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“Lets Dualize Visitor!”

Speedpaint: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbKZhfgzqQ8

breezy-cheezy  asked:

For Milk requests! Maybe a play-date with Shou's hamster(s)? I imagine Milk is the cat who lets the little creatures climb all over her or nestle into her fur with no fuss at all :)

oh gosh yeah, she’s a very patient and loving cat - she and shou’s hamster get along famously 

OKAY BUT ALSO SPEAKING OF MILK INTERACTING WITH SHOU’S HAMSTER i have had “milk on a skateboard racing shou’s hamster in a hamster ball. teru is ref in roller skates. reigen is dying bc its in his office” in my phone notes for forever from a convo with @starsfadingbutilingeron (who created Milk with me!) sO . LOOK FORWARD TO WHEN I ACTUALLY GET AROUND TO DRAWING THAT HAha

kawaiiusagi2  asked:

Hi sorry to bug you, but do you have an AO3 of FF for you fanfics? I can't get enough Mafia AU honestly. Yours is so hot and I NEED more!! *begs* I'm currently deep in writing two AU fanfics of my own, so I know it can get crazy, but I appreciate your time ^.~ Oh and your art where Yuuri and Viktor both have pierced ears has me shook!! You rock!!! Thanks ^.^

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Don’t be sorry lovely person!! I’m so happy you like my work, it means a lot to me!! And thanks for being so understanding about time and all, I have a lot of deadlines right now so once that’s over I shall be born a free spirit and will just write and draw forever haha. I digress, but yeah, my Ao3 username is unfazedowl. Reader discretion needed though, bc it’s basically my sin bin…

Also, the mafia AU isn’t there yet, I’m still not done writing viktuuri getting down on each other  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) -

anonymous asked:

Can you do an art tutorial because that art style is so nice 😊and I would too see how it is made if that's OK and your art so amazing❤💖 I wish I had money for commission 😥

Hihi, I’ve actually been asked this a couple times now, although your emoji usage really caught my eye 😘 Tbh I’m not really sure how I might go about doing a tutorial though cause my process is messy and unorganized and changes a lot between drawings haha.

That being said I do use some techniques pretty often and could maybe do something on that, probably after I finish my remaining commissions haha

And feel free to send a request if you can’t afford a commission! I don’t often take them on but if I see something I like I usually save it for when I can’t think of something to draw or even between commissions to loosen up 😄


bonding moments w/ my bby boi lance <333