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so @ashleyrguillory​ did the meme where you combine your oldest and newest fandoms! see her one here!! so i thought i’d try it out too

my oldest fandom is sailor moon! combined with one direction ot5, and bonus james corden because he’s MVP


i’m screaming at all of them



being charlie spring’s boyfriend can get a bit overwhelming at times


The video Ammo was filmed for is finally out!!!!!!

Ammo looks a little funny in parts, but omg I’m soo freaking excited.  I thought he would only be in the video for a couple of seconds but he was all over it!  He’s the first dog they show!  Ahh!! I can’t handle how exciting this is.

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Could you write a fic off of the dream you had about Alistair in the hospital? Maybe you could add some smol, precious BF Julius trying to calm him down?

Yes, of course, I love a good excuse to torture Alistair. And ‘smol, precious BF’ is just the perfect way to describe Julius. Although he sticks up for Alistair in this. You learn new things about Alistair too. You find out that this boy DOES NOT like hospitals. He doesn’t like trusting strangers to poke him with needles and assault him with weird equipment. He’s also got a SUPER high fever, which is why he’s freaking out through a lot of this, haha. The poor boy. Anyway, I hope this is okay. Swearing again, we all know Alistair.

“His fever needs to come down, we should get a line in. Do we need to contact the parents?”

“Apparently not. He came in with his boyfriend, but we told him to stay in the waiting room.”

Alistair blinked dazedly, not really taking anything in. His body felt very heavy, and he hurt all over, his head most of all. He was lying back on an unfamiliar bed, surrounded by strangers in blue and white, poking and prodding at him without even asking permission. It was bright and hot, and Alistair could smell disinfectant and sickness in the air. Alistair mumbled uneasily, scanning each face, trying to find Julius.

“Alistair, honey? You’re gonna feel a little scratch, okay?”

Alistair felt somebody grip his wrist, turning his arm over. He turned his head weakly - and spotted a female nurse advancing towards him with a gigantic fucking needle in her hands, ready to puncture his skin. Alistair snapped properly awake abruptly, yanking his arm away with a yell, making the nurse jump.

“Don’t! Get that away from me!” he yelled, panicked. The nurse with the needle pulled a sympathetic face, but a stout nurse with a firm face stepped away from the bed of another patient, frowning. 

“Stop that shouting! How ridiculous, a man of your age shrieking like a toddler. We can do this the easy way or the hard way now. I’ll hold you down if I have to, but the IV line is going in either way,” she snapped sternly.

Perhaps the tough-love strategy was effective with her other patients, but all it did was make Alistair panic completely. He was dazed and bewildered with fever; all he could see were two sinister strangers who were trying to jab something sharp into his arm. Julius wasn’t there, he was all alone with these two creatures. He began to scream, thrashing in his hospital bed, trying to clamber desperately out of it. The firm nurse heaved an irritable sigh.

“Suit yourself,” she murmured, and suddenly gripped Alistair’s shoulders with her strong arms, pinning him down to the bed as firmly as if he was tied to it. The nurse was formidable, with arms as thick and pink as hams, and Alistair was weak from the fever - he couldn’t move at all.

That did it. Alistair hated to feel trapped - he didn’t even like to be told he couldn’t remove his seatbelt on a plane. His yells increased in volume, echoing through the ward so loudly that all the other patients craned to look, wondering if he was being murdered.

“No! Let me go! Let me go, you fucking bitch!”

His voice was more strangled with fear than anger - situations he couldn’t control made him nervous, and hospitals were by far the worst. Now he was being forcibly held to the bed, Julius nowhere to be seen - he began to gasp in terror, his chest tight, tears seeping from his eyes. The firm nurse tutted heartlessly, but the nurse with the needle seemed kinder, softer.

“It’s okay, honey. It’s just an IV, to bring down your fever. It’s nothing to worry about.”

Alistair was far too deep in the throes of a fit of feverish anxiety to pay attention. He continued to struggle against the firm nurse, howling all the while.

“No, don’t touch me! Get off! Julius! JULIUS!”

“Hey! What the hell are you doing to my boyfriend? I can hear him right down the hall!” It was Julius, having come dashing from the waiting room when he realised that the shrieking patient was actually Alistair. He took in the scene in front of him, Alistair struggling desperately against the nurse, panting and in tears. He felt fury rise in his chest.

Julius was generally an effervescent person, with a temperament as mild as a mother’s milk, but now he turned on the firm nurse with a murderous expression, as if he was about to tear her head off. He was a small boy, barely over five foot, and looked a good deal younger than nineteen with his fluffy curls and big eyes - but the nurse gasped at his expression, backing away in fear.

“You let go of him!” Julius thundered, his voice so shockingly mutinous that even Alistair paused mid-scream, bewildered.

“How dare you hold him down when he’s clearly in such distress! Do you not have ears, you heartless witch? He doesn’t like to be restrained like that! If you were having difficulties, you should have called me!” he shouted, stamping his foot in his passion, fuming. 

The firm nurse huffed a little indignantly, but she looked rather worried now, her face pale. She stepped back from the bed as Alistair pulled himself into a sitting position shakily, reaching out for Julius.

“J-Jules, I’m gonna…”

The panic had made Alistair’s stomach churn painfully - anxiety always did - and he barely had time to sit up before he was heaving into his hands, vomit spraying through his fingers. The nurse with the needle quickly thrust a cardboard emesis bowl in front of him, which Julius took hold of, rubbing Alistair’s back gently as he coughed and gasped. Julius turned to glare at the firm nurse as Alistair retched again, bringing up a thick wave of puke into the bowl. 

“I don’t want you treating my boyfriend again tonight. If you come near him I’ll lodge a formal complaint,” he threatened darkly, and the firm nurse backed away sharpish.

Julius turned his attention back to Alistair, making his voice soothing. The red-head was still hunched over, spitting out saliva, his cheeks flushed with fever, but he was smirking at Julius.

“Look at you, showing off your claws,” he muttered, chuckling, still rather dazed. Julius shrugged.

“I was mad, okay? You think you’re done?” He handed the soiled bowl over to the other nurse when Alistair nodded, taking a wet cloth from her to clean his boyfriend up a little.

“Here, give me your hands, I’ll clean the sick off. Try taking deep breaths, you need to calm down now. What was all that noise about?” Julius asked, carefully sponging the vomit from his boyfriend’s hands. Alistair fell back against the pillows, scowling.

“They’re trying to stick a needle in me, Jules. I don’t even know them, and I couldn’t find you. And that bitch nurse was forcing me,” he declared dramatically, his eyes glazed over. Julius propped an elbow on the bed, brushing the dishevelled red hair away from Alistair’s face gently.

“I know you don’t want the IV, but it really will make you feel better. It won’t hurt for long, I’ll be right here now,” Julius said. Alistair shook his head stubbornly.

“Nope. Not happening.” Julius paused.

“You know, Alistair, I was really scared when I brought you to the hospital. You were burning hot, you wouldn’t focus on me and nothing you said made sense. You need an IV to keep you from getting so sick again. I don’t think I can watch that a second time. Come on, for me?” he urged gently. Alistair struggled for a moment, biting his lip. Then he sighed heavily, offering his arm to the nurse irritably.

“Fine… But only because you asked me, Jules. You better tell me when it’s coming!” he demanded, as the nurse advanced with the needle. Despite everything, she smiled.

“Okay, honey, you’re just going to feel a little scratch,” she said, quickly pushing the needle into Alistair’s skin, taping it in place against his arm. Alistair drew in his breath.

“Ow! That wasn’t little!” The nurse giggled, shaking her head.

“You’re a fiery one. Red-heads are always little vixens.” She turned to Julius. “Both of you should try to get some sleep. We’ll be monitoring his temperature, checking every two hours. Make sure he’s drinking water, okay?” she said, before bustling off quickly, going to attend to her other patients. Alistair scowled at the drip, holding his arm out stiffly.

“How are you feeling?” Julius asked softly, trying to distract him. Alistair scoffed.

“In hospital. High fever. Just shrieked the place down and puked in my own hands, and now there’s a huge needle in my arm. I’m feeling fucking fantastic, Jules,” he grumbled sarcastically. Julius laughed.

“How can you still be such a snarky ass when you’re so sick?” he chuckled fondly. Alistair shrugged.

“Must be a natural talent.” He reached out to Julius, tugging at his shirt. “Come lay with me… The bed is big. And I’m cold,” he said, opening his eyes imploringly. Julius smiled, clambering onto the bed beside Alistair, wrapping his arms around him. Alistair moved as close to Julius as possible, pressing his face against the smaller boy’s chest.

“Oh Alistair, you’re burning! I feel like I’m huddled up next to a little heater,” Julius said, hugging Alistair tighter. The red-head groaned miserably.

“Ugh, I feel like shit. The room is spinning…” he mumbled, squeezing his eyes shut. Julius ran his fingers through Alistair’s sweaty hair gently.

“Try to sleep. You’ll start to feel better soon, I promise,” he soothed. Alistair obeyed meekly, exhausted now, snuggling into Julius. He muttered something as he fell into a doze, his voice thick with sleep.

“Can I take the fucking needle out yet?” Julius laughed a little.

“Don’t you dare try! Not quite yet, Alistair.”

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So Harru was wearing the rose ring again? After surely seeing our collective freak out haha and he even raised his hand and yet still no HQs :( but he wore a blue scarf (and I'm still not over the rainbow boots) he's RBBing hard

Paps are useless, they had one job and it was to take and HQ of that ring, and yet they failed again. Ugh. But still, yes, Harry is being particularly RBB lately. I love it.


I mean, look, I’d be pleased as pie if she’s really in the episode and I 100% believe she can pop up but nothing is set yet. Pretty much anyone can edit imdb. Don’t start celebrating already just cause someone edited imdb please!

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Wednesday night is scary movie night (Sehun)

I decided this’ll be the first one, then. I wrote it by the concept of the example request (cute sehun and you watch a scary movie and he freaks out) so have fun reading haha.

“Jagiiya,” Sehun moaned, “I need more popcorn if I want to make it through this whole movie.” You looked beside you and Sehun was showing off some puppy eyes and you sighed with a playful smile playing on your lips. “Alright, and I suppose I am to make this popcorn of yours?” Sehun nodded with a graceful smile and you stuck out your tongue at him. “Only if you’ll promise you won’t quit on me during this movie. You have to stay and watch the whole thing.” You grinned, knowing he’d chicken out the moment things would be getting a little creepy. It was your annual wednesday movie night, and tonight it was your turn to pick the movie. As you were into horror movies, you thought it’d be fun to watch “woman in black” with Sehun, mainly because he liked Harry Potter and it had the same actor and it was a not so very scary horror movie to start off with. You’d promised him that you’d ease him into the world of horror, and you were keeping your promise.

“Me, chicken out?” Sehun feigned surprise and you bit your lip, “alright, I’ll just get you your damn popcorn.” You walked into the kitchen, while Sehun continued watching the movie. You were about half way through it, and things were starting to go downhill. You grabbed a bag of popcorn and just as you were about to put it in the microwave, you heard Sehun squeal. You let out a soft giggle and turned on the microwave when a screech of fear made you stop in your tracks. “Y/N, jagi, forget the popcorn. Please come here and sit with me through this.” even when he was scared, he was still trying to be manly as you realized that he didn’t actually admit that he was frightened yet. You walked back into the living room, closely scanning the telly as you figured out what scene was playing. You sat down on the couch next to Sehun, who immediately crawled into your arms as the movie in front of you played out the scene in which there was a chair creaking while the house was supposed to be empty. The actor walked to the door from where the sound came from and he stopped to open it, but it wouldn’t budge. The creaking sound became louder and more rapid and with every second passing you could almost hear Sehun’s heart exploding as he let out a small whimper when the actor leaned down to look through the keyhole of the door. “Oh no…” you could hear Sehun whisper with agony in his voice and you smiled as you ruffled your hair through his locks. He quickly looked up to you and tried to smile, but he was too into the movie and he looked back at the screen again just as the actor looked through the keyhole and there was an eye staring back at him.

“Yahh!!” Sehun almost screamed and ducked back into your arms as you laughed out loud. He quickly paused the movie and started pulling at his hair. “Oh my god, Jagi, this movie is too much for me. I can’t watch these kind of movies. I’ll be dead by tomorrow, I swear.” Sehun dramatically said and you pouted to him, pretending to feel remorseful. “Awwe, do I need to sing the kkaeb song to make you feel better, oppa?” he looked back into your eyes and glared at you. “Not funny, Baekhyun.” he mocked and you lifted up an eyebrow. “Would Baekhyun do this, maybe?” you leaned in to kiss Sehun, and just as your lips were about to touch, all the lights went out.

“Uh, Y/N?” Sehun trembled, “Is this a part of the horror movie experience, cause I really don’t like this sudden plot twist.” you batted your eyes a few times and even you cringed with fear. “S-sehun, this is not me.” you muttered as your hand gripped onto Sehun’s shirt tightly. You could feel his hand on yours, and the sound of his phone unlocking. He turned on the camera on his phone and as soon as he did, you both cried out in terror as Baekhyun’s face was right in front of you guys. “What the hell, hyung!” Sehun still screamed as Baekhyun crumbled down on the floor of laughter. “Haha, that was golden. Yes, Baekhyun would do that.” he wiped away a few tears of laughter and you sighed loudly. “Baekhyun, how even?” you questioned as you still held Sehun’s hand tight. “Did you forget that we all live in one dorm? I could hear Sehun practically dying from all way over there.” Baekhyun said and you and Sehun looked at each other. “Never again, Jagiya.” Sehun warned you never to pick another horror movie as you silently agreed, not with all these little pranking shits around you.

Please remember that requests are open! Request anything you want, from smut to fluff to angst to fantasy… I’ll write it all. Please send me a message!!

I was originally going to join Nohr because medieval aesthetic but

fox taguel/laguz people might change that decision