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Perhaps instead of specific characters you could do some poc ones? E.g. I have a hard time finding anyone but neelam gill on Pinterest for parvati and everyone uses the same 2 black models for hermione etc. I want to use more variety but finding models is so hard idk where to start

yes omg i got u - honestly, just head over to this AMAZING WONDERFUL POST (bless op honestly). it covers more than i could possibly come up with. 

like loOK !! this is just one directory page !! on one (1) of the blogs. four hundred+ models. correct me if i’m wrong but neelam gill doesn’t have 400+ different names???? 

  • seriously @y’all, people put work into these blogs, use. them. tumblr isn’t a bad resource sometimes yknow.
  • there aren’t links on the names on that page but i mean you can just search http://hellyeahblackmodels.tumblr.com/tagged/firstname-lastname 
  • and google also exists so it’s not like “oh no there isn’t a further link i can’t ‘find’ this fancast, back to using the first pinterest pic then!” (sry that was perhaps an Exaggeration lmao but. yfeel.) 

and this blog also has a tag for plus size models which is p great tbh! and of course, check out the other blogs as well (one is deactivated)! 

hope this helps! 

dang I just realized that my life is literally one of those ~romantic~ YA novels I read as a middle schooler lol??? literally I’m hitting all the tropes

(hit that Read More for Drama™ and my midnight ridiculousness 😭👌)

  • TO START OFF, CRUSH IS IN FRENCH CLASS (✔ love me some clichés)
  • and of course I sit right behind him (✔✔)
  • and in french we’re studying romantic relationships and how to talk about them?? (why…..why……… literally the hugest trope why are the textbook writers like this. why ✔✔✔)
  • so anyway I’m like halfway decent at french & my crush is decidedly not haha so he’s like “im just going to text u if I have questions” and i’m like “ok” not really thinking he will
  • AND THEN OUT OF THE BLUE HE TEXTS ME AND IS LIKE “HEY HOW DO YOU SAY ‘IF YOU HAVE TRUST YOU WILL DEVELOP LOVE’” i nearly spat out my water / choked on my water it was a little bit of both!!!!! it took me two whole minutes to remember that our unit was on love and stuff aaaahhh i was like 🔍👀??????
  • anyway after that heart attack he kept asking me to help him translate different sentences and now i know he’s a closeted romantic and i was blushing the entire time and my mom was really suspicious but how do I even explain that situation??? (also all of my sentences were so sad in comparison rip he’s like “if i had taken you to europe, we would’ve been closer” and i’m like “if they took a break, they would still be together” lmao)
  • anyway he said bye by going, and i quote, “TY THO PALLLLLL” and idk if he’s overcompensating or like maybe he just normally talks to girl friends like that idk!!! idk!!!!! he’s so weird im still pining after him tho

thanks for reading hahaha bless ur heart ♥♥♥


The Defenders + Text Posts


Hey @happycloude-91!! I made a silly little thing based off of that Spy AU you created. I drew it as a way of saying thanks for your support and lovely messages, so I hope you like it!! ^^


“If it were me in the final round, I’d probably kick your ass, y’know.”

“I know.”


@purple-apple578 It’s been ages but here’s a kiss of relief !

I’m getting professional at cheesy comics.