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Wrapped Around; pt. 2.5

Jimin x Reader x Tae // College!AU // 3990 words

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Summary: Freshman year was a mess and sophomore year doesn’t seem to be looking too good either. You know boys like them are no good for you but maybe they’re just your kind of type

Genre: Fluff, Smut

A/N: wow I’m so bad at updating, I’m so sorry ahahah. This is a small portion bc I needed to split up what I’ve already written and I’m not sure when I’ll finish the actual part 3 bc I have mid-terms next week! I feel super bad for making y’all wait so… this is roughly (4000/11000 words i’ve written). It ain’t much but ya know don’t hate me pls haha.

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You run your hands up and down your neck in horror as you see matching dark marks on your neck. What are these? Who did this? Just what the fuck happened last night? Did fucking Jimin— Son of a bitch.

You run to your door, pulling it open hurriedly just so you can catch him but Jimin had made a quick escape.

You slam the door shut, searching instead for your phone. You call him once, twice and he doesn’t pick up… which is odd since he’s practically glued to his phone like all the time. You let out an annoyed groan and settled on texting him instead, fingers furiously tapping at the screen as you typed out your message.

[1:09] You: Jimin what the fuck happened last night?

[1:09] You: how am I even going to hide these marks?

[1:09] You: why couldn’t you just keep your nasty mouth to yourself?

[1:10] You: answer me asshole

[1:10] You: I know you’re reading these

[1:10] You: you’re on your damn phone all the time when we’re doing the quizzes

You wait 5, 10, 15 minutes and there’s still no reply. You go to the bathroom for a quick shower and run to your phone immediately after getting dressed and still no reply. You examine the marks once again and you rest your head on the wall, grumbling at yourself for having too much alcohol the night before.

Even with a scarf, you couldn’t cover the marks that ran all the way to your jawline. You apply a generous amount of foundation and concealer, hoping to hide the petals of blue and purple but you could still see a hint of colour even after slathering on what seems like almost half the bottle of foundation onto your neck. Frustrated, you simply shove the last of your belongings into your bag and make your way to the library.

The throbbing headache you had made it very difficult for you to concentrate on the books you had in front of you. Despite sleeping till 1 pm, you still felt exhausted and you promise yourself to never have that much alcohol again. You sigh, this was starting to sound like what you used to tell yourself every week last semester.

After finishing the last section of your lab report, you allow yourself to take a quick 20-minute nap because honestly you could barely keep your eyes open anyway. You check your phone again, you’re still waiting on Jimin’s reply but your lock screen still comes up blank. Placing your phone to the side, you sink down comfortably into your chair and rest your head on your arms. You will your mind to remember the events of last night but the moment you shut your eyes, you simply drift to sleep.

Your night comes back to you in the form of tiny flashes, simple snippets, each one making you regret the night more and more. The short flashbacks are not in order and it isn’t enough for you to build a coherent timeline of what was your exciting Friday night but they were truly enough to make you feel like flinging yourself across the room.

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  • Person: gives me attention, initiates conversation & spending time with me
  • Me: omg this person is amazing 😍😍😍 I love them so much they're so perfect! I'd do anything for them :') I hope I never lose them!
  • Person: gives someone else attention, initiates conversation & spending time with them
  • Me: wow fuck this person I hate them so much lol I don't know why I ever liked them honestly ?? They can jump off a cliff for all I care haha BYE FOREVER
The signs at a party (story)

{Leo -male- is throwing a party and invited his fellow signs}

{Aries -female- & Scorpio -female- arrive first}

Leo - Aries! Scorpio! Hey, welcome to the party of a life time!
Scorpio - {looks around noticing it is only them} Hah, clearly. *rolls eyes*
Aries - *hits Scorpio’s arm* It’s a party thrown by Leo, of course it is going to be the party of a life time. *said to Leo in a flirty tone*

{Scorpio & Aries take a seat on the couch already starting to drink a beer each}

Scorpio - Did you actually just flirt with Leo?  You know he is such a fuckboy right?!
Aries - I don’t know Scorpio, we have actually started talking a lot lately and I wouldn’t mind taking this party as a good opportunity to-

{Cancer -female- and Capricorn -male- show up next already tipsy, being escorted by Virgo -female-}

Capricorn - Hey Leo, hows it going? Good? Great! I’ll be over there with Cancer if you need us.
Cancer - *giggles while being dragged away with Capricorn*
Leo - Oh ok. You two have fun! Poor you Virgo, having to deal with them.
Virgo - You get used to it when your best friend is in a relationship.

Aries - Scorpio, look there’s VirgHOE flirting with Leo.  Ugh I hate that bitch, she thinks she is so much better than everyone just because she is “sooo” smart.
Scorpio - *look at Aries* Who’s the bitch now? Haha just kidding, but yeah, I know, she is the definition of boring.  Don’t worry Leo would never go for her.
Aries - I hate that Cancer is friends with her, like common why does she need her when she has US?
Scorpio - Wait, Aries, what happened to Gemini? WAIT! AND LIBRA?!  Didn’t you have things with them?
Aries - Oh yeh…
Scorpio - You can’t have all Aries, pick one.
Aries - Ok.. probably Leo.  For something new.

{Gemini -male- enters solo}

Aries - Nevermind. Gemini it is.
Scorpio - Wow such a you move.

{Gemini goes to sit with Aries & Scorpio}

{Taurus -female- Pisces -male- and Aquarius -male- arrive at the party}

Aquarius - Leo! I haven’t seen you in forever!
Leo - Yeah dude it is great to see you again. *whispers to Aquarius* Why is Taurus here? I specifically didn’t invite her.
Aquarius - She heard about it from someone and then invited herself.
Pisces - *overhears whispering* Taurus? Oh god trust me I know, can we find a way to get her to leave?
Leo - Just because she is your ex?
Pisces - No. She is a bitch! She will just complain and eat all the food here. Not to mention try and get with everyone too.
Aquarius - Very true.
Taurus - Leo! Oh my god! *hugs Leo tight* I missed you so much!

Aries - No. Fucking. Way.
Gemini & Scorpio - What?
Gemini - Oh I didn’t know she was bad what happened?
Scorpio - Trust me.  If you know Aries you will know all the stories about Taurus.
Aries - Yeah because it’s true! Trust me! Everybody that experienced it knows it is true.  She is even trying to get with Leo right now, even though she shows up with her ex! WTF?
Gemini - Don’t let her ruin your fun at the party *puts arm around Aries*
Scorpio - *smirks*

{Taurus goes over to Cancer & Capricorn, who are making out in the corner}

Taurus - OH MY GOD CAPRICORN! *pushes Cancer to the side & hugs Capricorn* I missed you so much I can’t believe you are here! We need to catch up!
Cancer - *glares at Taurus*
Capricorn - *hugs Taurus back tight* Yeh, sure okay. Does it have to be now?
Taurus - YES OF COURSE I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING! *drags Capricorn into the lounge room*
Cancer - *stomps over to where Aries & Scorpio are with Gemini* DID YOU SEE WHAT TAURUS JUST DID?
Scorpio - I did. But this can be the boyfriend test.  See if he is loyal.
Cancer - *starts panicking* Yeah but it is Taurus, she can manipulate anyone to get with her.
Scorpio - I guess we will have to see.
Cancer - *sits down on the couch next to Scorpio very frustrated*

Virgo - *wanders around, not knowing where to go*
Pisces - Hey Virgo, you alright?
Virgo - Meh not really.  I don’t want to be here. I hate these types of parties.
Aquarius - Awh that sucks… *clear sarcasm*
Virgo - You know, I am just gunna leave early.  Sorry Leo, nothing against you just not my scene.
Leo - No worries! Have a nice night Virgo.

{Virgo leaves party}

Aries - Hey Scorpio lets go get some snacks from the lounge, Cancer wanna join?
Scorpio & Cancer - Okay.
{The three of them walk into the lounge only to find Taurus violently making out with Capricorn sensually}
Aries - Oh fuck no. *stomps over to Taurus and punches her in the nose*
Capricorn - SHE STARTED IT!
{Scorpio chases Capricorn out of the room}
{Taurus runs out of the party cries with a broken nose}

{Libra -male- and Sagittairus -female- arrive later}

Aries - *whispers to Scorpio* Why did they show up together?
Scorpio - Don’t worry about it
Libra - Aries? You and me?
Gemini - *looks over in confusion*
Aries - Oh um, sure!
Scorpio - Gemini? Since I mean Aries is taken.
Gemini - Alright.
Sagittarius - *flings herself onto Leo* DIBS MY PARTNER!
Leo - Oh, haha okay then.
Aquarius & Pisces - *look at each other and nod*
Scorpio - Hey Cancer you can join Gemini and I.
Leo - Okay! First Aries & Libra vs. Gemini & Cancer!

{Long time passes after everyone is very tipsy}

Cancer - Yes!!
{everyone sits in a circle}
Scorpio - I’ll start! Libra! Truth or dare.
Libra - Dare!
Scorpio - Kiss the hottest girl in the room!
{Libra kisses Aries}
Gemini - *jaw drops*
Libra - Sagittarius, truth or dare?
Sagittarius - DARE OF COURSE!
Libra - I dare you to do 7 minutes in heaven with the person you would most want to date in this room.
Sagittarius - Okay! *grabs Leo and drags him away into other room*
Aries - Gee okay then.
Gemini - Well, they will be awhile… Aries, truth or dare?
Aries - Truth.
Gemini - Out of the people at this party who would you most want to get with.
Aries - Erm.
Libra - Obviously me.
Gemini - Hah! Yeah yeah okay, let the lady speak.
Scorpio - *stares at Aries in pity* I need to go to the bathroom Aries come with me.
Aries - Oh.. okay. *leaves to the bathroom with Scorpio*

Pisces - Guys please don’t fight I swear.
Cancer - Yeah guys.
Gemini - It is just pathetic how Libra thinks he is all that, news fash, your not.
Libra - Like your any better!
Gemini - Never said I was!
Libra - *rolls eyes and mumbles* moody asshole.
Gemini - Fuck off. I’m leaving.

{Gemini leaves the party}

Cancer - Oh my god, I swear he is such a drama queen. Hot, yeah, but a drama queen. Anyways, Pisces, truth or dare?
Pisces - Truth.
Cancer - Who do you like?
Pisces - Oh.. Uh.. *mumbles* Aquarius.
Aquarius - What?
Cancer - YOU’RE GAY?
Pisces - No! I’m bisexual.
Libra - Of course you are.
Aquarius - You like me? Because I feel the same way.  But I’m just gay tbh.

{Aries & Scorpio return}

Scorpio - Wheres Gemini?
Libra - He had a little drama queen tantrum them left.
Aries - WHAT!
Libra - Yeah yeah we were shocking to but Aries can we go? I wanted to be able to spend time with YOU tonight and that has barley happened.
Aries - *looks at Scorpio with eyes of asking for permission*
Scorpio - Go.
Aries - Okay. *Aries leaves with Libra*

Scorpio - Okay. I am actually going to leave now, since there aren’t much of us left, Cancer wanna join?
Cancer - Yeah, lets leave these two alone hehe.

{Scorpio & Cancer leave together*}

Aquarius - … Finally! *grabs Pisces and begins to kiss him*

The End.


Taking note (part 2) - to be continued

part 1 

I had so much feels when I drew L. WOW. 

Beyond y.y  omg I loved his laugh… I can’t believe I drew it.

Remember I don’t speak english. Please note me if there is a mistake or something that you like. I loved the tags btw. ( deathnoting: I think I will draw them, and there is a few drawings of them in my deviantart haha I hate my old drawings. I can’t send you a private ask, I don’t know why )  

thanks for the feedback, I asumed nobody would like it hahaha I live on the edge (?)

Trollswap AU

I wanted to wait until I had art of this but the cat is out of the bag now I guess so LET’S ROLL WITH IT

This is MY version of a role swapping au, I know other people have thought about this but I’d like to share my view of it! You’re free to make your own AUs I don’t mind

First of all, this is how it works: couples of characters switch roles AND personalities, acting out the same story.

For now the characters who are swapping roles are:

- Poppy and Branch.
Branch is now the happy prince of the trolls who loves singing, dancing and scrapbooking. Poppy is the grumpy troll girl who doesnt sing, doesnt relax and is gray all the time. She lives in her fortified bunker and is constantly warning the other trolls about the bergens- especially Branch, who as a prince should show a little more responsability. Branch constantly tries to invite Poppy to their parties but she always refuses.

- King Peppy and Grandma Rosiepuff.
20 years ago Queen Rosiepuff led the trolls out of bergen town, away from the troll tree, to the village they live in now. Peppy, now a common troll, lost his life to save his daughter Poppy, who was too focused on singing to realize she was about to be taken by the bergens. Poppy never forgave herself for that.

- Bridget and Gristle.
Bridget is the Queen of the bergens, who never got to eat a troll. When the trolls escaped, her only hope to be happy vanished, and she lives a sad life. Gristle, a servant in her castle since his childhood, has always been secretly in love with her but he never though he’d have a chance. With the help of Branch, he finally realizes that happines is possible to find, even without eating a troll. (also pls imagine him as Sir Glittersparkle)

I tried to think of more characters to swap, but for now I can’t find any other couple that would fit well in each other’s shoes, so basically imagine the same movie, same story, same scenes, just with these characters swapped. Like this AU is honestly just an excuse for me to replay the movie in my head and laugh, it’s not supposed to have a different or more interesting plot, it’s just… fun to imagine. And draw.

Also I thought it’d be fun to keep certain characteristics that make the characters unique, liiike Branch would still be the one reciting romantic poetry in… Gristle’s ear this time, to win Bridget’s heart. Like imagine Poppy, this grumpy gray girl, suddenly smiling because wow, the prince sure knows how to talk.

But yeah I still got a lot to figure out, the villains would still be the same probably and yeah, Creek would totally be flirting with Branch and Poppy would totally hate him and that’s also something nice to imagine I guess haha

That’s all for now, if you have questions or suggestions feel free to send them my way!!

The signs' responses to "I hate you"
  • Pisces: Shit, why *thinks about why*
  • Aries: What the fuck *is surprised not everyone loves them*
  • Taurus: Okay
  • Gemini: I've never liked you anyways
  • Cancer: What did I do??
  • Leo: Stop being an idiot
  • Virgo: *is ignoring you*
  • Libra: You're supposed to love me
  • Scorpio: I hate you too fuck off *ohoho someone is pissed*
  • Sagittarius: Have fun
  • Capricorn: Oh no that hurt so much (sarcasm)
  • Aquarius: Alright
  • (It surprises me how some signs can be so cool about it...)

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haha! where is the @LM tweet Zayn sent that should be on the list of most retweeted tweets as well shouldn't it. That had like 620K retweets... just checked. it has 668K retweets right now. As much as I hate that tweet I am side eyeing the fact that it was not included

Here’s the list, for reference.

Here’s the infamous tweet as of a few minutes ago:

It should be at number two according to Time’s list. Wow. Who kept this off the list? I need to know so I can send them 668,653 roses. Bless.

This is the right kinda shady. Love it.

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I really love the way you are. I mean, I always loved naruto really much and everything that happened on the series. It was a fun and light thing to me. But after becoming a tumblr user I just found SO much hate, towards literally everything. It's incredible how people can ruin good things. But e love the way you are not like that, literally my favorite blog

OMG! THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH! Yes, I really want others to just have fun and enjoy their ships, I don’t care about the competitions, who is the best female, best ship etc. And I just want to celebrate my glorious ships: naruhina and sasusaku!

I don’t think some people realize that sometimes, shipping can be the only source of fun to someone and have someone else shit all over you and your ship is just bullying. I shipped Zutara and I saw an anti video on why people ship zutara, it was a personal attack on people that ship it. Calling them fat and ugly, stupid etc. and it was just extremely mean and Zutara was all I had back then, so I felt really terrible about myself and for a week, I couldnt even enjoy my ship anymore (couldn’t write any fanfics, even look at them), because some mean piece of shit linked my only happiness to my insecurities. So there goes the only thing that I loved to do, where I didn’t hate myself so much! (wow, thinking about this makes me want to cry, it was just so mean). 

I need a hug! haha! So what my point is, I don’t want ruin anyones fun, and if I disagree with someone, I will never go in their tags and attack them personally. Just disgusting. And I am not going to write long essays about what I think is canon or not. If someone likes their headcanon, let them be. My motto is this: ship and let ship (live and let live XD). So don’t ruin others happiness, sometimes it really is the only thing that person has and I hope more people would realize that. Life is really hard enough, so let people have their fun, their escape and their happiness :). (sorry for long post, just needed to get this off my chest)