haha! yea!

dont know why i did this, guess i just liked the idea of an endless loop of jack saying “help me” torturing all of the anti fandom, as we still haven’t found a way to technically save him yet haha ;-; 

so one thing that i think about, when thinking about all of the clues jack himself has kinda supported (thru likes, reblogs, yt comments, etc), there are two words 

that he seems to put

an emphasis on quite a bit….

after asking for help 5 times, it’s no wonder why he sounds so desperate in the pax vid haha T-T


“Armie, I’ve had many scenes with him and he’s such a nice guy, he’s lovely. And he makes me laugh everyday, he’s really funny. I think he knows if we’ve been out in the cold, you know, we’ve done some tough scenes in the past couple of weeks now but he kind of keeps the mood up, he brings out his guitar…”  - Alicia Vikander

  • Laurent: Ok so let me see if I have this, being naked is fine in the bath?
  • Damen: Yes.
  • Laurent: And during sports?
  • Damen: You got it.
  • Laurent: And during battle?
  • Damen: Totally.
  • Laurent: And during sex?
  • Damen: ;) haha yea
  • Laurent: And walking through the halls and gardens?
  • Damen: Perfectly normal.
  • Laurent: When you're in front of your soldiers?
  • Damen: Sure.
  • Laurent: But not if your soldiers are in your room?
  • Damen: Exactly.
  • Laurent: I don't get it.
  • Damen: Ok lets try this again

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i'd love to see your take on a role reversal au!

how can gold compare

length: 1k; rating: all ages;

leave me a victuuri prompt here!

It’s akin to a religious experience, the first time Victor sees Yuuri.

A deity gliding across the ice—effortless, beautiful, magnificent.

(And the skater knows it, Victor thinks. It’s easy to tell that he knows it with his hair slicked back like that, with his charcoal costume that has silver crystals scattered across the torso. He knows it with the way that he controls his body, with the way that he has the audience eating out of the palm of his hand. He knows it, but it’s not cocky. He knows it, but it’s not arrogance. No, it’s unrestrained allure.)

“Who is he?” Victor asks Mila, and he hadn’t realized that he was breathless until he’d tried to speak.

“That’s Yuuri Katsuki,” Mila tells him, resting her elbow on his shoulder.

Yuuri Katsuki.

Yuuri Katsuki from Japan.

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Bonus Theory

So at first glance, you could interpret “Always Watching” as Jack trying to make the pax video, but Anti interrupting and taking over the show.


Recall that moment in “A Date With Markiplier” where a screaming Mark pops out of Darkiplier?

Originally posted by rubies-and-oaktrees

Mark said in the charity livestream after this, that this scene wasn’t him escaping but rather Dark’s shell breaking for a bit. So what does this have to do with Anti?

With the theory that Jack’s been “dead” since Halloween, Anti’s been running the channel and pretending to be him for about 5 months now!! And with Jack trying to fight back in Detention and Darkiplier taking the spotlight on Valentine’s Day, Anti and his attention-seeking self needed a release.

And considering that Pax was the place where literally SO MANY PEOPLE came for JACK (where maybe Jack could’ve gotten enough energy from everyone to defeat Anti maybe?), the video was a perfect way for Anti to A) be his glitchy self again without blowing his cover, B) stand his ground against Darkiplier, C) divert everyone’s attention from Jack to him with the whole camera thing (while also reigniting the antisepticeye fandom), all while D) making himself stronger, and making Jack’s chances of getting saved even lower than before.

And because of this, it’s probably safe to say that Anti has enough strength to keep Jack down for about another 5-7 months

and we all know the holiday that’ll come up by then…..

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Phitchit makes Yuuri wear tight clothes for work because the Thai man knows it has an effect on Victor

Phichit gets a text while he’s out picking up prints for Lilia. 

from: seunggil🤓
hmm you don’t happen to know why my boss and his secretary are more touchy and raising more hellish office gossip than usual today, do you? 

Phichit grins, replies quickly. Back at HMC, Seunggil’s phone buzzes. 

from: phi👅
no idea

Seunggil chances a glance at Yuuri from where he’s sitting on the other side of the conference room table. He’s got a faint flush on his cheeks, as he always does when Victor’s looking at him, which Victor is doing right now rather than listening to JJ debrief his spread. 

from: seunggil🤓
smh anyway
lunch later? LYFE?
also… when did you change your contact name on my phone