haha! yea!


TG: your point?

TG: its still good

EB: blegh.

me when cute girls approach me in real life and i try to respond to them: um uh er da erm um haha yea *forgets how to speak* *stutters five times*

Tbh the Diaz family r really into politics and whatnot and it rubs off a lil on Star…she suddenly just yells MY BODY MY RULES in the middle of Math class and Janna’s like “haha yea up top!!”

Like 3 mins later there’s a full out protest in the classroom like even Marcos in on it and Ms Skullnick is like “Idk if I should stop them or not….they have a point…Women should be treated more fairly…”

  • Me, stocking up on air mattresses, preparing to house all my american friends: haha yea i just plan on going camping a lot this has nothing to do with the election
Fever Part 2- Jeon Jungkook (BTS) and Someone

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A/N: Well, I made myself cry with this GIF. Well I’ve been thinking and There may be more parts. Haha, yea I’m evil. Just remember request are open and You guys have voted and you will find out the answer very soon.

Part 1| Part 3| Part 4

Summary: You’ve done it. You’ve had enough. You caught your boyfriend, Jungkook, in bead with another. You now need a shoulder to cry on.

WARNING: Angst and Smut.’

Previously: You can’t hold it anymore. Thoughts raced through your mind in. Why Y/BF/N!? What did I do to deserve this!? Just then you grunt and moans mixed with screams along with the springs of your mattress bouncing. You quickly run up to the shared you opening the door with a quick spend. You just couldn’t believe your eyes.

There it was. 3 years of your relationship down the drain. Your eyes filled with salty sad tears watching your sheepish boyfriend  yeah right! Pounding your best friend into your previously shared bed. Jungkook stops shortly after too stare at you slowly breaking down.

“Y/N…? I uhh…” He shifts his gaze from you to your best friend that is under him then back at you. You run out of the room the room with Jungkook quickly speeding after you calling your name from behind. You stop in your tracks and turn to face him slowly. Anger stirs through your bloodstream like a fire. You clench your fist and your jaw tightly. You exhale sharply before answering.

“Do you love me?” You interrogated him with your eyes burning through his. He was hesitant to respond that’s when your best friend steps over wrapping her arms around Jungkook’s waist.

“You know what hurts more? To think that my best friend would go behind my back and sleep with my boyfriend.” You raise your voice higher towards the end of that statement, then you turn to Jungkook.

“And you. Since our two year anniversary!? Yes I saw the pictures and text… How could I be so dumb?” You blink forcing tears to rush down your face. You briskly maneuver past your now ex boyfriend and best friend. To your room. To take out an old duffel bag from your closet and fill it with your essential items. Jungkook pries Y/BF/N off of him. He runs to you doing everything in his power to stop you.

“Jungkook… You didn’t even bother to put on your clothes…” You scoff his name and make your way out of the house. His head drops with tears running down his cheeks.

You walk the whole day to reach your destination. You clutch the duffle bag against your body with streams tears flowing out of your eyes; you try so hard not to drop to your knees crying in the middle of the sidewalk. You reach his door, the only person you could go to whenever Jungkook and you had a fight. You knock on his door loud enough so he can hear. You wipe your cheeks before he opens the door.

“Y/N?” He says in a whisper eyeing you posture and how you’re clutching your duffle bag, your eye being bloodshot and nose a soft shade of red from the crying.

“Was there a fight?”

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