haha i dont know why i did this

Day 1: Friends and Rivals

dont know why i did this, guess i just liked the idea of an endless loop of jack saying “help me” torturing all of the anti fandom, as we still haven’t found a way to technically save him yet haha ;-; 

so one thing that i think about, when thinking about all of the clues jack himself has kinda supported (thru likes, reblogs, yt comments, etc), there are two words 

that he seems to put

an emphasis on quite a bit….

after asking for help 5 times, it’s no wonder why he sounds so desperate in the pax vid haha T-T

OK heres some adhd lance headcanons since i just Cant Resist

if this makes it way around i just wanna say: shaladins dont touch this post


  • lance, staring at a wall of text: haha idk what in fresh hell this says
  • it takes him approximately 2 hours to do anything shiro asks him to bc of Executive Dysfunction
    • shiro: lance we need to form voltron
    • lance, 2 hrs later: ok sure
  • at any given moment he has upwards of 18 stim toys in his pockets. why else would  he need a jacket in space
  • his hyperfixation is cats
    • lance, over comms, while fighting a galra soldier: hey guys did you know that cats only meow to communicate with humans?
  • anytime someone mentions cats he Knows and he Appears so he can infodump
  • he gets distracted doing pretty much Anythign so he ends up putting his belongings in really weird places
    • found his shoes in the fridge once
  • pidge: lance why are you chewing on your napkin
  • lance, completely oblivious: what
  • if he sees anything on the ground that Shouldnt Be There (coins/bottlecaps/etc) he Has to pick it up and will put it in his mouth unless someone takes it from him
    • he gets sick a lot bc of this
  • Cannot hear people when they talk for more than like 5 minutes
    • shiro: (talking about some important thing)
    • lance: wow i bet he thinks i know what hes saying rn. Wild
  • always bouncing his leg to the point where pidge speculates he gets actual exercise. when ppl ask him to stop he just hesitates for like 10 seconds and then continues Bouncing
  • gets bored so much
    • lance: hunk im bored
    • hunk: go do something then
    • lance: i CANT hunk im TOO BORED
  • puts stickers in his mouth more than anything else
    • pidge, horrified: thats not what those are for lance
  • always chews gum bc it helps him think & bc its the only thing that effectively keeps him from putting random things in his mouth
    • always has a pack in his pocket
    • his favorite flavor is spearmint
    • there’s no gum in space so when he runs out he Suffers :(
  • he needs glasses pretty bad but he cant wear them bc seeing the frames in his periphery Ruins his focus
    • he also hates the feeling of contacts so he just walks around not really being able to see anything thats not right in front of him

if you wanna add on 2 this Blease do i love adhd lance thanks & goodnight


BACK FROM ANIMAZEMENT! i had explosive fun with @radjinja we nearly died a few times but that’s okay haha (we expected it). Helping as table assistant for her was eye opening oHo! also too much fun! i got sick from all the fun so now i’m just.. rotting at work rn haha

SOME PHOTOS OF SPOILS FROM ANIMAZMENT and some doodles haha (featuring Jinja’s Viktor drawn by Shavostars). MET OLD AND NEW FRIENDS! screamed a tonne about daft punk, star wars and overwatch. i’m forever blessed to have made the friends i did and to be reunited with old friends -prayer hands- HOPEFULLY WILL HAVE MY OWN TABLE NEXT YEAR! BUT TILL THEN! IT’S FULL SPEED AHEAD WITH OTAKON PREP! -sweats-

all goodies are brought to you by amazing artists that’ll take me forever to tag but just know i love all of you u3u <3

PLL 7x14

ok so im not even that mad about this episode. like i actually was enjoying it at one point. which is something i was definitely not expecting to say. 

so aria was all “Ezra, Nicole is here and i ain’t sleeping on the damn couch. also my shit is all over this place so you might want to tell her about our engagement, just a heads up.” I actually love it when aria is a bitch. 

Spencer is now fucking fury. sweet, it isn’t gonna last. we all fucking know she is gonna end with Toby, cause if its one thing we know about Marlene, its that she always stays with her own damn ships. 

Ali is gonna have an abortion. ok…

papa Hastings (aka, peter) is back and apparently looking for Mary. Spencer is pissed but also kinda wants to find Mary. btw, peter is a dick. i will never forgive him 

the board game is all “yo bitches, solve the murder before the cops find what you did to Archer. haha fuck you” 

the liars are all “damn, we really killed someone. and they might actually find out” 

Nicole finds Ezra and Aria’s book and adds her little notes being all “Ezra was the only thing keeping me going” ok Nicole. now its just awkward. 

haha i keep forgetting that Emily and Paige are damn teachers. Paige is thinking of leaving. thank fuck, please leave. Emily is leading on both Paige and Alison, fucking chose one damn.

aria gets a facetime form A.D (lmao) and A threatens aria by using her file against her. wtf is going on. 

ted is back. wtf, why is this happening. stop bringing back useless characters. where the fuck is Ashley? ted was actually hiding Mary, you sneaky fucker.

aria has another face time with A.D and is all “bitch let me the fuck outta this game” and then A.D is all “yeah ok, whatever, meet me here”. aria thinks its a good idea to just fucking leave, what a good friend. 

Ali is forced to add baby clothes to a registry created by A.D. then reveals that Ali’s babies are actually Emily’s. i know this is totally fucked but i couldn’t help but laugh the entire time. i couldn’t take it seriously sorry. i feel like we all saw it coming anyways so…

Paige is still here. fuck. she races with Emily, decides to stay in town. FUCK. and then kisses Emily. double fuck. but seriously tho, we know they aren’t endgame. Marlene literally loves emison. why is she even wasting our damn time?

Aria hops into the limo like its no big deal. that fucker Sydney was actually part of the A team (its a team now apparently) and she was the one that created the game, but her reason is literally just “its easier to be on the winning team.” Sydney, girl, get a damn life, move out of town, fucking live a little. why are you caught up in this fuck show?

they go on a scenic tour and we dont get to hear what they talked about. lmao, Sydney wants aria to join the A team. i high key want her to. it would be so damn juicy. 

ted swings by Hannah’s place and is all “haha yeah i dated Mary and also Cece is my kid” wtf Marlene, why did you drag ted into it. 

Ali tells Emily the babies are hers. lmao, but also daaaamn.

papa Hastings revealed that Mary killed Jessica. i dont even care tho, like who really gives a fuck anymore about Jessica. 

aria comes back from her joy ride and the rest of the gang are pissed cause they didn’t know where she was. she keeps it a secret (boi shit is about to get juicy. fucking finally!) 

anyways the game goes crazy and rings church bells and lands on the picture of Hannah, skipping arias turn. Hannah is all “nah fuck this i already had my turn” and aria is all “im pretending to look shocked” like she doesn’t know whats going on. 

A.D is all “aria make a choice.” yes motherfucker this is the juice i have been waiting for. yes aria. fuck me dead, this may actually get good!!!!!!

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^^ me actually being damn impressed by this episode. wondering how long its gonna last tho. 

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I don't know why I haven't seen people point this out more, but in paint it white when the whole "they love each other, sexually." Thing happens. THEY DONT DENY IT. They're like "how did they get that?" Before bickering, probably thinking that the other said something, THEY DONT DENY IT, THEY POINT FINGERS AT WHO THE SNITCH COULD BE

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(I have never seen ‘Paint it white’, but that makes sense haha xD

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How would the turtles react to their girls being a Victoria Secret Model?

Lol I love this question just because I can already picture them and the way they would react

Raphael: BOI y’all already know that Raphael thinks that he is not good enough for ANYBODY, but a victoria secret model? I really think that he would get cockier around his brothers, like “haha shes my girlfriend and shes a model” but inside he would also be super insecure whenever she was out of his sight. He would just assume that guys throw themselves at her, so it would take a lot of convincing and time to trust you. Like a year of dating or so. I know thats a long time but hes worth it :)

Leonardo: I think leo would obviously be very protective of her like over bearing almost, there would be a lot of fights about leo following you around and stuff like that. Leo just needs to be in control a lot, he doesn’t really trust a situation when he’s not there. You would either end up breaking up or he’d have to learn a to compromise/trust you.

Michelangelo: He would be through the roof with confidence, he would not only be cockier around his family, shoving his relationship in their faces all the time, but he would also get arrogant during fights and training. He’d be like raph with his anger except instead of anger he lets his arrogance get the best of him. Master splinter would have a lot of lectures in store for the young turtle.

Donatello: I dont know i kind of get the feeling that this would only contribute to Donnie’s insecurities. He’d always be questioning himself, like “why did she pick me?” “is it even fair to keep her attached to me?” “should i just end it and get it over with?” Nevertheless, he’d be getting a lot of “Oh its Mr. Genius and his model of a girlfriend.” type of lines from his brothers. If they had babies lol it would be genius mutants who are crazy attractive haha  

gayhura replied to your post “Real legit question: why did it become so popular in fanon for Keith…”

i feel like it’s just fanon that got out of control…and mainly i think ppl associated “keith lived in a desert shack for a year” with “keith has no hygiene he’s a rustic nature man that’s never heard of chapstick” idk i get where ppl are coming from but it can get extreme and i feel u…

yeah, that’s been my impression. and like?? my main issue with that line of thinking is that? he was in the military?? for at least a year? probably longer? like, idk how much y’all know about the military, but personal hygiene has to be decent, at the least. and like, military training like that tends to stick with people through the years, so while he might go lax, sure, he would probably still keep it up… like, i don’t mind people having headcanons, it’s just sometimes it’s like?? why are you taking this to such an extreme when it doesn’t really fit the character? idk, that’s my personal opinion, i’m not trying to invalidate other’s headcanons.

@shieth replied to your post “Real legit question: why did it become so popular in fanon for Keith…”

in the space mall episode, you can hear the toilet flushing when keith leaves the bathroom but you dont hear a sink, so obviously he didnt wash his hands. as far as i know thats the only canon example of bad hygiene on his part. it’s p much just a fanon thing and i dont really like it either

oh, haha, totally missed that. though, i’d personally attribute that to a “we wanted to indicate he used the bathroom, but didn’t want to waste precious time waiting for him to wash his hands, too”. like, they only have ~20 min per episode, why waste a solid 30 sec or more on something that most people aren’t even gonna think about? also, i’ve been seeing this hc since before s2 aired, so like??? idk

but yeah, the consensus seems to be it’s fanon. but where did this come from, and how did it get so popular? like, honestly, i legit don’t understand why so many ppl seem to like it so much? I’m really honestly not saying anything super against, like sure I’m personally not a fan of it, but like, to each their own and everything, but I really and honestly don’t get why this of all things is so popular

random fun fact about me: Dip the Hashashin is just the shortened version of Bluoix-Dip the Caeruluem Hashashin.

idk I was like 12 at the time okay

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well you shit on people for talking about old you and worrying about you but it's pretty clear that you're not doing well physically with all the "haha almost fainted today" posts and other shit. it's like you want people to be cool with your obviously massive delusions and insecurities. get help. also having a mental disorder isn't an excuse for being a jerk

im a jerk to people being concerned about it ‘cause 90% of my messages about it, which i don’t publish all of them ‘cause theyre fucking stupid, are “uhm whats wrong with bitches not knowing whats attractive why did you lose weight you should put it all back on and get over everything ‘cause i personally dont find skinny sexy” 

of course i can tell the difference between concern and having self inflated worth of their own opinion but it’s like when i REALLY blatantly don’t care about others preferences or want to hear it anymore, take a hint? i dont have an issue with the concern, it’s just a general fed up with the fucking topic. let me deal with it if i want to, how i want to. ragging on me about it is just making me take it less seriously, frankly.

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Nina. Tucker. :'(

A: what I think realistically

u kno she ded

(she and her mom had a good relationship even as her parents grew distant. her mom wanted to get her away from her dad bc she felt like the relationship was going nowhere, even though she didn’t think he would do what he did to her, but then it was too late and nina had no idea of any of it)

B: what I think is fucking hilarious

the way alexander always sat on ed

nothing about this is hilarious

im so upset anon why did you send me this

funny headcanon: haha you know that part when she got to be the flower girl at ed and winry’s wedding and kept teasing ed bc he blushed so hard when he first saw win in her wedding dress?? yeaah that was funny

C: what is heart-crushing and awful but fun to inflict on friends


i dont think i can add anything to make that worse except for like perhaps “i bet she still trusted her father and thought he would fix this for her because she didn’t even entirely know what happened” and now im gonna cry

D: what would never work with canon but the canon is shit so I believe it anyway


Ectober Week 2016 Day 6: Pumpkin Spice

Sometimes Danny pulls some reeeally late nights, but he’s lucky to have some good friends to help him out

I’ve never drank coffee in my life is that even what a pumpkin spice latte is supposed to look like

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SLAMS IN PLEASE GIVE ME MORE VOLTRON PHOTOGRAPHER AU I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED you don't have to though if you wish to though I love the art and idea behind it though!

Thanks for all the questions! Sorry for not answering before, i have no time with all the school things but here i am! Ok, these are some of the headcanons i thought:

- Keith is like Hipster? He likes to avoid mainstream fashion and he uses a pair of signature glasses. (He has a polaroid camera guys)

- Keith and Shiro are childhood friends ( @sir-schneeflocke​ this is the answer for your question, Keith favourite model is Shiro because he knows him since a long time and he knows that Shiro is a good model because he helped him)

- Lance began his career as an underwear model. Then he began to do more things than that when he met Shiro and Allura.

- When Lance saw Keith for the first time, he was like “omg, he is sooooo hot”, And Shiro went with him and said something like “sooo you like Keith? the photographer? He is a nice guy” And lance like “you know him?!? give me …give me his cellphone please… i need it” Shiro “ooooh come on…go and ask him by yourself. Are you a pussy?” Lance “!!! IM NOT A PUSSY, you will see” And then he went beside Keith, but he was so embarrassed! Lance “Hi uhn…im lance, the model haha… could you give me your cellphone number? I just–” Keith “i dont give my cellphone number to people like you” And this is how their relationship of love/hate began.

- Once, Lance had an erection in a photoshoot (@cheattoe​ did the dialogue <3 ) :

Keith: “Lance why are you blushing? Am I freaking you out? Do we need to take a break?”

Lance: “I-ugh- I I I”

Shiro: “Hell take 5”

Allura’s trying so hard to not giggle


Allura: “Geh Lance I didn’t know you were that excited to be a model.”

Shiro: “what are you gonna do when we get to the swimsuits?”

Lance: “I’m going to die that’s what”

- After some time of knowing Keith, Lance discovers that he goes to the same college as he. Though Keith is a professional photographer, he doesnt have an university degree, he has the job because of his father (he was a famous photographer but he had a car accident and he died with his wife, Keith’s mother)

- As you might know, Hunk and Pidge are Lance’s college friends (Hunk is a childhood friend tho…but welp) And after seeing Keith in the Momos (lmao its an starbucks with my nickname) Hunk started working there so he can talk to the photographer and maybe make him fall in love saying nice things about Lance.

- Allura is a famous singer <3 And she loves to go shopping with Coran (her manager) because Coran always carries the bags with clothes~

- Allura and Shiro became very good friends with Lance, they always wants to help him, giving him good advises (pffffft they are just like parents, but a really good friends parents)

When Lance wants to be concentrated, he starts to hum songs, so imagine him singing  mildly in the middle of a photoshoot.

- Lance obtains Keith’s cell phone number when he asked him for help about modeling.

- @cheattoe gave me an idea of Human Zarkon running an “edgy” clothing line that tries to get Shiro to join them all the time, and i approve this headcanon

- Shiro doesnt have the scar in the face and has 2 arms (im still thinking about this aaaa)

well! This is what I came to think with some friends ( @ludehis @pandrea made this au with me, so go and thank them too <3 ) If you beautiful people wants to add something, just messege me please! I need some help of how Keith falls in love with Lance, its complicated hahahha I hope you like this au as i do!!!