haha i really like this one


— “Only couples and pigeons come to the park on a holiday!”


“Hey Ace! Can you tell which one is really Marco?”


“You wouldn’t be the first to mention it. I think its been a running joke in the crew for ages. I’d watch out though, Marco doesn’t take kindly to jokes like that, haha…”

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In future AU what kind of jacket does Mike wear? I'm curious and i really like the jacket. Is there a name for it?

This one?

Sorry dude, I just made up a jacket, haha.  It’s loosely based off of his jacket in the show, but made to look more like a uniform, because it’s a uniform????

There are definitely jackets that are….a little bit like it?  but I just made it up as I went, like basically every outfit I’ve ever drawn haha.

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What are some of your favourite Naruto moments? Like the more important ones and then those less important but really funny ones? I loved Sakura blossoming in the forest of death. I also loved when Ibiki explained that if one teammate gets a zero the whole team fails and Sasuke and Sakura immediately choke haha

It’s hard to say, I’m not sure I can decide on what my favourite overall moments were, there are just too many, lol.

As for the more light hearted and funny moments though, 3 come to mind.

The first was when Naruto essentially gave Kankuro a proverbial slap to the face, where despite the latter’s compliments, Naruto gave no fucks:

That moment made me chuckle, lol.

The second was when Naruto was pleading with Sasuke to return to the village when they met at the Valley of the End, informing him of how much the others had sacrificed to get to this point. And Sasuke’s response? “Good for them”! Yet another case of giving absolutely no fucks

That also made me chuckle.

However, the funniest thing in the series for me has always been one thing, and I can’t see it ever being beaten - The filler from the anime where Shino was made to uncharacteristically laugh hysterically. Despite this being a filler, it actually made me laugh out loud; nothing else in the series had made me reach that stage of laughter:

That filler was absolutely masterful; watching Shino laugh out loud like a crazed lunatic never ever gets old XD it was by far the funniest thing to ever happen in Naruto, and it will live on in my memory for a very long time :)

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I think the issue is, people base off Targaryen’s incest equaling madness from the show but anyone who reads the in depth history of the Targaryen’s George wrote knows that there were only a very small percentage of mad Targaryen’s no different than any other non-incestious house like the horrific things the Lannisters have done or the Bolton’s in their entire history.

Exactly, and it’s one of my issues with the show! I am definitely not one of those fans who bashes the show a bunch or anything. I honestly love it so much and it has literally changed my life haha. 

But it makes some mistakes with the lore that really change perceptions of characters and story arcs in the fandom and I don’t like it. I know most people are angry over things like the total botching of the Sand Snakes or the changes to Sansa’s arc. And I get that. 

But what bothers me more lately are the things that literally change the way that fandom perceives the characters. Because yall know I am fiercely defensive of my faves. 

For example, Arya’s recent arc on the show starting in season 6 was (in my opinion) poorly executed, and unlike the book we weren’t given Arya’s thoughts or motives. This causes fans to think there’s some possibility of Arya going evil and becoming too far gone or something. I’ve seen some weird Arya hate from the casual parts of the fandom after the most recent season and it really bothers me. 

Similarly, the lack of history in the show (which I totally understand–how COULD they include the Targaryen history in the show? They can’t) is a problem. It’s because the GA doesn’t have that context that D&D and the cast feel compelled to make weird comments in BTS about how squicky Jonerys and boatsex are to them. But anyone with knowledge of ASOIAF knows that it isn’t squicky, and if the story is in-keeping with that universe, this revelation wouldn’t freak out Jon or Dany from an “incest” standpoint. Yet it seems the writers and cast were doing everything they could to play up how gross or controversial it would be in the immediate wake of 7.07 airing for the first time this summer. 

And then there’s Jaime, and the fact that book!Jaime wised up and ditched Cersei long before he did in the show. But the show had him continue to compromise himself and his ideals for her affections despite her erratic behavior. I think it weakened Jaime and invalidated his character development in many ways–which is really saying something. Because in general Jaime Lannister has some of the most marked and impressive character development of any character in fiction imo. 

So, yeah. You’re right, anon. Without that knowledge that a lot of book readers and people who read AWOIAF possess, it’s easier to view aspects of the show, like Targ incest, as something shocking or appalling when in reality it isn’t. 

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How do vampires with gifts know that they're gifted among being changed? Do they just know? Or do they just not know they have one until they use it accidentally or have elezear tell them they're gifted? Haha. With mental gifts especially, like how would you know that you gained the ability to control emotions or cause pain to a person?

I wonder about this all the time.

I have to think that most mental gifts are perpetually on. If Edward could muffle his talent, he would. Jasper would be much happier if he could mute the emotion-sensing component of his abilities. Turning off something like tracking or self-preservation strikes me as unlikely too. Those seem too integral to one’s thought process and personality to ever really go away. (And, of course, Corin and Didyme and Heidi constantly projecting their various auras of contentment/happiness/allure into the world calls to my angst-loving soul.)

It goes without saying that a mind-reading/truth-detecting/perceptive gift is probably recognized as such immediately. If you touch a person and see their entire life or constantly hear others’ thoughts playing in your head or feel a visceral jolt when somebody lies, you’re going to leap to the correct conclusion in a hurry. 

With super-powerful gifts, I get the impression that they sort of… spill out of you. I believe it was @jessicanjpa who headcanoned that gifted vampires must use their gifts or experience discomfort, and I endorse a similar theory. To my mind, the less a gifted vampire uses their power, the more likely it is to manifest in an uncontrolled moment. If you can torture people with your mind or manipulate their relationships or even project images, you’re going to feel intensely and do exactly that, probably within your newborn year. Your gift will appear so violently that you’ll have no choice but to accept its existence. 

Some vampires– particularly those with subtle abilities or talents that seem like extremely natural extensions of their personalities– probably do need to be told they’re gifted. Siobhan is the canonical example, and I tend to think Eleazar just saw himself as observant until Aro told him otherwise. I have to think there’s risk involved in being told about one’s gift, though. As @volturisecretary headcanoned, it could be a self-fulfilling prophecy, where you limit yourself based on a description of your power you hear from somebody else. Alternately, someone might undersell your gift to you, and you happily carry on, considering yourself safe from the Volturi, and suddenly they swoop in and uh… adopt you. 

(I feel like that happened to Heidi. She understood that she attracted people, but she figured it was a very minor ability. Surely a truly charming vampire could completely bamboozle her victims? Or be a Helen-of-Troy figure? Or win loyalty through her beauty? And then the Volturi appeared and she realized with a horrible sinking sensation that she was limited but perfect for their purposes.)

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[1/2] Breathing Underwater is definitely and Amanda song but it might be a bit difficult to place it in the playlist because it feels like it covers her entire storyline so far. In this context the phrase "breathing underwater" changes meanings throughout the course of the song, at first referring to her metaphorically drowning under the weight of her illness[1/2]

So first off I want to say I love your insights and I’m so happy I’m not the only one who overthinks songs and how they could relate to shows haha.

Yeah for me this song is going on both my Amanda playlist and my general Dirk Gently playlist. I think the lyrics fit really well with Amanda’s storyline for the reasons you just gave. I especially love how ‘breathing underwater’ can be a positive thing when she’s with the Rowdy 3. And then yeah, she’s in Wendimoor and learning to use her abilities but it means she needs to somehow make sense of this confusing jumble of realities and things that hurt and try to force them to her will.

At the same time, I think the song fits Dirk well too because here he is, halfway between wanting to follow the stream of creation and not wanting to get swept beneath it and drown. There’s no easy way to do it and people drown along the way. It sucks. And there’s bad stuff coming but what?

Edit: What makes this song even more fitting is the recurring image of blue underwater mandelbrot Amanda in her visions!

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cushion stack & Uma Thurman?

cushion stack: which dnp vid(s) is your comfort video, that you can watch when you’re sad?  

haha okay i have a lot! 
first of all, all 2008 Phil videos are gold for any mood but especially when i’m feeling down!

(like watch this thing and tell me it doesn’t make you feel better about life: 

and the day in the life ones are so pure and cute and relaxing to me? 

ahhh and the golf videos as well! 

(lol there are probably a lot more but that’s from the top of my head:))

uma thurman: most undeniable proof that dnp are more than bros?

okay so i’m really bad at this because there isn’t one thing i can like, put my finger on. all their interaction and shared life and behaviour just make me think they’re probably a couple.

but i will say this- one of my friends who likes them too but was always sure they were just platonic friends finally agreed with me when they uploaded the moving out video, so maybe the fact that they are living in their third shared house and don’t show any signs  of moving out :)

send me some phandom asks :)

Eh. My muse didn’t like me with this one. Just a short little blip of… something. Haha

It wasn’t the first time Karen had gotten herself into a situation. But it was, however, the first time she really had no idea how to get out. A story that had gotten away from her. A suspect that was a little too dangerous. I mean, really, what were the chances that Karen would stumble upon the Russian mafia. She could laugh if she wasn’t so painstakingly terrified. And she was smart. Karen Page wasn’t stupid. She had just been caught unaware. She took all the right precautions. She did it all right but when she walked into her apartment and flicked on the light she had not been expecting Hector Krovinov to be sitting calmly in her sofa. Nor had she expected to he attacked from behind before she could even put her hand into her purse.

She had no idea how much time had passed only that she had woken up without her shoes and tied to a chair. And that these men had no qualms about hitting a woman, as her split lip indicated. Her eyes were red rimmed, they watered from whatever the Russians had used to knock her out. Palms sweaty, knees trembling she was afraid. Afraid and no one knew where she was. No one. She swallowed the thick lump in her throat. She was going to die here, she thought. In this filthy warehouse with no one knowing. Her feet were like ice and she couldn’t feel her fingers. The crawling sensation of pins and needles in her legs. She was going to die and all she could think of was one crooked smile in the endless darkness. And no sooner had that image entered her mind when she heard the rapid gunfire….

Karen sucked in a shaking breath and then tossed her hair back and gave the man closest to her a smirk.

Matt was hot on her trail. Hot on her trail but when he got to her location he found nothing. Nothing but blood and bodies and the sharp scent of fear. Not a thing. She had been here, he’d been sure of it. There was evidence of a fire fight. A battle and the only think that made his blood run cold was there was no sign of Frank Castle anywhere. Only the carnage he left behind. So Matt retreated, focused on finding her. Where ever she was. But, Matt had a feeling he already knew. Only one man came barreling in that way. And he was going to get an earful.

When he arrived at her apartment he had taken off his suit ane replaced it with his persona of Matt Murdock the lawyer. When he knocked he should have been surprised when Frank answered the door just as casual as ever, but he wasn’t.

“Hey Red.” Came his guttural voice as he stepped aside and walked back into the kitchen. Matt shut the door with a soft click and he stood hovering. He could hear the steady beating of Franks heart. The soft breathing of Karen and he knew she was sleeping.

“Did you have to kill them all?” Matt asked stiffly as he looked in Franks general direction.

A soft scoff and Matt got a whiff of coffee. “Yep.” He rumbled and then shuffling and Frank was sitting on the sofa.

Matt gripped his cane tightly and took a step deeper inside the apartment.

“She’s had a rough night, Red. I’ll let her know you were here.” Matt heard the shuffling of paper and he had to wonder just what Frank Castle meant by that.

“Be sure that you do, Frank.”

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Hi, I just wanted to say that I really love that you guys called your child Julian. It's really one of my favorite names haha

Merci! I like it too, obviously, haha! It’s been one of my favourites for a while. Always liked ‘J’ names for some reason.

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Hi, my sister and I have been looking at your shop and we were wondering how tarot/song correspondences work. By the way, your site is really impressive!

Hi there!

First off - thank you SO much for the compliment on our website. I’ve pretty much poured my heart and soul into it, so it means a lot to me! I feel like I add something new to it every day, haha. It means a lot to me that someone notices!

Now, your question!

For tarot resonance, you will usually ask a spirit to show you the card that represents them. As you continue working alongside them, the card should consistently appear in your readings in regards to them, etc. (For one of my companions, he will consistently show the Nine of Wands - with the deck I use to work with him, this card has a gryphon on it. Since he’s a gryphon, I’d say that’s a pretty clear signifier!) This is a card they can use to let us know they have an important message, or that they are present. We have found that the tarot card they pick can be incredibly telling as to the sort of qualities/values that “define” a specific spirit, as well as to the sort of things a spirit hopes to accomplish during their companionship.

A song resonance is harder to find. Sometimes, a spirit will have a very specific song in mind (and we might not know the song), so we will feel pulled towards listening to a certain music genre first, and then towards a specific artist, and finally (FINALLY…) we will stumble onto the song. Usually the song is one that really matches their energy (the frequency, intensity, and feelings their energy evokes, for example). It might also speak as to the type of relationship the spirit would like to have with their companion.

Hope this helps!

- Conjurer Acheron

11 Question to Answer

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Answer the tagger’s questions and then make your own.

  1. Fav TV show(s)?
    None really, I’m not too keen on TV shows, they usually take too long for me to finish. But I really did like watching Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. Stranger Things was pretty cool as well but I only watched some of the second season with my parents. xD
  2. Trip to the mountains or to the beach?
    Beach… I’m deadly afraid of heights. But… I would love to see the mountains sometime, I’m just scared to climb them haha. (Says the one who wants to see a vulcano sometime in her life).
  3. Tea or Coffee?
    Tea, tea, tea!! I absolutely dislike coffee, no matter how many times I’ve tried them with all kinds of stuff. xD I do kind of like iced coffee though?? But only that when mixed with some chocolate-milk. xD
  4. Fav video game?
    Uhhhh… Difficult question because I’ve played Sims for most of my life and even if I can no longer play Sims 4 and possibly the other games it will forever have a special spot in my heart.
    I also loved Final Fantasy VI, been a while since I’ve played a game as good as that.
    And of course the Soulsborne games.
  5. Cats or dogs?
    Cats. I began to love dogs only recently after we got our very own pupper. But my heart forever belongs to cats haha.
  6. Dreamed place to live in?
    Uhhhh… I’d say somewhere near a beach, a medium sized house that looks out over it.
  7. What objects are on your left right now?
    My phone, Bloodborne Concept Art Book and my classmates laptop haha.
  8. Do you speak more than one language, and if yes, how many?
    Hmmmm… I speak Dutch which is my Native, English rather decently right now I’d say, Latin starts to slowly become okay for me. And well… I used to be able to speak German and French but heeeeeh, time made it fade.
  9. Last movie you saw?
    I think it was still How To Train Your Dragon haha. I’m not that much of a movie fan either…
  10. Fav book(s)?
    Eragon was pretty good and I also really like Jurassic Park.
  11. Open the last book you read on page 76, what is the first line?
    “That’s it,” Grant said, slapping Tim on the back. “That’s it! You did it! "They were all standing and jumping up and down when Lex said, "What about the ship?”“The what?”“The ship, ” she said, and pointed to the screen. ((Jurassic Park heh))

My questions are:
1. Any characters you dislike from any game/movie franchise?
2. What are your favourite pairings related to the franchise you rp from?
3. What was your worst rp experience?
4. Any opinions on labeling things, as in giving yourself or other people labels?
5. Your favourite game?
6. Any favourite songs?
7. What is your thought on death?
8. The thing you love the most in people?
9. What is your thoughts on cringe blogs/videos? Do you think it’s okay to hate/make fun of people because they love drawing a certain thing?
10. Do you have any pets?
11. What made you follow me? XD

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name: Emma

nickname(s): Some people call me Em and some people call me Emily when they forget my actual name lmaooo

gender: female

sign: aquarius

height: uhhh like 5′4-5′5?

sexuality: Definitely like guys and some girls

hogwarts 🏠: Back in the day I was Gryffindor but now I’m definitely Hufflepuff haha

average hours of 💤: uhhhhhhhhhhhh probably 9 but I swing between getting 5 hours of sleep to 12 hours of sleep depending on work days lol

🐶 or 🐱 person: BOTH I really want a dog someday and had one when I was a kid, but right now I have a cat and I love him

blanket you 💤 with: big white blanket that’s smooth and I can wrap up in it

dream trip: I’d really like to go to Italy for the first time, and I also want to go to Japan again and visit Tokyo this time around!

when I made my blog: Around 2012-13 maybe, but I can’t really remember…

followers: 228, it’s been fluxing from 230 and back because I keep blocking spam accounts

why I made a Tumblr: Hmm. Uhh. You know, I don’t know, but probably along the lines of ‘i’ve been seeing this everywhere’ and ‘hey people post cool stuff on here.’ 

reasons for my url: thedevilwearsariadoney is a mashup between the movie title The Devil Wears Prada and the fact that KrisGav has been referred to as the devil and he also wears Ariadoney nail polish~ eyy~ 

Okay I gotta say this because I just remembered, but I think my first url when I first signed up for tumblr was actually angel-of-friday-night because I was a Supernatural Fan and that’s the content you’re gonna find if you dig around in the early pages of my blog hhahah

Tagging: UHHHH okay how about @klefkitoyourheart, @klvrgvn, @howdomaddie, @rrocketraccoon, @chiefprostitutor, @americannoteven, @nohrianxscum….. that’s not ten lol but CLOSE ENOUGH; obviously you don’t have to fill this out if you don’t want to, so consider it a token of ‘HEY you are a cool person have a great day!’ 

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name: Kristen

nickname(s): Phoe, Kristie, KK

gender: Female

⭐ sign: Sagittarius

height: 5′2″

sexuality: ??????

hogwarts 🏠: Ravenclaw

average hours of 💤: 4-6 lately

🐶 or 🐱 person: Cats but I really love them both <3 Dogs are just a lot of extra work haha

blanket you 💤 with: 2

dream trip: Hawaiiiiiii!!

when I made my blog: 2010

followers: 522 on here

why I made a Tumblr: Someone at my old college made one for her poetry and I just wanted more places to be creative but that didn’t really work out lol

reasons for my url: It was a really old Fakemon i made when i was little and i was rlly proud of the name, hhaha..

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Name: Miumi

Gender: Demigirl? Maybe?? I don’t really know but I like she/they pronouns

Starsign: Leo

Height: 5′2-5′3

What’s your middle name?: I don’t have one! 

Put your music library on shuffle. What are the first 6 songs that popped up?

I Want You (She’s So Heavy) - The Beatles
Dear Theodosia - Hamilton
Self Control - Frank Ocean
Guillotine - John Bellion
Love - Lana Del Rey
Borderline - Solange

Grab a book nearest to you and turn to page 23. What is line 17?

‘ “They do get so noisy,” she said. “They’re disappointed because they couldn’t go to see the hanging, that’s what it is.” - 1984

Ever had a poem or song written about you?

Probably not

When was the last time you played air guitar?

I don’t remember!

Who is your celebrity crush?

Gal Gadot, Zendaya, Dodie, ah thats all I can think of right now 

What is a sound you hate? A sound you love?

Ah I can’t deal with the sound of sqeaky things or tapping sometimes, but I do like the sound of whistling for some reason 

Do you believe in ghosts and alien?

Ghosts maybe, but aliens 99% yes

Do you drive? If so, have you ever crashed?


What is the last book you read?

The Catcher In the Rye

Do you like the smell of gasoline?

haven’t really smelled it

What is the last movie you saw?

The Nightmare Before Christmas

What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?

I actually haven’t really gotten injured that badly 

Do you have any obsessions right now?

My new drawing program on my computer is really fun! Also my girlfriend 

Do you tend to hold grudges against people who have done you wrong?

The majority of the time no 

Are you in a relationship?