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Can we see everyone's different sweaters pls???

Jin: And of course most of you know mine~

There was something very interesting on the podcast (watch here) so I’m transcribing it: 

 “You’ve asked wether or not you can go back to the unterzee. The journey to the High Wilderness is a very interesting and dangerous one and it’s usually one-way. The way the time works in the High Wilderness is very different from how it works in the Neath and how it works in our world. So there’s no real way of knowing what you would be going back to. So it’s not to say NEVER NO WAY, but I do know that it would be a challenge.”

(Hannah then mentioned that that doesn’t mean nothing ever comes back from the HW, as seen in some of the latest FL stories)

(this was posted from an early production podcast and it’s subject to change)

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hi hi hi!!! sorry im literally replying to months old asks because I’ve been on a semi-hiatus during this whole sem as i’ve been having on and off sick days for weeks now…but hopefully in between working on zines I’ll get to reply to most of them before spring break ends! 

Thank u for being patient with me and im sorry if i dont get to ur ask!! 


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what do you think Harrison's early life was like? did he and his brother get along? how did his parents treat him BEFORE the Incident™?? this shit i n t r i g u e s me,,

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goodnight everyone i love every jooheon side nd so should u 💞💕💕💫🌟💘💝💗💝💗💗