haha always laugh at this scene

During the morgue cutscene in Arkham Asylum, the player has to investigate three body bags. It doesn’t actually matter what order you open them in, all three contain the same character until interacted with. The first bag will always be Tomas Wayne, followed by Martha Wayne. Finally, you’ll be greeted with jump scare when the Scarecrow pops out of the third body bag.

But you want to know the best part of all this? For just one single frame while opening Martha’s bag, Scarecrow’s model pops into the scene standing completely vertical with his head spilling out like twinkie filling.

Oh, and Batman is headless. 
I love videogames.

Interview: Abby Ramsay

Today we’re joined by Abby Ramsay. Abby is a phenomenal model and actress in LA. She uses her art to raise awareness of issues close to her heart. Her Instagram has recently blown up a bit after she gave an interview about social media. Abby is a fellow ace feminist, which is always awesome to see. She’s incredibly passionate, as you’ll soon read. My thanks to her for taking the time to participate in this interview.


Please, tell us about your art.

Well, I am an actress and model out in LA. I show off my work mostly through Instagram. Just creating these images and stories, whether they be moving or still, really gives me this outlet to express my thoughts, feelings, and ideals that I can’t always put into words.  

I like to use my art to bring attention to topics like asexuality, body positivity, feminism, and mental illness as those are all things that are close to me.

I also like combining them. Everything I do is done with the mindset of “just because I am asexual does not mean I am not sexy or desirable.” but also “Just because I am viewed as sexy or desirable does not mean I can’t be asexual.”

What inspires you?

Just the idea that I can use what I love to help people. The industry that I am in has the potential to have your voice be heard by many people all over the world. If I have the opportunity to use my platform to change it for the better then I want to do it.

What got you interested in your field?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

I have been acting since I was about 5 years old. Granted at the time the only reason I was in these musicals was because I was a really good singer at a young age, but they fed my love of storytelling. I would create plays at home and act them out for my parents, and it really blossomed into a passion by middle school. I fought long and hard with my parents (especially my mom) to let me try to get an agent, and they eventually gave in. I was a freshman in High School (2012 I believe) when I was signed with a small agency, and they sent me on my first few jobs. I was in love!

The agency also dealt with modeling, so the first photoshoot I ever did was with them. I was really shy in front of the camera at first. I had dealt with a lot of body positivity issues in the past, but the longer I was in front of the camera the more I enjoyed it. I actually felt really comfortable with myself.

Do you have any kind of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work that you’d be willing to reveal?

Hmmmm. I guess I like to keep things natural. I have never been an over the top character actor (I mean it’s fun, but I have my preferences) so I usually try to take scenes to a more organic place. I do the same thing with my modeling. I always try to get a few pictures that represent me. There’s this idea that when you are modeling you can never smile and you always have to be sultry, but when I am working and talking to the photographer I like to smile and laugh and just be myself. Those end up being some of the best pictures.

I also do this hand on head leaning back pose a LOT. My friends give me a hard time about it haha. But it’s like my signature pose now I guess.

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

It is not going to be easy, but with hard work, dedication, and a little bit of luck you can make your art your life.


Where on the spectrum do you identify?

I usually just say I am asexual, but for me that means that I don’t find people sexually attractive, and I am just not interested in sex. I’m not sex repulsed and I am aesthetically and romantically attracted to people, but I would much rather kiss and cuddle than have sex.

Have you encountered any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?

There have been a couple instances. When you have your work online, you usually get some not so pleasant remarks from people. You get people who want to “fix you” you which is the one that bothers me the most.

But even outside the internet, I have had some encounters that have been less than ideal. I had a teacher at my college basically say that I was too pretty to be asexual and that it would be a waste. I know she didn’t mean it the way it came out, but it’s one of the reasons we need more visibility.

I also had a fellow acting student come to the conclusion that she did not like me because she thought asexuality was stupid. I never quite understood the logic behind that.

And it’s also hard, especially in acting, because Hollywood is so sexed up that there is just this assumption that every character interaction is because they want to bone.

What’s the most common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

OK, the idea that “you just haven’t found the right person yet” or “you won’t know unless you try” pisses me off. I have gotten both and my general response to that is “you could give me a cheap piece of raw fish or a $200 piece of raw fish, it doesn’t chance that fact that I don’t like raw fish.” and “I have never been shot before, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t enjoy that either.”

There is also the idea that if you have a mental illness or if you have been in an abusive relationship or raped that your asexuality is just a byproduct. You know, whether it is or isn’t that shouldn’t make their identity any less legitimate.

What advice would you give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their orientation?

You are not broken. I promise you. Your feelings are completely normal. You are a valid part of the LGBTQIA community, and though we may be a smaller group, we are full of love, no matter where we fall on the spectrum. Just be yourself.

Finally, where can people find out more about your work?

My Instagram is abbysworldsastage.

Thank you, Abby, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.

Favourite “pages” of Doukyuusei

I decided to share with you one of my most memorable pages from the doukyuusei series manga :) I absolutely love the whole manga nonetheless I consider some of pages my favourite because of that memorable situation happening there…

This post will be long I believe…


I love this page the most in first Doukyuusei manga…and I love situation here a little bit more than in a movie (I just didn’t say that righ now xD –> favourite scene in movie also) …I particularly like this one because of the Kusakabe reaction on drunk Sajou :) The whole situation is SO SERIOUS but drunk sajou made it THE CUTEST :D <3

I don’t know but this page is that one that I remebered the most. Maybe because Kusakabe mentioned dumb xD Here we see the different side of Kusakabe when he’s not with Sajou…like he’s thinking of that kind of stuff too..and asking sensei for advice..and mentionig the yaoi books that his sister reads,,all that in one page :P


The whole page is filled with Sajou’s LOVE YOU…To see Sajou so in love is so precious. He never openly show it..but his is mind is exploding…

Just that situation…lying on bed…kusakabe just took shower…relaxed…kusakabe telling sajou the sweetest things :D <3

Don’t ask me..that scene is in my mind everytime when I think about Sajou being home alone xD I liked the smooth development situation…lying..making eye contact…slowly progressing to the kiss…KISS :*

I was Kusakabe here…I wanted to hug Sajou so badly… so glad Kusakabe did :) feeling glad…soo glad

Sajou my precious baby :’(

I had heart attack at this one…Sajou being so sexy and seductive :P <3 

My feeling are set on this one!!! This is the one when I get butterflies everytime I read it …IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL…sajou justt ahhh…and kusakabe tearing up :’( <3 <3

Occupation to Beloved

yes yes i know…the very first page of the manga…BUT C’MON…THE SAJOU’S FACE…MADE MY DAY AND NIGHT XD and sweetest Kusakabe surprising sajou :) 

Are there needed any words? Just cute Sajou sneaking in bed to Kusakabe and making my heart ache..:) <3

This page is just so precious to me…HUGGING each other…kusakabe caressing sajou’s cheak…making eye contact…kiss on eyelid..blushing faces :) <3 making love …I’m melting….

Sexy Sajou…..

I love the playful Kusakabe haha…this always make me laugh :D one of the cutest scenes :D 

This my kind of enjoying life…coffee time..My ideal relationship would be drinking coffee like that :D <3 after taking bath :) 

Kusakabe comforting Sajou…saying he loves him..holding him in his arms…kissing him on the check…:’( :’( <3 <3 where is my kusakabe? xD 

YES KUSAKABE…YOU CAN MAKE HIM HAPPY…AND EVERYONE ELSE..omg..<3 <3  :’( :’( don’t mind me..just crying in the corner…where is my kusakabe? i know i said that already but….


We know that if one of our siblings found our yaoi books…IT WOULDN’T END WELL FOR THEM !!!!! XD :) thanks for reading…sooo longgg post omg 

lily peet, i respect you and i love your glass of water series, but you fucked up with this one. i am professionally diagnosed with autism, and have had to go to an alternative school because of it, just for the sake of context.

first of all, the entire joke surrounding sheldon is specifically laughing at him for being socially inept, strange, irrational, and obsessive. he’s entirely a joke character, he’s the odd man out, and he’s treated as such. 

to quote a great writing by a friend - “The entire joke with Sheldon is that he’s irrational, annoying, strange, and obsessive, and it’s literally always there in every episode and every scene he is in – his inability to be empathetic or to learn social cues is always treated as a ‘’haha he’s a fucking moron’’, and as a character is the odd man out – every character in The Big Bang Theory is a straight man around Sheldon, and he is very rarely ever given the time to breathe like other characters and develop.

the fact that you consider his depiction accurate enough “to be used as an educational tool” very clearly shows what you think of people on the spectrum. he’s clearly painted to be an asshole, he’s clearly painted to be the annoying one, he’s clearly painted to be someone that you like to dislike.

the same post i linked before i’ll link again, because everything is much more well-articulated here. PLEASE read it.

if you still disagree with me, i’ll probably just quietly unsubscribe. because this is unacceptable.

(tumblr is malfunctioning and it won’t let me @ her, so if you’d like, it’d be appreciated if any of you did on my behalf.)

Bangtan Reads My Smut Novel; A BTS Reaction
This reaction was based around Too Many Temptations, an adult fan fiction available to read on Wattpad under username KryssyKook

Too Many Temptations is a novel about a stylist hooking up with every member of Bangtan. Scenes are often graphic and descriptive. What would the boys think if they found it?

Kim Seokjin

-“ooooh a fan fiction! ARMY is so creative..”
-“….I put… I put my dick where?!”
-reads the first chapter blushing the entire time.
-revisits the novel a few days later, unable to shake his curiosity.
-doesn’t tell anyone what he’s reading
-hopes the younger boys don’t find it online

Min Yoongi

-“I don’t know why ARMY thinks I swear so fuckin much… they always make me out to be this goddamn trash mouth in these fuckin stories.”
-“haha damn Min Yoongi.. get it.”
-finds the story hilarious, especially the parts about Jungkook getting with the girl
-follows and adds the story to his library. secretly waits for the next chapter.
-shows the story to Namjoon
-“YAH! Namjoon-ah. Why didn’t you tell me you were fuckin the stylist.”
-falls over laughing when Namjoon let’s out a loud “MWO?!”

Kim Namjoon

-blushes uncontrollably throughout the story
-has to take breaks to face palm
-doesn’t want to admit the scenes focusing on him are a bit of a turn on
-chuckles a bit at the maknae lines chapters.
-“if only this girl knew how Jimin would ACTUALLY act if a girl in a short skirt started touching him in an elevator.”
-reads the most recent chapter with Yoongi in his room, both gripped by the plot

Jung Hoseok

-embarrassed but flattered by his scenes
-accidentally finds the story after pursuing a fan Tumblr
-wasn’t expecting the scenes to be as descriptive as they are
-“She keeps calling Namjoon daddy. I wish they could see him watching anime in his Ryan pajamas on our off days.”
-laughs louder than he should at certain parts, drawing the attention of Taehyung
-clears the screen from his tablet and tells Tae he was laughing at a meme

Park Jimin

-“oh Jimin, you’re so sexy.”
-eye smiles when his name is mentioned
-loves it too much
-tries to get the whole team to read it
-proud of himself for things he didn’t even do in real life
-the whole story ends up boosting his confidence
-laughs hysterically while reading Jungkooks scenes aloud to him
-chases Jungkook around the house, yelling as he reads
-“YAH! Jungkook-ah! You little player!”

Kim Taehyung

-super shy about it
-can’t get past the first few chapters
-ponders the logistics of fucking in a plane bathroom
-is mad at his own character for betraying Jimins trust
-tells everyone he doesn’t want to read any of it, even though he DID get through a couple chapters
-can’t look at Yoongi the same way again

Jeon Jungkook

-has heard almost every sexual scene he’s featured in, thanks to Jimin reading the damn book aloud to him
-finally sits down and reads it on his own when the other boys are sleeping
-gets a bit turned on by a few scenes
-“Jiminnie Hyung… why didn’t you read me your scenes? Embarrassed?”
-jokes around with the other boys about what they “did” with the teams stylist
-approaches their real life stylist as she touches up Namjoons concealer.. “stylist noona? Watch out for this one. He’s trouble with your type.” Leans in and winks at Namjoons reflection in the mirror before Namjoon slaps Jungkook in the abdomen, and he walks away laughing.

buscrimes  asked:

hii!! you said sherlock is racist and homophobic you'd be happy to prove why? you don't have to, but i'm just curious!! i don't watch the show but i just kinda wanted to know?

Sure thing! Here’s why BBC Sherlock is trash:

sherlock and racism:

  • there’s only one poc (in the whole of goddam london? jfc) who’s a recurring character (sally donovan), and she’s demonized by the writers. she is seen as someone in sherlock’s way (this also comes under the category of sexism!)
  • here’s a simplified post on lack of poc representation in sherlock.
  • the second episode “the blind banker”. dehumanizing, exotifying, and stereotyping. + all chinese characters in this episode are criminals. read more here, and here.

sherlock and homophobia:

sherlock and sexism:

  • only two “leading” women on the show are molly (a woman who works at the morgue) and mrs hudson. 
  • sherlock holmes constantly puts molly down: “you put on three pounds since i last saw you”. yes, he comments on her weight (x). (he also fat-shames his brother and john). another, in the very first episode, he claims molly not to look good without lipstick. her mouth looks ‘too small’. embarrasses molly in front of all their friends. despite this, molly is always seen as someone devoted to sherlock and adoring of him.
  • mrs hudson is used for comic relief, and the male characters use her disgustingly, her only there when they need her for something (usually just for food & drink) (x).
  • an overweight woman comes to him and says, “i think my husband might be having an affair.” he immediately answers with “yes.” the scene is for a laugh factor as in, haha of course he’s cheating on you because you’re fat! you can see it here if you’re willing to sit through the video.
  • back to irene adler: steven moffat claimed the original irene adler story to be un-feminist. i guess that means he thinks his version is feminist? let’s have a look at it shall we: she’s a high class sex worker (a dominatrix), and sherlock does not seem to have much respect for her. he looks down upon her scornfully. as said before, she falls for sherlock despite coming out as gay, and sherlock sees her as weak and foolish to be overcome by emotion. in the end she ends up, quite literally, on her knees and he comes to her rescue and saves her. more on butchering irene as a character: (x) (x).
  • sherlock’s slut shaming tendencies: calls a woman a whore after he gets engaged to her for his own benefit (x). in a professional setting he comments on a sexual relationship between two co-workers, saying that she must have ‘scrubbed your floors, going by the state of her knees’. this is in a professional setting, with two co-workers whose personal lives he knows nothing about (despite him wanting to think he does). (x).

here’s a great video about bbc sherlock and sexism.

sherlock and other problematic shit:

  • substance abuse used as a joke.
  • sherlock drugs john while he has ptsd. seen as funny.
  • ableism… “high functioning sociopath”… get the fuck out. (x

even more (cast & crew):

voltron overwatch headcanons

guess who has too much time on their hands. me.


  • handle: sharpshooter (everyone makes fun of him in match chat befoew a game…little do they know…)
  • a widowmaker main. full stop
  • the first time he ran attack widowmaker keith yelled at him. until he Learned
  • he’s Super good when he takes it seriously.
  • does not, however, take it very seriously. hes here for fun, more than any of them
  • unless, of course, they are playing competitive
  • gets play of the game more than any of them
  • occasionally plays ana to let hunk play pharah because he is a good friend
  • will not, under any circumstances, play hanzo. dont ask him why


  • handle: believeit (he played wow when he was young and refuses to change it (mainly because it makes pidge and lance angry))
  • likes playing pharah the most, but is often forced to play zen or rein (until orisa was dropped) bc hes either solo queueing or playing with his friends who dont know how to team comp
  • however, it is agreed hes allowed to play her on anubis no matter what and his team backs him up whenever they can because they love him
  • doesnt like always playing competitive because it stresses him out
  • “im gay but id date pharah”


  • handle: trnsgrlcommi
  • has the most hours on bastion. swears she isnt a bastion main.
  • also plays lots of sombra and symmetra and spends those whole games yelling into her mic about how gay she is
  • actually really good symmetra
  • gets play of the game most times 2nd to lance. everyone yells whenever it happens
  • taught matt to play bastion and has regretted it ever since
  • actually cried when she saw orisa
  • nearly became an orisa main like. 3 days in
  • shes got mediocre aim so shes not the Best but she knows when to use shit and basically becomes a permanant tank for like a month. then shes a Usually tank


  • handle: ripmcr (”youre sure no one will be able to see this pidge?” “postive”)
  • talks to people like and plays with the attitude of a genji main. can’t aim for shit, so he plays mei. unironically
  • he left in the middle of the match when hunk said “ice ice meiby”
  • hunk, laughing so hard he literally cried, also left
  • also plays reaper and shiro is literally always making fun of him for it. its almost sad.
  • gets. really stressed when they play like arcade but is Calm during comp. lance is scared

shiro (+ matt)

  • handle: daddy (hey it sucks but he got $50 off matt for it) 
  • mercy main
  • uses his pistol a little too much. not all the time too much. just a little.
  • solo rezzes keith all the time. his team hates him.
  • after owning the game for a day: “this is what 400 hours of mercy experience looks like”
  • also enjoys tracer and mccree
  • he only started playing mccree to make fun of keiths accent (which he has in this au fuck you) but was actually kinda good? so he kept going at it
  • enjoys doin shitty impressions. except his junkrat which is Spot On somehow
  • he never plays junkrat
  • but he does make keiths life hell rip
  • plays comp with Matt “Resident Bastion Main” Holt and always pockets him
  • they never win. 


  • handle: musregina
  • the home screen character when she first booted up the game was zarya
  • she fell in love instantly
  • matt: dont worry allura ur learnin from the best
  • allura, with potg and 4 gold medals after her first game: what
  • actually probably the best one out of all of them
  • used to play comp with matt and shiro. stopped when her sr reached like 1500
  • “guys i love you but i placed into fucking platinum bye”
  • really doesnt play anyone but zarya but she enjoys the Power she feels when she plays roadhog and hooks people and will occasionally play hanzo to fuck with lance
  • is never friendly. even in skirmish. waving or emoting just gives your enemy another chance to strike. 
  • keith is also like this
  • they bond

bonus: the heith arc! because this is My au and i can do whatever the fuck i want! cut for length because i cannot shut up about heith!

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Who Knew?

Imagine: You never thought in a million years you would ever fall for someone like Peter Parker.

Words: 1,522

Warnings: Language

A/N: This is my first imagine so please be gentle…
Maybe a series???

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

You can’t help but think about your life as you stare aimlessly out of the classroom window. With your palm resting under your chin you begin to think if you really like your friends. All they do is gossip and slander people who aren’t them. Honestly, what makes them think they’re better than everyone else?

Flash’s constant badgering at other classmates of yours is just plain mean. He always bothers this one kid in particular. Who was it Pedro? Or was it Preston? Either way, his snarky comments and doing stupid shit like tripping him or slamming him into lockers was getting old. 

“Hey Penis Parker!” Oh that’s right, it’s Peter… Your friends around him laugh. You look in the direction to see where Flash threw a piece of crumpled up paper towards him. You realize it’s the seat right next to you. Shit, am I really that oblivious? 

The crumpled ball hits Peter smack in his face. He looks up briefly to see that it came from Flash then looks back down to his notebook scribbling away. You don’t know why you started to get so angry. Maybe it’s because you realized you were fed up with your friends. Or maybe you felt bad because he didn’t do anything about it. 

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Spongebob Memories

Pairing: Joshua x reader

Genre: Fluff and humor

Word count: 1157

It was your favorite time of the day: free period. And that meant doing anything you wanted to whether it may be catching up on homework or studying. You just so happened to already study and finish your homework over the weekend so now you had nothing to do free period. So you pulled out your laptop and just decided to go on Youtube and watch something.

You sighed when you noticed none of your favorite Youtubers have uploaded anything new recently so you just scrolled around and looked at what videos Youtube had ‘recommended’ for you. What caught your eye was a video titled “Best of Patrick Star” . You clicked on it because Spongebob Squarepants was your favorite childhood cartoon. Plus everyone needed a good laugh from time to time.

The first few seconds in had you bursting in silent laughter as that fish asked Patrick, who was using a broom upside down, “Hey pal, you just blow in from stupid town?”. You couldn’t quite tell what made that scene so funny but you just went along with it and laughed.  

The silent laughter coming from behind him alerted Joshua who drew his eyes to your back and your screen he could see so perfectly. He clearly saw you watching some Spongebob compilation and silently watched from afar. He had to stifle some of his laughter at several of the scenes. He recognized the famous scene where Patrick says “The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma” and a carton of milk spilling on its own emerges through the thought bubble. He accidentally lets out a laugh and you clearly heard it.

You paused the video and looked behind you to see your classmate Joshua turned towards you and laughing really hardly. It was easy to tell he had been watching along with you. Joshua composed himself and spoke up.

“I’m sorry about that (Y/N), but what you’re watching is hilarious! I couldn’t help but laugh too,” he said as he smiled.

Seeing him smile made you smile as well. Something about his smile seemed contagious. He liked Spongebob too so you couldn’t help but to invite him.

“You wanna watch with me?” you asked offering an earbud.

“Sure!” he replied and sat down next to you.

You noticed how close he was but ignored it as you played the video again. Patrick had asked Spongebob “but don’t genius live in a lamp?” and you and Joshua instantly bursted into laughter. Patrick’s “crazy talk” and the “firmly grasp it” scene only fueled the both of your laughter. You had to even pause the video just so the two of you could compose yourselves!  

“I’m sorry (Y/N)! It’s just so funny!” he said in between laughs.

“I know! It’s so stupid!” you laughed.

The both of you calmed down and you noticed some of the other students were giving you and Joshua weird looks. You two must have looked crazy but you didn’t mind. You unpaused the video and began watching again.

“Once there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died. The end,” said Patrick through the screen. You and Joshua began laughing again.

“Haha! Story of my life,” you joked.

“Not true, you’re cute!” thought out loud Joshua accidentally.

You decided to ignore that but felt yourself blush nonetheless. Joshua on the other hand was screaming internally at himself, but maintained his composure. Several more scenes passed with the two of you laughing of course, but you couldn’t help but to think about Joshua’s earlier comment. It was too early to like him but you kind of did? You always thought he was cute but only talked to him about school work for the most part. Now he was here, right next to you, watching Spongebob with you, and calling you cute. Did he like you?

The infamous wallet scene with Patrick and Man-Ray interrupted your thoughts as you hysterically laughed at the screen along with Joshua. You paused the video again to compose yourselves.

“How can anyone be so dumb?” laughed Joshua.

“I don’t even know!” you chuckled.

Many more iconic Spongebob scenes passed with you and Joshua dead from laughter. By the end of the video, both of your faces and stomachs’ hurt from laughing so much.

“That was hilarious! I love Spongebob!” you said.

“Same here!” replied Joshua as he removed the single earbud from his right ear.

It was kind of silent after that. You two sat in somewhat awkward silence until Joshua spoke up.

“So (Y/N), you don’t mind if we hang out more? I’d love to get to know you more!” he said a little shyly.

“Of course!” you say a little too excitedly.

Joshua smiled at your enthusiasm and got up and left, but only to come back with his backpack and laptop and sat back in the spot next to you. You helped him with some of his work, since you had already studied it beforehand it was no problem.

“Wow you’re so good at logarithms! Thanks for the help!” said Joshua.

“No problem!” you smiled.

Joshua completed his homework pretty quickly thanks to you so the two of you spent the rest of the free period with small talk. You learned that Joshua liked Spongebob obviously as well as anime and playing the guitar. He was a pretty interesting guy to say the least. When he heard you talk about your interests and such, he couldn’t help but to focus on your beautiful face as well as hear everything you said. He found you interesting and cute just like he did earlier.

Meeting up at free periods and watching Spongebob and doing homework became routine for you and Joshua. It was your own little thing and both of you found it incredibly fun and helpful. These free period sessions also brought the two of you closer. You two texted more often and hung out more outside of class too. One day you received a text from him with this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoW9czgQBqE

(Y/N): What 😂

Joshua: ;-)


Joshua: *patrick voice* I love you

(Y/N): Seriously???

Joshua: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8xoJg0N598

(Y/N): ok why is this ten hours

Joshua: how many times do you want me to repeat it? I thought 6 seconds was enough but no 10 hours seems more convincing


Suddenly you get a phone call. It’s Joshua so you pick it up obviously because you need answers.

“I love you (Y/N)!” said Joshua shyly and giggly before he hung up.

You immediately text him back after that.


Joshua: Ask the magic conch 


Joshua: *magic conch voice* Yes ;-)


Joshua: I love you (Y/N)!


And just like that, you and Joshua became a couple all thanks to everyone’s favorite cartoon show Spongebob Squarepants.

Ahh this one was so fun and cute to write! I hope you all liked it!

“Ryan,” Gavin said suddenly. “Can I paint a moustache on you, Ryan?”

“What?” Ryan asked, startled out of his staring - “No!”

“Please, Ryan. Oh my God. It’d be so funny. It’ll be under the mask all day anyway!”

“What if I take my mask off?”

“It’ll shock whoever sees it so much you’ll have time to kill ‘em. Come on Ryan. Don’t be a party pooper. You said you’d wear an animal onesie around, what’s a moustache compared to that?”

He looked so gleeful that Ryan could only roll his eyes and hand over the paintbrush. Gavin let out a delighted sort of squawk and grabbed it.


“I look like Geoff,” he said.

Gavin couldn’t even reply, too busy doubled over, cackling as though this was the most hysterical thing he’d ever seen. Seeing him laughing and looking so carefree was nice, after the last few weeks, and Ryan couldn’t help but stare at him, smiling fondly.

- from whalehuntingboyfriends’ fic Murdering Mr. Darcy

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how did some not get Tarjeis humour wjen he was talking about the fave scene of Magnus and Vilde? it was so obvious

Idk, I saw it as Tarjei laughing about his actual best friend filming a scene like this, he simply found it incredibly funny,,, I know I myself would laugh if my friend was in a scene like that and would remind them always haha

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1, 6, 8, 14, 15?

thank you for asking!! 💓

1. my top 5 favorite songs 

ok!! these are not in order because i love all of them!
- red and black/abc café
- drink with me
- one day more 
- original french cast version of red and black because disco!enjolras
- at the end of the day 

6. one scene that makes me smile/laugh

oh god uhh the wedding scene!! always makes me happy because all the actors get to have a little bit of fun dancing haha!! when i saw it on the west end, johnny purchase was twirling around and having fun haha

8. which sentence i would use to describe Les Mis

honestly just take the brick and rip it to shreds nothing matters anymore

14. a song that never fails to make me cry

drink with me!! when i first heard the song, i immediately felt a connection to grantaire’s verse (i didn’t even know he was grantaire! i almost couldn’t see the stage haha) and i just!! all these failed revolutions, or rebellions, all aimed for a better world, for liberation, and how many of these are we aware of? how many rebellions were lucky enough to be recorded even though they failed? even now, we are still pushing for equality, yet how will we know if it’ll even make a dent in human history? how many revolutionaries, modern or not, fear death may destroy the work they made to make earth a less shitty place? anyways, im gay and emotional  

15. what i would say to Victor Hugo if he could hear me

you’re about to catch these fists you fucker

ask me things! from here or here! 💖

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20, 28 and 58! 😀

20. Are you starting to realize anything?

i feel like every year i keep relearning the same lesson which is “when people show you their true colors BELIEVE THEM” im always so quick to give out multiple chances and its honestly going to be my downfall like Y I K E S

28. what was the last thing that made you laugh?

a scene in tonights episode of teen wolf i think

58. Ever have a deja-vu feeling?

omg okay so i get deja vu so much so that im convinced im clairvoyant or just like a little psychic because its gotta be unnatural to have these many instances y’kno what i mean? lol im probably just insane but whatever haha

thanks sam!! xx 

Boruto the movie experience

I listed down some of fun moments of Boruto- Naruto the movie.
All I can say is it is an action-packed film. I love it. 


Cute BoruHina scene:
(official english subs) 

Himawari: Brother, today is my birthday. Let’s go home!
Boruto: Yes! (and then, we saw a broad smile from Boruto, I must say, this scene melted my heart)
Then Sarada looked at Boruto, Himawari and Hinata.
Her eyes was like sparking. (shoujo eyes)
Then this happened. 

Boruto: Kaa-chan, I’ll carry those. (then he carried the groceries)
We will be having a feast, Himawari

Anndddd… Remember this pic? 

It is actually a picture of Hinata, Naruto and a young Boruto (toddler?). That’s what I saw. (maybe I’m wrong, but I’m 90% sure)

After Boruto lashed out to his mom, he went to Naruto’s study room. And I must say, there’s a lot of Uzumaki family photos. Boruto looked at those pictures carefully. There’s a new uzumaki family pic (Naruto carrying Himawa over his shoulders, while Hinata and Boruto walking). The second one, I forgot. The third one is this: 

Then… On Naruto’s table, I saw a NH picture (yes, only the two them.) Hope my eyes were not fooling me. Haha. 

Now let’s go to the chunin exams. 

This is the official sub of what Hinata said to Naruto “What’s wrong, dear?" 

And to clear things up, Boruto did not cheat in the first level of the exams (sai’s exam). 

After the second test, Boruto entered his house. Himawari congratulated him.
The Boruto said don’t worry about the dinner. Then, there’s a zoom in shot of Hinata looking worried. 

Nowww… Let’s go to the Momoshiki attack. 

The scene were Sakura crushed a roof or something…. It’s epic
After this scene: 

The camera zoomed in to Hinata and she said ”Naruto-Kun.“ (freaking worried face here). 

Andddd now after the attack, these are the exact dialogues. 

Himawari: Mama 

Boruto: Himawari and mom! (then he searched for them) 

Himawari: Can you recognize me? 

Sakura: Hinata! 

Hinata:*she finally woke up and looked at Hima and Boru* 

Sakura: She fought alongside Naruto. She tried to bring Naruto back. 

Boruto:*he ran* 

At the Hokage’s office: 

My favorite quote from Sauce. 

Sasuke: You made your sister cry, your mom was hurt, and you lose your dad….. Without your sister and mother, you are the same as Naruto before.


Sakura assisted Hinata to walk towards Boruto. Just like this: 

Yes, a SakuHina moment haha. 

Hinata said "Boruto,…. Boruto…. Boruto!" 

Then we saw Sarada looking at Hinata. (she knew that Hinata was worried)
Then these moments happened:
In the end, Hinata said "Please take care of your dad." 

In the Uzumaki family scene, here’s what happened: 

Himawari: Tou-chan, your lunch box
Naruto: Thank you Himawari
Hinata: Good grief. Boruto also forgot his!
Then they all laugh. (This is my fave scene)

In the credits.
Hinata’s name was below Naruto’s name.

Final verdict: 7.8/10

To tell you the truth, I’m hard to please. I always look at the story rather than the action. But I must admit, the final fight was amazing. The animation was superb.  

But I thought, the build up of the story was slow during the first part of the film. The movie also raised a lot of questions. You’ll crave for more. In my language, we call it "bitin." 

In terms of the story, I thought it was nice and heart-warming (esp. The scenes with the uzumaki family) 

And….. I must say… Himawari was very cute in this film. I demand a Himawari film now. 

For me, this film is the second best Naruto movie. The Last is still on top. I’m not biased because I’m NH shipper. I just felt that The Last is full of emotions. It will really give you a lot of feels. Don’t get me wrong, Boruto movie also gave me that feels, but it’s not the strong.

You can ask me if you want to

Note: Have to edit because of the pictures. 

GOT7ing - Game-ing Highlights

- [starts watching without subs] OMG WTF THEY’RE YELLING MARKSON AND CLAPPING ITS HAPPENING PEOPLE IM GONNA PASS OUT ITS HAPPENIGN [watching again with subs] haha false alarm guys hahah :) [cries internally]

- jb honey i know you just got back but them shades make you look like a suburban mom im sorry

- park yu being a lil shit to 2jae in the blindfold line 


- mark: [wraps his arms around jackson’s neck] js: [pushes his hands away] mark: bitch rude

- got7 conga lining into the room escape

- [everyone else screeching at the top of their lungs/begging to go home before the game starts] yugs: can u guys not

- [got7 freaking the fuck out when the lights go off] escape room dude: you guys srsly need to calm tf down

- them camera guys get to be locked in a room with got7 for an hour lucky bastards

- [lights go back on and jackson is lying on the floor] me: haha this guy, always being so dramatic [jackson: is still lying there after 5 mins] wtf did he actually faint

- mark kneeling beside an unconscious jackson and reenacting the beach scene from the little mermaid

- [escape room guys try to scare them] jackson: “we’re adults. this doesn’t scare us” yeah says the guy who literally fainted on the floor 30 seconds ago

- js: “wait a minute, let’s calm down” BOI AT LEAST THEY DIDN’T PASS OUT

- “no i’m not using the hint. i just want to talk” jackson wang are yOU SRS RN

- youngjae: [sings bang bang bang while laughing and swinging a gun around] if this was real you guys would be locked in here forever

- HOly fuck omg ok that image of the ghost girl on the tv nearly got me shitting in my pants 

- jackson: [starts pinching her face thru the tv] BOI IF YOU DONT

- ok but that ghost girl is really unsettling if she moves i swear to god i am closing the tab

- jackson: “wasn’t i great? give me compliments” youngjae: lmao bitch please jackson: [picks up the phone] excuse me i just witnessed my own murder

- jackson: “i did well today. i was really great right” everyone: [ignores him] js: pls guys just want to feel loved :’(((

- bambam: [sits on yugyeoms lap with his legs spread open] excuse me yugbam but can we keep this pg pls you guys are literally 5

- staff: “congrats boys !!you guys made it on time !!” got7′s staff are liars

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Rakuzan team trying to prank Akashi? thank you! ^ ^

It was truly the oldest prank in the book; a bucket of water balanced precariously between a door and its frame– ready to fall and splash on the next fool who decides to push it open.

Why the team thought this would work against Akashi was beyond Mayuzumi. And that’s why he was seated far away from the planned prank, silently reading through his novel, but occasionally judging them.

“This is never going to work,” was the only statement he offered them the whole time.

Too bad the remaining Uncrowned Kings were giggling and planning like little schoolgirls over their pranking of their demon captain. The bucket was now in place, and Nebuya and Mibuchi were already hidden on the other side of the door, away from the splash zone.

“Hayama, where is he?!” Nebuya yelled down the hall where Hayama was positioned. Hayama shrugged, before peeking around the corner.

“He usually comes at this time–” And right on schedule, he sees Akashi come into sight. Hayama attempts to look as natural as possible, leaning against the wall, looking at his phone as if he was here waiting. Akashi spots him quickly, before quirking an eyebrow.

“You’re early.” He tells the blonde, who flinches just a tiny bit.

“Haha, what do you mean? I’m always early.” He laughs nervously while his teammates behind the door are face-palming. “After you.” He lets Akashi walk down the hall ahead of him where his cold wet fate awaited him. They were already near the end– and Hayama was already starting to get excited– before Akashi stops suddenly and turns on his heel.

Everyone watching the scene wondered if he saw right through them. “I forgot my notebook in the science room.” Akashi says, and that immediately caught Mibuchi’s attention: ‘Sei-chan never forgets anything!’

Hayama looked surprised and panicked. “Uh– just get it later, go into the gym first!” He persuaded, completely unnaturally. Akashi grins in a spine-tingling way, before shaking his head.

“It’s always better to retrieve lost items quickly.” He proclaims, walking right back out the door. Hayama sighs heavily, wondering where it all went wrong. His teammates poked their head out to look at him, and he heads towards them.

“What the hell happened?” Nebuya asked him. Hayama was shrugging before he tried to go back in the gym. “Hey! Wait–”

It was too late. The bucket, long forgotten, had fallen right on top of the three of them. There was water all over, and the bucket had landed perfectly on Mibuchi’s head.

From the distance, Mayuzumi can’t hold in a snort. “Told you guys.” He remarks, flipping another page in his book.

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XD Did you notice if the boys checked out you and/or your friend?!?!?! oooooooo did you catch any of the members checking out any of the video girls?? If so what girls were each of em checking out? DEETS!!!!


yeah there were! Tbh i didnt seee the boy’s really checking out any of the video girls! i mean they would look! but not checking them out! Jimin looked quite alot! at christina! hehe it was cute , bc after he would look away! haha . 

My friend keyani told me she was watching Yoongi! and everytime i was talking to Namjoon he would stare at me! Like he was trying to figure out what to say to me! Also when we were about to take the picture i introduced myself and we shook hands n stuff and he was all smiley , then we we were about to take the picture he walked over to get next to me! , He turned smiled at me and said my name and i smiled back! hehe jungkook was gonna stand next to me but Yoongi pushed him down to crouch on the ground! haha ( i have video dont worry ill post it) . Also whenever i would talk to the other members he would try to join the convo! haha he got all shy when i called him by his real name! he started laughing and covering his face and saying “no,no,no” i told him his name was my favorite!  he smiled! He’s such a cutie . Also when we were sitting on the couch watching them film he turned his head and saw me waving and he started smiling at me! I alMOST STARTED SCREECHING. (hopefully tumblr will let the video play right) Jungkook did the same thing too! i was making aegyo faces at him when they were inbetween breaks filming! and he was laughing and smiling! I think thats the reason why he told me i was cute! hehe. And also???… im not sure if he was just trying to be funny or if he was being serious , but he made up this funny nickname for me becuz he couldnt pronounce my real name! He called me T.money! lololol i think he was just joking tho! hehe . Also whenever he would pass by me sitting down he would catch me staring at him and he would do this eyebrow raise and smile haha! he knew i was checking him out ( how embarrasinggg) Also when they were filming the kitchen scene jungkook had the camera in his hands and he started filming us dancing to boy in luv! haha he was laughing and putting thumbs up! , i bet we looked so stupid , but we were just so excited .So yeaah those were some flirty moments! haha! Most of them i explain in previous asks ive gotten! :) And also when Namjoon first walked in and saw me i was waving and smiling at him like crazy and he waved and smiled and put his hand up to his chin and did that winking thing he always does! ahhh i couldve died happy right then and there. but i dont think he was being flirtyyy more like cheeky tbh! :) hehe

Thanks for this question! I love answering this one! sorry for the long wait! good lordd ive been busy! <3 ily

Life As A Cashier

- we don’t care why your coupon is expired. It’s expired, you can’t use it. Stop acting like the fact that you were out of town means anything to us.
- “I swear, I have a coupon in here somewhere”, you say, as a line forms behind you and you just slowly scroll through your phone and purse for that $5 off that I can’t give you without proof.
- when we say “do you want the hangers?”, we’re really saying “please say no because these things are a bitch to bag, and you have 58283738 items of clothing.”
- no, we can’t give you items for free because they don’t scan. If you’re in a rush, sorry, but we need to scan the item in so our bosses don’t get mad at us when the merchandise doesn’t add up later.
- *customer hands $100 bill* *we do our authorizing stuff* “just printed that off this morning!” Haha. You’re not funny. Please shut up.
- “I can bag if you want!” Says the customer. We know you can. We’re not always allowed to let you because you might slip something into it. We know it’s stupid, and we know we could save time if we let you, but some of us aren’t allowed.
- when your child screams, it ruins our day. Please control your child.
- when your child messes up a shit ton of stuff and you just laugh it off, we automatically hate you. The LEAST you can do is apologize. Seriously.
- don’t let your child cause a scene. If they can’t be around people without problems, you need to be a better parent. Unless it’s a medical thing. In which case, we’re sorry for judging, but we deal with way too many badly behaved children to know any more.
- we don’t know what the other prices are. As in: we scan items, they ring up. You telling us “oh well, the sign said this” doesn’t mean a thing. We have no fucking clue whether you’re telling the truth or not. Because for all we know, you’re lying to con our store out of money.
- if you come up to the register while you’re on the phone, don’t get mad when we don’t ask you if you have any coupons. We don’t want to be rude and interrupt your conversation, so we won’t. We will flat out just ring up your stuff and point when we need you to do something. It’s not our fault you couldn’t hang up to give us coupons we didn’t know you had.
- we are so tired. Most of us are working another job, and/or going to school full time, so if we seem a little irritable, it’s probably because we are. We’re only sorry if you were nice to us.
- be nice to us, and we’ll give you whatever coupons we can. Be a dick, and we’ll only help you out if you ask us about them. Just be nice to us, okay?
- finally, go ahead, ask to see a manager. They can do shit we can’t. But if you piss them off? They’ll remember. And trust us, you don’t want to piss off the wrong manager.