haha flat chest =))

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I have a binder, but because I have so much... Uh fat rolls I guess? It's roll up and end up feeling like a bra and I get disgusted and I just end up not wearing it because of that. (although I've been able to wear it without my family noticing so that's a score I guess)

Awe, I’m sorry. Maybe its the brand? I know almost nothing about binders aside from safety tips, so … but its cool that your family doesn’t notice! My family doesn’t notice when I bind with a camisole and sports bra, which is a plus I guess..maybe not. haha

OH: also, guys don’t all have flat chests! a lot of guys can fit into the A-B cup bras ~ which i didn’t know until recently, and it helped me feel a bit better about my chest. Dunno if that helps 



For here’s what happens when you have young girls’ breasts in a newspaper. You’re ten, at school, laying out newspaper on the tables in preparation for art. Some boys find page 3 and gather round it, making jokes. And they turn to the girl who’s the most “well-developed” and say, “Do yours look like that? Show us!” or - to the flat chested girl - “Haha! You need a boob job!”. And it’s probably your first experience of that awful, incoherent rage/shame that you feel when your body is objectified. And you’re ten.
—  Caitlin Moran laying down the fucking truth in her Times Magazine column on the Page Three Takedown Campaign. 07.02.15

i’ll never understand people that turn having small boobs into some sort of joke like “haha you’re flat-chested” like. alright. you got me. i’m flat-chested. i like being flat-chested. what’s wrong with being flat-chested. please, tell me. tell me what makes someone’s breast size so hilarious to you. or anything you need to comment on. go on. tell me. i’m listening

I’m so sick of being trans I hate it everyday it’s like
“Oh I thought she was a boy till she opened her mouth”
“That hair cut really makes you look like a boy but you’re a girl lol”
“You just look like a dude who wears makeup, you know like a drag queen”
“Wow Alyssa you have a really flat chest no offense!, haha no worries tho I love boobies of all sizes (seriously wtf)”
Yes it’s because I wear a fucking binder???

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W-What's your advice on posing? ;v; (can't pose for my life OTL)

Study your character!  And mimic them in a mirror as much as possible until you get a decent feel for it haha
It takes a while, but after some time and practice, you sort of memorize what angles work best for you!  That goes for body as well as face!  When you try to mimic a character, also try to incorporate the fact that no one’s body is exactly like any given character, (animated characters rarely follow actual human anatomy) so it’s best to play around with your stances and posture.  Its best not to be exact but easy to recognize!  Sometimes doing exact poses of a 2D character can look silly in 3D haha

For girl characters especially, its very important to feel comfortable in your skin and know what works best for you, especially if you, yourself are female.  Work your bod into it’s best angles and also have that character’s personality in there too!  Smile for a happy character!  Wave and look energized!  or if they’re calmer or sinister, really give off that aura and glare and stand really straight, letting your arms sway at your sides in more elegant poses!  Female characteristics can be a bit simpler sometimes just depending on the personality you’re trying to show.  I personally feel like posing for girl characters really rely heavily on their personalities ;w;

And for boys, DO THE BOY LEAN HAHA.  Stand straight and keep your legs apart, sometimes a little bent at the knee, and then without moving your lower half, lean back.  It elongates your torso and also gives off a more masculine and boyish look and body shape!  This is the same whether you are male or female so any gender cosplaying a male character should do this because I think it works pretty well! (in my opinion at least ;;w;;)  And if you’re binding, it can also give you a good flat chest too haha  DO NOT POINT YOUR TOES INWARD FOR NON CUTESY BOYS EITHER!  Having your toes more outward will also give a good masculine appearance in photos!  Here’s some examples:

But like I said, it varies a lot depending on the character TAT;;
Especially if your cosplay is something from anime, we all know how obscure personalities can be in those and are definitely not limited to gender.  But let’s just call these feminine and masculine character traits TUT;;  The female poses can easily be used for certain boys and vise versa for the male poses!  I’m just being really straight forward.

But good luck!  Practice a lot and it’ll be really easy for you in no time!  
I know I usually feel more confidant when i know what my pose is gonna be, so feel free to give any of this a try <3