haha gh

  • Yognau(gh)ts: Haha, Duncan is so cute and sweet.
  • Duncan: [carries around a machete]
  • Duncan: [has a knife and revolver at the office]
  • Duncan: [laughed hysterically while destroying a tree with a chainsaw]
  • Duncan: [got into a weaponised mech]
"I found your cat" AU phanfic

“I found your cat” AU phanfic

plot: Dan loses his cat - Phil finds it

genre: AU, oneshot, fluffy as a kitten, written in texting form

warnings: none

wordcount: 1511

A/N: this is based on a post with lots of AU ideas but I can’t find it again for shit sry x[

enjoy, my fellow fluff lovers and cat owners

From: unknown number
To: Dan the cat guy
Hi! I think I’ve found your cat x]

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