haha hands


I actually started drawing this after season 3 came out and only just finished it and thats why the last like 5 images probably look a little different in some way. Its referencing a conversation that @robotsandramblings and I had (x) and Im so proud of this silly and cute thing


Shiro wonders if this is really worth it or not


Just kiss him, already.

With @thekoreanpineapple‘s Altean Wedding suits because I can’t design clothes for shit.

Where I imagine Science Officer Kirk argues with Captain Spock ALL the TIME. Except then they start to agree with each other.


since Science Officer Jim is still fundamentally Jim


mercuryblacksleg  asked:

Does Caboose catch Sarge eventually? Does he hug Lopez?

you think ur tough? u think ur hot stuff???? ???  i hear captain caboose caught the entire red army 


where the sky meets the sea
only touching
yet never holding

Ummmm haha idk what that was, angsty

But yeah MORE ALLURANCE YAY help it is taking over my life