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can you give me reasons why Yoi is worth watching? I really want to get into it, dont spoil tho. Thank u💕

Yes ofc!! I actually haven’t seen Yuri On Ice in a while and I should really re-watch it soon, but I’ll try my best, haha! ♥ ♥

1) Ice Skating

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Some wouldn’t think ice skating is a particularly interesting sport or is a little feminine, and some even think it’s not a sport at all. What Yuri On Ice does so well is it proves that not only can ice skating be for anyone, it can also be really interesting. Watching this show has taught me so much about the sport, it really digs deep into both the intricacy of the routines, how well thought out they are and they’re even animated in their entirety, all of them, also keeping you on the edge of your seat with each one, and the mechanics of what jumps are and exactly how difficult they are to execute, etc. Bearing in mind that a majority of the characters have been skating since they were small or for an inordinate amount of time.

Not only that, but this show also teaches that experience and skill are two completely different things entirely and that both matter equally. One of the characters is 15 and the others are in their 20s, and they’re all in the same league!

2) The Animation

This show in particular was made by Mappa, and some may say the animation was a little shoddy but personally I think it was wonderful. The animation is smooth and detailed at just the right moments, and the skating in particular is done so well, especially as the series progresses. The art style is also really lovely and soft and definitely goes with the feel of the show, and when it comes to the funny parts of it, it’s really fitting there too and not at all disturbing, actually I think it looks adorable. X’D

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3) The Gay

You knew this was coming, Yoi fans, but hear me out. XD

Sports anime generally don’t dig all that deep into the matters of relationships and quite frankly, why would they? With the whole “they’re on different teams/they’re rivals” and that. But even though that’s the case, a lot of fans ship them all together anyways. c: It’s more likely that people on the same team will have these kinds of relationships purely because of the rivalry. The thing that Yoi does so well is it ensures you that even though all these skaters are technically rivals, they’re still civil and friendly towards each other. They’re not exactly at each others’ throats. They actually cheer each other on, too. 

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And when it comes to romantic relationships, this anime in particular isn’t exactly subtle about it. Not only does it openly acknowledge the lgbt+ community and hints more at a gay couple than most anime have ever done but it also digs deep into the fundamentals of relationships. Supporting each other, sacrifices, mistakes and how they learn from them, etc. Even the romantic side of it is pretty on point. Yeah, it’s mostly about the skating, but there is a lovely balance between that and the building of the characters.♥

And pertaining to the fan-service part of the show, it’s done in moderation and with reactions from the other characters that don’t make it at all awkward to watch. The development of the characters and the feels are real.♥

4) The Feels

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Hnggggg there’s not much I can say about this without spoiling it but hngggg the emotions are real-

5) The Humour

Can I just say this anime is also really funny? It knows when to be funny and when to be serious and honestly I think that’s great. ‘Nuff said. :’D

6) Dreams and Personal Dilemmas

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This show personifies that dreams can be realised, and the dreams of others are supported, too. I can’t say much about this without spoiling it, but every characters’ idea of success is different. They all have their personal goals, everyone has a great amount of character development and they all have realistic problems and moments of weakness. Yuuri in particular has a pretty normal family and personal problems like lack of self-confidence, sad memories which he will eventually grow to accept and he even gains weight easily, even though he’s a figure skater, something that usually isn’t touched upon much in anime, mainly because of ideals and all that.

All the skaters are from different countries, too. I personally feel like it’s great when interracial relationships and characters are not only introduced, but developed in their own special way. Personally I love all the characters so I feel like they all turn lovable throughout the series but everybody has their own little arc, and honestly when I think about this kind of thing I think of JJ, and I really like JJ now despite his initial personality. You’ll see why if you ever go into watching it all.

7) Yuuri.

Okay but Yuuri is one of the most socially awkward and wonderful protags ever. :’D He knows what his flaws are but he embraces them and tries so hard to make himself better. Meeting Victor makes him a lot more confident in himself, he has a great personal story of growth, which is steady and strengthens his character over time. He makes mistakes just like any other person can and he learns from them. That and he’s just generally lovable. c’:

And yes, this:

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And this:

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aRE Th E s aME p e RSO N. helpmyheart-


Can we all just take a minute to appreciate the opening and ending and all the music played in the show pls and ty.  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Thank you so much for asking me that! I had a blast explaining all this, haha, I hope you get around to watching it! It’s definitely worth it!♥♥

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I havent watched the episode yet but im very confused. What are Scott and Lydia doing in BH?? What happened with Lydia starting MIT as a sophomore? and the whole "now scott studies AP bio to be a vet?? like seriously i know TW isnt the show with the most coherent character lines but do thay even give an explanation? an exact date for the time jump? or do they just dont care anymore? haha

the most logical (haha) explanation is that Scott and Lydia took a gap year (or two? idk) and are going to college just now while Stiles went right after they graduated high school

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Hannibal is my favorite though.

Top 3 characters: ummm Will Graham, Makoto Kino (Sailor Jupiter), and….literally any character in Animal Crossing, even fucking Tom Nook, i love that goddamn game

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I love you so much I could hug you. All I see is people ranting on Sam and it makes me so upset. :(

haha thanks? I was expecting hate mail not,,,, love mail. thank u

sam was my fave when the show started but lately i just cant connect with his character. but i still love him and while sometimes he did piss me off i literally dont see why people hate on him now?

he does what makes sense and he’s **always** been like that. whenever i watch spn i see dean as the emotional one and sam as the logical one, even if tumblr disagrees. i think the main problem here is that sam doesn’t show that he misses the people he lost, but then again. when sam does? i WISH he would be sadder and mad at jack at least a bit… but we never really see sam mourn the people he loves the way dean does (except for jess, dean and bobby, dare i say people who were REALLY close to sam). sam and dean are just different, and i wish bc of that, people could judge them differently as well instead of trying to put sam in deans shoes. there’s so much to be said here, and i could talk for hours, but. i love the idea of sam trying to lead jack in the right direction, bc that is *so* sam. i think that sam as a character hasnt changed at all for the last couple of seasons, but people treat it as if he did. i wish there was more focus on sam in the show as well, bc thats part of the reason why he’s harder to decipher, i think. i for one have more trouble understanding his motives than i do with dean, but most of all i just miss getting to know sam just a little bit more.

the fact that i still like sam aside, i still havent seen a single ounce of dean hate. the only sam stans i saw weren’t even blaming dean or going at him. all i see is people yelling at dean haters to fuck off… i havent seen a true dean hater in this fandom for years. i miss more sam povs, metas about sam, people trying to explain sam’s behavior bc while dean’s being overanalyzed i feel, sam’s underanalyzed. i just? sometime this fandom changed and i dont keep up?

i love s13, i love sam and dean, and thanks for this Support haha i have so much to say i wish i knew how to shut up

i dont know why the audio wont work on dashboard :(
-- it works if you go to my tumblr tho!
i dont know why the audio wont work on dashboard :(

150716 EXO Fansign   — BENNY CHENNY talking about his possible kiss scenes ft. BAEKHYUN “Don’t do it ‘ㅅ’ ”

CHEN: Ahhhhh! I am Musical Actor Chen!!!!

CHEN: Yes, hello I am EXO’s Chen! um..

FANS: Benny! Benny!

CHEN: Benny? Ah yes, many people have asked me.. about the kiss scene..

BAEKHYUN: Ahhhh~~~ are you doing one?

FAN: Don’t do it!

CHEN: I’ve gotta practice, right?

FANS: *scream*

BAEK: Ah that’s why Jongdae has been looking at himself in the mirror like this (Baek demonstrated by angling his face like you do when you kiss - indicating that’s how Jongdae practices^^)

FANS: “scream”

CHEN: That.. even if I want to do it, I won’t be able to do it/it won’t be possible… (..) About the kiss scene.. if you are curious, then come to watch (the show), to see whether i do it or not! haha~~

BAEK: Jongdae must be wanting to do it

CHEN: (whines) No, I dont~~~ why are you being like this ~~~  >‿‿<

FANS: Don’t do it!

BAEK: They’re saying not to do it! Don’t do it ‘ㅅ’


Since I’ve written quite a bit of imagines and blurbs already, not to mention someone asked for this, I thought why the hell not? I don’t know why you guys would read my works tbh I suck so much


1. Prom Night

2. Cheerleader this one sucks ass lmao bye

3. Not Everyone Hates Brashton

4. American Horror Story this sucks too haha

5. She Didn’t Make It forgive me for making dis senpai

6. You Leave In The Morning

7. Schoolwork

8. You Kissed Luke and Got Caught idk ok

9. Our Infinity

10. Stole Your First Kiss At a Concert

11. But I Want a Kiss michael is adorable awh

12. Sweet Birthday Surprise

13. Prince Michael [part 1 / part 2]

14. You’re There to Comfort Him After a Break Up I suck at titles bye

15. Oops I did it again

16. Stupid For Leaving You

17. Halloween Couple we can live like jack and sally if we want but in this case the joker and harley quinn 

18. Best Wedding Day Ever

19. Just the Way You Are *bruno mars’ song starts plaing*

20. Three Weeks (Muke)

21. The Americans I don’t watch the show pls dont kill me

22. Table 17 (drabble-ish)

23. Age Doesn’t Matter yay for my knowledge on korean language

24. Safe and Sound


1. Silent Treatment

2. Tutor

wow I’ve just realized how much I’ve written, and I hope I don’t suck too much haha *sweat drops* anyway, this list will be regularly updated, so keep checking~ :)

I love each and every one of you to bits. Your reblogs and everything, even the requests aren’t left unappreciated, and I hope you know that. I wish you a good night/day! If you’re feeling down or in need of someone right now, don’t hesitate to chat with me :) I promise I don’t bite.

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When I watched the Shinhwa variety shows I was annoyed by Junjin at first I even hated him.But after sometimes,I kind of like him and pity him. I Dont know why.He seems to be a caring person BTS. Is he?What is his real ersonality?

Oh, some people don’t like Junjin because he tends to be really competitive, and to some people, he may even look like an attention seeker haha, but that’s all part of his childlike side. He’s very playful, so most of the time he’s actually joking~ I can’t really say much about his “real personality”, because I only know the side he decides to share with us, the fans. I only know Junjin, the shinhwa member, I don’t know how Choonjae really is~ But for what I have read or observed myself, he is the most sensitive out of all the members. He’s very caring, he’s the type of person who would do anything to make you happy, even if he’s hurting inside. He’s a super sweet guy, so expect silly things from him~ He is also a very strong person, you would be surprised.

I don’t know what else to tell you, anoni~ You can always come and ask me again about Junjin if you’re not satisfied with the answer.
Maybe the other admins want to add something?

-admin rraimie

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What video is this on nina and randas channel? I really hate these skinny vegan girls who promote eating in 'abundance' but always hide little things like exercising like a maniac to burn off the food but WE as viewers do not see that. Or even showing what they ate or made but how do we know they actually ate it? I know we cannot blame others for our personal triggers but its like people like this are extremely influential to young girls and i just dont know who to believe! eating 2,000 or not?

personally, i think you should stay away from watching these kinds of videos! i know it’s annoying and frustrating and i agree, i don’t think people should put those kinds of videos up unless they’re actually eating enough haha. but you can’t force anyone to do anything unfortunately, and the healthiest thing for you to do is to make peace with it, accept it’s a fault in our society but realise that it doesn’t have to take away from your personal happiness, health or freedom. you’re an individual and your worth is not measured by how what you eat compares to what anyone else eats <3 xxx

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Is it bad that even though The Rich Man's Daughter hasn't aired yet, I'm shipping Althea x Jade already? I am quite intrigued by the story to be honest! A first in PH television!

dw it airs in 20 minutes haha! Yeah at first (when Marian was still the lead) i wasnt interested in watching it but then she got replaced by Rhian and I was like oh ok let me check this out hahaha!