haha i laughted at that

smeefus  asked:

c a n we be friends.. i knwo thsi is weird but AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA..i don't have much people o ntumblr to talk to, and you're an amazing artist, y ou inspired me so much th o

As strange as it can be, i frequently receive this question !

MeEEh don’t need to aaask! i already consider all of u as friends. (•u•)♡

That’s pointless to ask ‘cause the answer is automatically yes.

imah sometimes too busy or not always able to talk (like rn i should freakin’ work on mah game thesis or maybe sleep) but i’ll try to always be there if u need somethin’ ! ⊹⋛⋋(◐u◑)⋌⋚⊹


It was a Friday night that was a bit more special than most because today marked your 6 month anniversary with Calum.
Calum had been in the studio with the boys since the early morning, a work day that had been scheduled for a while so you and Cal agreed you would just spend your anniversary night at home watching movies and cuddling.
It was almost 6, when Cal said he would be finished and heading home, when he called you.

“Hey love,” He said when you answered.
“Hey babe, how was writing today? Are you on your way home?” You asked.
“Yeah, about that…”
“What?” You questioned, feeling like you knew what he was going to say next.
“Babe I’m really sorry but we’ve kinda gotten on a roll writing and we’re trying to finish up a song. We’re close so just give me like one more hour. One more hour and I’ll be home and ready to spend the entire night with you in my arms,” Calum said.
You sighed, knowing that studio time was important. You just wanted to be with him already and were just a little frustrated because he said he would be home at 6 for sure.
“Alright, well I’m glad it’s going well. Just let me know when you’re on the way home I guess,” You replied.
“Okay. Again, I’m really sorry Y/N. I know I said I wouldn’t stay late. But I’ll see you soon. Love you,” He said hanging up.

You went to the living room and searched through your DVDs to pull out a few to watch later. An hour passed and Calum still hadn’t called you. You tried calling him and he didn’t answer. You gave up and laid on the couch, frustrated and thinking Calum forgot your 6 months together. Finally at 8, your phone lights up with a call from Cal.

“Uh. Hi?” You answered.
“Hey can you come meet me at the studio? My laptop has some lyrics and melodies on it that I need. I completely forgot to bring it today. It’s on the bed. Would you mind bringing it to me please? Thanks babe you rock!” Calum blurted out to you, hanging up before you could even say anything back.

You couldn’t believe he had the nerve to call you two hours late, and on top of that, ask you to go out to the studio for him. You contemplated even going, but you didn’t want to mess up their writing session and didn’t want Calum to get mad, causing the night to get even worse. You grabbed the laptop and your keys and purse and headed to the studio. When you got there, Luke and Ashton ran to meet you at the door.

“Oh hey guys, what’s up?” You asked.
“Hey Y/N!” They both said.
“Hey don’t worry but we gotta blindfold you real quick,” Luke told you.
“Yeah just go with it okay!” Ashton chimed in.
“Um what is going on??” You questioned them.
“You’ll see!” You hear Michael yell at you, grabbing your hand to lead you into the studio.
About 30 seconds later and a few times of bumping into walls because Mikey was terrible at leading you, you’re told to stop.
“See you later Y/N!” you heard Ash, Luke and Mikey yell at you.
“Wait! Don’t just leave me here? Where the hell is Calum anyways? Y'all are driving me crazy I’m supposed to be at home watching movies right now!” You yelled at them, leaving your blindfold on.
You feel familiar hands around your waist and a whisper in your ear.
“I’m right here babe,” Calum said.
“Calum look I don’t know what you’re doing but your laptop is in the car. I really want you to just finish up here so we can hang out for what little of the night is left. Please,” You said to Calum angrily. “And why am I wearing a blindfold,” You ask as you start to take it off.
“Here,” he said as he helped you untie it the rest of the way.

As soon as you could see again, you looked up and saw a table and two chairs sitting in the middle of the studio in front of you with dinner set up, some candles, and a bottle of champagne. Your jaw dropped.

“So this is why you were taking so long-” you started to say as Cal cut you off.
“Y/N, look, I’m so sorry I had to string you out the way I did but I really wanted to surprise you with this. And I know it’s only been six months but they’ve been the best six months of my life. With band blowing up the way it has and having you in my life, I’m just so happy. I wanted to make tonight special for you. Please don’t be mad I-“
You cut Calum off with a long kiss.
“Babe, it’s perfect,” you said, “this is amazing and you’re amazing and thinking you forgot me for a little while was worth it,” You said. “Although you have set the bar for yourself pretty high now haha,” You laughted.
“I know,” He said, “just wait for our one year.”  
He wrapped his arms around you and lifted you up for another kiss.
“I love you, beautiful girl.”
“I love you too, you goof. So, so much. Happy six months Cal,” You said back.

You two proceeded to eat dinner and dance around together to your favorite songs, laughing and celebrating your amazing first six months.

xoxo S