haha i made them into angels


My babies ;v; !!!

There’s a lot of Pokémon that I love, that I played with, that I care for, but these have very special places in my heart~ ! So I made a gif for each of them~ !!

Pyroli the Flareon, my Partner since the first day, my sister~ !
Fokko the Fennekin, my baby boy, my bff !
Kalei the Vulpix, wow, I love her so much, precious snow angel <3
Alika the Litten, my brave guardian~ !
Skitty the… Skitty. The baby who thinks Sarha is her mother, ha !
Sato the Shinx, young boy who wants to protect everyone !
Shishiko the Litleo, silly lion boy -v- but adorable haha.

Yesterday was a wild day with spirits haha
- Big blob of flesh. And by big I meant 3/5 my room big.
- F’s friend. Another incubus.
- Strong calling to an angel.
- Cloaked people. Again.
- Shadow people.
- Overall the energy itself is… Wild. Fluctuate a lot.
- Someone is hinting me about someone’s heart. I need to talk to them before it’s too late for them to get diagnosed. I don’t know how.
- Have you guys ever saw a giant potato with legs and hands made out of other potatoes walking around? Because I saw that and my mind still can’t process what happened. I don’t think we have any spirits and/or entities like that and I’m… What was that???

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MY SHIRT FINALLY CAME SO NOW I CAN JOIN Y'ALL IN POSTING MY OUTFIT FOR THE CONCERT!! So I went I cat theme this year for the concert. I designed the shirt and uberprints made it (great company to work with by the way! I had a wonderful experience with them)! I always like to write a little letter on the back of my shirts when I go to concerts about the artist using their lyrics and song titles. And the front of course is a sassy Meredith haha. But anyways I will be going to the concert on July 13 and will be sitting in Section 137 Row KK Seats 10-11! I really hope to get my present that I have for taylorswift to her. I JUST CANT WAIT TO SEE THIS BEAUTIFUL ANGEL FOR A FOURTH TIME!!

Angel Baby

Request- Can I have one where Cas asks the reader to slow dance & they slow dance to Angel Baby by Rosie & The Originals? && during the dance Sam,Dean,& Gabriel walk in on them and just smile because Cas & the reader are in love? sorry it’s long!

A/N- I loved writing this one and I really love this song! I hadn’t heard it in such a long time. So I listened to it while writing this. I made it so it could loop the song so I heard it about a thousand times haha not really. Any who… Tell me what you think. x)

Cas x Reader

Word Count-1059

You were home alone. Dean and Sam had gone on a ‘TOP SECRET’ mission with Gabriel and Cas. You had the whole bunker to yourself. Which seemed so awesome at first, but now, you were just so bored. You had done everything you ever wanted to do when you were alone in the bunker. From sliding down the hall in socks to see how far you go, to, cleaning. Yes. You cleaned. You were now laying on the table with the map on it, pointing to every town you had gone to on hunts. You had your laptop playing music so it wouldn’t be completely quiet.

Just then, your phone began to ring. It was Dean. Having come up with a good idea, you smiled. You paused your music, searching for firefighter sounds and the like. You let them play in the background as you answered.

“H-Hey Dean… What’s up?” you pretend to say nervously.

“Just wanted to see how you were holding up? Didn’t burn the bunker down have you?” he chuckled.

“M-Me? Whaaat? Of course not.” you say. You put your phone closer to the sounds.

“Wait. Did you really burn it down?” he questioned.

“No.” you answer simply but then you start laughing too much. Once you pictured Dean’s expression, you couldn’t help it. “I’m kidding. The sounds are fake. Calm down.”” you manage to say through laughs.

You heard him sigh, “Damn it Y/N!” he shouted. “We didn’t come out here so you could-” he was interrupted and all you could here is the phone being shuffled around.

“Hey Y/N. It’s Sam. Uh- Don’t worry about it. We’ll be home in an hour and-” Sam was also interrupted.

“Give me that! You two dunder heads can’t do anything right.” you heard Gabriel’s voice. “Hiya Y/N. We’re just gonna send you Cassy. We don’t rely need him here and-”

“What? Then why did you call me over here?” Cas questioned.

“Quiet! I’m on the phone. Anyways. Cas is a bother right now. Is it alright if we send em to ya?” Gabriel asked.

“Y-Yes!” you shouted, your eyes widened and you clear your throat, “I mean… Yeah sure… If you want…” you covered. You were beet red and you were happy they weren’t there to see.

Gabriel chuckled, “Alrighty then. We’ll send him over once we give him a stern talking to. Okay bye.”

You thought nothing of it and put play on your music. Minutes passed and Cas still hadn’t arrived. You were very disappointed since you really wanted to see him. For no particular reason of course.

Then one of your favorite songs came on. You smiled, immediately recognizing the intro to it before the first verse even started. “Ugh I wanna dance to this.” you whisper to yourself.

“Then would you like to dance?” Cas asked.

You nearly jumped but suppressed your surprise. You got off the table and walked up to him. “I’d love to.” you beamed.

You grabbed his hand and he wrapped his other hand around your waist. Just before the she began to sing, you thought it would be perfect to mouth the words, to make it seem like you were singing to him. It was about time for you to confess anyways right?

It’s just like heaven being here with you
You’re like an angel–too good to be true
But after all, I love you, I do
Angel baby, my angel baby

You mouthed the words and smiled at him. Hoping you could relay just how true those words meant to you. You were staring straight into those beautiful blue eyes. In which all you could see was a reflection of yourself. You hoped that that’s what he saw too. Only you. You continued mouthing the words as you both slowly rocked side to side.

When you are near me, my heart skips a beat
I can hardly stand on my own two feet
Because I love you, I love you, I do
Angel baby, my angel baby

Cas was smiling at you the whole time. He, of course, doesn’t know you were confessing through song, but he had the same thought. He surprisingly knew the words to the song. Well… Not so surprisingly since it’s your favorite song and you heard it most of the time. He sang you the next part.

Oh, I love you, oh I do
No one could love you like I do

He held you just a bit closer. Wanting you to realize just how much he really did love you.

You both sang along to the song and danced. Cas even twirled you around a couple of times. Nothing else mattered right now. Everything seemed right with the world. Just so long as you two were there for each other. You were both just so lost in your own little world. Lost in each other.

You didn’t even notice Sam, Dean, and Gabriel there. With their smiling faces. Happy that the two of you were finally there, together, and looking at each other like you both were the most precious thing in the world to the other. That’s, of course, how it felt for the both of you.

“Think we came back too soon?” Sam whispered.

Dean smirked, “What? And miss this? Nah. We came at the perfect time.” he answered.

“Yeah,” Gabriel sighed. “They’re perfect for each other.” he said as he ate popcorn.

They watched you both dance a little more and then left, deciding to give you both your time to yourselves.

One the song finished you both stopped dancing, but still holding one another. There was a long silence that was beginning to turn awkward.

“You know,” you mumbled, “I wasn’t only singing the words. I… I really meant them.” you confessed. “I-It’s alright if you don’t lo-”

He put a finger to your lips. Signaling you to not continue. “But after all, I love you, I do,” he sang, mimicking the part of the song.

You smiled, “Angel baby. MY angel baby” you sang.

He smiled and all of a sudden the song was playing again. You both danced closer than before and sang with just as much passion, if not more. You both poured all your feelings into the words, which made the song that much more special. You really did love this song.

Hope you liked it! x)