haha i love playing this on my iphone

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I know you get program asks a lot but I'm wondering if you make your own music for your videos? like for depression dance! If you do it'll be really awesome to know what program you use! ur stuff is amazing and lots of love <3 :^)

 for depression dance i used my qchord

^this thing. its mega easy to play u just press a button and strum! you can look up youtube videos to see how it works 

and i just record on my iphone haha..how pathetic is that. UHH i mean Innovative

and then just edit/export in audacity :’^) 

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Saw you playing the piano in the airport. Any chance you can put up something of you playing more? Love seeing that side of your musicality. God given gift in action. Love ya!

I have some iPhone vids on my personal youtube haha xxooxxoo8993 😂

also thank you so much!!! I really appreciate that! :)