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honest rosetta stone review??

okay so i’m really considering buying all the rosetta stone levels in a language I haven’t decided yet haha

people always come for rosetta but i havent had any experiences with it, and i know there are a lot of free resources but I do well when I have consistency, stability, and structure while learning, which is why methods like rosetta stone or pimsleur appear appealing to me.

Has anyone ever used it? I want all the input 

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Who in the world taught Ebe1 how to kiss like that? Lol I mean the way he kissed Rose was so sudden that she fainted. I bet he used his tongue too. ;) Did he see two people kiss and just wanted to try it for himself? Also, did he always knew he can reproduce? How the heck is that gonna work Ebe1? 😅

He doesn’t kiss and tell. =u=;  But she passed out because he’s a Grey and that’s what they do to humans. Haha

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👏 ((If you wanna 👀👀))

[ I am still doing the fusion meme thingie!!! *hinthint*

Also, I am always up for styling new characters, so there is no reason to ask me if I want to, haha. The answer is always yes, @askmamabruno

The young man known as Tricellati(i am really unoriginal with names, ok?) is not to be messed with, at any time. He is very ambitious and seems to always know how to handle any situation he ends up in. He has a fancy for the finer things in life and that is shown often in his stylish, partly flamboyant style. He is quite strong in his role as a Capo and can be quite ruthless, however if you actually know him well, you’d see he is very caring and even a little fun-loving. He always look out for his men(or women!!) in any situation, even if it might not be that obvious.

Fusion song (its kpoop/khiphopsorry if you dont like it, but dude, it fit too well)

his outfit is partly inspired by the outfits shown at Gucci’s Cruise 2018 fashion show hahahaha ]

123. The houses all respond to a member coming out as LGBTQ+ differently:


  •  "Wait, you’re not straight" “Nope,” “Haha, nice”
  • Basically every month is pride month in the Gryffindor house
  • “Yo, do you know my aunt? She’s lesbian,” “Do-do you think everyone in the LGBTQ+ community know each other?” “Well, yeah that’s how it works right?” “I-no!”
  • A lot of the wizard-raised ones just kinda don’t get labels so whenever they introduce they also include identities
  • “This is Sarah, she is muggle born, from London, and she is like, super bi so there ya go,“
  • Always wanting to find out more about it
  • “So how do you like… like when you… you know… what’s it like?” “Stop asking.”
  • Are the first to say if they’re questioning


  • “I’m gay,“ “Well, I suppose we all are a little gay, am I right or am I right?” 
  • Lots of hugs and squeaks when they find out because they are so proud of you for coming out 
  • Rainbow pride flags all around the common room (With their other civil rights posters)
  • Sometimes they all wear rainbow stickers or rainbow glitter on their faces 
  • “I’m so happy you are pansexual,” “Why?” “Because!! You are being you!! And I love that and I love you and hell yeah for expressing yourself!!” 
  • While introducing the first years: “So here is the famous Hufflepuff common room. Here we have the Hufflegays,” 
  • This is followed by cheers from the LGBTQ+ students 


  • “I’m not straight,” “Yeah, no kidding,” “Wait, you know?” “Yeah, we knew this whole time, it was pretty obvious.” 
  • No one dares say being LGBTQ+ is the new trend because last time someone said that to Ravenclaw, they threw down. 
  • “Oh really, Sharon? It’s a new trend? Well according to my resources in 1971, July 1st, the United Kingdom had a magazine called International Times that made personal ads for gay men. That same year, November 1st, Canada’s first gay rights magazine came out. It was called The Body Politic. So I am sorry, Sharon, that we, as a society, have progressed so that now more people can open about their sexuality. I really do apologize.“ 
  • This house actually has the most LGBTQ+ students. 
  • &
  • They always march in pride parades during the summer 
  • •Doesn’t treat you any differently because of your sexuality because really, who cares? 
  • Rewriting rewritten history


  • "I’m bisexual” “Aren’t we all?" 
  • God bless the person who insults a member of Slytherin for being LGBTQ+ because when it comes to revenge, Slytherin is ruthless. 
  • Things get real interesting with the hexes… 
  •  "I’m gay” “My dog’s gay,” “That’s cool how do you know?” He told me” “Nice,“ 
  • Has a "Queer Wizard Club” open to all 
  • Pureblood Grandparents: "I too was gay back in my day…“ 
  • I mean all your historic faves are 
  • Honestly, the LGBTQ+ members in Slytherin kick ass so the straight members don’t even care about the others sexuality, they just want to see how ambitious/cunning you are
  • "How much do you want to bet that Salazar Slytherin was gay?” “Yeah, gay for Gryffindor," 
  • If your parents are against your sexuality and emotionally or physically abuse you in any way, you are always welcome to stay at another Slytherin’s house over the break

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I admit I’d always loved the whole dads or marmoraau by Drist and I wanted to do something inspires by it and was looking for another excuse to draw Thace.

The biggest disappointment of S2 was that Thace wasn’t Keith’s dad, well there’s still the possibility of him being a cool uncle because I’m 90% sure he knew exactly who Keith was…. Or maybe my denial runs too deep haha.

i wanted to draw something for the people getting shit all the time but I had a hard time thinking of something, welp, so here ya go, many kisses! I could easily imagine Lance having a celebrity crush on Shiro that always kind of just lingers a little (so I’m not sure why I drew it this way ‘round haha maybe it’s a fantasy). ~~ Keep doing your thing and block all the assholes ~~ 

so when are we gonna make that female production of newsies happen…

i can provide my complete lack of acting, singing, and dancing abilities 


remember that animated song clip about Amyplier i did a while back?


i always wanted to do a Fananimated tbh, and i found the right dorks to be the feature about the song haha. thanks for checkin’ this out y’all! :D

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I love how you always see the best in people. Like with some other youtube and internet icons you can tell that some of them are not exactly 100% genuine but with you you're always like a ray of sunshine. Just how you are with your friends and how interactive you are with your fans. You're so kind and warm and I just wish there were more people like that in the world.

Well, I mean, you all truly do help me to see the good parts of me! It’s incredibly symbiotic, what we got going on here haha, and I never want to take that for granted. I don’t wanna speak for all people in social media, but I’m sure many are quite busy or maybe going through personal things that, to other people on the other side of the screen, may make them seem distant, but is truly not what they’re intending. I just try to put myself in other people’s shoes as much as I can. I fail at that too sometimes! Haha I guess I just mean, if you look up to someone online for reasons and they seem unresponsive, maybe not give up on em too soon if you don’t know why that is. They’re only humans! Haha but I’m glad I am willing and able to talk with you all, because you make me very happy! So thank you for your kind words. <3

i always get a little miffed when i see apollo refered to as “the only man artemis ever loved” because no he wasn’t there was this dude named orion who accidentally stumbled on her hunting camp one time and she got all “hey fuck off im not having any of your rapey shit” but he was just like “dude wtf no its night time in the forest and youve got a campfire i just want to get warm” and she was like “???? okay?? this is weird and i don’t trust you but whatever” and they got to talking and they became the bestest hunting buddies ever and then apollo showed up like “oh HELL no youre not having your way with my sister” and tried to kill orion but artemis was like “damn it you sunbaked asshole think before you attack do you really think i couldnt have killed this guy on my own if i wanted to? hes cool af okay ima be mad as hell if you hurt him” and apollo was like “oh okay i get it i have to be sneaky about the fact that im a jealous fucknut who wants to kill this dude just because youre hanging out with him instead of me” so he gave orion a dream where he got killed by a fucking 10 foot scorpion and when he woke up there was an actual 10 foot scorpion outside his house so he did what any reasonable motherfucker would do and grabbed his gods damn sword to try and kill it but it was too strong and it pushed him back into the sea so he just goes “fuck this shit ima swim for it” and then apollo went to artemis and was all like “hey i saw this dude rape and kill a girl and i could have killed him myself but i thought youd want to do it” and artemis is all “youre damn right i do” and she shoots an arrow through orion’s face from so far away that his head looked like a tiny dot on the water at which point apollo just starts laughing like “haha lmao you said i couldnt kill him so i got you to do it for me also btw i lied about seeing him do some shit see ya” and fucks off to leave artemis alone with her dead best friend so she does what gods always do when shit goes down and hangs orion in the stars and goes to kill the scorpion but you know apollo didnt like that too much so he tries to send his fuckening scorpion up there to get orion a second time but artemis fuckin swats it and the scorpion ends up on the other fucking end of the sky so it never comes anywhere near him and theyre not even up there during the same months so since orion’s up there trying to hunt down that fucking scorpion and it’s trying to obey apollo and kill him, they just chase each other in circles for all eternity BUT orion got the better end of that deal because his belt is one of the most recognizable asterisms in the sky and i fucking dare you to tell me what scorpio looks like.


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If you’re wondering why I used glitter, my logic is that nothing bad in my life has ever come from using gold glitter, so why not? 

Today I’ve got probably the easiest, most beginner friendly jar I’ve ever posted. I need good luck, you probably need some good luck, this is what we’re making today. Usually I have jars that have different herbs ans such for different elements of the jar for the jar’s purpose. Not today. Today it is literally one jar full of herbs and spices that all have one purpose in mind – luck.

So, because of that, you can use any of the herbs listed, as many or as few as you want to or have on hand. In italics are the ones I’ve used in mine.

  • lilac
  • acorn
  • bay leaf
  • clover
  • allspice
  • poppy seeds
  • tonka bean
  • aloe
  • caraway seeds
  • catnip
  • parsley
  • chamomile
  • dill
  • star anise

While there are others, I have only listed a few that I feel like people have on hand.

The put together of this jar in simple. Light your candle, focus on your intention, and layer in your herbs. Feel free to additionally use anything that is lucky to you. Perhaps when sealing the jar, if you have a lucky coin you could press it into the wax to leave the print of it, use sigils, etc. Anything to make this more personal, the better. For me, I decided to use gold glitter just because I wanted to. Glitter is something I always want to use in my draft but I never do, so I decided to today because like I said, nothing bad has ever come to me when glitter was involved, haha!

If you have trouble sealing your jar, I have a tutorial for that here.

In addition to that, you can find all my other jars and original posts here, or here is just a masterpost of them (so far).

If you have any questions feel free to drop by my ask box! And as always, if you make any of my jars, I would love to see them, so feel free to tag me! 

23 June 2017 || 


Over the last few semesters, I developed my own system of revising for exams. I’m a visual learner and writing things down in an organised way helps me loads. I posted pictures of my exam notes several times before (here, here, here, here) and I use this format for basically every class that requires an exam instead of an essay - so far: calculus 1, real analysis, maths education, english literature, and teaching german as a second language. Many people really liked this format, so here’s a step-by-step guide on how I do it! 

1. Supplies

I use:

  • blank A4 paper
  • one sheet of A4 grid paper 
  • a black gel pen by Kyocera (you can use any pen, but it should have a somewhat fine tip and should dry easily)
  • Stabilo fine liners point88 (one or two matching colours per class)
  •  a set square (imo that works better than a ruler)
  • a Faber-Castell 0.7 Grip 1347 pencil in 2B (you can use any pencil you like, but it should be HB or 2B because you need to erase it later)
  • lecture notes/slides, class notes, homework, basically any info that is necessary for the exam

2. Setup

  1. Place the grid paper underneath the blank one. Make sure it doesn’t move when you write (if necessary, use paperclips to hold it in place). 
  2. Draw margins and aid lines (in pencil - you’ll erase these later). Measure them out so they’ll be the same on every sheet. I usually do approximately 1cm margins left, right, and bottom, 2.5cm margin at the top for title and subheading, and three columns: left one with a width of 6cm, middle one with 5cm, right one with 6cm and 0.5cm blank space between them. (The grid paper underneath will help.) You can also only make two columns - four columns is gonna be very hard though because that won’t leave you with much space. 
  3. Every time you have a list, bullet points, step-by-step guides etc, indent the bullets by another 0.5cm (draw another aid line for this). If you have sub-bullets, indent them another 0.5cm and so on. 
  4. I use colours for bullet points (the actual points /arrows /numbers/ whatever), important names, something that I’m defining, subheadings, and important dates. 

3. Content

  1. Start writing your notes. Make them as condensed as you possibly can without leaving important points out. I try to go for one A4 page per lecture (aka around 28 powerpoint slides or more on one page), but sometimes I’ll also end up with two.
  2. Use abbreviations for words you use a lot, e.g. “+” for “and”, “p.” for “problem”, “str.” for “strategies”, “lit.” for “literature” etc. 
  3. You can absolutely include important diagrams/graphs etc. Either print them out in the size you need or draw them by hand and in the colours you need. If it doesn’t fit in one column, spread it out over two columns and continue the separated columns underneath/above. 
  4. Make your bullet points mean something. Use numbers, arrows, flags, lowercase letters, uppercase letters, dots - each can have a different meaning. Are you writing something where the order is important       (numbers)? Are you giving examples (dots)? Are you mentioning separate important key points (flags)? 
  5. I wrote my last summary page for maths education today and stopped the time - I needed 50 minutes for one lecture with 27 slides (new material because I hadn’t been there), including a small chocolate break. 

4. Final Touches

  • Check if the ink has dried. Check again. 
  • Carefully erase the pencil aid lines with a good eraser. make sure you don’t wrinkle the paper (unless you don’t care about that sort of stuff haha)
  • If you want to, you can highlight key words (or whatever you like). 
  • Number your pages if you’ll write several. I always write down the number of the lecture (session 1, session 2 etc) in the subheading. 
  • Optional, but I do it: Make a copy of your sheet that you carry around with you. Nothing is as frustrating as spilling coffee over your revision sheets. Put the original in a plastic sleeve and keep it in a folder or binder somewhere, and study/revise only with the copy. Especially useful if you have others quizzing you with your summaries and they don’t care if they rip/wrinkle/ruin them lmao 

I hope this was somewhat informative! You can tweak it of course, depending on what class you have and what will be on the exam. I hope you’re having a nice weekend! :) 

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Why do we always see Frisk or Chara ? We want some Asriel !

I have a LOT of drawings for him and the sketches are finished– I just need to render them;; the **second one was the one I accidentally overwrite from last year //cries

Bestfriend Trouble (1/2) | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff
POV: Reader’s and Zach’s (POVs are stated before a section.)

A/N: Hello guys! This is a 2-Part story and both parts are from different requests. This is actually a bit different from the request below but I just really wanted to connect both requests so yup haha. I hope you guys enjoy!

Request: I was wondering if you could pretty please do an imagine where Zach is just hopelessly in love with the reader, he does dorky things to see her smile, his friends always tease him when she walks by, she always catches him staring at her during class or lunch, he gets really nervous when she talks to him and he tries to keep his cool when she’s near but he always fails and is just super cute, just super fluffy.



“Y/N! Y/N LOOK! LOOK!” Zach says through his mouth full of chicken tenders while he sat in front of me.

“Look how many chicken tenders I can fit in my mouth!” he continues as he tries to get my attention and I look at him in disgust, but it was pretty impressive too if I’m being completely honest.

“Zachary stop it, you look like an idiot.” I reply as I go back to reading my History notes. I promised myself that I’ll do better after failing our most recent quiz.

“I’m not going to stop until I see a smile on your face. Stop getting so bothered by that stupid quiz! There’s always 10 more after that anyway.” he says as he removes the chicken from his mouth one by one, chewing the others in the process.

“I need to keep my grades high, you know this, or else my parents will be so disappointed in me.” I reply as I become even more upset, I lean my head down on my notes.

“You’re already the perfect daughter, the perfect student and the perfect girl. No one can ever be disappointed in someone like you. You’re too hard on yourself sometimes, you don’t even see how amazing you are.” he says and I lift my head up to face him.

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better.” I say as lean my chin on my right hand while pouting and Zach gets a sip of my milkshake. When he parted the glass from his mouth, a white vanilla foam moustache was left on his upper lip. He looked like one of those History people we learn about. I purse my lips while trying to hide the obvious smile on my face.

“A-HA! Is that a smile?! I see a smile! Yes! I made you smile!” he beams, fists pumping up in the air.

“You really are an idiot.” I reply as I shake my head at him and hand him a tissue.

“It’s fine. I don’t mind acting like an idiot as long as I can make you happy.” he says while munching on a french fry and I scoff at him.

Zach Dempsey has been my bestfriend ever since we were in 3rd grade when I gave him a sip of my strawberry milk and he threw up all over me shortly after. That was the first time I found out about his very sad allergy. It’s a classic story between him and I. Since then, we’ve been inseparable.

Being bestfriends with one of the most popular guys in school means you’re also friends with the people around him. You get invited to all the cool parties, you get VIP passes at every school event and people automatically think you’re more important than you actually are. It was great, but not always. I missed being with Zach, just him, just the two of us and it was moments like right now that I treasure most.

“Oh by the way, we’re all going to see the new Fast and Furious movie tomorrow night. I’ll pick you up at 7 okay?” Zach suddenly asks.

“Please don’t tell me that obnoxious friend of yours will be coming too.” I say as I roll my eyes.

“Bryce? No no, Justin didn’t invite him.” he replies with a laugh.

“Alright then I’m in!” I answer and get back to reading my History notes.


The next day

I stood by my locker as I get the books I need for next period. Great, I thought to myself, Physics next, my least favorite subject. I sigh in disappointment as I shut my locker door. I turn to my right and a smiling Zach Dempsey was leaning on the locker next to mine.

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Helloo can you do a bts reaction to their s/o not letting anyone near their neck and then finding out that’s because they’re quite sensitive in the area and get turned on easily, please?

(I tried my best on this haha, and also this takes place when the reader and bts have been in a relationship for about a month or two.)

Thank you for requesting I hope you like it!

{Gifs do not belong to me, all credit goes to rightful owners}


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(Just pretend you’re jungkook)
So it’s a fact that he would always be curious as to why you were so jumpy whenever he was anywhere near your neck. But he finally finds out why, oh boy you’re in trouble. Nah, I’m kidding, maybe. He would respect that you wanted space sometimes because of that reason but it’s not gonna stop from sneaking a kiss there every now and then. You could be making breakfast and when he’s all done getting ready for work he’d sneak up behind and kiss at your neck teasingly. “Namjoon!” you squeaked and turned to hit his chest. “I told you to stop that,” “I’m sorry I can’t help it.” He around spins you around so that your back pressed against his chest and you could nothing but the warm sensation of his lips against your neck. “Namjoon,” you say again. “I’m busy right now,” he hums against your neck and pulls away, “it can wait.” His lips reattach to your neck again and you let out a breathy moan. “You’re going to keep the boys waiting,” “They can wait to.”


Originally posted by apgujeon

Now jin here, he might tease you now that he has the knowledge of the sensitivity of your neck. I mean not all the time because that would suck…but he would just like to get you all riled up. Jin would be doing his own thing and you’d be there by him because why not? And since you were feeling a bit playful you snuck a quick kiss on his cheek. He’d stop and look at you with your lips pressed together and eyes avoiding his. “Don’t tease me y/n,” he warned in a playful tone. “I’m not teasing you,” a gasp left your lips when you felt him grab hold of your waist and pressed you against him. Your eyes were glued to his and you gulped when he leaned down and felt his hot breath tickle at the sensitive skin of your neck. “J-jin, stop that’s not fair.” You gripped at his shoulders and shuddered. “I don’t think I want to,” he says seductively and nibbles gently onto your neck. “This is for teasing me.”


Originally posted by yoonseok

You’ve told him about it but he never really thought much about it or sometimes thought you were being over dramatic. But to his surprise you weren’t kidding. The second his lips grazed your neck you let out a soft gasp and jerked away from him. “Yoongi don’t do that,” you said covering the spot he touched. “Is it really that sensitive?” he looks at you curiously and you nod. “W-we talked about this.” “I just thought you were messing with me,” you shook your head and let your hand fall from your neck. With yoongi still being at a very close proximity he latches on to you with a strong hug and you try to wriggle away but to no avail. “it’s cute seeing you like that,” he chuckled. “Me trying to escape?” “No you weirdo, I mean when I do this,” he leans his down and nibbles at the crook of your neck making tense up in his arms. A soft, almost quiet moan escapes as he trails up your neck. “Know you get his way with the simplest of touches drives me insane.”


Originally posted by itsrapmonster

Hobi would just kinda be like ‘what?’ when he finds out how sensitive you are around your neck. But the he’d find it kinda cute, well until he finds out how it turns you on too easily then it’s just whole different game. He kissed your neck and giggled pulling away. “Does it tickle a lot?” he grinned at you. “Y-yeah,” you bit your lip and spoke again. “But I like it.” Hoseok smirked and kissed the back of your neck again. “So is that ok?” you nodded. So he did it again and again. You sighed with pleasure and leaned your head back. “How about this?” Hoseok’s chest pressed against your back, his mouth sucking at the crook of your neck. “Fuck,” you breathed out and enjoyed the sensation of his lips there.


Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

So just imagine this. You and jimin cuddling in bed and him being the big spoon. You guys are all nice and cozy. This is where he finds out about your weakness. The back of your neck was exposed to him so he thought he’d take the chance of being cute and just nuzzle close up and give you a smooch. Instead of a giggle like he expected you yelp instead and turn over to hide your face in your pillow. “Babe?” “Why did you do that?” you asked. “You know how sensitive I am there.” His face contorts completely lost. “ I actually do not,” he says and scoots closer to you. You curse under your breath and try to excuse yourself from this conversation but pulls you back down. You see this spark in his eyes and you were knew you were screwed. “ park jimin don’t you dare,” you warned. “What, what do you think I’m gonna do,” he said through his smirk


Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

“So your serious about this?” You’ve should have known this was going to lead somewhere. Ever since taehyung accidently found about your sensitive neck he’s tried so many ways to get to it but you never let him.  “Very, now let it go.” You continue doing whatever you were doing being too distracted to even to even notice him sneak up behind you and poke at your neck. You squeak and yell at him to stop but he just laughs. “ Taehyung you’re such a dork,” “I’m sorry baby, I’ll stop.” That didn’t last long of course because you then felt him kiss at the side of your neck causing you to gasp and quickly cover you mouth. Taehyung likes the reaction he gets from you so he whispers into your ear, “you secretly like that don’t you.” You shake your head and manage to stutter out a no but you were way to obvious. His hand slips his hand from behind and lifts your head and starts to kiss and suck your neck. “ I don’t think your telling me the truth sweetheart.”


Originally posted by yourpinkpill

When you first told him about your neck he was skeptical at first because who’s neck is so sensitive that you can’t even breath on it?? (Mine) Knowing jungkook you know he’s probably going to try something here and there because this honestly intrigues him.  You’ d be sitting between his legs watching TV,  his head resting on your shoulder and you have to lean away just a bit because of it. He takes notice and decides to mess around a bit. And by that he just begins to lightly blow on your neck and grins when he sees you squirm. “Shit, you really can’t handle that?” his eyes were wide with astonishment as if he discovered something incredible. Well he kinda did soo~ “No, you know this already.” “Maybe, but-” he pulls you in so that his chest pressed against you. “I wanna see what else makes you squirm.”