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I hope you paid attention to Lana last weekend. I hope you and your little group of immature friends will stop telling people she dissed GQ. She loved it. She loves working with Bobby. They didn't play father daughter relationship. Oh and the way Bobby talked about Belle? He was so bored! I can't wait for the Happily Ending Convention when he will talk about GQ too! Oh and the picture you used to diss me? HAHA. I hope you enjoyed your scenes: Belle looking at Rumple like he is the center of her

universe (bitch doesn’t even care about anyone else, at least Regina cares for her son and friends too and doesn’t just wait for Rumple to choose her… that’s the difference between a little girl and a woman) while he couldn’t care less. She keeps throwing herself at him and he doesn’t give a damn. He cares for her because she is the mother of his son (and Regina couldn’t give him a new child, even Pan made it clear Belle’s best quality is her fertility) but he doesn’t look at her the way he once did. Go rewatch the season, you won’t find one moment to show that he is into her. Once you go Queen, you never go bookworm. Of course Belle always was second best to Rumple because he never believed he could have Regina. Remember when he left her to rot in a hospital because Regina needed him to comfort her? But sure, GQ subtext is only in our minds. I can’t wait for Bobby to talk about this! I hope that will finally shut you antis up. Don’t you ever call us gross again or try to use Lana against us! She and Bobby love this story. But did you hear how Bobby dissed Belle? Go and gif that if you find giffing these conventions so funny! Go gif how Bobby and Lana talk about each other! Or is that not you your liking? So sad, remind me to shed a few tears for you. Enjoy the musical episode this week. Wait, I hear your little vanilla girl is not in it because Emilie can’t even sing! xoxo

Hey, first of all, wow, this was so fun to wake up to. I really appreciate it.

I have never claimed Lana isn’t good at working with Bobby, or that they dislike each other. I think they’re very close co-workers who obviously have good on-screen chemistry. HOWEVER, Lana did say Golden Queen was weird (Rebecca Mader did, too!). Lana called their relationship “whatever that was” - she didn’t call it a true love romance like you seem to think it is. Lana HAS said they played it as a father-daughter relationship. Multiple times. You coming to my inbox multiple times is the definition of pathetic. I have never messaged a “GQer” to tell them why I think they’re crazy. I keep that to my DMs or TAGGED posts. I’m sure Lana wouldn’t want you to insult one of her GOOD FRIENDS, Emilie. You’re clearly insensitive if you can’t respect Emilie choosing not to sing because she literally has a complex from a bad ex-boyfriend about it.

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I would argue Belle cares about everyone in that town, given she is severely anti-murder and even hangs out with Regina, Zelena, and Hook, who have done the worst things imaginable to her/her significant other. But you REALLY must not be watching this show if you don’t know Belle cares about HER SON more than anyone else. 

I saw zero indication Rumple wanted a child with Regina. He wanted one with CORA, you know, her MOTHER (thus why Lana/Bobby treated it as a weird father/daughter relationship, because she could have been his kid). GQ subtext is 100% all in your mind. Regina locked Belle up because she knew Rumple and Belle were True Love and that she could use Belle as a pawn against Rumple, which she has done, multiple times. Rumple told everyone he would kill them if they hurt Belle in his absence when he went to New York. Regina then ALTERED BELLE’S ENTIRE MEMORY/PERSONALITIES, because the way to mess with Rumple is THROUGH BELLE. Belle wasn’t pregnant in Season 2, they were just dating, so you can’t say he protected her because of Gideon. Rumple also stood with Snow and protected her against REGINA after Cora’s death. Later in Season 4, Regina took Belle’s heart and gave Rumple a tearful reunion with Belle, so she could get back to Robin Hood, aka her actual true love who you keep ignoring in these delusional messages.

It’s a new low to twist Bobby’s words. He didn’t sound bored when he said, “It would have to be Belle, of course. Because I love Belle, I have to say that, she’s my wife.” He sounded pretty upbeat, it was cute as hell. Of course, an actor like him wouldn’t play a princess-y character because they’re not as complex as Rumplestiltskin or the Evil Queen. But he commended Ginny and Emilie for playing those roles. Bobby also went on to bring up Emilie on ON HIS OWN when asked about playing highly emotional scenes, he said they’ve got a fantastic relationship and that she makes it so easy to work together. Emilie can go to the “dark place” with him that he has to get to to do Rumplestiltskin. He did not bring up Lana that way. He just brought up the EQ to say he would want to play her if he had to change roles - however, every other person said Rumplestiltskin. Rumple and the EQ are the two most interesting characters on the show, I am not going to deny you that, but Bobby said NOTHING about GQ, and nothing to insult Belle.

Every damn thing Rumplestiltskin does is for Belle, and as of 5B, for Gideon as well. I don’t know how you can ignore this. Emilie, Bobby, Adam, and Eddy will all tell you this. 

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It must be terrible to have the Wish Realm Queen happily with Robin and regular Regina and Rumple have no real interest in each other. But I don’t feel bad for you, because you’re delusional and clearly watching this show with distorted shipper goggles. I was just so honored to be the person you targeted after going after @thatravenclawbitch. I’m going to block you now, but I hope you had fun. Please don’t start messaging anyone else. It won’t hurt you to log off the internet sometimes and keep your thoughts to yourself, or to other GQers. I hope you enjoy the finale when Rumbelle get a happily ever after together. :)

Fantasy on Ice in Kobe Review!

This post will have personal stuff like what I did before the show, along with my comments about the show itself. Scroll down and find bolded words if you just want to read the show review :) (there are pictures included here too)

Warning: it’s very long. Also, I only will talk about skaters that left a great impression on me (but it’s most of the cast pretty much).

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