haha i said a bad word

a list of things will solace has definitely said
  • i have no idea what i’m doing…
  • i sure do hope i die in my sleep!!
  • don’t use bad words
  • *pointing at a cat* kitty…..
  • to heck with being a doctor i’m becoming a kitty expert
  • how does my character jump- OO! look at that i just jumped!! haha i’m a gamer already
  • *loses at video game* you know, video games are actually a waste of time
  • that is so unhygienic
  • you’re garbage
  • I’m garbage
  • kids these days make no sense to me…..
  • can you please be more civilized there are children here

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Look. I know April fools is a time to make jokes and make people laugh but this whole thing went way too far. I'm not just speaking for the fans. I don't think it was right to make them upset, but think about the creators of the aus! Imagine what would happen if someone said your au would be in some popular series and then it was brushed off as a joke. Like "haha who am I kidding why would I put THAT in my work?" It's not cool. And most certainly not funny.

Well I think you’re taking this too much serious.

If my AU would be included in a big project, at least I would try to make the best with my characters and story and BEING NICE with the person that want to take my characters… Not just begging them all time, threatening, telling that person bad words to get their attention and thinking that I am THEIR BOSS to force them what they must do and what not.

At least I would giving my best to create a good AU and make it “popular” or loved by my own, not taking the easiest way. Some people doesn’t even have PRUDENCE and RESPECT about I as an artist, and they think that I’m just doing this as a request. 

Would you like people start giving you orders about the course of your stories, comics, or even YOUR OWN LIFE?? That’s the “Not funny” thing you’re talking me about.

And I’ve seen the comments of my video. People is laughing and happy. I haven’t seen someone upset…well I think you’re the only one.
Try to chill a bit and just enjoy!


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Why do some people think that phil swears in real life but just hides it on camera? honestly it seems more a matter of him not having formed a habit of using swear words rather than actively censoring himself on his channel. Also not swearing doesn't always equal "innocence" or "wholesomeness" haha. I'm 18, don't swear yet I've done some pretty bad/inappropriate/risky things lol 👀..

dan’s said multiple times that phil is just a genuinely polite person so he probably doesn’t swear much more than he does on camera. he’s not rude and i doubt he has too much of a reason to swear. it doesn’t really matter considering he’s older than the majority of the phandom and more mature. swearing doesn’t measure innocence or lack of. people just have warped points of view on how adults live their lives

Amatus,” Dorian groaned, though the word came out whinier than he’d intended. “Where are you hiding?”

“I’m right here,” came the reply. A moment later, Vaxus oozed into view.

Thank goodness he had a buff warrior for a lover, for the Inquisitor cast a very large, and very welcomed shadow over the bed.

“There is an incessant pounding in my head,” Dorian said, rolling his face into the pillow. “It’s much less pleasant than the other sort of incessant pounding I’m used to.”

Vaxus laughed, and even through the fogged pain, Dorian thought it was a wonderful sound. “Well, if you’re well enough to joke.”

“It’s the truth, my love.”

“Oh, is it ‘my love’ now?” Vax said, sitting on the side of the bed. “What is it you want from me?”

Caught out, Dorian turned over, squinting with a smile. “Could you please be a real sweetheart and fetch me some water and an elfroot potion? And maybe a pastry if you happen by the kitchen?”

“You’re asking the Inquisitor to go pick up your breakfast like a common servant?” Vax grinned.

“Yes, because you love me dearly.”

Vax sighed, but it was a fond sound. “Now that’s the truth, my love.” He pressed a kiss to Dorian’s forehead. “Stay put until I get back.”

Dorian mushed his face back into the pillow. “Not going anywhere.”

little something I just got from @elidoo <3 thank you so muuuch

Fuckin’ Moron

Alright so Enzo fic. Here we go friends. Uh. I usually write the warnings and stuff after I write the story bc… That way I have more details??? I dunno. Thought I’d try something new. Annnnnd it is not working out for me very well so. I will. Try again. After. I write. Some porn. 

Hey so I’m back. After writing this. It’s hecka cute. Got into it. Love Enzo so much, honestly, he needs more love so. WORD. I love this so much. LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I’m taggin’ @janayawashington bc. She requested this. SO YES. Ha. HAHA. Tagging my boo boo, my love, @fuckyeahbulletclub bc I was messaging her while writing this SO YAY MY BOO BOO. And tagging @hardcorewwetrash bc HAVE THIS EARLY THIRST PARTY SATURDAY PRESENT, ILOVEYOUWIFEY. 

Warnings: Sex. Cussing. Sex. JEALOUSY. Uh. Yeah. Yeah. It’s not too too bad, but like. I mean. It’s still NSFW. So. Yes. 

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scp: *is a dog that has five legs and changes colors*

half of scp reviews: This SCP fails to excite me. First of all, the mention of a Class A containment kennel is almost an immediate novote from me. Seriously? Class A? How important is a dog to have to have a Class A kennel? Class H is more fitting. Second of all, is this really anomalous enough for the Foundation to contain it? Third of all, the photo is of a regular dog that is clearly not changing colors and the fifth leg is very much photoshopped. This being said, I like the wording in paragraph 4 line 6 word 12. This brings up some questions about this skip that haven’t been posed before, and I like where it’s going. Overall this strikes me as a solid, if not a little dry, piece. It strikes me in its uniqueness despite it’s profound flaws. +1

other half of scp reviews: haha pupper!!! +1

New Dawn - Chapter Seven

Pairing: Ivar x OC

Words: 2.944

Warnings: bad language; blood; fight; magic; explicit; pain; +21; light bdsm;

Notes: Ah, the feels… Guys, I confess that I cried writing some parts of this chapter. I’m sorry for eventual tears! haha But, oh boy, get ready to the smut part. I mean, it is quite bdsm…

Chapter One  Chapter Two  Chapter Three  Chapter Four  Chapter Five Chapter Six


“Come feast with us, young queen, young witch, great warrior!” Harald said with a smile as he saw her approaching them to pass to the castle.

“I am tired, king, but may the gods bless you all tonight!” she returned the smile and grabbed a golden goblet full with wine and a full jug “Sköl my friends!” and she drank the whole beverage in the goblet.

“Sköl!” they yelled together doing the same.

Isa finally reached her room, the one that used to be of Judith - the king Ecbert’s concubine. A tub with hot water was waiting for her. She smiled. Then she got naked and saw the recent scar in her left side.

“One more …” she sighed while entering the tub and feeling the warmth travel through her body.

The door then opened and Ivar came crawling with a sad face, although he tried to mask it with a scowl.

“A gift from Ubbe as thanks, I think!” he tried to say in a cocky tone.

“A good gift, indeed, from whoever left this for me!” and she called him with her right hand “Join me!”

He did not argue, just obeyed.

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Click and drag the picture to make mini!Mj feel the love!

Haha ;; I feel MJ on a spiritual level, there are no words for me to be able to describe on how much I just want to hug him..! ;; I hope that MJ knows that we Arohas will always be there for him and will always love him even through the dark and bad days! With that said, let us all continue to love MJ!!

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Lmao @ that submission being a Larry shipper and shipping them over the internet is nothing like outright asking a closeted person if his love song is about another man and putting him in that position

Right? lol antis istg 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:What happening in your blog? Anti everywhere. 😂 I’m so sorry. I send you a big hug and kiss. Hope you had a good day. 💕 (For me is finished now. I’m in Italy)

haha they’re trying very hard today, to bad I don’t care about a word they type. Thank you, dear. I hope you have a great day tomorrow then haha (to me is quite finished too, it’s already night time ere) xxx

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Wait, I’ve been gone all day. Who on Louis and Harry’s team were hanging out?

Rusty and Harry’s stylist were hanging out 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:*** **

Do it!

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i think i’ve… exhausted a lot of my good ones :’)

but i think a lot about jonathan and steve watching a movie and jonathan is a lot more into it than steve, and talks throughout about political subtext and the messages intertwined with the story and steve makes sarcastic remarks about it just because he knows it gets jonathan worked up to keep talking about it and explain it further and steve absolutely adores the way jonathan’s speech suddenly becomes more fluid when he’s discussing things he’s passionate about, and how he motions with his hands as he explains things and how he makes this “ughhhh” noise before “okay so” leading into another long rant. steve doesn’t totally understand it but he adores how jonathan feels so strongly about things.

jonathan talks politics more often than steve has ever talked politics before. jonathan is totally convinced steve doesn’t get it and is rooted in his ignorances but one day they’re having a conversation with a mutual acquaintance and the acquaintance says something ignorant and steve interjects with “actually—” and explains to them something jonathan has explained to him and it clicks that steve listens a lot more than jonathan thinks.

steve tries to get free movie popcorn from jonathan at work and jonathan makes a remark like “just because you’re my boyfriend doesn’t mean you get free shit” and steve is like grinning like an idiot and jonathan’s just like “what?” totally unaware and steve is like “so we’re boyfriends now?” definitely not disagreeing but totally teasing and jonathan is like stuttering and awkward like “did i say boyfriend??” and retracts the statement even though the both of them are more than okay with it.

steve opening up about his dad and jonathan just Gets It in a way steve wouldn’t have expected and even though jonathan doesn’t talk much about his own dad steve also Gets It that jonathan Gets It because they both have crap ass dads who have treated them– and their mothers to be frank– poorly.

at some point or another, steve is around the byers’ house so much ( because lbr he’s so in love with jonathan ) that joyce doesn’t even question when steve starts picking will up to take him to mike’s for d&d when jonathan is too busy with work.

steve bonding with will because he’s there so much and he definitely has a couple of will’s drawings up on his wall in his room from where he’s drawn things for steve and jonathan is absolutely floored that his little brother and his idiot boyfriend are getting along so well.

one day steve comes around to jonathan’s house nursing a bruised jaw and jonathan is freaking out ( more internally that externally ) like “what happened?” and steve self-indulges an angry rant about how someone called jonathan the q-slur or the f-slur and how he was defending him. jonathan tells him he didn’t need to do that for him, that he’s used to it, that it was reckless and stupid. and steve tells him that no one gets to talk about jonathan– or anyone– that way, opens up to jonathan about his own queerphobia ( re: use of homophobic slurs ) and how he should’ve realized sooner how devastatingly harmful it is.

my bi sons talking about bi™ things one day at lunch and nancy chimes in with how she likes girls too and they both just kind of pause for a moment and it’s kind of lowkey decided they are the Bi Squad and how great it is that they gravitated to each other the way that they did when the three of them have similar sexualities. just… honestly my three bi kids bonding over being bi and having that support system in place and also nancy and jonathan, who are decidedly a little more educated on things than steve sometimes, who are able to discuss ignorances about the things they feel and coming to grips with some of the things they’ve internalized and steve basically having the aha moment of “whoo boy have i really internalized some shit”.

steve coming over to jonathan’s and not INTENDING to stay long but wakes up the next day on the sofa to joyce looking at him skeptically but with that Mom™ brand of “i love you, but you’re ridiculous” look and whose only words to him are “you’re lying on my keys”.

steve insisting on always being the big spoon. fails. is not always the big spoon and discovers “hey, little spoon isn’t that bad” and it actually makes him feel super safe not that he’d ever say that of course because he avidly denies it but jonathan kind of gets the picture one day that steve lowkey really digs it when he, without prompting, is like “FINE i’ll be the little spoon” and jonathan is like “i never… said you had to be?” and steve is like “haha can’t believe you always make me be the little spoon” which is absolutely ridiculous but jonathan goes with it because who is he to complain about getting to hold onto the person who has captured his affections?

steve slowly mending things with tommy and carol who have since the incident matured quite a bit ( not that their actions are ever excusable ) much to jonathan’s disapproval because jonathan doesn’t quite see how they can be different in the span of only a year despite steve’s insistence “it’s just different this time, trust me”. and then proceeds to drag jonathan, nancy, tommy and carol out on a group camping trip in an attempt to mend things and bond and it turns into a complete disaster and steve gets in a fight with tommy over something he’s said to jonathan, tommy and carol end up going home and it’s just nancy, steve & jonathan in a single tent suddenly more grumpy than they came there and jonathan breathes out a slow sigh of relief at the momentary semblance of peace without tommy and carol before saying something like “not to say i told you so…” and steve interjecting with “shut up.” but jonathan kisses him anyway and thanks him for the camping trip because he knows steve’s only trying to make things right between everyone.

also on said camping trip as things progress, nancy getting more and more sarcastic about steve & jonathan’s displays of affection. but in that sweet nancy wheeler brand of sarcasm where her teasing is more kindred than anything and it really only encourages steve further in his rampant pda ( which isn’t really pda because hey ! they’re out in the middle of nowhere in the the woods and the only other person they’ve seen besides themselves is the occasional hunter who pays zero mind to them and goes about their business ).

additional on camping trip, steve attempting to pick up a snake which bites him to which jonathan and nancy rapidly attempt to discern whether or not it’s venomous and steve is going to die, jonathan misidentifying it as a rattle snake and steve freaking out like “i’m going to die!” before nancy reevaluates it and discovers it’s just a common non-venomous snake and steve– save for his dwindling pride– is going to be completely fine. absolutely does not stop steve harrington from being melodramatic about it and asking jonathan maybe four times if he’ll “kiss it better” in regards to the barely visible mark left behind on his hand.

every time i see a post thats like , anti -recovery ??  i lose a year off my lifespan

i mean those posts that are like “haha my therapist said this is unhealthy but fuck it! i do what i want”

like … trust me , i understand what its like to have trouble recovering , and i know that some disorders ARENT things you recover from , but ? why do people on this website just . embrace unhealthy coping mechanisms and then make memes about it ?? 

aaaa im sry if this sounds “too neurotypical” or something , but like. coming from someone who basically grew up on tumblr with schizophrenia , those kind of jokes have a huge impact on mentally ill kids .. and we just . shouldnt be promoting unhealthy behaviour as a punchline for a joke

Oh my word… drunk posting. I’m a little embarrassed this morning (and even more embarrassed by the things my husband told me I said in front of total strangers last night.) *blush* Ah well, you only live once right? 

And now we pay the price! Actually my headache is not as bad as I’d feared, but my mouth tastes like I was alternately licking buttholes and ashtrays all night! ha! Thanks for putting up with me! :*

The following people replied to my drunken rambling last night! 

@humblydefiant said: 


Haha! We seriously had the best time we’ve had in a while last night. We’re at a veteran’s biker rally/convention (my first ever) and these boys can drank! Never let it be said that I can’t rise to the challenge! ;)

@mshenkoaddiction said: 

Least it’s not Arbor Mist this time XD

Oh honey, it was worse: Bush Light! Blech! They were going down easy last night, tho! lol

@estalfaed said: 

Ahaha ha I’m grinning and laughing like an idiot! Love yah Ellebee! Thirsty Thursday, whioooko!

We certainly are a pair, aren’t we? lol I hope you had fun and aren’t too hungover today. Do you have to work? I have to sit through meetings all day, but tonight is karaoke… and probably more drunk posting!! Whoot! 

The Camp Fic

Rating: PG

Category: M/M

Fandom: Adventure Time

Relationship: Marshall Lee/Prince Gumball

Characters: Marshall Lee, Prince Gumball, Fionna the Human, Cake the Cat

Stats: 1,234 words

Summary: FLUFF. (Inpsired by this post.)


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So when you met Chris, were there any words exchanged between you two? Like you must have said something upon meeting him, or were you completely speechless (because I know I would be!)? Also, your pic with him is so cute! You are actually holding him, good on you cause I would have melted, I swear! Also, you are beautiful!

Haha No, I was so bashful and it all happened so fast. I felt bad because he was so sweet, He smiled down at me and said: “Hey, how are you?” I just choked, I couldn’t even remember my name. Yeah, I was surprised I managed to put my arm around him, I was so afraid to touch him. He just pulled me close and tight to him and I melted. He feels so good! ;) Thank you so much! :3

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Tortured- Stiles imagine

Originally posted by effingstiles

Request: just-laugh-and-relax said:

Heeeeey, how are you? I hope that you’re fine. I wanted to request an imagine where Stiles Stilinski is forced to see you being tortured and I don’t know, you can choose the end. I just had this dream but I don’t remember how it ended haha. Lots of love xoxo

Words: 1604

A/N: hi, I’m good thanks, but very busy, I hope this is ok xx I guess I should put some sort of warning on this, but I don’t think it’s too bad <3

Darkness. It was all you had seem for the last few days. You weren’t even sure if you had been in there for days, all you knew was that you had been taken. That was it.

You were asleep in your bed when it happened. You must’ve been in a deep sleep to not hear the window smash. You only woke up when you felt arms wrap around your torso, pulling you out of bed with a force that felt unhuman. You tried to escape, and after a few seconds you succeeded, biting down on the arm causing you to fall to the floor. You crawled away in a state of panic, your fight or flight response kicking in, sending adrenaline coursing through your veins. The thing that had grabbed you wasn’t about to give up. It swiftly grabbed your bedside lamp, hitting you over the head. You fell flat onto your stomach, the room illuminated by the moonlight, became blurry. You felt too weak to struggle as it lifted you up again and took you, escaping out of the window and into the night.

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hi, so i love destiel, but it really bothers me how they're trying to vote destiel over a canon f/f ship that recently faced a huge blow. i really do feel that clexa needs this victory to show how the creators have hurt the lgbtq fans and queerbaited us (also because it's a CANON ship you know), all i'm asking is that maybe just for once, the spn fandom backs down and lets a canon, revolutionary f/f queer ship have the representation it deserves over a noncanon ship. do you get what i mean?


“All i’m asking is that maybe just for once, the spn fandom backs down and lets a canon, revolutionary f/f queer ship have the representation it deserves over a noncanon ship”

 Whoa, let me stop you right there. 

See here’s the thing; I watch the 100. I love Clexa. In fact, I’d pick Clexa over any other ship on the 100 any day. I personally think that it’s fucking rude, how Jason R handled this; there were other ways to go about it even if the actress won’t be available in the near future. I have all the respect in the world for this ship, and if Clexa wins the poll, I think it would be well deserved. 

But that doesn’t mean that we aren’t allowed to fight for our own ship. You wanna talk queerbaiting? Yes, let’s!

“The ship being canon’ aside, the Destiel fandom has had its fair share of it. Writers knowing what they’re doing to play Lgtb+ fans and leave them hanging, and knowing exactly how to do it. And they’ve done it for years with Destiel. 

Using romantic tropes for them, adding millions of ‘almost’ moments and tons of subtext, but never quite going there. Everybody knows what the fuck is going on: show runners, writers, fans, popular media sites have called the show out on it in lengthy articles. Yet they never deliver. 

Some of the most blatant examples:

( Misha played Cas feeling like a jilted lover, as asked by Jeremy Carver)

Or this, writers leading you on:

Or this, the exact same lines and tropes being used for a heterosexual couple on the exact same show:

Which brings me to this:

Or this because ‘hAHA’, everyone knows:

Or this:


Or this, even the actors exactly knowing what’s going on, even if it’s only ‘implied’:


Not to mention that ‘boner scene’ where Cas was viewed the way any love interest would:

Not to mention all of the other ridiculous unnecessary stares that were in no way platonic:

Besides, as I’ve explained before, the kind of queer baiting that’s going on with Destiel is so subtle but so very much there: [x]

Don’t get me wrong; I haven’t said a bad word about Clexa (I enjoy the ship, actually) and I wouldn’t do anything to sabotage them, but please don’t make people feel guilty for sticking up for their own ship. 

And I get it, the Clexa fandom is suffering right now (and with good reason) but even though Rothenberg was a dick about how he ended it, at least you guys got the confirmation that Clarke/Lexa had those kind of romantic feelings for each other, got an actual on screen kiss and a sex scene, whereas the Lgtb+ fans who’ve been loyal to SPN for years are still being called insane for seeing Destiel even after all of the above shit (and much more) has been happening for over freaking 8 years now. 

I’m not saying we have it worse, I’m not saying anyone has it worse. I’m just saying that, with all due respect, we are all fighting for our own ships and own representation. Sadly, Lgtb+ ships are still treated terribly in almost every fandom, but I think no one has to ‘back down’ from things that they’re passionate about. 

Clexa fans should vote for Clexa, Destiel fans should vote for Destiel, and I’m sorry if you disagree. 

The signs from Gemini perspective

Aries: forever my spontaneous buddy. we can do absolutely nothing yet say we had the most fun. lol your witty insults are the best though sometimes harsh. i love that you are so caring and will do anything to make your loved ones smile.

Taurus: you want to be friends with everyone and you are too concerned with being popular. I dont trust these kind of people but you are so funny when you are comfortable. you are the worst texter so i call you right away when i see you writing me back

Gemini: so damn loud. you have good advice. i always go to you when i need a good drag. you seem detached but somehow you are always sensitive about something. you are a loyal friend, we cry together and i love you so much. I hate that you clam up when youre upset but i understand what youre going through. Im a gemini, i do the same. But other people dont understand that so its better to communicate your negative feelings aswell

Cancer: its true, you are moody! but i love teasing you out of your bad mood. and it always works! we flirt constantly. well i do, you are straight forward about your feelings and flirting is too complex for you haha. but when you flirt, you flirt with your eyes and smile. wyddd stop!! nothing compares to your touch and kisses! ure very jealous and possesive though, but just holding your hand and only looking at you in a room full of people makes that all go away. you are the best lover i have ever had. because unlike me you dont live in your head and that makes me want to live in the moment with you

Leo: so freakin passionate! I love it. you are perfect because i can have deep conversations with you and still keep it light. you are a mixture of my two favorite signs: cancer and aquarius. youre charming and a go-getter but sometimes a little competitive. why? just like me you are always ready to go out and look for the next adventure

Virgo: you have the kindest heart! i love your love for animals, but youre a little sneaky sometimes and you dont even realize you start real problems between people. youre too afraid of new things, i feel accomplished when i get you out of your comfort zone every other blue moon. i respect your intellect although it differs from mine sometimes. i feel i understand you better than you understand me.

Libra: hah! you are my best friends! we can chat for hours and still not be done talking. we have great banter, lots of inside jokes and we even understand each others body language. we like to organize parties together, entertain people and win them over to our friend circle. we’re proud of each other and give that little push to go for our dreams. one annoying thing is that we try to please each other all the time.

Scorpio: we are always ready to start some drama. we will throw people a bone and watch them argue. then we’ll be standing in a corner looking at them and ask each other why we are so evil and laugh about it all night. we’re always joking until one of us insults the other, hell cracks open a little bit but we get over it in a second like it never happened. normally i dont talk about my private life but with you i spill it all. it took you a while to tell me about yourself and our friendship became really strong after that. i feel you love me more than my mom does hahah love you scorp!

Sagittarius: can you stop showing me funny videos, youre making my stomach hurt from laughing. haha the internet would be boring without you! you are shy at first and its hard to make eyecontact with you but oh boy once you come out of your shell.. i like shy boys but your fiery side makes me too sad. Your shade is real and hits hard. i wish you were more careful with your words because you cant take them back once youve said them and i hold grudges so bad combo there :(

Capricorn: how do you appear so calm and collected on the outside but are so damned nervous inside? i always feel capricorns’ nervousness. youre like an alligator; quiet and meticulous. working on your next master plan to win power over people. youd be the best puppet master! youre very concerned with status but i like you best when you are not because you know how to have fun. youre one of my kinkiest friends ;) ;) lol. I like that you are accepting of people and very forgiving. Youre always there for the people you REALLY REALLY REALLY care about and thats a small tight circle of people, im glad im one of them

Aquarius: where do I start? i admire your intellect. talking to you is like having sex for the first time! all aquarius i know are effortlessly handsome and pretty. how? you make me want to be a better person. people dont often see your sensitive side, but i know your feelings can get intense. one thing i dont like though is that with other people you live in your head and bottle everything up inside until you boil over and spew out of control with them. dont do that! You are so freakin perfect. oh and you have a hate-love relationship with my cancerian friends, whyyyy

Pisces: you are like real life dolls! you are angelic and innocent looking with always a mischievous smile on your face. But behind that cute bubbly energy there is a really nasty side to your personality. you can be awefully mean when you act on your impulse and unfortunately you do it often :( you like to sweep problems under the rug because talking about it gives you heartburn! But it makes you look like you are not self-aware even when you are. People think you are detached from reality and selfish, but I see you use escapism as a coping mechanism. you are very smart! you love to learn and give. what i love the most about you is that you are patience with me and you can feel my energy without mistaking it for what its not.

@pyonchan replied to your post: I love it when you reblog something in finnish. It…

I really like those long words. I though we have long words in german, but we don’t use them as often as i see long finnish words. :3 hm… is finnish difficult? like .. from a scale from english to chinese? :D

ah yes, you have really long words too! haha in finnish you can just keep adding stuff into the words to make them longer and longer. like

kissa = a cat

kissani = my cat

kissanikaan = even my cat

kissanikaanko = even my cat?

so yeah the words get long fast xD 

i honestly don’t know?? many people keep saying finnish is very difficult, but then again, we have the regular alphabet and stuff is written exactly like it’s said so. i think learning understandable basic finnish isn’t that bad? correct me if i’m wrong lol

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I'm kinda iffy on the use of mercurial to describe attraction, mostly because it means volatile and kind of changeable in a bad way?? (I'm not really sure about a lot of terms being used right now, but for what it's worth I think that this is super good to be discussed)

Which is why I said what I did about preferring Mercurian and not Mercurial, haha. I get your hesitance but it works for me. No word is gonna be perfect. Everything we draw upon is gonna have existing connotations that bother *somebody* unless we make up a nonsense word… and goodness knows those are hard to get to catch on. :v