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Just Healer Things ™

  • “I’m ready to activate the sound barrier!”  “Let’s group up here.”  Team scatters into the ether.  Bonus points if they step behind walls just as you hit Q.
  • Getting booped by the enemy Lucio.
  • That Genji or Tracer that literally skirt within one foot of your healing aoe at all times while critical, screaming for heals.
  • Spams for healing while you’re on a critical tank.  Standing five feet from a full healthpack.
  • “I need healing!” Proceeds to do their best impression of a fucking ping pong ball.
  • Trapped in a bad situation with rez while dps are constantly standing within sight, but juuuust out of Guardian Angel los.
  • The Widow/Hanzo/Pharah standing just behind the ledge that spams for healing.
  • Teammates with zero situational awareness that allow squishy flankers to constantly wreck you.
  • Four dead on point, dps standing two feet from extending overtime.  Rez just in time for DEFEAT.
  • When people charge off forgetting that if they wait a split second, they will have a fucking healer with them.
  • Hearing healing spam while you’re waiting to respawn.
  • That crafty motherfucker that saves their ult just for your rez.
  • Embrace tranquility, don’t fucking run from tranquility.
  • Putting an orb on a critical health teammate only to have them run out of los immediately.
  • I feeeeeel powerfu–aaaUUUGH.
  • “This healer sucks.”
  • The Pharah you were pocketing that boosts out of danger, leaving you to die.

My bias show mostly in what I decide to draw for this type of episodes, don’t they


some weird dinosaurs looking for a free lunch

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touka&kaneki don’t have enough time to see each other as much as they want to, so toukachan enters his room and lays down on his bed, somehow feeling less lonely since the sheets smell like him—sometimes she puts on one of his sweaters—and stays there, waiting for him, until inevitably she falls asleep. kaneki returns very late at night&he’s super tired but then he sees her cuddled up on his bed and somehow he feels sad that she probably spent her whole day in there waiting for him.. he lays down beside her and she wakes up a little, smiling softly when she sees him.

“sorry,” she says. “i was bored so i decided to wait in here until you come back, but i fell asleep.” 

he’s like.. why is she even apologizing *suffers* he hugs her, squeezing her boobsbody against his chest. “Shh, it’s okay. I’m sorry that i made you wait that long..”

she nuzzles her face against his chest, sighing deeply.

“it’s fine,” then, after a long pause, she whispers, “you’re here now.”