haha! yea!



SO HAPPY!!!! I fiiiiinnaly met my number ONE idol on my list, my lil green bean ^-^ I’m so happy I can’t explain it. Like I was trying so hard not to cry haha 😂but yea, meeting jack was the best and always will be the best day of my 11 years. Really hope he sees this!

Anti before the video:

(•◡‿◡ •)

(•ʘ‿ʘ •)  “What͘ di҉d͝ ͏D̸ark͡ ̸s҉a̢y͠ ̕'̨b͠ou̢t̀ me???̀ ”

(ʘ‿ʘ)ノ • •  “Ho̡l̛d͘ ̡m̛y ̷ǵa̧u͏ges.̷”

• • \(。-_-。)  “Kick his ass bro, I got yo gauges.”

dont know why i did this, guess i just liked the idea of an endless loop of jack saying “help me” torturing all of the anti fandom, as we still haven’t found a way to technically save him yet haha ;-; 

so one thing that i think about, when thinking about all of the clues jack himself has kinda supported (thru likes, reblogs, yt comments, etc), there are two words 

that he seems to put

an emphasis on quite a bit….

after asking for help 5 times, it’s no wonder why he sounds so desperate in the pax vid haha T-T


“Armie, I’ve had many scenes with him and he’s such a nice guy, he’s lovely. And he makes me laugh everyday, he’s really funny. I think he knows if we’ve been out in the cold, you know, we’ve done some tough scenes in the past couple of weeks now but he kind of keeps the mood up, he brings out his guitar…”  - Alicia Vikander

  • Laurent: Ok so let me see if I have this, being naked is fine in the bath?
  • Damen: Yes.
  • Laurent: And during sports?
  • Damen: You got it.
  • Laurent: And during battle?
  • Damen: Totally.
  • Laurent: And during sex?
  • Damen: ;) haha yea
  • Laurent: And walking through the halls and gardens?
  • Damen: Perfectly normal.
  • Laurent: When you're in front of your soldiers?
  • Damen: Sure.
  • Laurent: But not if your soldiers are in your room?
  • Damen: Exactly.
  • Laurent: I don't get it.
  • Damen: Ok lets try this again