haha OTL


It’s already around that time for EXO”s comeback and we have to make sure to maintain their strong reputation as one of the hottest bands as of recently!

Last time with CMB, EXO-L’s managed to garner 4.8 mil views in 24 hours and 25 mil in 5 weeks. 

 With that being said, this time around. EXO-L’s are planning to:

  • get 6 million views in 24 hours 
  • get 26 million views in 1 month 
  • garner 200,000 shares 
  • trend the hashtag #LoveMeRight and #LuckyToHaveExo 

EXO-L, LET’S LOVE! Let’s support our boys as much as we can. Please like and reblog this, share it with the world~