haha i don't have mine

Throne of Glass family tree - as of Queen of Shadows

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While I was gone for few days I’ve hit 4k followers here and this is… wow.. 
I just drew something to say Thank You to all of you :)

  • Me: *is obsessed with being gay, loves being gay, solely talks about gay topics, not gay? no care, LGBTQuit bothering me with this cis-het bullshit*
  • Straight person: This gay thing reminded me of you!
  • Me: Wow, why do you need to define me by my sexuality?

i has some questions for my age regressor friends ~!! 

👑 sofia the first or disney princess?
🌟 gravity falls or adventure time? 
💖 my little pony or hello kitty?
💥 star wars or avengers? 
🚨 paw patrol or doc mcstuffins? 
🎈 mickey mouse clubhouse or the lion guard? 

i am curious 😊


Future: Noun. A period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time regarded as still to come. Effulgence: Noun. A brilliant radiance.

26.10.2016 | 3/100 days of productivity

Forgot to take a picture when I was studying between classes and now it’s too dark to take a good photo, but today I finally finished reading pride and prejudice during my train ride home! 


Since you came into my life, I didn’t need friends or status anymore. I only need…To have you by my side…

Here’s a combo Lacie (17/01) and Jack (19/01) birthday / Jacie edit because I didn’t really want to make two separate edits since their birthdays are two days apart.


[2/?] Favorite Miyuki Kazuya Scenes/Faces asked by anon



“ i r e a l l y w a n n a l o v e s o m e b o d y. “
                         for shcdowhunter ; because rachel’s amazing.