haha i'm no good at drawing people

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3? (☆ω☆)


Love Like This  and A Warehouse of Who You Are  are my go-to’s for happy stuff. If I’m angsty… then that’s where the sheith playlists come in haha. BUT on the other hand…

I’ve been really really into k-pop songs lately. Like this playlist is killer. But don’t ask me any specific bands, cause uh like Keithy there. I don’t remember any of the bands or songs specifically haha. @thredbare

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Takama-Gahara here, I have for you a question. How draw good dergs?

Oh I’ve got you covered:

and there you have your  F E R O C I O U S    B E A S T

But in all seriousness, instructing people on how to draw imaginary creatures is a bit hard, for me at least. A lot of my learning process is based on winging it until it looks okay and makes even a little sense anatomically. I try to look at animals like birds, bats, reptiles, dogs and horses and combine traits of their anatomy into some sort of a mess of a creature. So I’d instruct you to simply start with looking into basic animal anatomy and trying to learn how animals actually work. 

There are tons of tutorials that are way better at explaining things than I’ll ever be and they can get you started. Back in my day when I started drawing I was inspired by Todd Lockwood and his art. His creations gave me a good base to start building my art from. I studied the way he drew and shamelessly copied parts of his work until I felt comfortable enough to draw and try different things on my own. 

Not being too ambitious when you start out is pretty important, do some simple designs, kinda like the drawing above. Just drawing some simple lizards with bat wings is a good enough start! And remember to practice, practice and practice some moreヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

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Hey, i was just wondering if u were going to draw more shallura? I'm really not trying to be pushy or rude or anything (pls don't think I'm telling u what to draw i really don't want this to sound mean or bad) but i just saw those little comics u made and they were super cute! I love ur art style, it's really super nice:)

oh no I don’t mind at all, it’s good to see what people like too! But yeah of course, I still have silly stuff on my laptop since this summer even, I’m shit at posting stuff unencouraged haha

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I hope you feel better soon! If possible, could we get more eggs and ennard? They are so cute together asdfghjkl I'm so bad at asks omg

awww thank you~ I’m feeling much better ^^

Hi there, Daril!
When I draw I use Paint Tool SAI. I mostly use the pen, the ink pen, and the water tools.

I don’t really have a technique, I just follow my instinct and I vary my style depending on what I want to obtain. I usually doodle the idea, draw the lineart on another layer and add the colors + shading on another layer. I‘d make a tutorial if I had the time to. ;w; Sorry, I hope this answered your question! Thank you for your kind words! Have a nice day!

I… thank you I guess (sweats) ily2


On another note: I received some other messages asking me to give tips about coloring/shading and i’m really sorry I haven’t had the chance to reply to them. I’ve been very very busy and I don’t have time to make a tutorial. I’m very sorry. ;_; (also I’m very insecure about my coloring skills, so I don’t even know what tips to give haha! Maybe one day I’ll make one)
As always thank you for your support, it gives me a lot of courage and I’m always happy to receive your sweet asks. Some tags really make my day, too! 
Thank you and have a nice day~

(*´  >`) ♥ (・`L ´・ *)


For some reason I can see Usopp and Nami people watching in a corner of a bar and making up life stories for each of them. Usopp is much better than Nami, obviously, but it’s quality time with good company.


stream dump! from the 90s themed stream we had recently -lies on my side- 

it was chill and i enjoyed it. sorry if you came to the stream and we didn’t interact much. when you skype with 3 people and draw good stuff, that’s.. a lot of fun haha -sweats-

There’ll be more 90s themed streams coming your way! i should actually announce them here. >_>;; i’m always on twitter -sweats a lot-

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How would a fusion between Duke and Foxy look?

Well I can’t imagine what kind of insane situation would force them to fuse, but it would certainly be one of the weirder fusion dances in the history of fusion dances.

They would be like…the epitome of the crazy royalty from books.  They’ll literally give you gold ingots for doing them a favor, but would also use those diamond claws to rip your throat out for minor percieved insults???  

They appreciate the finer things in life, like lounging on thrones and driving REALLY FAST and VENGEANCE.

Do not advise, please do not let these two fuse.

((all that gold and the diamonds and rubies took me forever LOOK AT HOW SHINY THIS MOTHERFUCKER IS))

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YOUR ART IS SO GOOD!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! It's kind of funny because I'm not super into hetalia (bc of the fandom://) but your art makes me love the characters even more. also, do you have any tips on drawing body's because I struggling to figure out how they work haha. LAST QUESTION, I don't know if someone asked this already but is Rod gonna be in the comic anytime soon??? I'm rlly curious

Thanks dude! (and yeah the hetalia fandom can get pretty annoying ^^’) 

Uuh I’m not very good at teaching people how I draw but when it comes to drawing bodies I use a lot of circles :0

I feel like that makes it easier to draw body parts bending and stuff like that. I think that if you’re a beginner at drawing or really want the body to look right you should always make a sketch like this with lines to guide you before you start drawing details.

I’d say the best way to become good at drawing is by looking at photos of real people or other people’s art styles and learn from it!

And finally, about the comic, it’s on hiatus right now and I’m honestly worried if I’ll have the energy to keep drawing it. But if I do I’ll probably change some of the story parts which means I’m no longer very sure what characters will show up. I get loads of messages asking if or when certain characters will show up but I prefer not to answer them since I haven’t completely decided everything yet 

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ramble/ I find it really hard to grasp Hiccup's personality. He's got that innocent look to him but we all know he's always planning things in his head behind that look. He's a negotiator but at the same time he seems to have a bit of fire inside--he did look like he -really- wanted to go after the people who took toothless. As in a 'don't hurt him or i will hurt you 10x worse' way. How would you describe him? I'm having a hard time, haha.

GREAT QUESTION. CAN I HUG YOU. Character personalities - what makes them tick - is what I live for. And Hiccup is just so, so incredibly complex; his personality (no, not his hot face) is my favourite thing about him. You’ve got a good idea of him so far, nothing inaccurate. So let me elaborate. Uh, possible small novel incoming.

Hiccup’s incredible intelligence underlies a lot of his behaviour. I partially draw from personal experience here, another reason why I relate so strongly to him. His mind races at a million miles an hour, always. This makes him extremely distractable and inattentive, when really it’s because he’s focusing on too many things at once. He talks fast, rambles on and on, often his speech is disjointed and casual; he’s got nervous tics, incredibly specific gestures, moves his hands and body significantly to express himself because subconsciously he feels that his words don’t have any impact at all.

He’s got confidence. And ego. A lot of it. It’s that hypocritical balance between excessive superiority complex and horribly low self-esteem, his mind’s natural compensatory mechanism that allows him to move on every moment and every day instead of remaining a catatonic, self-loathing mess. And it really did. For his first 15 years of life, he was treated like a fragile glass figure instead of a human being; deep down, Stoick was simply concerned for his constant safety, but that morphed on both sides into a misunderstanding of Hiccup’s inner character and his own desires. Stoick wanted to mould Hiccup — not necessarily into a buff, stereotypical Viking — but into someone who could hold his own and just survive in their kill-or-be-kill world.

But the more he pushed, the harder Hiccup resisted. He’s got that natural Viking stubbornness. In spades. It feeds back into his ego and smarts; he knows he’s right, even if he’s not, and being such an independent, witty child from a young age means he’s always wanted to fight for his own independence. He loathes being told what to do and who to be, above all else. Man, he’s got an attitude. Actually, Hiccup’s a right little shit. Stoick and the rest of Berk struggled with him for a tangible reason. He is always always ALWAYS energetic, strong-willed, powerful, always on the move; his energy and gears-always-cranking mind cannot be contained within his slight body. Like his father, he actually does ‘listen’. He just doesn’t respond if it doesn’t suit him. Hiccup wants to do things his own way. In his mind, he is always right, and everyone else just doesn’t understand him.

Which is why it was such an earthshattering breakthrough when that Night Fury we know and love was the first person to understand him and let him be himself. Deep down, Hiccup is incredibly compassionate. Idealistic and naive, too, despite all the pain and suffering his people have been through; once more, the world beyond his own personal bubble never really mattered much to him, at least until Toothless’s snout entered his personal space and pressed against his palm.

Overall, Hiccup’s close-minded. He opens up his mind in small, baby steps. He’s a very strong introvert, too, meaning he likes to keep to himself and interaction with others exhausts him; it’s a vicious cycle that has led to him always hiding from people, running away from people, putting all his troubles behind him because otherwise he would just overload. Again, there is always so much going on in his head. He cares so much, but just doesn’t realise it because his thoughts are chaotic.

He’s always been a very light sleeper. He probably cried a LOT when he was a baby. Headcanon is that Cloudjumper playing with him was one of the first times he was ever truly calmed and interested in something. His mother’s genes lit within him that fire that has made him different, and you’re right, it’s that inner fire that keeps him burning. Keeps him going. Keeps him up in the middle of the night, pouring out all his ideas and creative urges because that’s all he really has. Most of it’s not from within him, though; he’s highly perceptive and sources most of his ideas from his environment and from other people’s words. More proof that he needs people, his environment, and dragons to inspire him and keep him going. As much as he hated it for much of his life, it’s a part of him. He will defend what he loves to the bitter end, until the ashes (of his father) are literally smouldering away on the horizon and he has no choice but to accept that he is a leader. He is a born leader. He is a kind, amazing, giving person who has just needed time to spread his wings and discover himself. It’s hard, given that he’s been plagued by an ocean of self-doubts, more than what ‘ordinary’ people suffer because of 1) the incredible mind and personality he was born with and 2) the incredible circumstances in which he was born and raised. Nature and nurture.

He is just. I love him so much. And I haven’t even STARTED on how much he truly loves Toothless. Toothless is his everything. Toothless is the reason he is alive and keeps on living. Toothless literally changed everything for him. Of course, Toothless would say that Hiccup was the one who changed everything for him - but that’s the beautiful perfection of their relationship. It’s a give-and-take relationship. They showed each other that that’s what it’s all about. Living isn’t purely about taking. Life isn’t just about giving everything you have. That’s what dragons and humans need to cultivate together. They need to break stereotypes, misconceptions, societal norms, to forge bonds that have never before existed. They would die for one another. They would overcome the finality of death for each other. This is, ultimately, what I think the end of the franchise will build up to. All the good things in life — peace, love, friendship — transcend the hatred and sadness, even though both coexist.

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Frisk senpai even cares about the Dbags ovo I'm dying these comics are fantastic! I am so excited every time I see one! ((Next Dbag goes after Asriel? With a knife? Because you know he's too close too Frisk so he tries to *draws finger over neck*))

They’re a very gentle person pfffftt and the d-bags don’t know any better xD Thank you, I’m glad my comics can make people feel this way haha–

Ohhhhh that’s a good one! But i guess they wouldn’t go after Asriel ‘cause he’s too close? Maybe ‘cause he’s the monster prince–I may draw it out–

But it probably won’t be funny ; ( 

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OH GOD YOUR QUICK SKETCHES LOOK BETTER THAN MY FINISHED DRAWINGS I'm sorry about you not being able to post rick and morty stuff any more your drawings of them were so cute and it's a shame people ruined it for you :/ Also I love your South Park drawings omg they're adorable I love how your favorite characters are cartman and butters mine are stan and Wendy ☺️ don't feel obligated to answer this tho I just hope ur having a good day sorry that people suck!!

Ahhh thank you for being so sweet to me..; v; It’s followers like you that keep me around haha. I’ve been contemplating just deleting my blogs and starting over from scratch but..I think I’ll stay around a bit longer~

I always love it when people have favorites that are one of the main four. And one of the background characters. It makes me so happy ahahaha. My favorites are like that and my best friend’s favorites are, too. It just makes me smile.

I just wanted to draw you a little picture in thanks for being so sweet and sending me this ask! Have a good day and I hope you like it! <3

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if you don't mind me asking, how old are you and when did you start drawing? i'm trying to prove to someone that it's never too late to start haha

I am maybe not a good example for a late start, since I was one of those kids that never really stopped. But I do know people who started at like 16 and by 18 were masters of their style through complete dedication. Then there’s people who don’t become artists until they’ve retired and have time for a hobby.

Below cut is a treatise on art as a learned skill. 

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I adore the way your draw Papyrus!!!! And your sugar high Sans posts make my day!!!! And the lines and the coloring are amazing!!! I can't handle how much I love your work (and I'm holding back a lot right now)!!!!!!

Oh goodness, I always have difficulty expressing my sheer, overwhelming joy when people take their time to send me such wonderful messages! I have to hold back so many exclamation marks!  *squee* Thank you very much! It means a lot to me, haha!

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Hello there. I wanted to know how you got people to talk to you about your OC's ? I've been trying but I don't think that I should talk about mine because my OC's are not good enough. Can you give me any advice, please?


really tho, it takes awhile for people to be interested in ocs! they dont know them or their world….so you gotta talk about that stuff, draw that stuff! the more people can learn about your worlds and the things in em, the more likely they are to be interested! get INVESTED even

I just lured ppl in with SU art and then suddenly started drawing/talking about my characters a lot here n there,,,,like haha, gotcha…..I only have two gears and they are SU and OCS, lock n load

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Do you ever draw NSFW art? I'm just curious cause your style is so cute I dunno how that would work! Lol


i also draw

human sized people

so yeah i’ve drawn nsfw but idk i dont very often im not good at it haha. anatomy messes me up so i stay away from it.