haha flat chest =))

For here’s what happens when you have young girls’ breasts in a newspaper. You’re ten, at school, laying out newspaper on the tables in preparation for art. Some boys find page 3 and gather round it, making jokes. And they turn to the girl who’s the most “well-developed” and say, “Do yours look like that? Show us!” or - to the flat chested girl - “Haha! You need a boob job!”. And it’s probably your first experience of that awful, incoherent rage/shame that you feel when your body is objectified. And you’re ten.
—  Caitlin Moran laying down the fucking truth in her Times Magazine column on the Page Three Takedown Campaign. 07.02.15

I’m so sick of being trans I hate it everyday it’s like
“Oh I thought she was a boy till she opened her mouth”
“That hair cut really makes you look like a boy but you’re a girl lol”
“You just look like a dude who wears makeup, you know like a drag queen”
“Wow Alyssa you have a really flat chest no offense!, haha no worries tho I love boobies of all sizes (seriously wtf)”
Yes it’s because I wear a fucking binder???