haha i wish they were

The Cutest™ moments during GDragon x 8 Seconds Event   on 01-05-2017

First, the looks he gave!!


LOOK AT HIM BEING EMBARRASSED #1 When the host introduces him as a style icon world star :P 

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Embarassed Ji #2 When he watches his CFs play (My personal favorite clip)

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Jiyong being extra helpful so that the fan can land the water bottle!!!

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and lastly, GD peaking out a bit from Jiyong and being a little shit smooth talker

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Q: How does being 30 feels like? 

A: Half excited, half worried 

Q: The most memorable fans? 

A: Everyone who are here ~


99percent IG Story

i said i was going to watch all bangtan’s mvs in a chronological order but i couldn’t help but go back to ‘young forever’ when i finished my little marathon.. i’m quite a pessimistic person or so i was told. i don’t usually believe in people’s promises of forever, be it love or friendship. bangtan’s special to me in a sense that despite my skeptical and sometimes cold nature they make me really want to be with them forever. i never expected to feel so much love and adoration for anyone. they feel so close yet so far away. they make me smile as much as they make me cry. they inspire me, their music gives me strength. it’s so cheesy but i really want to stay by their side forever. they’ve become a very important part of my youth, it will be forever associated with their music and i’m thankful

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It's ending tonight. I'm not a shady anon, I don't know anything. But it's ending tonight because even ignoring all the bullshit is now too much for me. It's ending.

haha I WISH you were a shady anon.

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Since you're a Harry Potter fan, who do you ship?

I don’t ship anybody tbh. I love hp but I was never active in the fandom. I treat it more like a fairy tale haha but if I were to choose I wish harry would have gone with luna instead 8)))

Happy Randall Monday 🌸💗

I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the photos of the Doctor Who cast during the weekend, I haven’t been able to catch up with everything but I’ve tried to watch most of the things. I especially loved one photo of the doctor who cast together with some of the casts family members, because this meant that two of my celebrity crushes were in one photo. Before I watched doctor who I had a crush on an actor called Jack Davenport, I loved him in a series called Coupling (funnily enough it’s written by Steven Moffat), at that point I knew he was married to someone called Michelle Gomez, I’d never actually seen her in anything, just photos of them, she was “just his wife”, but now things have changed completely, I haven’t watched anything with Jack for years, if you don’t count rewatching Coupling, but I’ve watched Michelle Gomez as Missy and I’ve loved her as Missy! I don’t really know where I’m going with this 😂 I just thought it was funny that both Jack Davenport and Peter Capaldi were in the same photo 😍❤️

Haha anyway…

I wish you all a fantastic day! And a lovely week!

Lots of love xx