haha i love grayson

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Also what did you think of the new video? I couldn't stop laughing, especially when Ethan imitated Grayson haha - El xx

I LOVED IT!! they looked so so good and it was hilarious. they really seem genuinely happy to have a warehouse to film their videos in and it makes my lil heart so happy!! xx

Can I ask?

So I know this sounds crazy, and I find it hilarious. But so many of y'all Dm me and are like me and sis love your vids, or what’s your fav prank on each other, and so many think I’m the twins..(trust me I wish I knew them tho haha)

••IM NOT THE TWINS THIS IS A FAN ACCOUNT 😂😂 DOES MY BIO NOT GIVE IT AWAY….much love tho even tho some y'all don’t understand, it’s cool😂💙