haha does this count as an art post

I actually wanted you guys to help me reach 500 followers but i already got to that number w/o advertising it haha my bad I suck at these things

SO since this is sth i’d love to celebrate cuz of how amazing you guys are, how about you still get a chance to win a drawing from me!

how does it work?
-reblog this post and follow me if you arent already
(every follower has the chance to win, not just new followers!) 
-reblog as many times as you want
-likes count as well
-deadline is 25. june 2017
-2 winners will be chosen 

more details under the cut

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First piece of fanart I’ve done that I acutally like and feel confident sharing with people! It’s a pretty big step for me to share it, considering the only one who’s seen my art folder is @mintchocolateleaves because I usually hate everything i draw…

So yeah… anyway! Have some angsty-ish nalu with a lil Happy in the corner. I guess this could be Natsu is falling into the darkest part of his heart?

I know it still needs improvement… but i still like it :)

*Please don’t repost!*