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I've just seen two different post-season 7 surveys and they're making me feel really positive about our ship. The first one is from Buzzfeed where 65 000 people ship Jonerys and that's about 73% of the people who voted. They also had that type of poll over at the main GOT Reddit (which isn't even the most pro-Jonerys place) and with about 22 500 voters, 82% of them are fine with the incest and 70% think they're gonna continue their relationship. Big numbers right?

Thank you so much for sending this!!! I’m on mobile at a conference but I couldn’t wait to post this, it’s too good. You made my day, anon.

I have been dealing with a lot of Jonerys negativity (from the GA! Just talking about it with colleagues haha) so seeing this made me smile and is even a little unexpected.

I’m glad to be reminded that clearly, objectively, based on EVIDENCE, a majority of people support our OTP. As they should 😁

You’re an angel 💖


My babies ;v; !!!

There’s a lot of Pokémon that I love, that I played with, that I care for, but these have very special places in my heart~ ! So I made a gif for each of them~ !!

Pyroli the Flareon, my Partner since the first day, my sister~ !
Fokko the Fennekin, my baby boy, my bff !
Kalei the Vulpix, wow, I love her so much, precious snow angel <3
Alika the Litten, my brave guardian~ !
Skitty the… Skitty. The baby who thinks Sarha is her mother, ha !
Sato the Shinx, young boy who wants to protect everyone !
Shishiko the Litleo, silly lion boy -v- but adorable haha.

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Requesting a couple wondertrev fics...feel free to do all or none! I would just love them and am too lazy to write: • ofc the AU where Steve is alive • a fic during their night in Veld, not sexual I just wonder how they connected - emotionally, I mean. did they decide to be 'together'? did they talk about their families? etc. • steve's funeral • Diana's thought process on losing/loving Steve (idk I'm reaching here, it's not my fault they made such a complete movie haha :P)

thanks for the request! i decided to condense your request, hope that’s alright.

“I Love You, My Angel”

Diana x Steve Trevor

When the breaths rolled to a slower pace, and the heaving ceased, Diana stared at the ceiling with nothing on her mind. She’d never been so absentminded before, but Steve was feeling just the opposite. He had so many questions for her, about her childhood, her island, and about Diana herself. What was her favorite color? Did she like singing? What was her favorite story as a child? Had she ever loved someone before…

“What are you thinking about?” whispered Diana, shifting her body so that she laid on her left side. She gazed lovingly at Steve. 

He glanced down to his right with a small smile. “Nothing…” he replied tenderly, running his fingers along her jaw, then chin.

She chuckled lightly, her laugh as soft as snow. “I know you Steve Trevor, and so I know that you are always thinking about something.”

“That’s not…okay that’s kinda true,” he admitted reluctantly but with humor.

Curiously, Diana waited for him to answer her. “So? What is it that you are thinking about so intensely?”

Steve could tell that Diana wasn’t going to stop inquiring so he just sighed and said, “I’m thinking about you.”

Feeling a blush spreading across her cheeks, Diana timidly replied, “Me?”

“Yeah, you. Want to know more about what I was thinking about?” Steve asked teasingly. Without even waiting for a reply, Steve kept going. “I was thinking about how the first time you sway-danced was with me, how you saved me on that beach, how kickass you were on No Man’s Land, how kind you were to the villagers, how beautiful you are–”

“I get it,” Diana exclaimed with a mix of both shyness and authority. “You were thinking about me.”

Silence ensued following Steve’s confession. It wasn’t an awkward silence, but more of a thoughtful one. After what he said, Diana’s mind reeled with thoughts–mostly of the anxious variety. Despite the worrisome thoughts, she felt an overwhelming feeling of love. She had never felt so much attraction to one man, considering this was the first man she had ever met. And she didn’t think it was possible to love someone this much, although she had read all about the sensation of romantic love. She was living it now, in person.

“…and God, you are so beautiful.”

While she was lost in all these thoughts, Diana heard Steve whisper something. “What was that?” she asked, brought out of her thoughts. “Did you say something?”

“No, no…I was just talking to myself.” Steve’s hand roamed around Diana’s arm until he found her hands. He wove his fingers with hers, softly squeezing them before pulling them towards his lips. Diana felt electricity where his lips grazed her hand. But there was more excitement in her eyes when she locked her gaze with his striking blue eyes. 

“Oh,” Diana said disappointedly. She had hoped that he had something romantic. Snuggling up next to Steve, she pulled the covers to her chin and sighed, “Goodnight, Steve Trevor.”

Gently running his fingers through her dark curls, Steve murmured, “Goodnight, my angel.”

That night, Diana feel asleep next to the man she loved. With his strong, soft presence, she slept like a baby. There was no worry in her mind–not about Ares or the war. She only thought about how lucky she was to have found Steve. And he was thinking about how lucky he was to have met this gorgeous, brilliant, innocent angel in the midst of all this ugly, terrible mess. She had been the one sacred thing worth protecting–worth dying for. He listened to her relaxed inhale, exhale. That night, Steve Trevor feel asleep next to his treasure. With her next to him, he vowed that he would do anything for her, even give his life for the one thing that had brought him back hope. And that’s exactly what he did.

If only Diana had known then that he’d do anything for her. She might’ve been able to stop him from going into that plane.

As she stood watching over his newly dug and covered grave, Diana felt hot tears stream down her face. She tried to wipe them away but at that point it didn’t matter because the tears were mixing with the ice cold rain, simply drenching her skin, hair, and clothes. Diana felt her shoulders shake violently, maybe because she was cold or because she was experiencing such an extreme sadness that she didn’t think was possible. But soon, despite the heartache, she felt her lips curl ever so slightly. Steve Trevor, even in death, was allowing her to feel the most human range of emotions. From contentment, to joy, and despair, Diana had felt so many feelings in the span of several days than she had felt her entire life. His words echoed in her eyes: I love you. I love you. That hadn’t been the first time he said it to her. It dawned on her that those were the words he murmured in Veld. He had said to her, “I love you.” At the thought, her heart imploded, collapsed into itself, tightened to the point of stopping. There was no way to describe the kind of agony Diana felt when she realized this. She had had two chances to utter those words. Twice she could’ve spoken them, brought them to life. But she had let those two chances slip through her fingers. She could say them now, if she wanted. But what would be the point? He wasn’t here to listen to her, he wouldn’t give her the heart stopping smile after she muttered those words. How could she be so stupid? How could she have missed those opportunities to say “I love you” to the one person she ever loved, and probably the last person she would ever love?

The tears that hadn’t stopped before were definitely not going to stop now. Dropping to her knees, Diana clutched the headstone with all her being and cried the words, “I love you” over and over again until her throat became raw. She was never going to get him back, but she wasn’t planning on infinite grief. Like Steve Trevor had told her, she had to save the world because he had saved the day. 

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Honestly tho,,, thank you for existing and making these beautiful BTS fanart, I honestly live for it. Will you be doing any fanart relating to the Japanese version of blood sweat and tears?the whole video is really confusing tho haha. Love ya xxx


Story Time 🌸✨

So today at work, this cute elderly Japanese lady asked me where I was from. Me thinking she’s asking me what my ethnicity is, responded with “oh I’m Cambodian, Chinese, and Thai.” Upon hearing my answer, she replied with “oh boy… you’re a long way from home.” Internally screaming, I responded with “haha yeah… I guess I am pretty far away from home… OK BYE.”

Like fam, I was born in Long Beach and raised in Los Angeles. But I guess in a sense it made my dad. Elderly people, can you blame them LMAO. ✨

The Arthurs

Ta daaaa! This is a self made birthday present for myself of all my Arthur muses!

In order from left to right: Demon Arthur, Artorius (Angel Arthur), Eyethur, and Nerdbaby!

Two of these muses are on my blog here (Nerdbaby and Artorius) and the other two are muses known only on skype (Eyethur and Demon Arthur)

Either way I love all of them and I love this picture, their expressions are so funny!! Also Demon Artie looks so out of place, haha.

Hello, it’s Celine! I’m doing a follow forever to thank all of you for making my dash so wonderful!

And also thanks for your support, you guys make me reeeeeally happy with your reblogs, likes and funny tags (i read all of them haha)

I don’t want to make you feel bored so I’ll get straight to the point, I may or may not have talked to all of you but I love you with all my heart and I’m always here if you need something!

PS: I can’t show my mutuals and favorite blogs because tumblr doesn’t show the bolded and italicized tags smh.

(Please let me know if the links aren’t working & apologies if I made any mistakes)

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What kind of sweaters does Cas have? (Is there a bee one?) Are there any that Dean likes in particular? Does Cas go out of his way to wear those sweaters or does he avoid them at all cost? :D

I, uh…actually have an entire closet full of them, haha~ I collect them from thrift stores and clearance racks, mostly. I don’t make a lot of money myself, unlike Gabriel, who’s made himself a small fortune off his confectionary business. He helps me pay for rent when I’m struggling to make ends meet, and insisted on letting him handle the interior decorating when I first moved into my apartment, but he refuses to enable what he refers to as my ‘sweater fetish’. 

Personally, I find them charming as well as comfortable. These are some of my favorites:

(Dean has taken a particular fondness to the pie sweater.)


19.06.16BULLET JOURNAL [bujobattles]Hello, it’s me again! Some of you might have seen my bullet journal already but I’m doing a flipthrough of some pages for @studyign‘s bujobattles :) This journal was bought locally in a major bookstore in the Philippines. I think this journal was actually designed to be a planner since the annual and monthly spreads were premade and all i had to do was to fill them up (funny story, i didn’t actually know that they were there. I thought this was a plain lined journal so, lucky me!). Here’s my setup :)

🎀First, I have an opening page with 2016 written on it in correction fluid (haha) and a really weird and cute picture 

 🎀As mentioned, all my annual spreads were pre-made so i filled them up and they take up like the first 3 pages (back-to-back) of my bullet journal. I use a neon orange pen to signify birthdays and a red pen to signify other events

 🎀My monthlies were also pre-made. They take up 13 pages (back-to-back) of my bullet journal. I did the lettering for all the months using my uniball signo angelic colour pens (post on these here) and i sometimes add stickers whenever i feel like it. I use washi tape to group together events that go on for more than one day like exams, breaks, fairs, exhibits, etc. I also use pink sticker dots to track when i make a blog post on my tumblr.

🎀I made a mandala and added that as an opening page to the start of my “actual” bullet journal. This idea was inspired by @bohoberry :) 

 🎀I made a list of things i wanted to accomplish for this year to remind me of what i was working for. This spread helps me especially when I feel tired and like i want to quit. Following that page is my index which goes on back-to-back. Highlighted in green are the lists i have in my journal (the tabbed pages at the back which i will get to later) and entries with orange asterisks are my original works like essays, poems, letters, etc. 

🎀The pictures that follow are selected spreads. As you can see, i just go on writing as the days go as well. Some may find this hard because it would be difficult to log future tasks. My solution to that problem is to use my monthly spread together with sticky notes to remind me :) At the end of each month, I do a memories page. I love putting in pictures because on some days, I look back and it makes me happy to see what actually happened in the past months.  

🎀The last picture is an example of lists at the back of my journal. I like all my lists to be in one place, hence its placement at the back so they don’t get interrupted by other entries. The lists i have are: movies to watch, post ideas for my tumblr, pen swatches (pictured on left side) and masking sticker swatches since i have all the sets and it’s kinda tiring to look though all the sets to find the right design (pictured on the right side) 

That’s technically it! I love my bullet journal so much because it can become anything i want it to be. The system is very flexible and I have been using it for 6 months now- the longest period of time i actually stuck to a system (being a planner addict, i went through 4 other systems before actually finding peace in this one). Thanks! Hope you have a great day! 💖

Christmas AU Prompts (requests closed for these prompts)

***Requests are currently closed for the christmas prompts, however requests are still open for AU Prompts and Dialogue Prompts  

So because Christmas is my all time favorite holiday of them all, I’ve decided to compile a list of all my favorite Christmas Prompts! I will still be working on my other requests, but these will just be simple drabbles that won’t take long and hopefully will put everyone in the Christmas mood <3

They will work the same as my other AU Prompt List and Dialogue List.

Send me the number of the prompt you want written and specifiy a member from GOT7 or BTS (Also be sure to specify you want a request from the Christmas List!!)

Here are the Rules if you need further info~

*All prompts belong to their respectful owners!

  1. We’re stuck under the mistletoe but you can’t stop rambling about how red-berried mistletoe are actually quite rare if they exist at all and you can’t stop spewing mistletoe facts and I think it’s adorable.  Requested w/ Taehyung (posted)
  2. We’re having a Christmas movie marathon because you’ve never fucking seen ‘ELF’. Requested w/ Yoongi (posted)
  3. We’re walking and I slip on the ice and you try to help me up but instead I pull you into a snowbank. Requested w/ Jungkook
  4. I was drafted into the army and after a few years I stopped communicating back and then a decade later I show up on your door and I’m singing ‘I’ll be home for Christmas’ and you literally want to murder me. Requested w/ Namjoon (posted)
  5. You’re in the hospital for the holidays so i came in while you were sleeping to decorate your room i love you merry Christmas  Requested w/ Hoseok
  6. We’re walking and my scarf will NOT stay on and you keep fixing it and then it flies off and you go running through the street to get it, and when you get it you raise it in your air and look so proud that I can’t help but say I love you. Requested w/ Jinyoung (posted)
  7. I come from a family where Christmas isn’t a big deal and this is my first time spending Christmas with you/your family and there’s a seven foot overdecorated tree and tinsel everywhere and people constantly bursting into songs and random people stopping over and staying for drinks and trading cookies and I’m hella overwhelmed at first, but soon I really find myself liking the festivity.
  9. I live on the floor below you and was watching the snow fall outside when I saw you fall out your window, why would you put up lights like that?
  10. It’s freezing outside and I didn’t wear a heavy enough jacket but you are letting me wrap my arms around you under your VERY WARM jacket and now I don’t want to leave so let’s just waddle around like this and now we’re laughing like idiots. People are looking. WHO CARES I’M WARM Requested w/ Hoseok
  11. I did that annoying thing where I put loads of smaller boxes inside one big box and you’re getting really mad but you don’t know that the ring is in the smallest box and I can’t wait to see your face  Requested w/ Jungkook (posted)
  12. We’re at an ugly Christmas sweater party and your Santa hat cat sweater is actually incredibly cute so I feel the need to disagree with your idea of an ugly sweater and now we’re arguing but okay you’re really attractive and now we’re just shouting compliments at each other Requested w/ Jackson (posted)
  13.   I thought I was the only one working over time at the office on christmas eve so I was singing jingle bells at the top of my lungs incredibly off key while making hot chocolate in the break room but you surprised me and I dumped it all over your pants. hello nice meeting you for the first time lemme dab your wet pants with this napkin Requested w/ Yoongi
  14. “Babe, help me put the star up?”  Requested w/ Youngjae (Posted)
  15. “That tree is not going to fit…” “I knew it wouldn’t fit.” Requested w/ Seokjin
  16. “You are going straight on the naughty list” Requested w/ Jungkook (Posted)
  17. “The real question is how many cookies is too many cookies…?” 
  18. My friends saw me staring at you while we were Christmas shopping and they dared me to go up to you and ask if you were a present because I want to unwrap you and I never turn down a dare so I did it but you actually thought it was funny, let’s get married ok Requested w/ Jungkook (Posted)
  19. “Please tell me you didn’t just drop the turkey” 
  20. “Hey, we knew you were alone this Christmas so ya'know… Surprise!” Requested w/ Youngjae
  21. “Baby, it’s cold outside” Requested w/ Jinyoung (Posted)
  22. We’re going ice skating for the first time this year and it’s pretty obvious that you’re secretly an Olympic figure skater or something how the hell are you so graceful you’re literally twirling around on one foot on a friction less surface and i can barely make a left turn Requested w/ Jungkook
  23. What no i totally have no idea how mistletoe got under every doorway in our house… *cough cough* …but since it’s there we should really honor the tradition right Requested w/ Jinyoung (posted)
  24. Yes you look like a movie star with your tinsel boa but the i think it suits me better so ha
  25. Yes i know it’s almost Christmas no that doesn’t mean you should watch every movie with snow in it seriously i can hear you singing along to love is an open door in front of my room and this needs to stop
  26. We’ve been dating for a couple months and I thought we planned on giving each other our virginity for Christmas but you actually got me a thoughtful gift and now I’m crying and naked
  27.  Stop eating the popcorn you little shit, i can’t make caramel popcorn balls with just caramel
  28. i’m making christmas cookies sTOP SNEAKING IN HERE TO EAT THE DOUGH OR I’LL SMACK YOU WITH A SPOON Requested w/ Yugyeom (posted)
  29. You know i think getting engaged on Christmas it’s the most cliche thing ever but you fucking proposed anyway Requested w/ Jaebum (posted)
  30. This movie opens christmas night and it’s sold out right away and i have two tickets because i was supposed to have a date tonight but they stood me up?? and you’re cute so you can be my replacement date (but it turns out you’re way better than my other date could ever be) Requested w/ Jackson (Posted)
  31. My roommate loves christmas but i’m a total scrooge. we’ve reached a compromise where they can do as much christmas stuff as they want AFTER THANKSGIVING. our apartment is very plain when i go to sleep on thanksgiving but when i wake up the next day there’s ornaments in my face and you’re blaring christmas music
  32. I’m going sledding and holy shit i just ran you over i am so sorry are you okay?? Requested w/ Jaebum
  33. I’m walking home from work in heavy snow and i just found you lying on the ground and as it turns out some assholes pelted you with snowballs and left you there and now you can’t move because you’re so cold Requested w/ Taehyung
  34. I work in a big restaurant uptown and we open to give the homeless free meals all day over the holiday season but one day you come in and recognize you as my first kiss from a drunken party in high school and my resulting crush for four years oh my god you’re homeless now i cannot allow this and i think i just made the absolutely insane decision to open my home to you
  35. I got arrested on christmas eve for accidental theft when i was leaving the store and knocked an item into one of my gift bags by mistake and you are the only person i can think of who might bail me out at 2AM so I’m sorry but please get me out of here Requested w/ Yoongi
  36. We just got back to our apartment from the Christmas party at your parents house, I’m really stressed because you big brother didn’t seem to like me but you’re walking around the kitchen, still in that red dress that drives me insane but I really really wanna take it off Requested w/ Jinyoung
  37.   I got a candygram a week ago and it had a cute Christmas poem on it in which I was compared to an angel, I’ve been trying to figure out who it was but it finally hit me when you held the door open for me and said ‘no problem, angel’ Requested w/ Taehyung
  38. you’ve had too much egg nog and rum and now you’re drunk and doing a strip tease for everyone at this Christmas party, it isn’t sexy in the slightest because you’re giggling and your sweater is caught over your head but I’m still falling in love with you Requested w/ Jaebum
  39. I get caught with one of my friends under the mistletoe and you literally sprint from across the room to shove them out of the way and take their spot Requested w/ Jackson (posted)
  40.  we went through a really bad break up a month ago, but I already bought you a Christmas gift. it’s too late to return it now and I know you’d really like it so I show up to your house on Christmas Eve and present the new watch I bought to replace your old one that’s nearly falling apart and I swear I see tears in your eyes Requested w/ Yoongi (posted)
  41.   I’ve dressed up in sexy Santa underwear and a trench-coat, come to your door, and revealed what is under my trench-coat, but oh my god haha you didn’t say your parents were visiting how lovely to meet them for the first time like this oh wow best christmas ever Requested w/ Yoongi (posted)
  42. I live next door and just burned my holiday turkey; I know you smell my failure.  Do you happen to have a spot for me at your table?
  43.   “Hey, look, mistletoe…” Requested w/ Jabeum (Posted)
  44.  Wait. You’re my best friend and you’ve never made a snow angel before???
  45.  You’re my new year’s resolution  Requested w/ Youngjae (Posted)
  46. why am i hearing barking/meowing/chirping in the middle of the night on christmas eve and you shushing it Requested w/ Taehyung
  47. it was cute of you to try and make me breakfast on christmas but honey you’re gonna burn the house down at this rate here let me do it Requested w/ Youngjae (Posted)
  48. i have no idea what mistletoe is and why the heck is someone trying to kiss me H E L P Requested w/ Mark
  49. we’re both lonely at a pub so let’s see how many christmas pick up lines we can come up with Requested w/ Jin (Posted)
  50. we’re both in the store and i’m trying to find a good christmas candle for my mum, what do you think of this scent? 
  51. I’m sorry that we ran out of coffee, honey, the snow has made it impossible to get to the grocery store, are you really not going to talk to me at all, TALK TO ME, PLEASE
  52. I didn’t realize your family used so much mistletoe, it’s like I’m walkiNG THROUGH A FUCKING MINEFIELD
  53. Every time you pick up a bauble to put on the tree you say ‘balls’, please stop or I’ll laugh too hard.
  54. I couldn’t find my Christmas cookie cutters so here have dinosaur shaped Christmas cookies.
  55. I can’t find the star for the top of the tree so I drew one on paper and rested it on top, aren’t I artistic?
  56. We’re strictly ‘platonic’ but we’re snowed in together and omg we’re going to have to repopulate the earth!!
  57. We were playing in the snow and you suddenly tackled me to the ground and now…we’re just…staring…at each other… Requested w/ Jungkook
  58. PULLING YOU IN FOR A KISS WITH A SCARF Requested w/ Jinyoung
  59. We’re neighbors and I just got locked out of my apartment, I was baking cookies that will burn if I don’t get there quick.
  60. I’ve never seen snow in person before, until now, what is this white stuff falling form the sky? Why are you laughing at me?

Request awaaaaaaayyyyy~

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Angel Wings (Derek Hale)

supernaturalonthecase said
Can you do a Derek imagine where your his angle ( he knows that) and you see him fight Scott for training but think it’s no joke so you wrap Derek in your wings to protect him and it would be your first time seeing his pack?  Sorry English kinda good

Imagine: You are going to visit Derek and see he is fighting with Scott.

Word Count: 1066

Triggers: none

(Hope you enjoy! This one was kind of interesting to right. Next up: A Liam imgaine With Derek!) 

Today you were going to surprise Derek with a visit to his loft. As you enter the building you hear groaning and the sounds of fighting. Quickly, you rush to the loft. Once inside, you see Derek fighting a younger boy. They both had glowing eyes so that means they were fighting. But why? The younger werewolf comes in and kicks your boyfriend while also punching him down. He falls immediately and groans. You rush over to him.
“Derek! Are you okay! Please answer me!” You say in concern.
“(Y/N), I’m fine just-”
You wrap your wings around him and his eyes change from Alpha red back to green in confusion.
“(Y/n)… You really didn’t have to do this. I’m fine. It was just training.” He said.
“It was what?” You say as you continue to help him within the wing cocoon.
“Training. That was the boy I bit, Scott McCall? And all of his friends are here too.” He explains. Once Derek has healed enough, you release him from your wing cocoon and make your wings shrink back.
“What? Where - oh hello new people.” You say and fake a smile as you turn around and see a couch full of people look at you I confusion. Derek puts an arm around your waist.
“Everyone, meet my girlfriend (y/n), who also happens to be my protector.” He says. You suddenly turn shy, not knowing what to say.
“It’s nice to meet you. I’m Scott, sorry about knocking your boyfriend down… I didn’t mean too.” He says. Derek gives him a playful punch in the arm.
“You did good Scott, she didn’t know I was training with you.” He says.
“Yeah… That was kind of embarrassing I didn’t mean to go full wing mode on you, I just thought you were really hurt.” You say to Derek.
“It’s fine, what a great way for everyone to meet you!” He says. You smile. A red headed girl speaks up.
“My name is Lydia and if you don’t mind me asking what exactly are you?”
“I don’t mind at all. I’m an Angelus. Which is Latin for-”
“Angel.” Lydia finished. You nod.
“I’m a banshee in case you were wondering. Please do not ask me to scream for you.” She chuckles. You laugh.
“Don’t worry, I’m not planning on it. Um, what about the rest of you?” A younger looking boy goes next.
“My name is Liam and I am a werewolf that was bitten by Scott.” He says. You look over to Scott.
“Derek told me about that. Nice job Scott, that was the only way you could save him.” You say. He blushes.
“Thank you.”
A girl with short hair goes next.
“My name is Malia Tate, and I’m a werecoyote.” She says.
“You’re the desert wolf’s child aren’t you.” You ask. She looks at you.
“Y-yeah. Do you know her?”
You nod.
“I mean, not very well but I have spent some time with her. She’s mentioned you a few times.”
Malia bites her lip.
“Thanks for telling me that.”
Smiling you say
“Your welcome.”
You look at the four remaining people on the couch.
“Okay, let me guess. One of you is the kitsune, one is another werewolf, one is a hunter, and one is a human.” You smirk.
“Wait - how did you?” One of the boys said.
“I can sense you guys. I’m an angel for crying out loud, I know almost everything. What’s your name?”
“I’m Stiles, the ‘human’ although I like to be called the resourceful one.” He added.
“Why of course, my apologies resourceful one.” He smirks like he just won the lottery.
“Okay, who is last werewolf?” You ask. The one remaining guy raises his hand.
“I’m Isaac. I was bitten by yours truly.” He says while pointing to Derek.
“Ahh, you were one of his recruits. I told him not to do that… But you seem lovely Isaac, it’s nice to meet you.” You smile.
“It’s nice to meet you too.”
“My name is Kira and I’m the Kitsune.” One of the girls blurt out.
“The fox I see. You get it from your mother?”
“You knew my mom?”
“For a short period of time yes.”
“I do get it from my mom, I’m an electricity fox. So lights and stuff.” She says.
“Wonderful. Keep control of your powers though, kitsune can get out of hand sometimes.” You warn. She nods.
“And last, but not least, the Hunter.” You say. She nods.
“I’m Allison. And you probably know my whole family if you know everyone else. But I’m not like them, I promise.” She says.
“I know you aren’t Allison, you’re an amazing girl with a heart of joy.” You say.
“Okay, no that introductions are over, can I get back to training?” Derek says. You look at him.
“Of course. I’ll be over here.” You say and give him a peck on the cheek. Him and Scott go back to training.
“Can we see your wings again?” Kira asks.
You smile and open them up.
“Pure white.” Lydia mutters.
“Pure white means you’re a good angel.” You explain.
You make them turn to black.
“Black wings mean you’re a bad angel. The good ones could always turn evil, and the evil could always turn good. It just depends on the person. Not only am I a good angel, I’m also a Guardian. In this case, Derek’s.” You turn to look at your boyfriend, who just got done with the first round of training.
“You are something special, you know that (y/n)?” Lydia says. You pull back your wings.
“Thanks Lydia.”

A few hours have gone by and everyone has finally left the loft.
“Did you enjoy talking to everyone?” Derek asks. You nod. He comes over to you and gives you a hug.
“You knew a lot more than I thought you did about everyone.” He says. You rest your head on his shoulder.
“Yeah well, being an angel has its perks, I know a lot about a lot of people.” You say. You remove your head from his shoulder and look at him. He leans in for a kiss and you kiss him back. As your kiss intensifies, your wings come out and wrap around you and Derek both. He laughs into the kiss.
“I love when that happens” he mumbled.

 (I know it’s young Derek Hale, but that’s alright haha. Also Gifs are not mine, Credit goes to whoever made them.)

anonymous asked:

i often feel the need to justify myself to other people. do you have any advice?

I used to be a lot like this. I used to explain everything I did, hastily, waiting for others’ validation.
It took a long time for me to realize this on my own, but you don’t owe anyone an explanation. Everyone forms their own opinions of you no matter what you say or do. Any time a justification comes out of your mouth, you look more timid.
If you do it every once in a while, and fuck up, it’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up for it.
For instance, today, I was out walking, and a huge fucking moth flew right into my fuckin face, and i made the dumbest pBLTHHHH noise, just as a guy was approaching me. And I said to him “haha a moth literally just flew in my face.” He was like “haha yeah…?” And I instantly I regretted saying it. But then I thought to myself: is that guy gonna remember me at all??? No. I’m just someone he passed on his way home.
So if you take something away from this, listen here. No one deserves to know your motives. If you bake cupcakes for everyone in the office, and you say “oh ya know, I just did it, just because!” Then u laugh it off, and everyone will think you’re an angel. And that was your plan the whole time. But if you say “I made them so you all will like me” ur gonna get some awkward stares. Keep your motives to yourself, and remember that your explanations are your own. No one else’s.
Be a mystery. It makes you seem a lot cooler.

[Trans] Osen Interview - Member Profiles:

S.Coups: Seventeen’s leader. As a leader who lead 13-membered group, he feels a huge pressure. The members compliment, “When we have a schedule, he always sit on the passanger seat and talk about a lot of things with the manager. S.Coups, "I could went through the exhausting training period and debuted, I’m doing my best not to be over-excited. I feel so happy that we can do music together as a team.”  

Wonwoo: Member who has an impresive sexy gaze. “I’m already ‘Seventeen’ since I was born. My birthday is July 17th. I feel happy that Seventeen could debut with a song that was made by Woozi. I hope we can always promote with even better songs in the future.”  

Mingyu: One of the visual in the group. “My specialty is fixing broken stuffs and do (style) the members’ hair”. I’m confident on doing anything that need hand-skills (He’s 185cm tall so he can easily changes the light bulb). Actually, I still can’t realize that I have debuted. I will always work hard. Me and the members will get a grip and be a group who always work hard.“
Vernon: American member. He has an outstanding korean skills. He just recently know from the other member about the expression 'hard boiled/firm’ when cooking rice. It’s something he wanted to say since 4 years ago. "I’m called '4-dimensional’. My specialty is rap-making. I want to always show my (skill) improvement in the future.”  

Woozi: Talented member who wrote lyrics, composed and produced 'Adore U’. A lot of senior singers compliment him for his excelent potential. “I feel so proud that we could debut with a song made by us. Originally there were other songs (for title track). but I feel thankful to company and all the people who trust me to produce the song . I feel so proud and happy when I heard 'You’ll debut with what you made’.”  

Jeonghan: One of the visual member. He’s called 'Seventeen stan-attractor’. “Fans call me 'angel’. My birthday is October 4th. Haha (if there’s a male-angel he probably would look like him). My specialty is buying socks. When I went somewhere and saw pretty socks, I’ll buy them. Also, I like sports but my stamina drains quickly and I get tired fast. I still can’t believe that we have debuted. When we go to music shows I’m feeling like we’re having a study tour in the broadcasting station. As we’re doing it I’m gradually getting used to it. Someday, we will be a singer who will rank 1st!”

Joshua: Member with cute visual. “My specialty is singing. I was a member in choir team in church. I do acoustic arrangement with guitar. When we were doing a reality show, I re-arranged After School’s 'Because of You’.”

DK: Member with an attractive eye-smile. “My specialty is not a good thing, but I’m good at losing stuffs . I originally have a careless personality so I’m good at losing stuffs. I feel happy that I can be together with the members. I always feel our synergy when we’re together. I hope we’ll always have this feeling, and we won’t forget our roots - and will always work hard.”

Seungkwan: Mood-maker in the team. Cheerful member who has an ability to make other people happy. “I’m an aspiring entertainer. Haha. In the future I want to hear people to call me 'skillful’. I want to be someone who can energize other people. Someday I want to try various things - variety show, radio DJ, MC. I feel thankful for the members who have endured the long trainee period and I want to fulfill people’s expectation.”

Hoshi: Member who takes part on choreographing 'Adore U’. He could make a simple gesture such as 'picking out a tissue’ as a choreography. He gets inspiration for the choreography from daily life. “I’m 10:10. Because my eyes splitted like that (laugh). I have similiar eyes with Kim Beom Soo sunbaenim, I hope you can call me the idol world’s Kim Beom Soo. Haha. My specialty is choreographing. Maybe that’s why I often rips my training pants. I feel happy as I’ve been waiting long for debut, I will work harder in the future.”     

Jun: Chinese member who has attractive huge eyes and actor aura. “My specialty is waking up early in the morning (He’s called Seventeen’s morning call). I started acting in China since I was 3 y.o. Beside music, I have a lot of interest in acting. My role model is Jackie Chan. I feel good and happy that I could stand on the same stage as the other sunbaenims and can watch it and learn from them.”

The8: Chinese member. Extraordinary performer who has participated in a lot of b-boying competition in China and received a lot of awards. “I have learned martial arts since I was 4.5 years old. I was the member in China’s youngest b-boy team, and I know how to breakdance, tumbling, acrobat. I feel happy when I’m standing on a stage. Being a singer is my dream. I’ve achieved that dream.”

Dino: The youngest member in the team. But he has an ambitious aura around him. He wants to break prejudice about a maknae, so he makes a strong(?) impression and calls himself a 'tiny giant’. “Dance is my specialty and my strong point. I watched our performance on music show, I still can’t believe that I appeared on TV. Since I was young, I grow up by watching music programs so it’s hard for me to believe that I’m appeared on those programs. Recently we’re having lack of sleep (than we had before) but rather than tired, I enjoyed it more.”

trans cr: @uygnim


MY SHIRT FINALLY CAME SO NOW I CAN JOIN Y'ALL IN POSTING MY OUTFIT FOR THE CONCERT!! So I went I cat theme this year for the concert. I designed the shirt and uberprints made it (great company to work with by the way! I had a wonderful experience with them)! I always like to write a little letter on the back of my shirts when I go to concerts about the artist using their lyrics and song titles. And the front of course is a sassy Meredith haha. But anyways I will be going to the concert on July 13 and will be sitting in Section 137 Row KK Seats 10-11! I really hope to get my present that I have for taylorswift to her. I JUST CANT WAIT TO SEE THIS BEAUTIFUL ANGEL FOR A FOURTH TIME!!