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just another coffee shop AU

So this was part of a not!fic challenge but it ended up as more of a fic than a not!fic, so I’m posting it here. The challenge was to put a trope in my inbox and I’d tell you about the story I’d write. (Honestly, I’m tempted to adapt this and try to do it as orig fic, haha) So enjoy.

It’s harder than you think to get a job in a little podunk town that’s mostly home to fishermen. Dex takes what he can get, and what he can get is a job dishing out lattes and scones at the little pretentious coffee house that vacationing yuppies love to frequent on their way to Maine’s outlet malls. It’s barely a living, but Dex doesn’t need much.

He serves coffee one day to the preppiest of the prep – a luxuriously coiffed writer who tells him that the coffee shop has the perfect atmosphere for inspiration. Dex snorts. This is a guy who wears his stubble purposely rough, to achieve some kind of effect. He probably wears “pre-distressed” clothing (although right now his outfit’s actually really sharp, with this vest over a fuzzy, tight-fitting sweater.)

The writer challenges him. “Come on, you have to have a little poetry in your soul?”

“I sold my soul for a three-dollar latte,” Dex replies.

The man laughs, and goddamn, even his teeth are perfect.

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  • y’all are disgustingly cute
  • like he looks all cocky and confident
  • nd tbh you thought he was a fuckboy at first
  • but then he got really shy and stuttery when he asked you out
  • spoke a mile a minute honestly
  • “heydoyouwannagooutwithmesometime”
  • nd you’re like boy slow down what are you saying
  • nd johnny overheard and decided to help be an “”””official translator”””
  • “I think he is asking you on a date or maybe he’s telling you there’s something in your teeth it’s hard to tell”

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boyfriend!youngmin, college au? thank you:)

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thanks for requesting!!

also, i reached 300 followers already?? thank u so much im njdkc??? i wasn’t active that much, and im really sorry about that!! but ill work harder to get more stuff out as a thanks!! 

but really, thank you so much!! <333

under read more bc its kinda lengthy!! 

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Songfic: A thousand years

A/N: I’m sorry if this sucks. Really sorry.

Prompt:  For the songfics could you do 104 A Thousand Years by Christina Perri? Oh my gosh, that’s honestly one of my favorite songs, I’m so glad it was on the list. And for the fic could you make it fluffy please? Thank you! ☺️

Warinings: pregnancy, fluff, idiot Chris haha!


I exhale while I looked at him. He was so damn handsome. Even with that worry look in his face. Those sweet blue sky eyes… and the frown above them.

“So… what is it, babe?” Chris held my hands and kissed my knuckles.

“Chris, I… we…” I changed the direction of my life-changing speech “have only dated for a few months, we’ve had wonderful times together, I love you” I smiled, knowing that tears were close, really close to make their spectacular entrance.

“I love you too.” That’s the only thing he said “I think you knew that and I know that you love me, but I sense that there’s something else” I nodded and looked in my bag. I handed him a sonogram.

“I’m pregnant. I know that this wasn’t planned. I just found out and I’m terrified. Chris, please say something”. And out of the blues, I felt like… shit. He dropped my hand and ran his fingers through her barely-growing hair.

“Chris?” I insisted. He didn’t respond. I sighed. “Alright, then. I can’t imagine what you’re thinking, but when your girlfriend tells you she’s pregnant, you have to say something.” I stood up and made my way out of his place.


Chris didn’t stop me when I left. That made me so angry and sad. And angry again. It was a rollercoaster. I imagined that the news would turned out different. I hope it’d end differently. Now, he had been calling like crazy, but I wasn’t ready to face another rejection. Not for me, not to our baby.

I had told him that I was scared to death and he just stood there.

I felt so stupid for picturing the moment I told him in a totally different context. Him picking me up, making me spinning around. And I didn’t get a fucking word. I sighed looking at the photo on my desk. It was from our very first date. We had met on set. As a writer I got the chance to talk with the actors when they had questions about the script. And he had a lot of questions. Like, “would you like to go on a date with me?” and I said couldn’t even speak. I nodded.

Our date night was a mess. I was so late with the delivery of work that I forgot to call him to cancel. When I actually called him, he was outside of my house. I apologized over and over again. He just laughed and asked me to wait there. He picked me up in the office, took me to set. He had arranged everything. Someone was waiting for me with wardrobe and makeup. When I was ready. He had projected a night landscape on screen, the lights were almost off, making the atmosphere romantic and… special. Somehow, I knew that anything was going to be the same ever again. I had met the man of my life.

“Ok, tell something you’re embarrassed of?” he asked while he served another glass of wine.

“Are you for real? This is the first date I should impress you, not telling my weakness” I laughed and he looked at me, those penetrating and curious blue eyes were wondering in my being. It made me nervous. “What? Do I have something on my teeth?” I ran my tongue around my teeth and he just sighed. He didn’t lose his smile. Fuck. What was with him?


“Then?” I inquired.

“For the record I was already impressed before this date took place. Looking at you running on set, answering my questions patiently, I was impressed by you agreeing on this date. I just… I’m impressed by you. And I just pictured that I’ll find that out your embarrassing moments later, maybe in weeks, months or years. We’re going to know each other for a long time, y/n. I can’t wait to know you. Because to be honest, I want to.” I didn’t know what to say. To be honest, that was a speech. A breathtaking, beautiful and chilling speech. I bit my lips.

“I can’t dance” I murmured. He smiled “That’s something you should know. I… want to dance, but I just can’t.” he grabbed my hand and kissed my knuckles. And that was how all began.

It’s corny and that’s what most girls would probably say after the first date with Capitan America. But I didn’t meet that facet of him. I met the pet lover and the sweet, funny Boston guy… where was him when I told him that there was a little person made by US growing inside me?

I guess that’s why my hopes were up. And amazing beginning, an unrealistic almost a fairytale story. But was it close to finish?

“Y/n? Do you have a moment?” my boss asked I nodded and he told me to go to the set. I put my ID and went down. The lights dimmed as I walked in. there was the same night landscape Chris and I saw in our first date. I looked behind and the doors was closed.

The spotlight made a way I started to follow. Flowers and candles everywhere. There was a shadow. I felt my heart racing I knew who it belonged to. Instinctively, my hand traveled to my not showing belly.

“What’s this?” I asked. He leaned and grabbed my hands, approaching me to his athletic body. He was using dark jeans and a dark gray sweater. I arched my eyebrow.

“I’m getting one step closer” I took my distance and put my arms around me.

“Chris… I don’t understand” I murmured. I saw the corners of his mouth getting up.

“Would you like to dance with me?” I look somewhere else as an ironic comeback. He knew that my abilities for dancing were closer to the floor than actually moving my feet. He didn’t let me answer, he grabbed me and started to smoothly dance. He, unlike me, knew how. His strong body guided my clumsy body.

“There’s no music” I tried to take a step back but he didn’t allow me to. It started a sweet melody by piano and violin. But it wasn’t from a record. I looked around and there was a band. “Chris?”

“A few years ago, I was the sexiest man alive. You know? Right now I’m only the stupidest man alive. I let the love of my life walk away from me with our baby.”

“Wait, what?” I inquired, this time, I took my distance. He was standing in front of me, he looked different. What did I miss?

“I love you. I loved you since the very first time I saw you running here, literally. I knew that you were the woman I needed to meet. That I needed to love. I have loved you since then and then I actually loved you and here we are. When we met, I asked you what embarrassed you the most. The thing I’m most embarrassed is letting you go, but” and suddenly, he knelt “I loved you. I love you, and I will always love you. I’m sorry I reacted that way, I’ll make it up to you and our baby. But right now, I just want you to know, that you’re not alone in this, y/n. I don’t have any doubts, when I look at you, everything disappear. Just, don’t be afraid, I’m not leaving you again. Let me love you forever, be my wife. y/n, will you marry me?” he opened a little red box. There was a ring on it. I was already crying.  

“Yes” I answered. “Yes, yes, and yes!” he stood up smiling and slid the ring on my finger.

“I’m so sorry, baby” I cried while he hugged me. He kissed me and knelt again. “Hi, baby, this is daddy. I just wanted you to know that I’ve loved you for a thousand years, and I’ll love you for a thousand more. Just like I love your mommy even when she’s the worst dancer ever.”

Tricked? (Josh x Reader)

This is a request :)
Plot: You are the shy girl in school. Everyone has a crush on Josh including you. What you didn’t know was he also liked you. You both didn’t want to admit it. He soon later tells you but you back off unsure if he was trying to trick you or not.

Readers Point Of View
Here we go again. I just need to get through this last year and I’m off to collage. Me being me I go straight to the spot I always go to when I’m early for school. There was a tree behind the school in the field where I always go to relax and get away from the world.

To get to this spot you needed to go through the whole in the fence and it would lead to an area surrounded by trees. Like a small forest. No one knows about it but me and I wanted to keep it that way.

As I go to this spot I see Josh, the boy everyone liked. A small blonde haired girl was trying to talk to him but Josh looked away looking rather annoyed. He turned his head and saw me. His eyes went wide as he saw me. I took this as a bad sign and walked faster.

“Y/n! Wait up.” Josh called. Getting away from the blonde girls grip.

I started to walk faster than I did before. Wanting to get away from the attention.

“Why, are you walking so fast?” He said while grabbing my arm. I flinched a little. It didn’t hurt I was just frightened. “Oh, sorry.”

“Listen, I gotta go.” I then walked away going to my spot. I felt bad but I couldn’t handle the attention that would come if I talked to him. People would ask questions.

“Oh, okay then.” Mumbling something under his breath sounding sad. 

Okay, now I feel really bad but I need to go. I put my headphones and slowly go on my way. The day was chilly. My oversized sweater was appropriate for this weather. The orange and red leaves spread out across the field making the dull green grass pop out more.

I went through the fence and lied down on the bench that was worn out and damaged but that’s what I liked about it. I stayed like that until the bell rang signaling that it was time to go to first period. I got up and ran towards the school not wanting to be late. I was supposed to go five minutes early but I was to consumed by the music.

First period was boring. The teacher kept on talking about how we should be able to follow the rules at our age. Our school did this thing where they reminded us about the school rules every once a month. While I was sitting there, I felt a someone staring at me and I began to feel very uncomfortable.

I debated looking around and making eye contact. I then proceeded to look around.  My eyes landed on Josh and he seemed to be doing the same. I didn’t know what to do. Act normal Y/n. Wait, how do I act normal? I’m over thinking this.

Thank god the bell rang. I packed all my things and grabbed my bag then got out of there as fast I could. The same cycle repeated until lunch. Well, everything but the whole Josh thing.

Forgetting about lunch I went straight to my spot. For a shy girl It was taking a big risk doing this. It was technically going off school campus. But I was used to it. This time it was lightly raining. I was so lost in my head that when someone tapped my shoulder I screamed. Not loud but it wasn’t quite either.

“Wow, calm down! It’s me Tyler.” He said with wide eyes not expecting me to scream. “Okay, didn’t see that coming.” Tyler chuckled.

“How did you find me? No one knows this place but me.” I was confused as to how he found me.

“Well, that’s not true anymore I guess. Josh told me. This sounds creepy but he kinda watched you a couple times when you go here. I won’t cover him on that.” Tyler laughed. I just blushed. Damn, I must be really red.

“Tyler, not to be rude but what are you doing here?” I was kinda mad that this wasn’t my secret place anymore.

“Oh, I don’t really know. Josh went with some girl and I wanted to come over here and just talk to someone that isn't 'fake’ and only interested in getting in my pants. Oh, and I need advice.” Tyler smiled shyly.

“I’m not that good at advice Tyler. Just warning you now.” I said honestly.

“Its okay. I can’t talk to Josh because he’s always distracted by a girl. He doesn’t like the attention but he says that he needed to get ‘some girl’ out of his mind.” Tyler talked about Josh kinda like he was annoyed.

“And you don’t like that I’m guessing.” Pointing out the obvious.

“No, because if he really liked the girl then he should say something. Honestly, Humans are so confusing.” Tyler sighed. “Tell me about it.” I agreed.

“The bells about to ring, Ill talk to you later.” Tyler smiled showing his teeth.

“Okay, thanks for the talk.” I waved.

“No problem. It was nice talking to you. I really needed it.” He said before walking off.

The rest of the day went by slow. It felt like time went by slower just torture me. When I walked home I hummed along to the song. The day was quite. It rained a little harder but I enjoyed it.  I looked around only to see Josh with headphones in walking on the other side of the road. He hasn’t noticed me yet so I walked faster.

“Y/n! Y/n wait!” I heard Josh call my name. Damn, I was caught. I kept walking pretending that I couldn’t hear him because of the music.

“Wait!” Josh grabbed my shoulders.

“Umm..” I froze taking out my headphones. “Hi?” I said shyly.

He chuckled and that made me blush even harder.

“Hey.” He smiled. “How are you?”

“Umm.. good I guess.” Trying not to freak out.

“Okay, I wanted to tell you something.” He looked nervous.

“Oh god” Not meaning to say that aloud.

“It’s nothing bad. I hope.” He whispered the last heard it anyways. God he was so cute. Shut up Y/n.

“Umm…Okay. I’m just going to say it. I like you, Y/n.” He smiled nervously.

“Oh. Oh. Okay.” Not knowing how to respond.

I didn’t believe him. Tyler said that Josh was hanging out with other girls and just the other day he was kissing some girl in the hallway.

“Is this a prank or something? This isn’t funny Josh but nice try.” I was kinda hurt.

I mean how typical. ‘Lets get the shy girls hopes up and that’ll be funny haha"

“What? No, Its not like that. Y/n I truly mean it.” Josh looked hurt. I just don’t know.

“How can I believe you?” I said unsure.

“You can’t but you can trust me.”

“Josh, I just don’t know.” I turned away. I started to walk but he pulled me back. He reached out and put his hands on my face gently.

“Please?” He looked me in the eyes and his eyes were beautiful. I’ve never noticed them before.

“But those girls?” I questioned.

“They were a distraction. I know it sounds stupid but I thought I could never have you and I couldn’t handle that.” He sounded honest.

“Do you trust me?” he asked. I thought about it for a moment before nodding.

“Good.” He said before pulling me in. I then felt his lips on mine and it was odd. It felt like a romantic cliché movie with the rain. We pulled away. All we could do was smile like an idiot.

Help Me Out

(A/N: so this is a little fic about the Holy Trinity because I love them and I need all three of them to be okay. Also, the fight scene fallout is based on the headcanon I posted for it on here earlier. Can also be read on AO3.)

ONSDAG 12:25

Isak wasn’t there when she walked into class.

She’d known there was a good chance he wasn’t going to be, considering he probably had a broken nose and she hadn’t seen him around the previous two days, but it still hurt when her eyes landed on his empty seat. Sana had spent the better part of the weekend drowning in guilt over what happened at the karaoke bar. Visions of sticky, blood-covered hands stained the backs of her eyelids every time she closed them, along with ones of Noora’s disappointed face and Yousef’s frame pressed against hers. It had been a hellish way to end what was supposed to be a nice afternoon.

Sana sighed and plopped down at the table. It felt empty without the blond boy next to her. She never realized how much she enjoyed their friendly banter until he wasn’t around, and it left her with a sick feeling in her stomach knowing that it was her brother’s fist that was responsible for his absence. She hadn’t bothered trying to talk to Elias about the fight. He had already shut himself in his room by the time she’d gotten home Friday night, and at that point she’d been too drained to bring it up anyway. He wasn’t acting like himself lately. Instead of being the sporty, fun-loving big brother that she knew, Elias was getting drunk and starting brawls with teenagers. Sana was officially worried about him.

The teacher called the students’ attention up to the board to begin class. Sana pulled out her textbook and resolved that, at the very least, she could take some notes for Isak so he wouldn’t fall behind. The boy was ridiculous when it came to passing biology, even if he liked to pretend that he never stressed about anything school related. Sana remembered seeing him nearly blow a gasket the one time he missed a pop quiz on a sick day. She rolled her eyes at the memory and smiled a little. Maybe focusing on work would help take her mind off her disastrous social life for a while.

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Prompt: “I’m not wearing a tie.“

Summary: Reader and Daveed are dating and getting ready for a cast dinner. Reader decides to tease Daveed, and Daveed seeks his revenge at the dinner table.

Warnings: smut!! teasing, public fingering, swearing

Word count: 1,790

A/N: When I started writing this, it was going to be completely fluff, but it had a mind of its own… BEWARE! This is my first smut, but hope y'all enjoy!!!

“Daveed, we have to leave in thirty minutes!” you said from your master bathroom. “Get ready!”

Daveed sat on the bed watching a football game in only his underwear and an unbuttoned dress shirt. He sighed at your command, but followed your instructions. He got up off the bed and headed into the bathroom where you stood in front of the mirror doing your makeup wearing only your matching bra and underwear set.

“Damn,” Daveed said, coming up behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist, “my baby is so beautiful.”

You smiled at his comment, but refused to be distracted by him.

You bat his hands away, “Put your pants on and control Daveed Jr.”

“There’s nothing ‘junior’ about him, Y/N,” he said prompting a giggle from you.

He went into the closet and pulled out a pair of black slacks then slid them onto his legs. He buttoned up his shirt and tucked it into his slacks. He then threw on a black suit jacket over that.

He began to question why you made him get ready at that moment. He was ready in less than five minutes. He accredited his speedy dressing skills to nights at the Roger Richards Theater when he would, against his better judgement, wait until the five minutes to places call was announced to put on his costume. He made his way back to where you were standing.

“How do I look,” he asked smugly, gesturing towards himself.

“Great,” you said reaching over and squishing his cheeks in your hand. “But where’s your tie?”

He shook his head, walking back to the bed and resuming his previous position. “I’m not wearing a tie.”

“Yes, you are! It’s a formal event!” you insisted, putting the finishing touches on your make up.

“I have on a suit jacket. What else do you want from me?” he asked in a whining tone.

“I want you to put on a tie,” you said, chucking at his childlike mannerism.

“You know, I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now,” Daveed said, still not moving from his position in front of the TV.

You had had enough with going back and forth with him. You went into your closet and grabbed a black tie from his side. You came out with the tie in your hands, still wearing just your undergarments. You swayed your hips as you walked impossibly slow towards your boyfriend.

Daveed averted his focus from the football game on the screen to your figure walking towards him. He ran his tongue across his bottom lip as his eyes raked down your body, taking in every curve. As he brought his eyes back up to meet yours, you noticed his pupils had dilated, making his lust evident.

When you finally made your way across the room to him, you swung one of your legs across his body, settling yourself on his lap. His hands immediately took rest on your ass, securing you to him.

“You’re wearing a tie,” you said, your voice changing to a lower octave.

He nodded, looking up at you with his lust filled eyes. You draped the tie in your hands on the back of his neck and proceeded to tie it. You subtly rocked your hips against him as you did this. This didn’t go unnoticed by Daveed. He let out a low groan and his grip on your ass tightened. You could feel the bulge in his pants begin to grow underneath you. A smile grew on your face as you finished tying the tie.

With your hands on either side of his neck, you leaned in and pressed a kiss to his lips.

“Fuck, Y/N,” he growled against your lips, pulling you closer to him.

He ran his tongue across your bottom lip and you gladly granted him entry. Your tongues mingled as your hips continued to grind against him. His hands roamed all over your body, almost as if he was trying to memorize the feeling of every part of you.

Your hand traveled upwards, taking refuge in his wild mane of hair. You grabbed a hold of a fist of his hair and tugged backwards.

He pulled away with a moan, “God, Y/N. You always know exactly what to do to drive me crazy.”

You smirked before placing a soft, slow kiss to his lips. Before he could try to deepen it, you pulled away and got off of his lap.

“Where are you going?” Daveed asked, his lap cold from the loss of contact.

“To put on my dress,” you said as if you hadn’t just teased him beyond compare.

“Y/N,” he said, his voice low.

“Daveed.” you responded innocently, turning to him.

“What am I supposed to do with this?” he asked, gesturing towards the bulge in his pants.

You shrugged, “I’m sure you’ll figure something out.”

“Y/N, you’re such a fucking tease,” he groaned.

You smiled as you walked back to your closet to get dressed.
You and Daveed sat at the long dinning room style table with the rest of the cast. The event you had been getting ready for was a farewell dinner for Lin who would be going to London next week to film Mary Poppins. Laughter filled the air as stories were told and jokes were made.

“Remember that time I caught Jaz and Anthony in the—”

“Oak!” Anthony and Jasmine cut him off, their eyes full of alarm

“Oh, is that not common knowledge?” Oak asked, smirking.

“It’s definitely common knowledge,” Pippa chimed in.

The rest of the cast nodded in agreement. It was obvious that Anthony and Jasmine were unaware of this fact because their cheeks burned red. You laugh recalling the memory.

It was summer of last year and you had just gotten done with the second show of the day. You were in your dressing room, having just taken off your ensemble costume and changing into your street clothes. You shared a dressing room with Jazzy, but it wasn’t unusual for her to hang out in Anthony’s dressing room after the show.

Daveed walked in, as he did every night, “You ready to go, babe?”

“Yeah.” You entwined your fingers with his and he grabbed your bag.

On your way out, you heard a scream and Oak’s voice yelling out profanities and apologies from behind you. Both you and Daveed turned to find out what the commotion was. Oak was standing in the hallway right outside of Anthony’s dressing room, his eyes wide.

“Oak, what just happened?” you asked, somewhat knowing the answer.

“I can’t believe I just saw Ramos’ dick,” he said.

You are pulled out of the memory by a large hand falling on your thigh. The action is innocent enough, so you ignore it, continuing to participate in the conversation.

“Lin, maybe you’ll find a new sweater in London,” you teased.

“Haha, very funny, Y/N. Have you tried stand-up?” he said, rolling his eyes.

“Seriously, Lin, you wear that sweater all the time,” Renée joined.

“It’s comfortable!” he defended. “One hundred percent cotton!”

You laughed at his defense, your sides slightly hurting from the joy of this night. Your smile dropped as Daveed’s hand shifted it’s position upwards. You looked over at him, but he continued his conversation as if his hand wasn’t lingering dangerously close to your core.

You came to the realization that this was payback for what had happened earlier in your bedroom. You knew he was going to get you back for that, but you had not imagined it would be here in front of the entire cast.

“Daveed,” you said through gritted teeth.

“Yes, my love?” he responded, smiling at you. The glint in his eyes confirmed your suspicions.

You noticed that not only was Daveed waiting for your answer, but, because you had interrupted their conversation, so were Pippa and Oak. You determined that there was no way you could talk to him about this right now, so you gave him a tight lipped smile.

“Never mind.”

He smiled at you and leaned in to place a kiss on your temple.

Before he pulled away, he whispered, “Karma’s a bitch, baby.”

This game you and Daveed were playing had been going on for a while. You both found great pleasure in teasing one another. It had become an unspoken competition on who could do it better. And he was about to win.

Without warning, Daveed’s hand had pushed your panties to the side and two of his fingers were circling your clit. You drew your bottom lip in between your teeth to keep a moan from escaping. You grew wet almost immediately, his skilled fingers increasing speed. You would never admit this to him, but the thrill of doing this in public made you even more aroused.

“Y/N, are you alright?” Pippa asked, noticing your change in demeanor.

“I-I’m fine,” you said, forcing a smile onto your face.

Pippa nodded, clearly not believing you, but deciding not to investigate further.

Through this entire exchange, not once did Daveed slow down. You reached out for your drink, gulping down what was left of it to keep yourself quiet. Daveed took it upon himself to plunge two of his fingers inside you, stretching you out. He slowly pumped, curving his fingers to meet your G spot. It took everything in you not to move your hips to meet his strokes.

Your grip on your glass tightened and your toes curled as he moved his fingers in and out of you. He moved slowly, as to not draw attention to the events happening underneath the table, but also to drive you insane.

Your breaths grew short and shallow as you approached your climax. You knew that if you came right now there would be no way to mask your moans. So, as much as it pained you to do so, you placed your hand over his which halted his motion.

He looked at you, a devilish grin on his face. You shared a look full of lust and desire. Daveed withdrew his hand, immediately understanding.

“Hey, guys. Y/N isn’t feeling well. I think we’re going to head out early,” Daveed lied smoothly to the table.

“I knew you weren’t feeling good,” Pippa says. “Feel better, my love.”

You and Daveed say your goodbyes as quickly as humanly possible before heading back to your car. On the way back to the car, you slapped Daveed’s shoulder rather hard.

“Ow! What was that for?!” he asked.

“You know exactly what it was for!” You said. “Almost making me come in front of the entire cast? Fuck you!”

“Oh, baby, I’m planning on it.”

Hickey reaction 2/2: You give BTS a hickey

Here’s part 2 :) Please enjoy it well~~ I’m still laughing about Namjoon’s reaction :D I’m so sorry but I had to use the opportunity^^ Btw I dreamt about Rapmon tonight but I can’t really remember what it was about :’)

All gifs belong to their rightful creators=owners (see urls right under the gifs as always~). Please support each other and BTS well!

I’m dedicating this to @nervouspizzaman who gave me the strength to keep on writing so I could publish this tonight :* 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Jin: *facetimes you*

Him: “I had to wear a turtleneck today because I didn’t want manager hyung to see it~ I showed it off to the members, though, they’re all so jealous^^”

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

Suga: *Yoongi is composing music well into the night again so you come up to the desk where he’s seated and start sucking on the skin on his neck* 

You: “[inbetween sucking on the same spot] Oppa, come to bed, please~

Him: “[rests his head against you while enjoying the feeling] I should, shouldn’t I? I’m sorry it got so late again, baby, let’s go~”

Originally posted by minsecretsoul

Rap Monster: *talking about it amongst the members*

Him: “Then she started sucking on my neck and giving me a hickey, so I wanted to give her one too and she said she wanted to have one on her inner thigh so I pushed up her skirt and started sucking on the skin there…”

Jungkook: SHOOK™  

Originally posted by reneemallen

Jimin: *Oh god I think Jimin would enjoy it so much like?!!!*

You: [sitting in Jimin’s lap and starting to suck on the skin on his neck]

Jimin: [gasps but enjoys it so much]

Jimin: [closes his eyes and starts stroking your hair and back with his sweater paws while you give him the hickey]

Originally posted by ultranicolet

Jungkook: *Kookie’s reaction would be so precious, believe me*

You: [start sucking on Kookie’s neck for the first time while making out]

Kookie: “[needs to rest a bit afterwards because it was so hot and made him so giddy] Ahhh what did you do? Haha~ What will the hyungs say? Ahhh~ Do you think it looks sexy? Does it make me look older? Like a man? [smiles broadly]”

You: “Pfft, Kookie, shut up for a moment and calm down~ You are even sweating from it, aren’t you? Here, lie down a bit~ [You stroke his cheek and smile with him because he’s so cute~~]”

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V: *I made yesterday’s reaction hot so I’ll make today’s innocent, feat. Jimin~~*

Him: [innocently thinks that you want to whisper something into his ear]

You: [giggle about him being so clueless and start sucking on his neck]

Him: [squirms a bit under your touch but then he relaxes and waits patiently until you are finished]

You: “[afterwards] Did you like it, Tae? Or shouldn’t I do it again?”

Him: “[nods enthusiastically] It’s weird at first but then it’s nice~ Can I try it on you, too? How do I do it?”

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J-Hope: *I have never had a boyfriend before so I wouldn’t even know how to give someone a hickey in the first place. If you are like me, here’s to us~* 

You: [try to give Hoseok a hickey while making out but you end up getting all awkward because it’s your first time ever trying it on someone]

Him: [while you are still trying, Hobi praises you, going all “Baby, I love you~” etc. Afterwards, he goes “I’m definitely yours now, aren’t I?” and kisses you~]

You: “I was hurting you though, wasn’t I? I’m sorry my teeth touched your neck so often, I didn’t intend to do that but it just happened”

Him: “[insert gif & he shows you how to do it properly by giving you a hickey also] You have to have soul while doing it~ Here, I’ll just show you” ^^

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By Chance (Pt.3)

Member: Chanyeol

Genre: Fluff

A/N: Sorry I took so long to update. I’ve been really busy.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14 coming soon

“Wanna meet up?” he asked.

“W..What?” you questioned him.

He gave a low chuckle and said: “Y/N-ssi…how do you feel about meeting up?”

You blinked a few times, swallowed, licked your lips and said: “Chanyeol-ssi..I..” he then interrupted you and said with a laughing tone, “What? Are you flustered?” Your cheeks heated up and you bit your lower lip and inhaled a breath and said: “Is that even okay? I mean…”. “I wouldn’t have asked if it wasn’t. So..is it possible?” he said in an amused tone.

You chewed on your thumbnail and said “I guess yeah…” you heard him laugh before he said: “Is any time okay with you?” you understood what he meant by his question, your guesses were suggesting that he probably wanted to meet during the week, some where quiet and late at night. You gave him a sound that signaled your approval then you heard him speak and say “Good. Do you mind me picking the place?” with an apologetic tone. “No it’s fine..I understand” you told him walking in pointless circles.

“Okay, so there’s this nice quiet cafe in the street between Hapjeong station and Sangsu station, they have really good stuff, can we go there on Wednesday?” he said with a slight nervousness in his voice.

We? Why did this sound so sweet? And why did it sound like he was asking you out?

“Yeah that sounds fine” you told him twirling your hair around your fingers. He stayed silent for a while and said “I’m sorry to ask you this but…can we meet at like 12..A.M?” you actually heard the wince in his voice when he said the last part of his sentence. You smiled to yourself and bit your lower lip once again and said: “Chanyeol-ssi..I’m not like other girls, I understand. 12 A.M is fine”

He sighed, he actually did.

“That’s a relief then” he told you playfully and then continued “Uuuhhh..then I guess goodnight?” you laughed and said “goodnight”, and with that you hung up the phone.

You stood still in your place, your heart beat was racing and your ears felt like they were on fire despite the fact that your feet were ice cold and your palms were sweaty. You were excited, nervous and just…happy. Who knew in your lifetime, you would actually be talking to freaking Park Chanyeol and meeting him in the time span of two days? If you didn’t know any better you’d say this was all a long ass dream, and if it was then life is just too cruel.

“How do I even sleep now?” you asked yourself in a low excited whisper. You walked to your bed and tucked yourself under the covers and smiled to yourself and clutched your stomach in an attempt to stop the overly excited butterflies in it and closed your eyes to sleep.

The next morning you barely made it out of bed, you were too excited to get some proper sleep and the wheels in your mind wouldn’t stop working. You seriously could not believe that this was all happening. And to you out of all people.

You made your way to the kitchen and greeted Han Byul in a sleepy voice, she tuned around and placed a couple of toasted breads in front of you and said “Wow! You look like shit” you yawned, stretched your arms and said “Yeah..Sand-man was slightly late last night” she laughed and shook her head saying “I have some field work today so I’ll head out first okay?” you nodded and sipped on your morning coffee and waved her a goodbye. “Thanks for the food” you yelled to her before she could close the door behind her. “Yeah yeah..tomorrow’s on you” she yelled back. You smiled and took another sip of your coffee, ate your breakfast and made your way to your room to get dressed so you could leave to work.

The day went by normally, you still had so much work on your plate and unfortunately, you didn’t receive any texts from Chanyeol to brighten up your day. And it didn’t help the fact that you barely slept last night, You were so sleepy to the point that you had to make an extra effort to perform your everyday tasks, and no amount of cups of coffee or energy drinks could help you. You just needed to sleep. You sighed and hoped this day would come to an end soon.

By the time the day ended you were so low on energy you wanted nothing more than the comfort of your bed. You got into your apartment and dragged your feet to your room, took a lazy shower and then crashed on your bed and slept instantly.

The next day, you woke up to a buzzing and a screaming phone. You extended your hand from under the pillow where your head was also buried and looked for your phone around the mess that your blanket created. You got a hold of it around your fingers, pulled it under the pillow and swiped it open with still closed eyes. You slowly opened your eyes and squinted at the brightness of the screen and saw that you received several text messages. You quickly got up and opened them.

They were all from Chanyeol.

-Hey you, how was your day today? I just finished a recording for Mnet. ^^ received at 09:24 PM.

-Why aren’t you replying? received at 09:30 PM.

-Haha! I guess you’re busy I ended up talking to myself.  received at 09:45 PM.

-Y/N-ssi…Is everything okay? received at 11:17 PM.

-I guess you slept? Goodnight..Pikachu” received at 12:39 AM.

You cursed yourself for sleeping so early, you quickly typed your reply and said “Omg! Chanyeol-ssi I’m so sorry! I was so tired last night I practically collapsed onto my bed”. You hit the send button and chewed on your inner cheek. Waiting for a reply from him was gonna eat you alive, so you decided to go brush your teeth and wash up, maybe you’d kill those few minutes like that before they kill you.

You hurriedly got out of the bathroom and snatched your phone off of your bed and opened it. You saw his reply which read: “Haha, It’s okay Y/N-ssi, I don’t mind. As long as you don’t sleep and forget about our…meeting tomorrow ^^.”

You smiled to yourself and texted back: I won’t…trust me. 

A few minutes passed and your phone signaled the arrival of a new message. “I trust you just like how Ash trusts Pikachu ^.~”  you rolled your eyes and shook your head at the message displayed in front of your eyes and left your phone to get dressed for work. You got out of your room and looked around for Han Byul who seemed to be missing. You found a sticky note on the refrigerator that read: I thought I told you breakfast was on you hoe! -.- but since you slept in, I made it. It’s on the counter.

You smiled and said out loud “I’m sorry Byul-ah! What would I ever do without you?” and then you went to consume her ready made breakfast.


You tossed and turned endlessly in your bed. You glanced at the small bunny shaped alarm clock that was placed beside your bed to see that it was three minutes passed 3:00 AM.

You couldn’t sleep. You just couldn’t.

The idea that you were meeting Park Chanyeol himself tomorrow night was consuming your entire being. Texting was something, but meeting him was something else. Not to mention that texting him alone was enough to send jolts of excitement all over your body. What were you even gonna do tomorrow?

You groaned and got up and walked to the kitchen to fix yourself a nice glass of warm milk to help you sleep. You sat at the kitchen table and scrolled through your phone looking at tweets and pictures as you gulped down your glass of milk. You almost spilled your milk when your phone rang and the caller’s ID showed that Chanyeol was calling you. At 3:00 freaking AM.

You quickly hit the answer button and held the phone to your ear and said “Hello? Chanyeol-ssi…”

How did he even know you were awake?

“Oh! Did I wake you up?” he said in a surprised tone, clearly not expecting you to pick up.

You laughed and said: “No you didn’t I was already up. I couldn’t sleep”.

“That’s good. Not that you couldn’t sleep but that I didn’t wake you up. I was scared that I might”. You giggled before you said: “You didn’t no worries..I’m sorry but could you wait a bit?” you slowly walked to Han Byul’s room to make sure she was asleep. You peeked through her door and you saw her even breathing. Yup! She’s asleep alright.

“Are you still there?” you asked him quietly, almost whispering.

He chuckled and said: “Yup..” you smiled and the line went silent for a bit as you walked back to your room.

You then heard him break the silence and say: “Oh! Uhhh..I’m sorry I called at such a time but…it’s just that we didn’t really talk for what I consider a while now and..I..missed you”.

You froze in your tracks and your heart just sank and melted at the same time. Missed you? Did he really just say that?

“Y..you what?” you asked him wanting a confirmation for what you just thought you heard. “Uhhh..” was all he said with his famous thick, honey like voice. He then laughed what would be classified as an awkward laugh and said: “I should..I mean I have to go, manager hyung will give me a hard time if he finds me on the phone at this time..so goodnight~” he finally said.

“Y..yeah sure..goodnight” was all you managed to say due to your flustered state. And then the line went silent.

Geez! Now you have another reason not to be able to sleep tonight.


You saw nothing but dark circles when you looked at your face first thing in the morning. You sighed and rubbed your eyes and washed your face. That day, you took extra care in applying your makeup.

As the day went by, you were getting more and more nervous. Tonight, you were gonna go meet Chanyeol. Alone. Away from the cameras, lights and the screaming fans. Just him, alone as a normal person.

Tick tock, tick tock

It was already 11:00 PM and you were still in you room, not dressed. You hastily went through your closet to pick an outfit.

An outfit, an outfit. Why was this so difficult.

You settled on a pair of black skinny jeans and an oversized pastel yellow fuzzy -not too hot- sweater, let your hair down and slowly walked out of your room towards the apartment door. Tonight, you really thanked the heavens that Han Byul was an early sleeper.

You took the bus to where you and Chanyeol agreed to meet, along the way, not once did you stop biting and chewing on your bottom lip. To say that you were nervous and excited was an understatement.

You finally arrived at the described cafe, and before you entered, you placed a trembling hand on your chest and took a deep breath to calm yourself down. You kept replacing the idea that Chanyeol was a celebrity with the thought that he’s just like any other person. And that this was just a regular outing with a guy.

Except that Chanyeol wasn’t like any other person, and this “outing” was far from regular.

You walked through the door, and the bell that hung above the door rang into your ears. The cafe’s staff -at least the ones who saw you- greeted you. You looked around for him as you walked passed the slightly empty cafe.

And then there he was.

He sat far back at a corner table. He wore a white t-shirt and a beige cardigan or sweater, you couldn’t really tell. And a black cap that slightly covered his face. You walked up to him in small steps and waved your hand in front of his face as he was busy with his phone. “Chanyeol-ssi?”

His head shot up from his phone and he looked at you with big, round brown eyes and instantly smiled a big toothy smile. “Pikachu! You’re here!” he said excitedly as he got up from his seat and bowed a little.

You bowed back and nodded at him. He then quickly moved from his place and opened your seat for you and gestured you to sit down. You thanked him and sat down.

He then went back to his own place, sat back down and pulled his cap off of his head for a moment to ruffle his red hair and pull the cap back on backwards.

“I hope this place wasn’t so hard to find” he said as his palms rubbed his knees. You shook your head “No, I actually discovered that I often pass through here but I never paid attention to this cafe” you said looking around the small cozy place.

“Yeah, not a lot of people do. That’s why I like it.” he said flashing you a smile.

The waitress then came and placed a couple of menus in front of you, Chanyeol told her that he’d be having his regular and then he turned to you and said: “What will you be having?” You hesitated for a bit and looked around the menu, you then lifted your head and told him “I’ll have what you’re having” he smiled at you yet again and told the waitress.

“Your hair is red” you commented.

“Hm?” he said looking at you with his cute wide eyes.

“When we first met your hair was black” you told him shyly trying to strike a conversation.

“Aaah! You’re right! I dyed it because I was shooting something” he replied nodding. He suddenly gave you a cheeky grin and said: “Y/N-ssi…” you looked at him wondering what he had in mind.

“Aren’t you gonna eat that?” he asked pointing towards the ketchup bottle that was placed in the center of the small table you sat at.

You rolled your eyes and surprised yourself when you playfully hit him in the arm. He instantly grabbed his arm and rubbed it and gave you dramatic sounds that suggested you hurt him. You laughed and said: “Stop with this Pikachu thing! Where did it even come from?”

He stopped his dramatic reaction and looked at you “Well, that day, when we met, when I bumped into you remember? Actually that day, I was playing Pokemon Go and I was trying to catch Pkaichu when we crashed into each other. And when you fell to the ground and I talked to you and you looked at me, you made a face that looked exactly like Pikachu. So I just called you that” he said in his famous word elongating form of speech while his hands were moving in an explanatory manner. And then he pursed his lips together making his dimple appear and avoided your eyes.

Cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

You stared at him and pursed your lips together and then just burst out in laughter. “Alright then. If you like it you can use it” you told him wiping the small tear that lingered in the corner of your eye.

He laughed too and said: “I’m already using it. See? I even saved you like that on my phone” and pointed his phone at your face.

You looked at it then back at him but before you could say anything the waitress came with your drinks in the tray she carried. She placed the drinks at the table and left. You thanked her and took a sip of your drink. You looked at Chanyeol who was doing the same and said: “Mmm..this is really good Chanyeol-ssi.” He looked up from his drink and said: “Isn’t it? I’m telling you this place is everything” you nodded and continued drinking.

This was nice. You spent the entire time talking, joking and laughing as if it wasn’t the first time you both meet and sit together. He was nice, friendly, warm, comfortable and easy to talk to. He put you at ease and you felt like you were yourself around him.

He told you about everything. What his life was like as a celebrity, his band mates, the crazy schedules, the concerts and tours. Everything. You did the same. You told him why you came to Korea and your friend Han Byul, when you became a fan of EXO, your family. Everything.

It was all too nice and surreal and strangely intimate.

“So Chanyeol-ssi..” you spoke after your laugh faltered from the story he was telling you about him and Baekhyun. You couldn’t continue what you were saying because he was shaking his head in refusal. You looked at him with confused eyes and then he opened his mouth to say “We need to change that”

“Change what?” you asked him still confused. “If I call you Pikachu it’s only fair that you call me oppa no?” he said with the most charming face expression you have ever seen on a man before.

“O..oppa?” you asked your cheeks heating up. He chuckled and you were really surprised when his fingers came in contact with your cheek and he pinched you “How could you be this cute?” he asked really amused by you.

Your cheeks were on fire now. You placed your hand where the impact of his fingers lingered. “Can you do that Pikachu? Can you call me oppa?” he asked sweetly placing his elbows on the table and leaning playfully towards you. You kept silent but nodded your head in agreement to his request.

He leaned back with a side smile plastered on his face. He then checked his watch and said: “It’s getting really late. I should take you home”

They way he said those words made you feel like he was the most dependable person on earth. You thought it was really manly of him to simply impose on himself the burden of taking you home.

“Chanyeol-ssi..I mean..oppa” you said with a shy tone and then continued “It’s okay I can just take the bus” shaking your head and hands in refusal.

“Now what kind of person would I be if I let you go home at a time like this alone? I made you come here at such a late time, it’s only normal that I take you home..you know to make sure you get home safely” he said fumbling with his wallet and placing a couple of bills on the table.

Gosh! Not only was he taking you home he was even paying.

“Come with me, I parked at the back” he told you standing next to you and placing a hand at the small of your back once you got up. His action made you blush so hard you wanted to just run and hide in the corner away from him. He was really charming when he took the lead like that.

He opened your door and you got in fastening your seat belt. He jogged to his side of the car, got in and drove. “I didn’t now you drove” you told him as you played with your hair. He gave you a low breathy laugh and said: “Of course I do”. His hand then reached for the AUX cord and he gave it to you “Let me hear what kind of music you listen to” he said focusing on the road.

You loved how casual and intimate this small gesture was.

You plugged in the cord and played your favorite song that wasn’t EXO. He stopped at the red light and looked at you with wide eyes. “This is your favorite song?” you nodded as you sang the lyrics. “No way Y/N! It’s mine too!” he said with the most excited way you’ve ever heard from him. Your eyes widened at him and you said “Get out of here!” he laughed and swore that it was, and turned the volume up. You both chanted the lyrics loudly exchanging glances and laughs.

You never stopped laughing that night.

Your fingers were pointing the directions to him while your lips were busy singing the song with him. He finally stopped at your place and turned the volume down and looked at you “Let me walk you to the door” he said unfastening his seat belt. You smiled and nodded and did the same and got out of the car.

You both walked in a unnecessarily slow pace til you reached the big gate of your building.

“I really enjoyed this Y/N” he said towering over you.

“Me too” you said avoiding his gaze.

He chuckled and said: “I’d like to do this more often. Hang out with you like today”

“I’d like that too” you told him looking him in the eye this time and smiling.

He smiled back and stood on his tiptoes for a moment and said: “well then..goodnight” you flashed him a smile and wished him a good night as well. He locked gazes with you for a while before he climbed down the stairs and went back to his car. He stood by the vehicle and put his hands to his mouth and cooed in a slight whisper: “goodnight Pikachu~”

You giggled at him and said waving your hand “Goodnight Chanyeol oppa”. You watched him flash you a final smile and a reaction that made it look like you shot an arrow through his heart as he clutched his chest when you called him oppa before getting into the car and driving off. You saw his arm extend out of the window and wave you a final goodbye. You shook your head and rolled your eyes and waved back with a smile that never left your lips that night.

Sweet Tooth

Stiles finds out bad boy Derek Hale has a sweet tooth. 2916w | AO3

For @stacinadia for the @stereksecretsanta 2016.

Note: I wrote two different things based on the same premise because I couldn’t choose which one to go with. This part is a high school AU (which should probably be read first), the other is reuniting years later, almost in a sliding doors kind of way. I like to think they show Sterek were fated to be *-* haha (Link to part 2 at the end)

Every year, Beacon Hills holds a Christmas market on the third weekend of December in the mostly-empty train station parking lot. The locals bring out the crafts they’ve been working on - Christmas tree baubles, greeting cards, knitted scarves - but it’s the food that’s the biggest attraction.

Homemade cakes and breads and pastries and candyfloss are only the tip of the iceberg and Stiles salivates at just the thought.

He was invited to tag along with Scott and Allison, but being third wheel to a lovey-dovey couple is his last idea of fun, so he feels no remorse ditching them as soon as they arrive - especially when his farewell goes unnoticed.

His first port of call is Mandy Miller’s hot chocolate stall, a yearly staple, and he cradles a steaming cup infused with hazelnut as he wanders the section reserved for the craft stalls with cursory glances. Really, he’s just dragging out the anticipation.

He’s idling by a stall manned by Mrs. Cooper, when her husband squeezes behind it and spots him perusing the wares.

“Stiles! You looking for your old man? I saw him over with the Davisons about to buy a burger.”

Is he? Stiles spins on his heel, glad his cup is almost empty, and squeezes between the two nearest stalls for a shortcut to the next row, but promptly screeches to a halt.

Standing in the space behind the stalls with what looks like a steaming slice of Mrs. Acker’s famous apple pie glazed with caramelised cinnamon sugar… is Derek Hale.

Leather-jacket-wearing, bad-boy-senior Derek Hale. Derek look-at-my-sisters-wrong-and-I’ll-punch-your-teeth-down-your-throat Hale.

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Breaking You Open

Here you go Grey, this is some fucked up shit and I hope you like it sweetie. To anyone who didn’t have to watch me work on this last night, there’s torture in this one again. TORTURE. And magic. And fun stuff. And Bill pretty heavily fucking with Dipper and torturing Mabel in front of him while possessing her body in order to get exactly what he wants from the kid. If you wanna read that, go, be free. If not, I won’t hold it against you.


“Don’t look away Pine Tree.” Bill cooed and Dipper flinched as Mabel’s warm, small hands cupped his cheeks. “Keep your eeeyes on the prize.” With those words he pulled away, leaving the teen stuck to the tree, arms bound and expression drawn in anger. Bill grinned wide and smug with his twin’s lips. “Yeah kid, just like that.”

“Bill-” the demon waved his hand and Dipper’s mouth snapped shut.

“Nu uh kid.” Bill tutted, shaking his finger in a taunting reprimand. “It isn’t time for audience participation.” His smirk widened, “yet.” With that he shot his, her, their hand straight out with a flourish.

“See these lovely finger nails?” He hummed turning the hand from side to side. Mabel’s eyebrows wiggled as Bill brought up her opposite hand and pinched over the tip of her middle finger. “I will now make them,” grin widening her tugged, pulling the nail free, “disappear!” Dipper screamed behind his gagged lips, his body trying futilely to shoot forward as blood dripped down his sister’s finger. Bill snickered as he examined the nail before tossing it carelessly over his shoulder.

“If you liked that one,” the demon gripped another nail, “you’re really gonna like this one kid.” And just like the first it was tugged free and tossed away. Dipper’s eyes were wide and horrified as the demon proceeded to pull out all of his sister’s nails one by one. When there were none left he waved her shaking fingers. “Ta da!” He cheered. “And now, for my next trick!” His smile blew wider and he brought his bloody fingers up to her mouth. “I’m gonna take the gleam out of Shooting Stars smile.”

His hand twirled once and a pair of pliers appeared which he gripped quickly. He pushed them into Mabel’s mouth, catching one of the wires of her braces and tugging. A grunt escaped them as the tooth said wire was attached to refused to give it up and he tugged harder. After a few seconds it came out, taking that first tooth along with it. “Ah!’ He laughed, “oops.” he snickered around the pliers and the bleeding gums and bits of wire.

This time he flared a bit of power to keep the majority of them from coming out quite so easily. Even so, one or two followed the first one out. It was worth it for the tears rolling down Dipper’s pale face as he took the pliers out, a mangled heap of wires and teeth hanging from the end. The demon spit out a glob of blood and dropped the pliers, teeth and all. “Ah, haha,” he laughed as he rubbed Mabel’s jaw, blood dribbling slowly down her cheeks and further staining her hands, “ow.”

He grinned a wide, bloody grin at Dipper and approached the bound and silent teeth. “Good thing Shooting Star still had some baby teeth huh Pine Tree?”

Dipper glared at him weakly and Bill snickered, cupping his cheeks once again and this time Dipper slammed his head back into the tree. His face scrunched into a look of utter pain as this didn’t stop his sister’s blood smeared fingers from touching his skin. “You look so tense kid.” Bill cooed and more blood dropped down Mabel’s chin. “Don’t you like the show?”
He pressed forward, forehead pressing against Dipper’s and wide yellow eyes staring into watery brown. “No need to be such a critic.” He nuzzled their noses together. “After all, Shooting Star is just dying to show you the rest.”

Dipper’s glare turned fiercer and a tad more desperate and he pushed forward again, managing about a centimeter before Bill’s power tugged him back flush against the tree. Bill raised an eyebrow at the display. “Feisty as always huh Pine Tree?” He teased stepping back. His lips tugged into less of a grin and more of a smirk. “Keep it up kid,” he dropped to the ground legs sprawled out and hand pressed flat against the dirt, “this is more fun when I can watch you squirm.

The demon twirled his hand again and this time a hammer appeared. He spun it around while dramatically declaring, “And now, I will saw her in half!” He then snickered as Dipper’s eyes blew ever wider and his face went impossibly paler. “Sheesh kid it was a joke, does this look like a saw to you?” The demon continued to laugh for a moment, “oh man, no, no. I’m just gonna smash her fingers.”

And then without further ado he brought the hammer down across one of her fingers. It snapped with a sickening crack and when he brought it away bits of bone were sticking out of the skin of her now twisted finger.

“Ha! That was more fun then I expected!” He winked at Dipper who was practically vibrating with rage, the air around him popping occasionally. Bill hummed, low and pleased as he resting Mabel’s chin in the hand holding the hammer. “Oooh, kid. You’re giving me one scary look right now.” His smirk was covetous and dark. “You’re really tapping into something there aren’t you?”

A contemplative hum left him and he continued to watch Dipper, wanting and considering. “If I smash every bone in her body,” he drawled at last, raising the hammer again, “I wonder what you’ll do.” He brought the hammer down again, smashing another of Mabel’s long slender finger’s to pieces. The quiet crack seemed to echo, the only sound for miles and seconds later the tree Dipper was bound to exploded. Before Bill could say a word the teen threw himself at him, slamming him to the ground, his hands balled in the neck of Mabel’s sweater.

“Let, her, go.” He hissed eyes flashing with sparks of blue, the air around him hummed hot and heavy like a heat wave. Bill merely grinned looking utterly pleased.

“There’s the look I was waiting for Pine Tree.” He purred, eyes narrowed and triumphant even as Dipper’s grip tightened so much that he started digging little bloody trenches into the palms of his hands. “I always liked the fire in your eyes kid,” a chuckle, “but I gotta admit, I’m kinda digging the lightning.”

“Bill!” Dipper snapped and the blue in his eyes flared brighter.

“Yeah kid,” Bill sighed and his own eyes flashed briefly red.”Keep it up. Come on, what’ll you do if I don’t give Shooting Star her strings back?”

The teen sneered. “I will burn you out of her.”

Bill shuddered and laughed. “Pine Tree,” the demon’s voice practically caressed the words, “you’re really getting to me kid.” He bared Mabel’s bloody teeth fiercely. “I think I might just have to give you what you want.” Mabel went limp then, eyes falling shut and suddenly Dipper was blown backwards, landing with a grunt. Long fingers wrapped around his wrists and pinned them to the ground.

His eyes, which had shut for a moment opened and narrowed at the blonde demon now hovering over him. “Bill-”

“I love it when you say my name like that.” He purred nuzzling at the curve of Dipper’s jaw.

“Bastard.” The brunette hissed and the ground shook under them. Bill snickered and nipped at his throat.

“Its all just oozing out of you now, isn’t it Pine Tree?” The shapeshifter remarked teasingly. “You’re a veritable fountain kiddo.”

“Get-” He cut himself off with a gasp as one of Bill’s nips turned harsh enough to draw blood and around them a tree snapped in half. “Bill!”

“Reign it in Pine Tree.” The blonde hummed licking at his throat. “You don’t want to accidentally break Shooting Star more do you?” He snickered. “She’s so fragile after all.”

The tree’s shook and a few more cracked and shattered as Dipper’s eyes crackled ever brighter. “You son of a bitch.” Dipper snarled.

“Don’t have a mother kid.” Bill corrected absently. “Now focus. Get it under control or you really will break her.” He glanced up and around and laughed. “You’ll break a lot of things actually. But I’ll be fine, and if you fail this time then I’ll just rewind time and we’ll do this again and again until you can hold onto it.” He wiggled his eyebrows at the glaring teen. “How about it Pine Tree, you wanna spend eternity with me?”

“Hell no.” The brunette grunted back, eyes screwed up and body tense because damn it Bill was right. Whatever this thing was, if he didn’t get it under control it could really hurt Mabel. And she’d already been hurt enough.

“Too bad.” Bill sighed and the beginnings of Dipper’s fragile control wavered at the note of longing in the demon’s voice. “That could’ve been fun.” A snicker and a kiss pressed easily against his cheek. “Oh well, I’ll win you over eventually kid.”

Dipper sneered but refused to comment, he had to focus. Had to ignore Bill and get a grip on this white hot ball of energy burning inside of him. “There ya go Pine Tree.” Bill praised as the ground stopped shaking and the energy inside of him cooled to a dull roar. “Hold onto it, use it not the other way around.”

“Fuck you.” Dipper muttered half halfheartedly, to drained to formulate a better retort.

The demon snickered into his shoulder. “Still so fiery.” He teased sitting up and watching Dipper’s face steadily relax as the teen fell unconscious. “How cute,” he cooed stroking his hand through that brown mop of hair. “You’re all worn out aren’t you Pine Tree?”

The teen didn’t respond, already too lost to sleep to say anything. Bill hummed softly and pressed a chaste but lingering kiss to slack, pink lips. “We’re really gonna have some fun kid.” He told him as he floated to his feet. A crook of his finger had Dipper drifting up into his arms seconds later. “You can’t even imagine the things I can teach you, and when I’m done,” his smirk blew wide and terrible, “no one will be able to stop us.”

And then they were gone leaving nothing but silence and ruin and Mabel Pines lying cold, broken and alone on the forest floor.

"Do you fancy me?" Part 2/?

Part 1 

Word count: 1742

“Dan..knock it off… stop! GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME!” you screamed at him, leaving harsh footprints in the sand.

In grade 2 a vicious kid named Adam held a snail over your head because the moron thought it would be funny, the slime poured from your hair down your face. Since then you’re absolutely grossed out by the sight of them. Of course Dan was completely aware of it, yet he found a snail somewhere and started chasing you.

“I’M NOT GOING TO! You are almost 23, I can’t believe you’re still traumatized by a primary school bully” he shouted back.

Oblivious to him you sped up your pace, not sure of where you were heading.

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For You - Chapter One

Author: Admin J

genre: fluff, a later chapter may include smut

pairing: jungkook x you

word count: 2938

notes:  This is based on the BTS Japanese release MV: For You. Intended for a female reader as Jungkook’s on screen girlfriend in the MV. I hope you enjoy it as much as I wrote it. This will be chaptered/ released in parts so stay tuned for more! (credit to @chimchimbang on twitter for text translations, I spiced them up a little to suit the story though lol)

Long distance isn’t a problem for Jungkook. He’d travel cross country just to see you, which is what he did. But it’s all worth it. Because it’s for you

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