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You know what, Booth and Brennan will always be my #1 otp because they gave me so much as a couple. I mean, I’m not talking about sex or smut because that’s fanfiction material (like you go girl, want to see your fave ship bang on a piano? go and read that !!!! that’s what that website is for) but everything else. The ‘platonic’ aspect of their relationship has always been the best part of their dynamic to me, but they were still able to overcome that phase and be a family. This being said, that original dynamic has never been compromized, not to me at least, because when it comes to the important stuff, Booth and Brennan are still partners first, they are still the people they would give up their life for, they would fight for each other. While the majority of other ships kinda change once they get together. Booth and Brennan never completely changed, so much that people complain because they’d rather have them being romantic the 100% of the time. I don’t. Also, it’s the little things that matter to me, like it might sound stupid, but I find it extremely adorable and precious that Brennan knows Booth by knowing his injuries. Every time something happens, she’s able to compare factures and other stuff to Booth’s. And that’s so IC, that’s something I really want to see because it’s them. And it’s been this way since she first found out about his past in 1x15 and it never changed. She imagined him on that autopsy table in 11x01 by looking at the bones, just like it happened on 12x04 with Aldo and in other many occasions. Brennan saying like I know that because of your brain tumor. She knows his brain scans. YAAAS. Give me this stuff. Give me Booth and Brennan that can’t sleep without each other at night when one of them is struggling with something, give me them talking about taking someone’s life and carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Give me them hurting each other to save each other. They would never cheat on each other or hurt each other because they want to. They only do it because it’s the only way. Yaas. Screw sex, just give me this stuff.


☆ DOWNTOWN ☆ the trio exploring the streets of Coruscant on a night out! (surely even the Resistance has some downtime when not on missions, right… and imagine experiencing the scale of this bustling city planet for the first time!!)

I was listening to the song Downtown a lot, which is ridiculous and catchy but also the chorus makes me want to dance down the streets of an intergalactic city too /o/ also just imagining the First Order trio running into them and doing the dance-off in the video haha


A nice gigantic post of the Animal Hoodie Matsu stickers I drew! Plus a speedpaint. Links and more rambling under the cut!

Ahhh it’s been a long time coming, but FINALLY I CAN POST ABOUT THE STICKERS. A lot of work went into these (possibly too much;;;), and I took so stupidly long haha! There were a few livestreams I did while working on them, many tweets, many tears LOL

Unfortunately I was only able to salvage footage of Todomatsu being colored and shaded completely since a bunch of the other recordings got corrupted due to errors with my backup;;; I’ll try my hardest to do better in the future!

If you’re interested seeing my slow-ass coloring process be sped up to LIGHT SPEED, check it out here!


The little voices inside your head (that drive you absolutely nuts).

(as in the Inside Out AU where Ryan doesn’t know what he did to deserve this)

“No one here hates aces+aros… not at all… did u know ur orientation is TMI though. Don’t talk about it in polite company plz. And did you know that u r like a fandom with every privilege imaginable and no real problems. Also aces+aros on tumblr r so terrible haha. But more or less only on tumblr is what I’m saying, so it’s not like I hate aces+aros in general. lol but must be cool to have no worse problems in life than getting called a plant once. Also better not make any ace+aro headcanons under any circumstances of characters who belong to oppressed groups such as neurodivergent characters or characters of color, that is never acceptable, like why would you do that ever. Did I mention yet that ur orientation is TMI…”

Or: if someone claims “the discourse” is not anti-ace/aro in any way all, that’s the time to sigh deeply and leave probably


I’ve been drunk since Friday and I heard a thingy on the radio about one direction fans forcefully introducing the world to a song called No Control, and like I LOVE no control, and all my friends were too hungover to function today, so I drank some more and made this 👍

  • Katara: *goes outside during a rainstorm* no lightning today?
  • Zuko: *jumps down from the roof and does a front roll before looking dramatically into the camera* afrAID I'LL REDIRECT IT?!

just a little reminder and gift for @naonychan

i love you

we all do

((haha i sooo wanted to draw your ocs but idk if i drew them correctly ;;; i couldn’t do everyone buuuut.. yah. i love EVERY LITTLE ONE OF THEM. precious bbies-))

A while ago a student of mine gave me a Pokemon Card for Valentines

Me: Haha! Oh my! thank you! you shouldn’t have.

Student: Oh no Maam. I thought it through and out of all my collections I want to give this one to you.

Me: Well thanks anyway. this pokemon is so pretty..what pokemon is this?

Student: It’s name is Florges, a leaf type pokemon. Thats why I gave it to you because its so pretty. :)

Me: haha I see what you did there!

every day i thank the cosmos for the fact that symmetra exists because honestly she is the only character in widespread media that i can name who is not only autistic but also slammin hot

Because there can never be enough drawings of older fictional men in suits/jackets/vests. Or at least, not for me. These guys tho. I’m gone. I wanted to visualise it better so this happened. Have a nice day/night peeps!

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Ohohoho I tried to warn you~ but to be honest no warning would be able to stop the feels. I’m glad you  enjoyed the anime/manga and that I was the reason you decided to start it!


Lisa Snart Week Day 7: All About Lisa

When’s she’s hurting, Lisa looks up and away. “How could I be any worse?” she jokes, but the smile doesn’t reach her eyes, it’s just her last defense. She can’t look Cisco in the eye because it hurts too much, she has to roll her glance away and shrug, exposing the truth of how she feels, that she is sure Cisco must detest her. It’s a little too tight, a little too wide, a little too forcibly casual.

But when she smiles and it’s real? It’s soft. Lisa’s hard edges melt away for a moment and it meets her eyes. There’s something shy about it in the way she has to glance down, not ashamed but a totally different sort of vulnerability, one that comes with feeling trust and connection. Her face doesn’t hold the rigidity of pain like it does in the first gif, but is gentler, the smile almost surprised and unbidden when it appears, real.

Neither of these smiles aim to weaponize or manipulate, not like some of her smirks and simpers, and both bare her soul in a different way. Smiling is a language to Lisa (likely to both of the Snarts) and each different pull of her lips contains a different message.