haha clinton dix

Draft winner: PACKERS
They came into the draft with eyes locked on CJ Mosley ILB Bama when the Ravens surprised and went with him over an anticipated WR or DB. This had the Packers stay calm and they searched for there Alabama roots deeper, finding the man himself, Haha Clinton-Dix, who I think will fit in great at safety for that rebuilding Packer defense. I feel like he’s a great player but doesn’t want a spotlight to preform. With various players surrounding him and helping out a lot he’ll exit that spotlight he had in Tuscaloosa and build himself into a top Safety. Great pick by the Packers as they love those Bama boys (11 of them in first round). Next up, Greg Jennings exited and Donald Driver retired a year ago minimizing Aaron Rodgers targets, however he had Jordy Nelson transform into a top WR along with help from a out of nowhere star Randall Cobb and now up and coming Jarret Boykin. Despite this, Rodgers could use all the weapons he could and the Packers made a second round move for Fresno St, and Derek Carr top target, Davante Adams, adding another 2 highly regarded WRs in later rounds. I think for both sides careers what was done in these days will be beneficial. The Packers made no splash but did what was needed and it will push them towards another Super Bowl within years to come.