • working late into the night, barely replying to any of your messages, never even returning your calls
  • she drowned herself in work, trying to forget the loneliness she felt deep inside whenever she saw the empty chair infront of her during breakfast
  • there came a point where you thought that maybe she didn’t want this as much as you did, maybe she was better off on her own
  • but a few months later, you would realize why she worked herself so tirelessly 
  • surprising you when you came out of the lecture hall, she would be milling around the corridor, waiting for you to get out of class
  • she was slaving away at work to get a few days off
  • that was Jaehee for you, always thinking of others before herself
  • she’d gotten thinner, the bags under her eyes a darker shade of purple, her hands full of paper cuts and pen marks - she’d been working until the last minute of leaving home for you
  • there was no way she was going to let this relationship fall through


  • Mr. Cooperate Heir developed a schedule for your interactions (thanks to Jaehee organizing his day around the times the both of you’d Skype call)
  • he’d always seem to be a good mood during those calls
  • his tedious days brightened by simply seeing your face digitally on a screen
  • he’d bring Elizabeth to the screen and play with her (making her wave at you and all that cute stuff)
  • but after the calls, a sense of loneliness would rush over him like a tidal wave
  • he missed you so so much
  • hearing your voice was soothing, but more than anything, he wanted to physically be with you
  • to pull you into his arms, run his hands through your hair, smell the soap off of your skin
  • he missed you to no extent, but there was no helping it
  • however
  • when he did have business trips, he’d more or less find an excuse to visit you like “Oh, well the grape orchard is just a couple of kilometers from your place so I came to visit”


  • he made you install a camera at your apartment
  • reminiscent of the time you guys shared at Rika’s apartment,
  • you’d playfully wave at the camera and show him your dinner or your new t-shirt with a doge meme once in a while
  • it was fun, in a way
  • sometimes you’d call each other and seriously, it was just like the old days, only now it wasn’t that he was a in another city but a whole entire country
  • inevitably he’d feel overwhelmed by the distance between the two of you, but watching you fall asleep on the couch with a book on your lap made him remember just how lucky he was to be your boyfriend
  • as painful as it was, he powered through, never once showing you the side of him that hurt
  • afterall, he was used to being alone - that was, until he met you
  • even if you cried out, he held back his tears in order to comfort you
  • making jokes, silly sounds to cheer you up on the other side of the screen
  • Seven oh Seven, defender of justice, built a wall around his own heart to protect himself from the harsh reality that distance and time-zones can bring


  • now that he had no one to lean on, he became his secluded self again
  • he never spoke much before, but now, he barely even showed up on the messenger
  • you missed him and sent him messages, but he only looked at them and didn’t reply
  • he didn’t have the strength nor the courage to send you back something that was positive or uplifting
  • he didn’t want to pretend to be happy for you, or that he was fine without you
  • there wasn’t much to say if he didn’t act, or so he thought anyway
  • telling you that he was sad that he missed you wasn’t going to change the fact that you’d left him for your career
  • it hurt him, as much as he didn’t want to admit it, and it made him angry
  • but he came through sometime later, and began to be more vocal through text and calls
  • because, you visited him almost every month despite the expenses of travelling so frequently
  • he learned to respect your choices and to cherish the little moments he did get to have with you whenever you came over


  • well, an adult like him had to be understanding, right?
  • and so he was.
  • so extremely understanding to the point that it scared you a little
  • why didn’t he get mad when you replied him 2 days late?
  • why didn’t he lash out when you returned his call, waking him up from sleep in the middle of the night?
  • why didn’t he show even the slightest sliver of jealousy when you uploaded a picture of your new guy friend (who also happened to be quite the looker) to the messenger?
  • in a way, it was frustrating, but at the same time, you were incredibly grateful for his tolerance
  • while you were busy fretting over his considerate acts, he was desperately trying to refrain himself from becoming a monster
  • he wanted to be mad, jealous, angry, selfish - everything that he couldn’t be
  • but he didn’t allow it
  • as much as he wanted to act upon his own accord, he wanted more to be a supportive boyfriend after everything you’ve done for him, accepting him for all that he was
  • this was his way of repaying your love for him, his way of repenting


~Cherry L.

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And now onto my love, my sunshine, my bby, Kim Taehyung aka V aka Tae tae aka can we talk about how this kid is the definition of whiplash for a second bc this is something I deal with on the daily like one second he’s fucking adorable as hell, with his cute lil giggle and his smile oh my god his eye smile is my actual favorite his eyes in general are my fave like I'm a total eye girl and his are just wow but then oh wait he’s not a kid at all he’s a man with the fucking tongue and the hips and the h an ds and it’s just :) haha this is great I love this but then hey guys don’t worry he goes right back to being an actual angel immediately after he gets off stage

  • Okay but tae is easily youtube material
  • Like his personality is so unique and so him
  • And he’s so genuine
  • Like I really do truly believe he is the way he acts on camera
  • I’m sure he has days where he isn’t as energetic or outgoing, just like everybody does
  • But I think for the most part, he’s pretty happy and ready to go
  • His personality would be the reason he gets popular
  • Of course it doesn’t hurt that he could pull of being a male model without even batting an eye
  • Like have you ever actually looked at him that man is honestly beautiful without even trying to be so when he does try it’s like too much for my lil heart to handle
  • His laughter is contagious so even if his joke sucks, you still gotta laugh bc he’s cracking himself up
  • He is funny as fuck in his own lil cute way like he’s just got a natural way of being really funny that could make just about anyone smile
  • Like Tae’s the youtuber you go to when you’ve had a bad day or just need someone to make you laugh
  • He treats his subscribers like best friends tbh
  • Like you know the way he’s so present with us like he’s constantly updating us all on what he’s doing and shit and he just makes lil random videos to say hi
  • VLOGS 
  • More like v-logs am I right
  • He’d totally make that joke and we all know it
  • Hobi’s the only one to laugh at it though
  • But his specialty is actually vlogs
  • He makes random sit down and talk videos too of course
  • But most people know him for vlogging
  • He vlogs literally anything and everything
  • He could honestly make talking about paint interesting so I have no doubt he could handle vlogging 
  • He lives with you so you’re constantly in vlogs
  • Okay but if you were comfortable with it, you’d be in basically every video
  • Whether it’s just a quick “babe, say hi” or a full on “this entire video is about my love”
  • You two met in school, back when he was just starting out so you’ve been there since the beginning
  • Head canon time ready set go
  • He vlogs the process of getting engaged
  • He of course doesn’t upload them right away bc then you’d know and that would ruin the whole surprise idea behind his proposal
  • He tells the viewers all about his plan, how he wants to take you to Japan and take you to your favorite restaurant there and then propose after dinner
  • He films himself finding the ring
  • He randomly turns the camera on, ready to tell his viewers that he didn’t have any luck finding anything yet
  • But then you just see his eyes light up and he’s all excited
  • He calls Jimin over and is like dude this is it, I found it holy shit
  • Jimin’s equally as excited since they’d been looking for like a week or two
  • And Jimin’s been able to watch your relationship develop from barely being able to say hi to each other without getting all smiley to being able to helping Taehyung find a ring to propose to you with
  • The next clip is tae looking all nic E in a suit and he’s like mumbling about how he has no fucking idea on how to tie a tie
  • He’s rushing around bc he’s two minutes late and that isn’t okay with him
  • He says goodbye to the camera and it just kinda fades to black
  • At the very end of the video, this lil message pops up
  • “Btw, I’m engaged now. My love said yes”
  • Youtuber!Tae is just a total sweetheart who loves his subscribers so so much and would do anything to make them smile

// HEYO! :D Here’s my version of the Meet the Artist meme that’s been going around! I got several admin asks as well, so might as well knock out two birds with one stone! 

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To Young Artists,

(Especially aspiring professionals that want to make art for a living,)

I’ve been part of online art communities for almost ten years now, and I’m hoping to impart a little nugget of knowledge I’ve only recently come across in the hopes that it will save you all some trouble in the long run.

Being an artist online is difficult, especially when you’re young. You’re putting out your best work, and it’s often met with silence. You reach a new artistic milestone, you think “this is it!”, but no one notices. And then, when people finally do notice, you feel like you need to do more of that. Nothing but that thing that those few people liked, because if the audience likes it, they want more of it, right?

And then that gets tiring, and you’re not drawing for yourself anymore. You pull back. Your fans drift away. Your audience is gone again.

It’s really, really difficult, especially when you’re in a community that constantly bombards you with work you can’t even begin to fathom from artists with skills you think are unattainable.


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I absolutely adored that Kuroo childhood friend-->lovers post, and if I could request it for every single character, I would. However, I see that you want some Kenma in your life, and SO DO I. So can I please get the childhood friend crush ask for Kenma (or anyone else you want haha I'm not picky)


Kenma’s eyes rose from his phone at the call of his name. He turned to see you running toward him, waving excitedly. You bounded up to him with a smile on your face.

“Hi,” he mumbled.

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” you exclaimed.

“H-Happy Valentine’s Day,” he repeated.

“Here, I have a present for you.”

You reached into your bag and rooted around. He heard the distinct crinkling of multiple bags. The one you pulled out for him was full of homemade chocolates, all different shapes and sizes and colors. You stuffed the bag into his waiting hand.

“Sorry if they’re not great, I tried some new things this year,” you said.

“No, they… They look good,” he murmured.

“Oh, and I have one for you too, Tetsurou!”

Kenma realized with a start that Kuroo was next to him. He’d been there the whole time. They were walking to school together, after all. Why had he forgotten he was there?

“They look delicious,” Kuroo smiled down at you as you passed his bag to him. “Yours are always the best.”

“Oh, stop,” you scoffed.

“They are, though,” he insisted. “Aren’t they, Kenma?”

“Y-yes,” Kenma nodded.

“Well, I won’t keep you, I know you have practice,” you said.

“Why are you here so early anyway?” Kuroo asked curiously.

“I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss you guys!” you replied. “Well, have a good practice. Bye, Kenma!”


You waved over your shoulder as you scurried off, and in your haste, you almost knocked over a cart of supplies someone had left out the night before. But you recovered quickly, laughing as you rounded the corner.

“You could save yourself a lot of trouble if you just told her you liked her,” Kuroo said suddenly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Kenma argued feebly.

“Okay, fine. You don’t like her. But we’ve known her for years now,” Kuroo pressed on. “And she’s given us chocolate every year, right?”

Kenma didn’t answer, opting instead to return his attention to his phone. He knew exactly where this conversation was going, and he didn’t feel like having it again.

“And in all those years, never once have you told her that you don’t like chocolate,” Kuroo continued. “You know she’d make you something else, she’s an amazing baker. But you don’t want to inconvenience her. Don’t you think she’d rather know you don’t like it?”

“I like chocolate fine,” Kenma argued.

“No you don’t.”

“Yes I do.”

“You don’t.”

“I do.”

As always, Kuroo was the first to relent, raising his hands in defeat. And thankfully, he dropped the subject as they headed into the clubroom, where Yamamoto and Lev both complained loudly about how unfair it was that they already got chocolates.

Kenma tried not to ruminate on Kuroo’s comments. He’d said the same thing for years, and before now, it had been easy to deny. Back then, any lingering looks in your direction were because he was trying to figure you out.

Because truthfully, you’d always perplexed Kenma, even the first time he met you. He and Kuroo had been at the park practicing volleyball—at Kuroo’s insistence, of course. Kenma had found you crying when he went to retrieve the ball. When he asked why, you showed him an anthill you’d stepped on accidentally. You were whimpering something about “ruining all their hard work.” Kenma wasn’t sure how to handle your tears. So he just stood there, mildly horrified. The two of you watched the ants working to restore their hill, and it wasn’t until Kuroo came to find him that Kenma realized how long he’d been standing there with you. But you were smiling now. He hadn’t even done anything, but you’d told him thank you.

That was years ago. And you’d spent all this time perplexing him. You always had a carefree smile, one you seemed to point in his direction more than anyone he’d ever known. And it always made him feel so… Warm. And until recently, he hadn’t thought anything of it. You were just his friend with the easy smile.

And then suddenly, things felt different. He realized he wasn’t staring at you trying to figure you out anymore. He was just staring. Anytime your smile was directed at someone else, it made him feel cold. He’d never felt that way before. And then, when you finally did smile at him, he felt hot—hotter than he used to feel.

It was a lot harder to refute Kuroo’s arguments when he couldn’t even figure out his feelings for himself.

Kenma was on his way back from the bathroom during lunch, face buried in his phone, when a small voice called his name. He turned to see a girl from his class fidgeting nervously with a box of chocolates. Her face was so red, it matched the bow of her uniform.

“K-Kozume-kun, I… I just… Wanted to say… H-happy Valentine’s Day,” she stammered.

Kenma’s eyes widened. He hadn’t received Valentine’s chocolates from anyone but you in his entire life. He wasn’t even sure of this girl’s name. Caught off guard, he wasn’t thinking when his reply came out of his mouth.

“I don’t like chocolate.”

It was the wrong thing to say, and he knew it immediately. He could already see tears swimming in the girl’s eyes. He didn’t want to watch her cry. With a mumbled “I’m sorry,” he hurried away. He hadn’t meant to be rude. But he didn’t know what else to do. No one else had ever given him anything on Valentine’s Day. No one else had ever cried in front of him before.

No one but you.

He still didn’t know what that meant. Still didn’t know why your smile made him feel so warm. Still didn’t know why he ate the chocolates you made him every year, even though he normally hated chocolate.

Why did he like the way yours tasted?

Was it because you were the one who made them?

Kenma lay on his bed, his PSP in his hands. But he wasn’t even playing the game. All night, he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about you and your chocolates and your smile. The bag that had contained the chocolates was empty beside him. It had been easy to eat them all. Too easy.

Next to his head, his phone vibrated. He was surprised to see your name on the screen, and was even more surprised to read your message.

Can I come over?

Okay, he replied.

A few seconds later, you responded with I’m already outside.

Now he was more than confused as he made his way slowly to the front door. Was something wrong? When he threw open the door and you stepped inside, he could tell that you were upset. You weren’t smiling like usual, and your eyebrows were knitted together with worry.

“Pardon the intrusion,” you mumbled, slipping out of your shoes.

“W-what’s wrong?”

“Do you really not like chocolate?” you asked, taking a step toward him.

He instinctively took a step back. Had Kuroo told you? That wouldn’t be like him. But how else would you have known?

“What are you talking about?” he mumbled.

“You told that girl today you don’t like it,” you countered. “I heard her in the bathroom talking to her friend… Kenma, do you really not like it?”

“It’s… Not that I don’t like it,” he reasoned.

“Then what is it?”

“I… I don’t know,” he muttered.

“Kenma, I wouldn’t have made you chocolate every year if you didn’t like it, but I wish you would’ve just told me,” you reasoned. “You’ve had to eat something you don’t like every year just so I wouldn’t feel bad…”

“I do like it though,” he said quickly.

“But you just said—“

“I only like the ones you make…” he admitted.

When you didn’t say anything, he looked up at you, and… Were you blushing? Kenma’s eyes widened at the sight, and you glanced away hurriedly. Your face was turning redder by the second.

“Y-you don’t have to say that j-just to make me feel better,” you stuttered.

“I’m not.”

You were fidgeting with your fingers now, looking anywhere but at Kenma. He felt the way he did at the park all those years ago, unsure of what to do but rooted to his spot. And instead of watching the ants rebuild their hill, now he was watching you.

“K-Kenma… This morning… I wanted to make sure I got you your chocolates first,” you said, your voice barely above a whisper.

“Why?” he asked tentatively.

“Because… Because I… Like you…”

You weren’t smiling, and still he felt so warm, just from a few simple words.

“I like you too,” he mumbled, and now he could feel himself blushing too.

You looked at him with wide eyes. Then your face broke into a smile. And when you reached out and took his hand in yours, he felt even hotter.

He’d never particularly cared for the sunshine. But the warmth you gave him… It was something completely different, yet almost the same.

He had really come to love this feeling.

First Dates Ending

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First Dates Ending

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Prompt: Hey, I was wondering whether you could do a fan fiction where all the guys in the Avengers have a crush on you so you go on a date with all of them and then choose one? I don’t know, just an idea (berrystained)
Warnings: None

Pietro: http://imagining-in-the-mcu.tumblr.com/post/126885951003/first-dates-pietro
Thor: http://imagining-in-the-mcu.tumblr.com/post/127925356023/first-dates-thor
Steve: http://imagining-in-the-mcu.tumblr.com/post/129404720333/first-dates-steve

THANK YOU ALL FOR STICKING WITH ME!! School has been a drag nowadays (too many honors  and extracurriculars smhh), a piano recital is coming up and I’m super stressed about that, and swimming has been nothing but tiring. But now, here is the final part to First Dates! I know this has been a reaaaaallly long fic, but now I am back on writing for requests now! ((Just please wait for the requests to open up again ;)) I’m sooo ready for writing for requests :D

    It was past midnight, and you were buzzing with caffeine. Despite Bucky’s protests a few hours ago, you were craving for the smell and taste of bitter coffee. So, naturally, you made yourself some. Huge mistake. A few hours later, the effects of caffeine have kicked in and hasn’t stopped yet. Currently, you were outside on top of the Avengers tower, waiting for the caffeine to pass. So far, nothing as really changed except that you were slowly growing cold from the night air.   

    The sky was surprisingly clear tonight, with a half full moon in the sky. Thousands of tiny twinkly stars dotted the sky, and below you was a sea of bright lights from the cars, buildings, and sidewalks. As you looked out into the distance, another breeze flowing by. 

    There was a light shuffle behind you.

    “Y/N?” You turned around, seeing a sleepy looking Bucky standing at the entrance to the roof. “Why are you still awake?" 

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Hey Kali, I'm an illustration student at MICA, and I was wondering if you live off of being an artist, and how exactly that works? How you get hired for enough jobs? I'm just really concerned about the future haha

Hey there! I do live off being an artist! The rest of my answer is kinda long, but I’ll give it my best shot.

How it works: It’s tough in the beginning, but it gets better. You probably already know that you need to promote yourself in order to get jobs–email ADs, network, send postcards, get involved in social media, make a website. You build up a base of jobs, one at a time. Sometimes you may get repeat jobs from one client, or maybe a bunch of random jobs from various people. Some people’s work is more suited to a particular section of illustration–book covers, business-y editorial, kid’s work, whatever. (figuring out where your work fits or where you want it to fit can take some time, but it’s good to have some goals!)

Eventually a snowball effect happens–after a few years art directors contact YOU now, once your work starts to be seen more and more. Which is nice!

Now, the money management part during all these times is where it can get a bit tricky. Usually at the beginning you need another job, preferably part-time so you still have time to work on whatever freelance jobs you can get. When I first graduated I worked part-time as a concept artist at a local videogame company, which paid my rent while I was contacting editorial AD’s and getting a tiny trickle of freelance work. (heads-up–this part is hard. Working any 2 jobs is hard!)

Living in Baltimore helped because cost of living is cheap. I also had been saving money in a savings account since I was a kid (any holiday/birthday/summer job money went into the bank). 8 months after graduation, the videogame I was working on was cancelled and I was let go from the company, so I decided to give full-time freelance a shot. Luckily I had that nest-egg of saved money to help get me through a lot of rough patches in the beginning, and over time I’ve been able to keep a relatively stable amount of savings to tide me over slow months. It always seems like I’ll get a bunch of jobs one month, and very little another month. Because of that instability, it’s important to recognize that you need to be frugal! (and also take opportunities when they come!)

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how I can change the direct time-to-money relationship that pervades illustration. I’m kinda slow at drawing, so it limits the number of jobs I can take on & the money I can make. One small thing I’ve been doing is selling prints–which means that I can reuse some of the illustrations I’ve already made and make additional money from them. Making my own book or product seems like a smart move, since I could get continuing royalties off it. I’ve also heard some illustrators talk about selling some of their old work as stock images.

Getting into finances is smart, too. I’m lucky to have an uncle at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, and every year I put some of my earnings in my Roth IRA account (so I’ll have some income when I’m old and decrepit) and I also have some money invested in stocks. I really think that art school should come with financial classes for artists–money stuff can be complicated and intimidating, but it can also be important for your future comfort & happiness. I’m just scratching the surface right now, there’s a lot I don’t know!

In any case, short answer: Keep working, save your $$$, and look for additional opportunities to make bank ✧

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i'm cringing so hard @ that charles and raven scene. charles has his flaws and he hasn't always supported raven, but he's pretty much always welcomed her...why is she acting like that


this is (imo, i guess?) a separate animal from the “stay out of my head, Charles” theme we had going on in DOFP. in that argument, Raven was justified (and disclaimer: i’m glad she went off into the world on her own and had a chance to form her own opinions [second disclaimer: i also think it’s just as dangerous for her to let herself fall entirely under Erik’s school of thought as it is for her to be stuck under Charles’ but i digress]), and it was actually resolved by how Charles, in the climax, left the choice to kill the president or not entirely up to Raven, no telepathy influence involved. Charles also let her walk away–for a second time, i might add–and i think it’s safe to assume he’s left her alone in the 10-year gap between DOFP and XMA too.

but “it was your home. i just lived here.” is…what? Charles may have been an ass about her mutation (another disclaimer: i align with the opinion that Charles was probably so intense about it because he didn’t want Raven to be found out and potentially hurt/taken away, and there was a lack of communication between them about Charles wanting Raven to be safe vs. Charles’ actual opinion on Raven’s real appearance, because i also don’t think he found her ugly/disgusting/whatever it is she was convinced was the real reason he told her to be in disguise all the time [side note, for a dude who is supposedly the world’s most powerful telepath, Charles sure has a lot of problems with miscommunication haha]) but i would like to think he probably would’ve done everything in his power to make Raven feel welcomed and loved, especially when they were kids?

in XMFC Raven herself even says “i always used to think it would be just you and me against the world” (or thereabouts along those lines) to Charles. yes, this is naive, childish belief, and clearly when Raven says this she’s grown out of it, but she still used to believe it, which means there was, for some time, a period where she was happy living with Charles–so what is the basis for this new aggression? at this point it just feels like the writers still want Raven to be angry with Charles for…sorry, what reason?

here’s to hoping that the context of the full scene will help these lines make more sense, i guess, and that this is just (another, lmfao) case of bad writing. it’s been 20-odd years since Raven lived with Charles, at the time of XMA, which is an awfully long time to hold a grudge (?) against the guy who took you in off the streets when you were a kid, and it’s been another 10 years since you both resolved your differences re: telepathy, which resulted in Charles conceding Raven’s mind is her own, too; it’s not like he’s still trying to be controlling as far as we know? if this movie was set only 2-5 years after XMFC, maybe i’d buy the aggression? but alas, we’re 20 years down the road.

the Xavier mansion might not have been Raven’s real “home” in the sense of having her own family/parents, but i also feel she and Charles were originally so happy to have found each other (someone different, who also had strange abilities) that she at least should have felt he was her found family. her line of “i just lived here” sounds petty at this point in time, like she’s just trying to throw something in Charles’ face just for the sake of being standoffish or mean (which, again, after 10, 20 years, why?), and…i don’t like it. at least her aggression towards Charles being controlling in DOFP had real basis.

ETA: i’m also not saying Raven should be falling over herself like I LOVE YOU, CHARLES, YOU’RE THE BEST, EVERYTHING IS RAINBOWS AND BUTTERFLIES, but goddamn it would be cool if they had some kind of relationship again where they respected each other and, idk, got together one Tuesday each month to bitch about Erik or something.

thethighshavespoken  asked:

Natan and "I'm flirting with you" because I am trash, for the ship drabble thingy.

of COURSE thanks for the ask [[I can’t take flirty Satan seriously at all but there’s no way in hell Nat would try something like this so I just kinda laughed my way through]]

It was Sunday, and Satan was pissed.

Not just because that girl made him go to church as punishment for setting her alarm half an hour late to watch her scramble to get to school on time (she didn’t), no matter how many times he insisted he didn’t (he did). No, he was severly ticked the hell off about something else. That stupid idiot of a human was literally not picking up any of his hints. Was he really that bad at flirting? That’s two in a row now.

Disgusted with himself, Lucifer exhausted every google search having anything to to with how to flirt and binged popular chick flicks while she was at school.

“Is she that dense, really? I thought I was being quite fucking obvious, thank you very much.” He muttered to himself, clearing the family’s computer history. “Although maybe seeing that would drill this into her brain a little more.”

After a few days of the same pattern, he had finally stocked his brain full of every way to flirt with a human female in the most blatantly obvious way so that even his moronic contract holder could figure it out, he put his plan into action.

She was upstairs, doing her homework. Satan stepped lightly upstairs, still trying to plan out what exactly what he was going to say.

“Is this even what a parabola looks like? Whatever, I’ve failed the class at this point, one more missed answer isn’t gonna kill me. …And is this even a realistic answer? I need a tutor, oh my god.” He heard her scribbling something down. Five seconds later, furious erasing sounds filled the hall.

He took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Okay. I got this.”

Natalie looked up from her homework when she saw him saunter into her room. She adjusted her body towards the beanbag chair he usually beelined towards. Instead, he leaned against her doorframe with crossed arms and casually hooked one foot behind his other leg. “Hey, girl.” That wasn’t suave at all, you always call her ‘girl’! “I mean–”

“Hey, Satan.” With a slight frown, Natalie turned backwards in her chair to focus her attention on this odd behavior. Is he even smiling? Oh my god, he is! Awww, that’s so cute, he must be happy about something. …which is never good.

Alright. Pickup lines. His mind was running so fast, he could barely throw out, “Aren’t you from Tennessee?”

“Are you feeling alright?”

“Because you’re the only ten I see.” He uncrossed his arms to point at her with two fingers and make a clicking sound.

Natalie froze for what felt like hours. Then she burst out laughing. “Oh my god, Satan, that was perfect haha!”

This. This is not a good reaction. He let her laughter die down, trying to come up with something to do. Wasn’t that supposed to work? Jesus, this was embarassing shit. Why the hell was he doing this? He walked over to sit on the edge of her bed, still reeling on the inside. Just say she looks hot or something. He tore his eyes away from the floor and latched onto hers. “You look…” he cleared his throat “uh, pretty today.” Lucifer attempted another smile.

The girl didn’t respond. At all.

He thrust his hands out in a ‘well?’ gesture, determined now to get a reaction out of her.

Her nose slowly scrunched up over pursed lips as her eyebrows raised.

“Are you sick?”

Sick? “No, you stupid girl, I’m flirting with you!

“Oh.” Her whole face collapsed.

Shit. “Okay, so it’s ‘oh’, then?” Satan suddenly couldn’t make eye contact with her.

Until she bounced across the divide onto the bed with him and grabbed one of his hands happily. She beamed up at him. “Geez, Lucifer, if I’d known sooner, I would have done something! Really, you needed to be more obvious about it.”