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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 4 : Episode 18 - No Regrets Recap

I have no regrets watching this episode so let’s get into it! ;)

Coulson and Mace stage a car accident to take control of a Hydra bus and we get to see Coulson back in action shooting some of the Hydra agents as they get on the bus. (You get them Coulson!!)

It turns out that the bus was carrying a few dead bodies in Hydra body bags. 

Fitz is still as cold as ice, but we find out more about the real reason why he’s been acting this way in this episode. Daisy tells Fitz again that this is not who he is and if anyone can snap him out of it, it would be Simmons. He slaps her across her face and then takes out a handkerchief to wipe his hands. (oh gosh Fitz who knew that you were as cold as killer frost?) 

“Everytime I see him I get this weird itch, like hives, did we get along?” – Phil Coulson

Back at HQ, Coulson asks Simmons if he got along with Ward in the real world. To which Simmons responds that he shot him while they were on the planet, so no. (HAHAH that reference to Hive by Coulson though. His memory is still fuzzy with the blue soap and hives but it makes for good dialogue HAHA) 

At the triskelion, Hydra R&D has come up with a serum that when injected, would give May strength for a limited time. (Sounds familiar aye? hahaha because that’s what Mace was injecting himself with in the real world)

Still trying to wrap their heads around how this reality isn’t real and that they’re all avatars. Simmons tries to convince Ward and Mace that the missions they are doing are useless and they should focus on rescuing Skye and getting out of the framework. 

“You don’t know me at all” -Mace

Mace questions Simmons with some trivia about himself. Is he married? Does he have kids? What does he like to eat? They weren’t that close in the real world so obviously she does not have the answers to these questions. To which he responds with “You don’t know me at all”. 

When Simmons mentions how their priority should be saving Skye, Ward slams a glass on the table angrily and says “You don’t think I want that?” (The glass didn’t break but this slam was better than Fitz’s slam on the table last week haha) 

“What we’re doing here matters” spoken by the true hero, Mace. He disagrees with Simmons and believes that all the missions that they’re doing here have a significance.

Simmons leaves the room and Ward is like “So what do we think? Delusional? PTSD?” (HAHA ward. Maybe not now but possibly when they all return from the framework)

Back in Hydra’s torture chambers, Skye complains about how they didn’t give her a mani pedi but tortured her instead. (haha Skye still has the sass going even when she’s being tortured) AIDA says that all she did was fix one regret which was what Radcliffe intended and claims that “the subsequent world is a consequence of your actions.” (Sure is, AIDIA, when you manipulated it to get the outcome that you wanted haha) AIDA makes Skye an offer to give her Lincoln Campbell in exchange for Skye’s location in the real world. Skye asks her what she gets out of all of this to which she responds with “ a choice”.

Mack and his daughter, Hope

The real reason why Fitz has been acting evil is finally revealed in this episode. It is none other than his dad. Fitz’ dad convinces him that all of these decisions that he is making are good and whenever Fitz shows signs of hesitation, his dad convinces him otherwise. (this parallels Garrett and Ward where Garrett influenced Ward in all of his decisions and shaped the person that he was.) 

Radcliffe has a rage fit about the prison’s dog food and how they’ve taken everything from him, especially Agnes. (He’s facing the consequences of his actions, so no sympathy from us and Skye) Radcliffe reveals how Fitz killed Agnes in cold blood and Skye doesn’t believe how taking away one regret can change a person completely. But it can, as we have been seeing in the past few episodes On the bright side, Radcliffe reveals that there is actually a working backdoor for them to get out of the framework. (yasss there is hope afer all!! )

Fitz and his dad head for tea time/ a chat session. He regrets killing Agnes and questions if it was necessary to kill her. Fitz’s dad convinces him that that is his mother talking and that there’s no room for love and sympathy/ womanly sentiment. (LOL) and more about how the only person who understands that is Ophelia. Fitz says he doesn’t know what kind of man he would be without his father. (Well we do, FItz! and it’s definitely not this person) This scene just proves Radcliffe’s point that just one change could actually change a person completely. Fitz was raised by his father instead of his mother in the Framework and his father taught him that he doesn’t have to feel remorse or guilt as long as he gets the job done/ is a man of action. 

Coulson and Mace head to the rehabilitation centre to rescue a friend of Mace who is none other than Agent Trip!!! (Welcome back Trip!! We’ve missed you! That was a really nice surprise!)

“Did you clean you room? Well I’ll be the judge of that” - Mack

Mack and his daughter continue being adorable in this episode. And everyone can see that including Ward. He tells Simmons that he finally figured out why Simmons dislikes him so much. It’s because she thinks that he’s someone he’s not. (Mannn Ward catches on really quick especially after Simmons revealed to Mace and Ward earlier on in the episode that this world is fake). 

Simmons reveals what Ward did in the real world and he truly looks guilty and says “For what it’s worth, I’m truly sorry”. (There’s the apology and Simmons looks like she could maybe forgive him a little) 

They watch Mack play with his kid and Ward asks her if they’re able to feel all that emotion, then doesn’t that make it real. (Ward in this episode,  shows that even though they’re all fake avatars in this world, they have real feelings. It’s actually something that’s quite interesting that has been explored in other shows like legends of tomorrow when they had their doom world arc. Could artificial  intelligence actually have real feelings? When fake May sacrificed herself earlier in the season. That was because she actually began to feel like something was wrong with what she was doing so she tried so hard to go against her programming and actually showed regret when she failed. These emotions that the AIs feel, could they also be real?) 

Ward receives intel that a Quinjet has arrived at the school where Mace and Coulson are and immediately wants to gather back up to head down there. He suggests bringing Mack but Simmons would rather not. He thought it didn’t matter since this world isn’t real and asks if Simmons is hesitating because of Hope. Simmons reveals that if Mack dies in the Framework, he will die in the real world as well and so they head off to the school together. 

“Someone’s been juicing unless you’re one of us now” - Mace

Enter Mace and Mulan (oh wait, May)’s fight scene.

Coulson, the teacher, is back at school again. (haha) But this time he enters the classroom to find a class of children being forced to watch some Hydra propaganda. (The scene is super creepy btw). The kids are all in a trance as they’re being hypnotised and brainwashed to believe that Hydra is good /Hail Hydra and what not. Super Nazi style but still creepy) 

Mace wins the fight against May and she calls him a terrorist but if he were, she would have been dead by now. He runs into the school to find Coulson while May contacts Madame Hydra and Fitz. Fitz orders the Quinjet on site to fire at the school because it doesn’t matter who’s in the building as long as they can get rid of the Patriot. 

Ward and Simmons arrive just on time as the Quinjet fires on the building. They rush to the school and help Trip, Mace and Coulson rescue the children. Coulson’s student, Chris, is caught under the ruins as the building collapses and Mace, like a true hero, rushes in to save him. 

 Outside the building with the Hydra agents,they watch the building collapse. May wants proof that the Patriot is dead so she goes into the school to make sure of it. As she enters the school, she sees the children running and trying to escape. On the comms, she asks why the hell are kids in this building. (Looks like May is finally coming back to her senses.)

Inside the school, May enters the classroom and demands to know where the Patriot is. Coulson snaps at her and says that they’re trying to save a kid’s life. She can either help them or don’t but the focus shouldn’t be on killing the Patriot. She watches on as the team rushes to save Chris as Mace lifts up the remains of the building. They manage to save Chris. Ward and Trip find a cabinet that could possibly hold the building together while they escape but Mace says that it’s not strong enough and asks them to all leave while they still can. He stays on to sacrifice himself while Coulson, Ward, Trip, Simmons and May run out of the building to safety. (Nooooooo Mace, this can’t be happening.) They make it out and watch as the building collapses fully along with Mace. (This whole scene was truly heartbreaking but it showed how much of a martyr Mace was, willing to sacrifice himself so that he could save the lives of others). 

At the triskelion, Fitz and his dad celebrate the death of the Patriot with glasses of champagne while Madame Hydra looks on smugly.

In the real world, AIDA walks in to the room where Coulson, Mack, Mace and May are housed. 

Mace’s vitals have flat lined and she disengages him. (Noooo R.I.P. Jeffrey Mace, The Patriot, Inhuman leader of the Resistance) Your sacrifice will be remembered and the team will get back at Hydra for what they’ve done to you. This also further cements that death in the Framework is synonymous with death in the real world. Also, it seems that AIDA has a backdoor out of the Framework as well since she was able to get to the real world so quickly. 

May enters the interrogation room that Skye is in and asks her if she really is an Inhuman. Skye says that she is and she’s powerful enough to bring this place down. May says she hopes so as she whips out a terrigen crystal from her sleeve and smashes it on the ground. 

Whooo Quake  is back!!! Looks like Hydra having the kids at the school was enough to convince May to side with S.H.I.E.L.D. Yass so excited for next week when Skye gets her powers back and teams up with May to bring down Hydra.

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Okay im sorry this is slightly off topic but I know you watch Phan, did you see the fucking pastel Easter baking video and PHIL SLID HIS HAND BETWEEN DANS TUMMY AND HIS OVERALLS AND MADE AN MPREG REFERENCE I NEARLY CHOKED

SAME I SCREAMED WHEN THAT HAPPENED TBH. I ship Phan so fuckin hard, but like, you know those relationships where you cant really imagine them having sex? but you can imagine them being all fluffy and shit? yeah, that’s how I feel about Phan. Sometimes I can imagine phan mpreg because ive read stuff like that before, but its not something I write or anything haha. ALSO, when that happened I imagined michael wearing overalls while pregnant, can we just imagine

Looking at Dazushi

Sort of a continuation of my previous post Lol

First up, I believe Dazai saw himself in Atsushi; a boy who had no one and was spat on by everyone around him. He, in a way, wants to protect Atsushi from that pain. To show and tell him, “Even though it’s hard, even though the world may come crashing down, I will still be here for you.”
And sure enough, Dazai has been there for Atsushi through thick and thin. They have moments sure, but what relationship doesn’t have those, no matter what type it is. 
Next is their understanding of each other’s pain. Atsushi might always see Dazai with a smile, but I like to think that he wonders what Dazai is truly thinking. I am sure he’d be a bit shocked to learn Dazai isn’t that much different then him, albeit he hides his sadness rather well. 
With Dazai’s wrists, I think we can all agree about what’s under those bandages. Knowing the horrible things he did, all the stuff he had to do, and at such a young age; he probably broke.

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Texting Tom (Holland): POC Actress

This is a little short I literally came up with. For those who requested stuff, I’m working on it lol! Some stuff just comes to my head more quicker bt don’t worry I gotchu!

Reader is in NY and Tom is in LA. They text, and yeah. I don’t have the energy to do that fake iPhone thing, so I’m just going to make reader in italics and Tom in bold!

Warnings: Cursing, extra fluffly couples, sexting and unwanted dick pics (No I will not be posting a real dick lmao)

Tom is in bold and Reader is in italics. 

Good morning love. I know it’s 4:30 in NY but I miss you and can’t wait to see you again. Love you. ❤

I’m trying to sleep! Love you too, though.


Don’t make that face! You know how I get when my beauty rest is interrupted 😴

I’d hardly call it beauty but text me when you wake up.

10:30 (Where Reader is and 7:30 where Tom is)

Did you just call me ugly, Thomas?


Refer to your last text…

Oh haha, I love you 😀

I’m rolling my eyes at you! So what are you doing rn?

Thinking about you…always

I’m blushing. So I just found $10 on the street! YAAAAYYYY!

I’ve never seen a rich person so excited about $10…

I’m not rich. But what can I say? I’m an enthusiastic person! So what should I do with it?

Put it towards our future children's trust fund. 



HA! You should be a comedian, like your father. 

Rude…I gotta go. I’ll text you later love!

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honestly every time i see swamp monster!zoro, i just an au where luffy is a witch/wizard and one day he comes back from exploring the swamp (because its a "mystery swamp" why else?) with zoro and everyone kinda freaks about because what is THAT?! but luffy's totally chill about it ("its zoro- i found him in a swamp! isn't he cool?")

this is really cute so I did a few drawings haha!! thank you <3 in reference to this art

marimo catching takes a lot of skill?

that’s ok, I don’t think zombies need to breathe anyway

welcome zoro


so @ashleyrguillory​ did the meme where you combine your oldest and newest fandoms! see her one here!! so i thought i’d try it out too

my oldest fandom is sailor moon! combined with one direction ot5, and bonus james corden because he’s MVP

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Howdy! I've been meaning to ask this for a while: how do you go about making your characters more... diverse in design? I mean like clothing and features and all that jazz. Mine always end up being humanoid with a t-shirt and some pants/skirt. It gets frustrating not being creative enough to think of something better.

that’s actually a really good question. hahah Design is so hard for me to like explain on how I go about doing it because a lot of it has to do with the imagination. But like drawing techniques, imaginations can be improved with practice as well, and that’s a fact. 

Well I guess what I draw Fan Art and I kinda  beef up a character design a little but, I guess I try and think of the characters personality and maybe bring out some more traits that they might like  when doing so. And as you can see from my speedpaints I’ll look at the original pixel and try to expand on them. I’ll use Mettaton and Frisk for example, cuz I actually have a whole reference sheet for them already done for Death by Glamour. 


It really all has to do with bringing out a character’s personality

Frisk’s design is still really simple, but it’s in their expression, hair and body shape that I feel really brings out their character. I wanted to keep Frisk simple because they over all are a simple. They don’t show a ton of emotion, they enjoy the little things and see the good in people, and a rather lazy atmosphere about them when not dodging blows in a fight or flirting haha. I think their loving mercy pacifist self really shows once they break this casual and blank posture when perking up and straighting their ‘I don’t care about anything’ posture/body language attitude when given a first impression, which is something I really like about Frisk and wanted to bring out in their design, how in first impression they seem blank and simple, and thus the design and posture below, but when in the right situation their ‘complicated’ personality shows when they get flirty, determined, (lol but seriously) or mercy sympathetic. So staying simple really works for Frisk, with clean cut hair, and so on. 


Mettaton however was a TON more complicated. Being as he’s a diva pop star that loves all the glam and glitter I really wanted to bring that out in his design, as well as desplaying that he’s a robot. Being as he loves style (as part of his personality) and lavishes in his own looks so much, I wanted to add a lot more details that you don’t see in the pixel of the game, such as how the lines on his torso outline the muscle of a cartoony anatomical structure of a slender/feminen man, to highlight his ‘beauty’ from  broad shoulders, muscle, hips, calves, and so on. I also made his body structure the way I did based on the pixel of the game which you see on the right on the top, such as the broad shoulders, thin waist with a little bit of hips and not exaggerate the hips like most people do (not that there’s anything wrong with that) So I tried to follow the pixel as much as I could. 

in fact I tried to follow pixel as much as I could when creating the design for Mettaton, even down to his facial structure, with the sharp jaw line and flat chiseled chin, and his expression as you can see by looking down near the bottom of the reference sheet. haha I guess you could say I did that “Mettaton facial expressions” challenge when making Death by glamour. Literally every single part of his design has a reason, and trying to bring out his personality as well as the look and physique of the pixel straight from the game as much as possible, while still making him individual to my style. 

So I guess what I’m saying is, when I make a character design, I try to bring out their personality as much as I can, usually people that are more reserved  and quiet who keep to themselves are more simple such as Frisk, because they don’t show their out loud personality all to much in their looks. Where Mettaton I wanted to give him tons of detail and bring out what is typically attractive and so on such as highlighting certain parts of his body because he adores how he looks and feels in this body because he’s such an out loud personality who dazzles in his own spot light.  


If you want an Original example, my character Zalgaroth loves his looks to, but he’s incredibly formal, usually serious but has a perky side to him too, is a dragon which usually matches with gems and gold, and he follows the color scheme of Labradorite being as he’s kinda based off of the gem stone it’self. He also weares light armor because he likes to be swift and fast, and has only one armored gautlet on his left arm because his right is his sword arm, and his left arm is for defence or to flaw someone. So what I’m saying is, everything from his color pallet, the tunic/suit he wears, and the light armor and where/how it’s placed has a reason, and it’s all because of his traits and personality. 

So try to bring out traits about them and personality and that might help you think of a more developed character design! :D  I hope that helps!

BTS reacting to you being successful at young age

Thanks for the request!:) And btw, this is just goals, like having your own house and car and having a good job at 27…please let that be me in some years xD

-Kiki <3



Would be super impressed to see your house and everything.

“How come you have all these things and I am still being stuck with these six children? What did I do wrong with my career choices?” He laughs.

Originally posted by hugtae


“I see where you got the inspiration for your successful life.” He smirks cheekily.

You obviously confused by what he means with that remark: “What do you mean by that?”

Looking hurt for you not getting his reference, he starts rapping: “How did you not get that? I want a big house, big cars and big rings…???”

“Haha, oh you mean that…Yoongi, don’t mean to disappoint you but I actually just wanted to be successful, this house and everything is just a plus actually.”

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned


“Okay wait…how did you never tell me about all this? Like wow, you must be super successful and pretty good at your job. Wow!” He says, walking around in your house.

“Ah, it is nothing actually, just hard work.” You smile shyly, feeling uncomfortable being praised for simply doing your job.

“Don’t be so modest, baby, this is so much hard work of yours, you should be proud!” He smiles and hugs you from behind.

Originally posted by taekookie-bts


“Okay…your house is so pretty…you have a similar taste as me when it comes to decoration…and it is so quiet here…mind if I sleep over? I could have some quiet hours of sleep, actually?” He asks.

“Just feel at home.”

“I am already, haha!”

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned


“Now I feel old and useless.” He states as he enters your big house with a pool in the big garden.

“Why that?” You laugh

“See, you are two years older than me, same age as Jungkook (let’s say you both are now 25 or sth) and you have a sports car and a house for I don’t know how many people to live in and work as a successful manager. And I share my room with two idiots…useless and old.” He chuckles and you hit him playfully.

“Stop talking like that! You have achieved so much already!”

“If you say so…” He smiles.

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“Hey babe, what did you today at work?” Taehyung asks as  he enters your home.

“Oh, I started work a bit earlier today, they needed me for some problems in our recent project with this big company from Europe, you know? What did you do today?” You ask interested, as you still worked at something from home.

“Now that I hear what you do all day and that I see that you are still working, no wonders you have a car and a house and everything. All I did today was making tacos with Jin and I felt like I accomplished something…in relation to you..well taco is taco.” He laughs.

“You have to be joking, tacos are so much cooler than a project with Europe, I hope you brought me one.”

“Of course I did!”

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned


“May I drive in your car?” Jungkook whines.

“You have your own car, Jungkook, don’t you?”

“No I haven’t. Plus, your car is much cooler.”

“I won’t give you my keys, forget it!”

“But why???”

“I swear Jungkook, sometimes I am asking myself, are you my boyfriend who is my age or are you my son and I am the manager mom?”

“Please, mommy, give me the keys?” He asks making a cute face.

“Drive with your own car, Jungkook.”


Originally posted by shitjeon

Thanks for reading, hope you liked it! <3

None of the gifs are mine, credit to owners <3


I wanna talk about Akashi’s threat to the Jabberwock Team.

I just couldn’t help but notice, Akashi’s threat has a Through the Looking Glass Reference on it. If you people didn’t know, Jabberwocky is a poem from Lewis Caroll’s Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (an Alice in Wonderland Sequel)

In the poem, there’s a line there saying:

“…The vorpal blade went snicker-snack! He left it dead, and with its head, He went galumphing back…”

That means, the person using the vorpal blade slay he Jabberwocky on its neck and left the Jabberwocky dead and headless

Now lets go back  Akashi’s threat:

“Be quiet, scum. You are the ones who should be prepared to wash your necks. Tomorrow, we’ll make you lick the ground as you crawl away.”

Don’t you think its way too similar from the lines in the poem. I mean, “wash your necks” means being killed through the slicing of the throat/neck. Also, lets focus on the “crawl away”, the visualization of the Jabberwocky is like a lizard of sorts. And what do lizards do, they crawl right?




one thing that surprise me is Fujimaki-sensei use such reference haha. 

This is me being an otaku and, at the same time, an Alice in Wonderland fanatic. This happens when your fandoms collide, teehee.

plus, i once recited this poem in front of the class once. 


Monster Rock (February 17, 2015)



And OMFG Ryota stole the show once again. Hahahaha. That effin’ dude.

Anyway, I skipped quite a few parts because I got lazy (lol!), but all the funny shit are still here. That’s all we want anyway. Haha! If there’s any mistake, sorry! I’m still a student. ^^ As always, everything inside brackets are just my own thoughts or some added info to make things easier to understand.

Enjoy the dorkiness!


Nao: ONE OK ROCK Sports King Battle!


Voiceover: It’s a sudden start, but for this week until the next, our guest will be ONE OK ROCK. And, this time, the members are still…

Nao: They (staff) didn’t tell you anything, right? (about what they’ll do for this episode)

Taka: We don’t know anything at all. So, it’s kinda, really… This is the worst feeling ever.

Nao: It’s what you usually feel, right? (whenever they’re on the show)

Voiceover: That’s right. ONE OK ROCK members have been on this show for several times. But, the members are always unaware of what they’re supposed to do, and they’re often asked to do a lot of things. This time, they’ll do “ONE OK ROCK Sports King Battle” inside the studio to find out who’s the most athletic member.

Nao: Table Tennis Battle! (pingpong)

(Super happy Ryota and Tomoya. Haha!)

Tomoya: Oh, it’s a ball game! A ball game!

Ryota: A ball, huh?

Voiceover: The group will be divided into two and play “Doubles.”  Whoever gets 5 points first, wins.

Ryota: The two of us (him and Tomoya) are actually quite good.

Toru: These two even have their own rackets.

Nao: Really?

Ryota: They’re (Taka and Toru) the group that doesn’t play table tennis.

Toru: We don’t play at all.

Taka: We’re the “we-don’t-play” team.

Nao: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Taka: When we were recording in America, these two even bought a table tennis at home. Before we do our rehearsals, they’d play first.

Daisuke Han (to Ryota): You’re more comfortable with a racket than with a bass guitar?

Ryota: Yeah, I’m probably better with a racket.

Nao: Probably?

Daisuke Han: That kinda makes me mad. (He’s just joking, of course.)

Toru: Ahh, this is impossible for us (him and Taka).

(Voiceover; The other host Kiyono [not sure about his name. lol!] introduces himself; Nao will be the referee; Voiceover again)

Daisuke Han: Table Tennis Battle, start!

(So… they play the game.)

Host Dude: Well, then. Ryota and Tomoya’s team wins!

Voiceover: So, Ryota and Tomoya wins. But, Daisuke Han has something to say…

Daisuke Han: So, everyone in the audience, please cast your votes! (He used the English word “judge.”)

Taka: “Judge?” Wait a minute, what do you mean by “judge?”

Ryota: Eh, what’s this?

Daisuke Han: Please show us your votes.

Taka: No, no, no, no.

Daisuke Han: This is nice, right?

Voiceover: For some reason, after the table tennis round, the audience had to choose a name. What does this mean?

Daisuke Han: Here’s the results: Taka got 3 points, Toru got 10 (They said it’s 10, but the screen showed 14), Tomoya got 16, and Ryota got 2 points. Therefore, the person who made everyone’s heart jump the most is Tomoya!

(Okay, so I can’t think of an accurate English translation for the Japanese term “guttokuru”. It simply means to make someone’s heart jump/feel good/happy. In Tagalog, it’s “kilig.” Sino ang pinaka-nagpakilig? Hehe.)

(Someone said the game is interesting. I think it’s Ryota.)

Tomoya: So, this is what it’s all about?

Toru: “Make someone’s heart jump?” What does that mean?

Taka: What’s this?

Nao: Now that you’ve heard it, how was it?

Taka: “How was it?” What does that even mean, “make someone’s heart jump?”

Nao: Hmm… I wonder.

(Cute Taka laugh alert!)

Daisuke Han: Everyone watched you play table tennis earlier, and they thought Tomoya was the most charming, right?

Nao: That’s right.

OOR: Ooohhh…


Daisuke Han: You thought it’s about Sports, right?

Taka: Yes.

DH: The truth is, we don’t have a segment like that at all.

Nao: We won’t do it.

Toru: Yeah, this is Monster Rock after all.

Voiceover: Of course, we won’t just do a simple sports battle. The real activity prepared for ONE OK ROCK today is…

OOR: ONE OK ROCK “Guttokuru” Battle (I’ll just use the Japanese term from here on, okay? ^^)


Taka: As always, we can’t follow at all.


Host Dude: In Google, the keywords “ONE OK ROCK guttokuru” are often searched. It got 52,600 hits.

Taka: That’s a lie, right?

HD: This is true.

Taka: It’s true?

AD: However, for “EXILE guttokuru,” it got 370,000 hits.

Taka: EXILE?

Daisuke Han: Yes, EXILE.

Taka: Wait a minute. First of all, EXILE and ONE OK ROCK are completely different (in terms of genre. Not familiar with EXILE? Google them. They’re a bunch of musclemen. Hehe. And very talented.).

Nao: Please listen to the explanation.

HD: As for “AKB48 guttokuru,” it got 1,170,000 hits.

Nao: As expected, right?

Taka: That’s kinda… What is this feeling of disappointment? (Haha! Taka, try Googling “NEWS guttokuru.” Hahaha!)

HD: Let me say it once again. “ONE OK ROCK guttokuru” got 52, 600 hits.

DH: Why did you have to say it again? (Hahaha!)

(Voiceover: Blahblahblah. They’ll be judged by the 35 people in the audience. Blahblahblah.)

DH: For your reference, we’ll ask the audience what makes their hearts jump. You’d like to know, right?

OOR: Yes.

Nao (asks the women in the audience): How was it?

Lady (voted for Tomoya): He looks kinda reckless. He’s like a puppy.

DH: That’s so cute!

Nao: He’s like a puppy, so he’s cute. I see. How about you? You voted for Taka.

Girl (voted for Taka): Because he’s cool. (Gosh, Taka looked super happy. <3)

Nao: Is there a member you hate?

Girl: Toru.

Toru: Eh, me?

Nao: No honorific whatsoever.

Daisuke: No honorific. Haha!

Toru: That was pretty straightforward. (Hahahahaha! Poor Toru.)



I’ll do the rest later. This is already too long. lol! 

Mortal Instruments as time goes by..
  • First time you read it: CLACE. OH MY GOSH plot twist CLACE plot twist.
  • Second time: haha betcha didn't see that coming. How did I miss this forshadowing! Get it SHADOWing? #malec that reference. Hah.
  • Next time: that's...wow...all of this stuff it's so interwoven and it said this here and that there...Woah.
  • Next time: how. Could. I still. Not. Have. Seen. This? 'The Clave pays shadowhunters over 18?' Where do they get this money? What sort of tax system is there? How is it possible for so much repetitive government corruption? How was I always so caught up on the romance not to see all of these absurdities that are JUST like the real world...I always assumed it was fake just like everything else. Wow.

whelp!! it’s that time of the week again: figure skating! self confidence issues! CAREFULLY CENSORED FULL FRONTAL NUDITY 

sidenote, i’ve decided to call these episode reactions YURIACTIONS haha GET IT? DO YOU GET IT? IT’S A PUN. parts one two & three

hey vicky you’re so so icky

just the thought of being around you makes me oh so sicky

did i call it or did i effin call it? and why the hell is he stretching before he gets into the bath like…is thing an athlete thing? is it a victor thing? what does this accomplish??? also don’t think i missed the giant phallic nose on the wall behind them like this isn’t fucking amateur hour i know a penis reference when i see one

when you’re in the bath and your bro is all like “bruh, when you skate? it’s like ur bod’s makin the music” and it’s totally not weird or anything

like what could i possibly have to add to these scenes at this point

there’s nothing left to say


fuck this guy

but also

fuck this guy, you feel me? (yuri feels me)



i am every single person here


and the fact that he and yuko are texting buddies!!!!! aND THAT PICTURE OF YURIO WITH THE TRIPLETS I WAS  B E S I D E   M Y S E L F

honestly what kind of shojou manga bullshit

yuri….son…don’t do what i think you’re about to do…




ok i thought he was gonna ruffle victor’s hair or something but this i 1000x weirder thank you yuri, i knew i could depend on you, ya freak

all of the naked touching and obnoxious flirting and beach hand holding aside this scene. THIS SCENE. they’re just so genuinely being themselves (their strange wonderful terrible selves) i can’t get over what absolute goobs they are and how sweet i find it  l i t e r a l l y  watching this show is the worst mistake i’ve ever made

also its just interesting how yuri as some very obvious issues with physical intimacy (the story he told about pushing that girl away when she tried to comfort him) but meanwhile he’s very touchy feely with victor. y’know. just sayin’

when you crawl into your bro’s bed in the middle of the night so you can make him listen to a song you love, all the while practically straddling him



WAIT i already love him oh god

see y’all next week as i spiral further and further into madness

so one thing about me is that I’ve done some DJing in the past & mostly now I do it just for fun when I’m bored =) anyways so today I did a non-stop 2 hour mix of all remixed taylorswift songs called Taylor Swift: This Sick Mix =) anyways check it out Swifties & other followers and let me know what ya think also Taylor if you see this let me know what you think as well =) =)

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anonymous asked:

So i just finished watching all the Steven Universe episodes (took me two days lol) and i get the impression that Peridot is basically Karkat??? I feel like i read that comparison many times before i actually watched the show but wow

haha a little I guess? mostly her attitude at first and the shipping thing, but she’s actually supposed to be an IZ ref (for some things) c:

Anon: I really want to see your next Zootopia art :^) 


Anon: Do you think you could make one of those reference sheets for your super hero au like you did for the SUstuck one? I really like some of your designs, especially Terezi, Vriska, and Nepeta, and I’d like to try to draw some of them, if you don’t mind that is. 

thank you! and I’m not sure if I will for now, sorry ;v; but you can make them up for what you think they’d look like!

How to make a Monado replica out of styrofoam!

Okay!! Hello, Emy here. Before I start this “tutorial” lemme say one thing: This was my first replica I ever made so it is not going to be very professional and you might wanna search for a different tutorial if you want to make a perfect looking Monado etc. But if you’re still interested on how I made this, keep reading! Also, I’ll be including special information for German people, as I live in Germany right now and bought all the stuff there.

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@foreveringrey , @qaos , @blodbranddod , @etherealembolism , @vedrividia , @avangaysia and idk perhaps I forgot somebody, sorry if I did, tagged me for a selfie. Thanks guys. Yea I’m outta my lair again and I’m in the country. I love it here, in nature and away from the city. I can breathe free finally haha. And yea I won’t be posting much this week probably as the connection is not very good here. However if you wanna message me, go on, I’ll surely reply just very possibly my replies will be slow. Alright, see ya all. I’m gonna go running in the fields and search for three cloaked horned figures. Haha I guess you got the reference. No worries about me, I’m too sinful to be their sacrifice, so I guess I’ll just have some wine with them and then direct them to the nearest farm where they could get a lamb for a sacrifice :D. I’ll tag @deathbynemesis , @kawaiichurchburner , @son–of–lilith , @servantofmorgoth , @evonthunder , @lord-of-the-blackened-sun , @nicolassith