haha fooled ya

If you look closely, Jack’s sanity is hidden somewhere in this room. Haha, fooled ya! Lost that years ago.
—  Jacksepticeye ( Keep your eyes peeled |  Hidden Folks )

Its almost as if Anti is saying that he is the one who made him lose that. Laughable isnt it?
Why do you do this to me..

If I flirt with everyone but you, and never speak or make eye contact with you, there is a 99.999% chance Im into you.

jonathankents-deactivated201609  asked:

Can you explain Olly"a and Trish's relationship ?

Sure thing  ^ 0 ^  she belongs to goblinqueenbluebie  Ok Trish is Olly’s new girlfriend and she’s the total opposite of him and his friends. Trish is an introvert, she doesn’t have m(any) friends and pretty much hates any social interactions and gets uneasy about them, while Olly is a goofy talkative social butterfly who likes to get shitfaced and if it was possible he would party 24/7. Oliver is in a gang and has done some horrible stuff. He’s mischievous and likes to do hoodrat things with his friends (don’t let the boyish charm fool ya haha), he has enough mugshots to wallpaper a room. Trish is a upstanding citizen never even had a parking ticket! She lives in a affluent community and works at a high-end art gallery.  She gave him a chance and he makes her laugh and pushes her to try new things and get her out of the house! makes her happy 

and she sometimes tries to get him to see that  he doesn’t need to live the way he does and  he could maybe be a good person? in one tiny way at a time Keeps him out of trouble lol in a weird way like a mom ?? 

he’s a lost boy, it’s like Peter Pan and Wendy!


‘Oh God, not this again.’

Dean hated soap. Hated it. He hated the smell, all sharp and unnatural; he hated the feeling of it all slick against his skin; and he HATED it when it covered the smell of Cas.

His Cas.

With a low growl, he crept up behind the boy in the pretty red cape and pounced, leveling him to the soft ground.

“Dean!” Cas protested, face pinching up in frustration at the young werewolf. “You’ve soiled my cloths again!”

“You smell like soap again,” Dean grumbled, already rubbing against all of Castiels exposed skin.

“Because I took a bath, Dean, I’ve already explained this to you,” he huffed, but the anger in his voice had already faded. This was practically a daily routine by now–Castiel would take a bath in the morning, start his chores, and by lunch he would be covered in dirt and Deans scent again. Mother stopped questioning him about it long ago.

“You smell better with a bit of earth on you, anyway.” Now Dean was nipping at his neck and ears. Castiel had shifted so he was laying comfortably between Deans legs. “You don’t smell like you when you use soap.”

Castiel giggled and stroked his fingers through the back of Deans hair–it made his tail wag and his leg jump and a pleased whine curl out of his throat, just like Castiel knew it would.

“People are different than wolves,” he explained in a hushed voice, “we have to stay clean, or others won’t want to be around us.”

“But you smell better without soap,” Dean insisted.

Castiel smiled, a large, just-for-Dean smile. “That’s just for you and me, isn’t it.”

'Yes,’ Dean thought, pretty green eyes sparking with possession. 'Mine.’

“Mine.” It was a growl more than a word, accompanied by a light bruise on Castiels warm neck, vaguely resembling the shape of Deans plush mouth. “All mine.”

“Yes, Dean. All yours.”
for m-arci-a, bc she dragged me into this trash au and I felt like giving her a gift *throws this in your face and runs away*

hey guys just a heads-up, i’ve decided i’m moving on and i’m done with cookie clicker forever ok sorry if this is a letdown. hahaha april fools nerds i’m gonna keep updating that dumb game sporadically until the day i die it is a curse on me and my bloodline haha fooled ya!!