haha i wish they were


Matt Bomer singing “Somebody That I Used to Know” in Glee

Okay funny story. My sister played on a boys and girls soccer league as a kid and this one guy on the other team kept flopping and grabbing his shins whenever someone got near him and it was pissing my sister tf off bc literally no one was touching him. So my sister chased this boy down the field with a vengeance. Like she sprinted towards him like a bull and started kicking the shit out of him. We’re talking full on fury kicks of rage to this kid’s shins until he was on the ground and my sister was yelling, “GRAB THEM NOW! GRAB THEM NOW!” The refs rushed over blowing their whistles and pulled my sister away from him while drawing the red card. Now look to the stands. All there is to be seen are middle aged white parents with their hands up to their mouths with looks of shock and horror on their faces. And then there’s my dad. The lone wolf standing up in the stands, clapping with his hands above his head, pointing at my sister and fist bumping while shouting, “THAT’S MY GIRL! YOU GO, TOOTS! DADDY’S BUYING YOU ICE CREAM TONIGHT!!!” And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my dad.