haha i love how he acknowledged this


every westallen scene ever (27/?)


Haha, I love how in the manga Akutagawa just passes out normally after receiving praise from Dazai, like he holds out to the last bit of energy he has left just to hear these words of acknowledgement and falls with a semblance of satisfied grace after he does while in the anime, it’s like…

“I died. Senpai noticed me. I died.”


Review for On Borrowed Time - Chapter 3 by @aisforr

Oh my. This fic…it’s so beautiful and funny, but at the same time it’s sad and I’m starting to cry every time I read a new chapter. I don’t know if my heart can handle this. But anyways. I love this fic so much and I couldn’t stop reading it even if I wanted to haha.

Attention: Spoilers start here

I just gotta say. I love how you’re portraying Jughead in this fic. His lines make me laugh, but he can be hella serious and emotional too and woah. So many feelings. Let’s start with a funny line. I really laughed so hard here: /“I feel like I should be wearing some wizard robes.” She hums in acknowledgement, her eyes now trailing the lines of the buildings. “Or have a wand or substantially more money in my bank account.”/ Oh Juggie… xD

I’m just so in love with the way they comfort each other all the time. This is…everything. Read this: /”Because you’re capable of this.”“I think…”He shakes his head. His calloused thumb making a pattern across the back of her hand, squeezing it slightly in an act of comfort.  “You’re better than all these people, have some faith. Don’t be afraid of achieving.” The corners of her mouth turn upwards at his words./ Oh my heart.

I wasn’t ready for that ride on the train. /None of this is normal. Normal isn’t going to sleep every night wondering if her best friend will be dead when she wakes up. In that moment, she realises then she’s not been breathing and her brain is flashing warning signs at her. A warm sensation runs through her arm as she feels her hand being placed against a hard chest. The slightly fast heart rate that she’s accustomed to hearing at night, thuds against her palm. As a feeling of calm washes over her, her eyes refocus on Jughead.He smiles softly, pressing her palm closer to his chest. “Hey.” She watches the fabric of his shirt crease under the weight of her hand as she flexes her fingers./ I’m crying guys. I’m crying. I can’t. My heart. It’s so sad, but it’s so beautiful <3

Wow it takes an enorm amount of trust to let somebody blindfold you and I loved it! Also Jugheads surprise is so damn sweet! Just as sweet as the flashback to their childhood. Oh man. So many feelings. / Jughead smiles brightly. “I’d do anything for you, Betty. You know that.” Betty’s heart thuds loudly against her ribs and she wonders for a second if maybe he can hear it too./ Geez. YOU ARE SO IN LOVE. Those two kill me. xD

The teasing! The chemistry! I CAN’T!! / As the crowd claps, while the actors bow, she feels him step closer to her. The warmth of his front radiating through her coat. She attempts to stop herself from relaxing into as she anticipates what’s coming. Sure enough, not thirty seconds later he delivers another bird call into her ear./ CAN YOU FEEL IT?!

I have to quote another part, holy moly: /“It’s beautiful, isn’t it.”“Yeah.” Betty replies, rotating to look at Jughead who had taken purchase on the bench in the centre. But when she catches his eye, instead of looking out at the scenery he’s focused on her. / Oh my heart. I’m smiling like an idiot.

And now I’m legit crying!!! /“I don’t want you to forget about me, when you’re off gallivanting around University.”To any of the other bystanders in the pod, it sounded like a casual conversation but Betty knew the true meaning behind it. Her heart aching at the thought of being in a position where she could forget about him. She moves to look at him, his expression giving nothing away.“I could never forget you, Juggie.”/ :( so sad and beautiful.

I can’t quote the whole last part of this chapter. But I’m still crying. I can’t stop the tears. Oh my god. So good. Like…read this : / He opens the gap between the netting to let her in. Securing them in a cocoon, that reminds her of the forts they built as children./ and this / Instead of using words, she grasps his hand in hers. Placing it against the cotton fabric of her sleep shirt, to allow him to feel the continuous thud of her heart. “You’re not alone, Juggie.” Her breath hitches as he looks down at her, her eyes losing focus on his face as he leans down. She assumes he’s going for a hug but instead places a kiss against her cheek. / WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME??? 

I’m very emotional right now and I feel like I need alcohol now. BUT IS WAS SO WORTH IT. But please be gentle with my heart girl!

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When They Realize They Love You


The sudden thought of loving you crossed his mind when the two of you were stupidly dancing in the living room with each other. He was having so much fun with you and felt content as he watched you dance and laugh that the thought completely overtook his mind and made his mood ten times better.

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He had acknowledged his love for you when the two of you were just having a lazy day together. He was gazing at you and couldn’t stop himself from thinking of how it’d be nice to be like this everyday and before he knew it, he was thinking of how much he loved you. 


The mere thought of loving you embarrassed him; not because it was you who he loved but because he now had to tell how he felt and he had no clue how to bring it up into conversation.


He wasn’t sure when or where it had hit him that he loved you but when it did, he was struck speechless, finally understanding why he cared so deeply and passionately for you.

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He wouldn’t realize he loved you until he actually said it aloud to you by accident.

(Y/N): “I’m heading out for a bit, okay?”

Him: “Okay. Have fun! I love you.”

(Y/N): “What?”

Him: “What.”

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The thought would hit him randomly one day. He’d be thinking of you and out of nowhere, a thought that consisted of I love her so much would pop up. For the rest of the day (possibly week), he’d have a small smile appear whenever you were mentioned or when the thought of you came.

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At first, he would deny it, thinking it was too early to think that way. But after some time of thinking, he accepted his feeling towards you with a huge smile.


He’s known for quite some time that he’s loved you. He was only waiting for the right time and place to tell you, wanting it to be perfect for when he broke out the news.

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He had been talking to one of the members about you when they suddenly asked if he loved you. He was quiet for a long minute, wondering if he did or not. When he found his answer, he replied to them with a smile.

Him: “Yes, I do. A lot, haha.” *cue that embarrassed laugh he does*


You could have been talking about something you loved and he’d watch how excited and passionate you looked while discussing it. He’d nod to himself in acknowledgement about his feelings all the while you thought he was agreeing with what you said.


He had said it aloud without thinking first. It took him to realize his feelings once he had heard himself say it.

Suho: “I love you, my son~”

Him: “Hyung, no, I love (Y/N). You’re too late.”

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You were currently using his shoulder as a pillow as you slept, and he couldn’t stop the smile that formed on his lips when he looked down at you. In that still moment, his mind was filled with the acknowledgement of having fallen in love with you.

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Signs As Texts I've Recieved
  • Aries: Oh yeah except the day after leg day lol that shit sucks
  • Taurus: looks like I'm going to the republican national convention
  • Gemini: Are you doing big business
  • Cancer: Haha I still love you no matter how much of a kink freak you are
  • Leo: He could be a really good drag queen...
  • Virgo: Dang what's Virgo? probably ho stories
  • Libra: If he acknowledged my existence I'd turn inside out and screech
  • Scorpio: I don't think you will die alone unless you want to
  • Sagittarius: My ex did tell me that after having other pussy he decided mine was pretty damn good
  • Capricorn: No. Far too difficult. You want them to snort your remains. Much more efficient
  • Aquarius: I love pixelated bukakke
  • Pisces: We get it Marcel, you suck dick

anonymous asked:

I was looking at the behind the scenes and noticed that Nux comes up to Capable and puts his hand on her shoulder consolingly. I would have loved for that scene to have been left in if only to further solidify their bond. Oh well haha. Regarding his death, do you think he dies for Capable and the group or did he still believe in Valhalla, since he mouthed to her 'witness me'. Unless it was the only way he knew on how to acknowledge his death. Thoughts?

Was the behind the scenes you watched the B-Roll? Or are you thinking about the scene that only appears in the trailers where Capable has her arms wrapped around Nux? Because yes, that scene was really cute and should have been kept in. I really am hoping for some sort of deleted scenes, or extended edition to be released because this movie had so many things going on that could have been added. Like the torture and death of Miss Giddy, I only learned about it from the art book so there is many scenes cut out from the theatrical movie.

Personally I believe he died for Capable and the group. But I also feel he was really reluctant to die in the end? The end scenes with Capable and Nux before she left the rig where mostly non-verbal after he tells her he will follow after her, so I’m just interpreting how I saw it.

After telling her to cross over Capable looks at Nux like she is reluctant to leave him and shows disbelief what he just told her. Nux responds with a stubborn but firm glare like he wants her to go for her safety. Before Capable moves to the Gigahorse, they share one last reassuring glance at each other. As if Nux was telling her it was going to be all right. But then when Rictus appears, all reassuring looks are gone, and Nux’s eyes are full of fear. He does not want Rictus to reach them, and when the engine is ripped out Nux’s eyes are full of a hesitant resignation of his fate. He realizes that even if Immortan Joe is dead others will still follow after them. So in order to protect Capable, and for the women to go forward, he has to crash the rig and stop the perusing war party. When Nux says to Capable ‘Witness me’, the most important part of it is that he whispers it. He doesn’t shout it in glory like the other War Boys, he says it in an almost reluctantly in a way like saying ‘remember me’. And that is what the Witness culture really is at its core, and it’s the only way Nux knows how to die. He points to her like he is saying, remember me Capable.

To which Capable responds with the Vuvalini gesture of remembrance, and ultimately does remember him. In the Vertigo comic, it is based after the movie, where a history man is shown telling the story of Nux as the tale of a courageous man. This means that Capable remembers him and instructed the History man to tell his story. In the end Nux gains the immortality he so craved by living on in the memories of the children being told his story.

And I just made myself emotional writing all this. I am sorry if this is not what you asked for.


-Bitty’s parents texting him good luck!!!! COACH texting him good luck!!!! we rarely see much of this in the comics, and we know how strained their relationship is, but ITS REALLY NICE TO SEE SOME CONFIRMATION  THAT COACH IS PROUD OF BITTY???? (ALSO BITTYS BUTT!!!!1)


-Jack obviously wanting to bring It up but waiting around awkwardly LIKE THATS SO ACCURATE 

-The miscommunication??? Like, don’t get me wrong, i /love/ how when bitty came out to shitty and jack came out to george, they knew exactly what to say. It’s so validating hearing “thank you for sharing that with me! that’s great!” but i really like that this one was…less smooth?? Bc there sometimes /is/ that awkward jumble before you’re just like “Okay! Cool! Great!” god knows I’ve had that before when i’ve come out to people lol 

- also, JACK switches to french. Maybe bc he feels more comfortable with it? Or bc it’s a very obvious connection for him and Marty? or so other people won’t understand  what they’re saying if they overhear??? Either way, love it

-THAT FATHERLY LOOK MARTY GIVES HIM WHEN HES LIKE “Of course Jack, don’t even have to ask!” 


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WWA Concert Report St. Louis

Oh. My. Goddddd.

Ok this is what happened to us. I’m just going to write this in a disorganized manner because my brain is Harry Styles pre-masticated banana mush.

The very first thing I need to say is that Addy (gloriaandrews) and I, *as adult /fans/*, felt a bit self conscious in our rainbows almost the whole time. For Harry to wear that jersey in front of all those people, I just cannot believe how incredibly incredibly AMAZINGLY brave and wonderful he is.

Ok now the rest:

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oh how the mighty fall in love

so much for the hiatus haha *sweats nervously*. I love the title of this so much you have no idea.

Inspired by this post

Levy chuckles as she watches Gajeel stumble towards Shadowgear’s table. He and Cana have been testing some of Mira’s new drink concoctions all day, and while Cana is perfectly fine, Gajeel is drunk off his ass. Jet and Droy are eyeing the Iron Dragon Slayer warily as he plops down at their table. Gajeel grabs Jet’s water and chugs it, either not noticing or deciding not to acknowledge Jet’s protests.

“Fuckin’ Mira with her fuckin’ drinks and her fuckin’… fuckin’ drinks and…” Levy has to bite her lip to keep from bursting out laughing, and even then, her small form shakes with suppressed giggles.

“Whatchu laughin’ at shrimp?” Gajeel mutters, knocking back the water glass even though it’s empty.

“Nothing, nothing.” Levy manages to say, offering her water to the drunk mage.

“You laughin’ at me?” Gajeel asks, accepting the water and draining it in one sip. Levy shrugs, but the way her shoulders shudder reveals her answer.

“Fuckin’ fight me shrimp.” Gajeel says, a trickle of water escaping the side of his mouth.

“I’m going to get some more water instead.” Levy says, stepping awkwardly over Gajeel and going to the bar. Kinana hurries to go get Levy three glasses of water and the Solid Script mage sits down next to Cana, who holds up a mug and starts animatedly describing Mira’s newest cocktail.

“Hey shrimp.” Gajeel says, and Cana stops talking, winking at Levy and turning away, raising her mug to her lips. Levy spins her bar stool around t find Gajeel leaning against the wall next to the bar, eyes still half-lidded under the effect of the surplus of alcohol he’d consumed.

“Youwannamakeout?” Gajeel slurs, and then suddenly he slips and pitches forward. The blue-haired mage yelps as she suddenly finds herself with a lap full of drunken dragon. She waits a few seconds before realizing that Gajeel has no intention of moving.

Gajeel mutters something into the skirt of her orange dress, but Levy can’t make out what it is. She smacks Gajeel’s back and pushes at his shoulders, but he doesn’t move an inch.

“Cana.” Levy yelps, but the brunette has already seen Levy’s predicament and evidently has no intentions of helping as she bursts out laughing.

“Jet? Droy?” Levy yells across the guild hall, and the other two members of Shadowgear are there in an instant, tugging at Gajeel’s slumped form. Levy pushes with them, and they finally tug the Dragon Slayer off of Levy’s lap.

Gajeel stands shakily. When he opens his mouth, Levy expects him to apologize. Instead he grins and says, “You never answered my question.”

Levy rolls her eyes. Incorrigible, this one.

“Maybe later.”