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#actual polar bear starting his modeling career

ok but imagine grillby comes to visit gaster at work one day, like he takes the day off at his pub and travels to gaster’s lab to see him. gaster’s really happy and has a lot of fun showing grillby around and telling him about their work. also, he enjoys telling his colleagues about grillby and grillby’s. “the food is great, it’s a wonderful atmosphere, and there’s always a lovely fire.” grillby is like, “but we don’t have a fireplace…” after a few seconds of gaster grinning at him, he realizes what gaster had meant and blushes bright blue while a puff of smoke kinda billows up from his flame.

I have a question for cis people, especially cis men:
If you have ever had somebody misgender you how did you react–and if you haven’t, how do you figure you would react?

For anyone curious as to why I’m asking, today an instructor who doesn’t know me at all called me “gal” twice in front of several trainees and two other instructors. The first time I probably cringed but tried to visibly ignore the error. With the second I sort of smirked and shook my head, looked down for a moment, and continued listening to the brief speech. Somebody must have corrected him after the fact since after we dispersed, he caught up with me and apologized. He awkwardly blamed the angle and the sunset and not knowing me heh but I thanked him for the apology and told him it was fine.


Diamond no Ace || Ep. 122 end card


Some FIGHT stuff from that AU I’ve started working on that I have officially dubbed the “Goopy Soul AU”. I’m not too used to drawing action stuff, so this was an adventure.

Most of their magical attacks are based on the attacks of Frisk’s friends hence the spear and bones. There’s also the infamous knife there. ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

I’m just…so angry right now? One of my friends on Facebook just shared a video about not being afraid to hold your partner’s hand in public when you’re in a same sex relationship. And the first comment is: “well, it’s the same problem for heteros. We are afraid that someone doesn’t take our hand as well!”
Just….that wasn’t the point at all! The freaking point is that same sex couples often cannot hold hands on public without being ridiculed or even worse….
But I don’t want to say anything, I don’t even know her…it just frustrates me so much.

Happy Birthday @nnaruto!


“It’s over. For real this time”.