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how do I get into morrowind I really want to but it seems really complicated

the combat and the tempo of the game isnt for everyone but hopefully i can explain them conciselyi said this before making this post it ended up not being concise at all

so every action in this game is decided by a diceroll, basically. including combat

your main attributes, similarly to how it is in newer tes games, are health [red], magicka [blue], and fatigue (stamina) [green]. what many people overlook however, is that your fatigue bar also has an influence on the diceroll that indicates the chance of success of your actions - landing a hit with a weapon, casting a spell, etc

haha funny joke because its hard to keep your fatigue high because you use it up for jumping, running etc

but basically the “waving my weapon helplessly at an enemy” problem usually comes from overlooking your fatigue level, and not using the right weapon for your class

which is to say if your long blade skill is at, say, 5, and you try to hit an enemy with a longsword, its the equivalent of someone who’s never held a longsword in their hand waving it very slowly and clumsily at an enemy who has plenty of time to make a dodge. that’s basically how it looks in practice

the weird damage numbers on weapons that look like this 1-10 actually indicate how much damage you do when you make a short swing (first number; clicking) or a heavy attack (second number; holding down your mouse). there’s also usually separate damage stats for thrusting, chopping, and slashing, since different kinds of attacks are effective for different kinds of weapons (try stabbing someone with a hammer or whacking someone on the head using a spear like a stick, technically hurts but not as effective). whether you thrust chop or slash with your weapon depends on which way youre moving while attacking. if you want you can just check the “always use best attack” option in the menu and then you only gotta worry about the most effective of these stats for each weapon

magic is… both more complicated and less complicated. keep in mind that fatigue still affects whether or not your spells are successful. idk magic in morrowind rocks because you can make your own spells which is neat

levelling up is super similar to oblivion except you dont gotta find a bed. you can take a nap in a swamp if you want

the quest journal, while being pretty uh realistic and immersive, is kinda garbage and hard to organize. if you get a quest remember to exhaust all dialogue with the quest giver by asking all the questions you can. if you see a highlighted word, click it. there’s no quest markers or a compass but most of the time the quest giver will mark the location on your map, especially during the main quest, and from that you can just rely on your map and roadsigns. or just teleport in straight line to the objective. things get complicated if you only get some directions such as “follow this road until you see a tree, then circle around the tree and go left”, but even then i think its not as scary as people say, it’s actually quite cool and immersive, and if its too hard or the directions are too vague, remember that this 300-year-old games fanbase is massive and there are like 10 maps and guides on how to get to this place in some random sidequest on the internet

i think these are the basics… it’s not actually as complicated as people make it out to be. the key is talking to npcs a lot. and always having some potions on you. and using the correct armor and weapon for your class. and keeping in mind that the wildlife of vvardenfell will fuck you up. that’s basically it.

otherwise i found this game very easy to get into (unlike, say, daggerfall), it offers a lot of freedom and immersion, and it’s just really nice and cool to play.

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BTS as people I met at the party
  • Jin : Honestly speaking I just came here for food.
  • Namjoon : Hey have you heard about the latest news headlines in newspaper today?
  • Yoongi : When can I leave?
  • Hoseok : *Dancing on the floor alone*
  • Jimin : Ugh can you please shift? I'm not able to see my friend because of your height!
  • Jungkook : Excuse me. Have you seen my parents?