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It's ending tonight. I'm not a shady anon, I don't know anything. But it's ending tonight because even ignoring all the bullshit is now too much for me. It's ending.

haha I WISH you were a shady anon.

hi gang, i’m going to be putting working on commissions on hold until next Monday or Tuesday to let my brain cool off, recover from some illness, & work on some personal stuff. I’ll still be doing my weekly stream for $10+ patreon subscribers this afternoon/evening! But probably no new commission slots on Saturday (much though I wish it were otherwise, haha, I could definitely use the money right now). Sorry about this!

meister & weapon duo + blonde & white/silver hair + guys w madness & girls w madness-healing wavelengths + S and M initials … i could go on and on; these two pairs have so much in common!

soulmaka & steinmarie for the loveliest senwe!!!! Happy belated birthday, my dear~ I hope you had a very wonderful birthday!  *(*´∀`*)☆

(p.s. if u can guess where soul and maka’s outifts come from, bless ur soul)

bonus artwork that was not supposed to be posted but here we are:

blamethe.  sin.  squad.

gamzee’s definitely the kind of troll to wear rainbow toe socks

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Could you do the RFA + saeran finding out MC is quite older than them? I don't think I've seen this done before and I'd love your blog to be the first. Your blog is amazing. Goodbye for meow~

((Hello. Please enjoy this meow! (=^.^=) ))


  • “MC, you mentioned that you were older than me, but how much older than me are you?”
  • “I’m 25, so about five years or so…”
  • Yoosung is literally doing the OTZ pose
  • He thought that MC was like 22…
  • She was just so tiny, that he assumed that she was just barely older than him
  • He felt like a little kid
  • MC had to tell him that he was the manliest man, and that she still needed his protection, even if she was older than him. 
  • His face lit up like a little boy being offered candy
  • So cute!


  • “We should go out for drinks Zen.”
  • “MC, are you even old enough to drink?”
  • “Zen, I’m almost thirty.”
  • Zen was shocked. She barely looked 20, let alone almost thirty
  • He was like a child next to her. 
  • “Zen, are you alright?”
  • “Yeah, I just thought that you were a lot younger”
  • “Haha. I wish…You’re alright with that?”
  • “Of course princess, now, where do you want to go? My treat!”


  • Jaehee turned on the radio, and a familiar childhood song came on
  • MC began to sing along, and Jaehee looked at her with confusion
  • “MC, you know that song?”
  • “Of course, don’t you?”
  • “No, that’s a bit before my time”
  • “Wait. How old are you Jaehee?”
  • “Twenty six, wait, how old are you MC?”
  • “Thirty six”
  • Both of the girls just stared at each other.


  • MC was holding a book two inches from her nose
  • Jumin came in and suggested that she get some reading glasses
  • “Jumin, I may be almost 40, but I’m not that old.”
  • Jumin just kind of stood there in shock.
  • “What? You didn’t know that I’m 36?”
  • “No…I assumed that you were 26 or so…”
  • “Yeah, that happens a lot. Doesn’t change how I feel about you though”
  • “Yes, but had I known, I would have had you go to the eye doctor recently.”
  • “Jumin, I’m 36, not 46”


  • Guys, he knows everything about MC. 
  • He was shocked to find himself falling for someone who was five years his senior
  • But he didn’t really care, he loved MC for who she was
  • He does tease her about being an old lady though
  • To which MC usually smacks him playfully
  • “Saeyoung, I’m only 26, I’m not that old”
  • “Whatever you say granny.”


  • He’s usually the oldest, so he didn’t know how to react when MC told him that she was older than him
  • Not just one or two years either…She was almost ten years older than him
  • V was shocked mostly because she acted so much younger than her age
  • “Jihun, it doesn’t bother you that I’m older than you, does it?”
  • “No, of course not. I’m just surprised.”
  • It’ll take a little bit to adjust to not being the eldest out of the RFA


  • He’s a hacker. He knows that MC is five years older than him
  • He doesn’t really care. 
  • He’s happy with MC, no matter how old she is.
  • He just wants MC to not look at him like a helpless child
  • Which she doesn’t do
  • He’s still going to act like he’s older than her though.
Happy vacation (Xiumin)

Xuimin x reader (he’s my bias also)where they are walking through the airport, but they can barley move because of all of the fans. And a ‘fan’ pushes y/n to the ground hard.

Let’s get all the xiumin lovers together. xiumin is love. xiumin is life. hope you like it. x

“Y'know, at times I wonder why being an artist can be such a tiring job but now I truly understand.” you murmured as you squeezed your way through the crowd of fans waiting there to see EXO. You were only here to wave your boyfriend goodbye as you couldn’t come yourself, which was sad, but then again, you were dating one famous guy. Xiumin chuckled in front of you, “well, I love them but at times like these I wish there were some barriers to protect us, haha. My arm almost got pulled off by someone just now.” Xiumin pulled his snapback closer on his head and you had to almost run to keep up with him. Unfortunately, your condition wasn’t half as good as Xiumin’s, since you were probably one of the laziest people around town.

“One day you’re going to get murdered in here,” you grinned as you felt Baekhyun’s hands pushing your back, commanding you to walk faster. You finally reached the end of all the fan’s, or so it seemed when you walked through the big scanner thingy. You had to leave Xiumin behind here too, which made it seem like you were just another fan in the crowd, sadly. “Well, I guess this is goodbye, then.” you whispered sadly as you hugged your boyfriend. His familiar scent filled your nose one last time and you felt the need to cry. “I’ll be back in a month, it’s not that bad. Besides, we have internet nowadays. We can Skype and all, you know?” Xiumin remained positive but you shook your head, “I won’t get to feel your beautiful face through Skype.” which made him chuckle- but he was cut off by his manager. “Minseok, hurry up, we need to leave.” he yelled and Xiumin nodded at him. “Well, here I go, then. I love you, Jagiya.” Xiumin kissed your lips as you stared into his eyes with a smile. “I love you too, oppa.”

As Xiumin walked through the scan, you took a few steps back to watch him till he disappeared out of sight. You could hear the never ending screams of fans too, they probably didn’t want them to leave either. As Baekhyun made his way through the scan, Xiumin was already far away. You just wanted to say goodbye to Baekhyun when you got pushed down to the ground. With a loud scream, you went head first with the hard floor. “Y/N?” you heard Baekhyun gasp as he quickly made his way back to you and he kneeled down next to you. “Are you alright? What happened?” he asked in panic as you started seeing a few stars. “One of them” you blurred out and you wanted to make your way over to Xiumin and cry in his arms. But he wasn’t here. “Minseok, Minseok!” Baekhyun yelled back and you could hear the faint confused voice of Xiumin yelling something back when you heard him yelp. He’d probably seen you on the floor by now. Baekhyun left your side and accusingly pointed towards one of the fans. “Hey, if you ever do that again, we will sue you. If you dare to call yourself a fan, then you wouldn’t have done that. So would you kindly back the fuck off before I file a restraining order against you? Thanks.” you could hear Baekhyun sneer at a girl who looked scared as hell. “It was an accident, really” she tried but Baekhyun wouldn’t have any of it. Finally, you saw a very worried face appear in font of yours and you’d recognise those eyes even if you were blind.

“Minseok” you noted as you tried to sit up, but miserably failed. “Jagi, dear lord, are you alright? I’m so sorry, this is all my fault.” Xiumin sat down behind you and lifted you up against him, so you could use him as a wall. “I’m a little tired. And no, it’s not your fault. Just a reckless kid. It’s alright.” you sighed as you felt your head getting heavier by the second. Minseok brushed away a few strands of hair as he bit his lip, “well, I’m not leaving you here. You’ll come with me. I’ll get you a wheelchair and I’ll book another ticket.” he insisted as he called out for someone who immediately came with a wheelchair. “Xiumin, I don’t have any stuff with me. Besides, won’t you get in trouble for that?” you asked while you lifted yourself into the wheelchair as Xiumin kneeled before you. “I don’t care if I get in trouble for you. And as for your stuff, I’ll buy you anything you want. Now, we have to hurry. Happy vacation, Jagi.”